How to Draw an Angel – Learn to Draw the Nude Figure

How to Draw an Angel – Learn to Draw the Nude Figure

Hello I am very glad to see you again and thank you so much for all the
wonderful comments I have been getting. I’d like to read the ten top countries for
this channel, for this week, which are: The United States, the United Kingdom,
Germany, Mexico, India, Brazil, Vietnam,
Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Russia! Thank you. Dank. Gracias. धन्यवाद. Obrigado.
Cảm ơn. شكرا. Merci. спасибо! Thank you to all of you, and all the rest! Today I am going to draw an angel for you. I start by sketching the shape of the skull
and then I draw some features. I am not going to make this tutorial
as academic as other times, this is going to be more like a free drawing.
I am going to pretend nobody is watching, and I’ll draw the way I would
normally do it in my studio. It is worth mentioning that I haven’t
drawn since two days ago, and that I didn’t warm up before starting. No pianist would ever dream of
arriving and delivering a concert without priorly warming up
with scales and all of that. Neither a tennis player would ever
think of arriving to a court and playing a game without warming up and before fine tuning the
service and his strokes. How on earth, can an artist arrive and start
drawing and video recording the drawing to publish it to half the world without priorly warming up and fine tuning
with enough sketches? I was cold, rusty and felt so stiff. The result is that I
committed several mistakes and I had to erase and redo
that face about three times. It took me a little while
to start loosening up and for things to start coming right. So, the moral of the story is… Draw every day, and before doing
a significant drawing, warm up with enough sketches. OK. A lot of people ask me how to draw hands.
First, I outline a flat shape. Make sure it is of the right
size and proportion, before getting into the details
like makingthe fingers. I often make a line where the knuckles go.
That is, where the fingers are going to fold. So, I sketch the outline… and in this particular case, I didn’t
actually draw the knuckle line… But I did visualise it
before drawing the fingers. Then, if the hand looks correct,
I give it more and more detail. Finally, I start shading. For this, I use a 2B lead,
and a 6B for the very darks. For sketching, and for the
light shadows I am using an H. I shade little by little to render the volumes. This is almost like sculpting the shapes. I smudge the graphite with
a soft synthetic brush. I make my way by shading and giving more detail. I am shading in different directions
for a more uniform result. I delineate some specific parts
that I want to stand out. As I go, I continue correcting whatever needed. Especially the mishaps from
starting with a cold hand, and with a rusty eye. But by now I am totally loosened up
and I am enjoying it more and more. If she is going to be an angel…
She needs wings! I first sketch the outline
and then some feathers in rows. To break up monotony I am going
to make a missing feather. And I give it a fairly even background
which I then smudge with a brush. And with a kneaded eraser I pull some lights.
This gives nice volumes. I use the graphite powder
from when I sharpen the leads to charge the brush… And so,
darken the background. I go over the figure as well
to integrate it. And over the wings to give them a tone. This allows me to give light
accents to some feathers. I then smudge and integrate them with a brush. And then I re-establish the lights
on the face and the body. I refine some details. Remember to use a clean paper so you don’t
get your hand and the drawing dirty. OK, I would love to know
what do you think about it? If it was helpful, please give it a LIKE
and subscribe to my channel. You know where to follow me
and where are the links. See you next Tuesday. Translation by Marty Rickard
Tauranga, New Zealand

100 thoughts on “How to Draw an Angel – Learn to Draw the Nude Figure

  1. رسم بيجنن بس في بعض الحاجات مي حلوة
    وشكرا على هذا الرسم 😊😊😊

  2. Beautiful!!! I can see the shift in your work, when you are warmed up, lol. I understand what you are saying, when you don't draw for some time you are stiff and cold. You give me encouragement to work through those feelings rather than giving up. I love your work. Molto Bene.

  3. beautiful. i was wondering what paper would you advise for blending? thank you,… I think you have a great eye and your art is amazing. 👍👌✌

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  9. Fascinating work! Perhaps if I actually practiced sketching more frequently then someday I'll be able to draw amazing peices of art like your work here! By the way I love the details on the body. And the angel wings are beautiful! 👌✌️

    You're work is amazing, and I can't wait to view more 😁

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