How to Draw an Aston Martin DB9 GT – Vanquish – Like James Bond’s 007 Car

How to Draw an Aston Martin DB9 GT – Vanquish – Like James Bond’s 007 Car

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we will draw an Aston Martin. We begin by sketching the silhouette,
then the width of the hood of the car. Then the space for the wheels. It will be slightly in perspective,
and having this sketch, we begin to define better the shapes
and the particulars. On the side we have the windows
and then, the front lights. It goes more or less like this. Then the grill and we continue
constructing it. And I switch to a softer lead
a B, I have been using a harder one a 2H for the sketch, because
I wanted it lighter to make any corrections easier. I´ll correct the space for the wheel
because in this area it goes wider …and the tire, which as it is seen in perspective,
it is not a circle but rather it is a slight oval. We do the other wheel and
we refine them with the eraser. Here it has a spoiler and then
we should draw the shadows so that the car looks grounded. Over here. I love drawing vehicles!
Specially sport cars. And I think it is important
that when you draw, you draw what you love. Because in this case you
will really enjoy it, you will be able to do it during many
hours and as a result, you will do it very well! I switch to a finer lead for
this details and then to a softer one. For these other ones. I love my mechanical pencil!
¨Tutto3¨. The story of this pencil is that as I couldn´t
find in anywhere where to buy one, with different
leads, in one. Then I decided to make it myself. For this I made a partnership
with a company called O Art International, with them
I will be making several nice projects which I am sure, you will like! For now, I don´t want to tell
too much about this, but in just a few weeks we will have
our first launch which will be the ¨Tutto3¨ mechanical pencil. And of course you will be the first ones to know, beforehand, how to get one. When we begin to shadow
immediately the volume comes out. This is the lower part of the
Aston Martin, and below it we have the shadow which is
very important! Even if it is a small shadow,
like this one. Here is an engine ventilation,
it is a 12 cylinder engine in this model, like in the
James Bond movies. To smudge the graphite
I will use this ¨artistleonardo brush¨ ….oops I think I am showing
you a things that still are not ready for the public! Things that are a bit secret.
But all right, that happens when you are one of my subscribers. You get to know things
much before everyone else. As you saw with the brush,
we smudge the pencil lightly and then with the eraser
we pulled lights and reflections. And talking about reflections
we do some darker ones with the pencil. I want this super car
to be in motion, so we do stripes on the background. And it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please
give it a LIKE! share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you
on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

100 thoughts on “How to Draw an Aston Martin DB9 GT – Vanquish – Like James Bond’s 007 Car

  1. Wow!!!!! Fine Art Tips, I really enjoy your drawing lessons and I decided to re do a drawing you have already done before! And of course this elegant Aston Martin Vanquish 😉
    It's pretty cool and I'm sure that this one is gonna being a cool drawing. As you can see my profile picture ( I have done with pencil and pens ) is the Ferrari LaFerrari you have done long time ago. I'm surely sharing this video and liking it. And eventually I'm doing some drawing lessons very soon too

  2. Other than my Mother who pushes me to be the best artist I can be, you are the greatest inspiration that I have! Thank you!!!

  3. Very very nice! The shading work is flawless! Realistic metal shine is very hard to do, and you did it perfectly <3

  4. Could you please make a (car)drawing, but like real time? Just once, so we know how long it takes you to make these awesome drawings!

  5. Brilliant.This drawing to me is kalopsia.Amazing it is duende.You started drawing cars again and I would request you to please see the drawing which I had posten on your fan art by your app.I know it is not perfect but I would love to listen advice and tips from you for its improvement.Your drawings are always stunningly attractive ones.I also wanted to know that how much time it tooked to complete one drawing.Thank you very much for guiding and advicing us by your tutorials.

  6. Love the new intro by the way, and as always you are amazing. You might be the best artist I have ever seen at shading. it is absolutely immaculate shading!

  7. Beautiful as always Maestro Pereznieto! You are having so much success with the vehicle drawings. Best of wishes for your upcoming projects. Saludos Leo

  8. Wow that looks sooo good.I know a very fun car to draw thats a bit out there,it is called the hoonicorn,and i have a feeling you would love yo draw it.

  9. The way you talk just calm me 😂😂😂 Its a Spanish guy hearing English with a cute Latino accent.

  10. DEFINITELY HILARIOUS! Could You please make an example sketch of Ford mustang? Doesn't really matter 1967 or 2017, but please make one, thanks a lot for inspiring people like me 🙂

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