How to Draw a Watermelon Popsicle Easy | Summer Art Series #4

How to Draw a Watermelon Popsicle Easy | Summer Art Series #4

hi cuties Winnie here welcome to my dresser cute summer series today we're going to draw a watermelon popsicle to celebrate summer so let's get started to draw this watermelon popsicle so I'm going to come right here just draw around curve for the top and then I'm gonna start to bring it down and as I come lower I'm going to start just straighten it out so it'll pop up there and then right here I must start to straighten out my popsicle and just keep bringing it down so about right there and then start to bring it in so I'm going to start to curve towards the bottom soft curve and I'm just going to go ahead and connect it there the basic shape of my popsicle and then from there let's add the popsicle stick so right in the center so about right here and here give myself two points and from there I'm going to draw a slight angle line coming out and then I'm just going to continue this down and say bring it out a little bit more and then just go ahead and connect it with a curve at the bottom there and then of course I'm going to add a little heart right here to decorate my popsicle stick and make it my jaw so cute Oh heart of melon popsicle and then now let's bring it to life so I'm going to come in this area towards the bottom and I'm going to draw a circle for the eye so let's come towards the edge right here and I'm just going to go ahead and draw a circle I'm going to get a draw secure I so come in here to smaller circles at an angle and a curved line at the bottom shade in the top and lines at the bottom and then I'm going to come to the side so coming to the center area let's come to above right here just give myself a point and I'm going to draw winking eye so it's going to be a curve that comes up and another curve that comes down slightly so just come in here and pick it up and then let's come in the center of this and we're going to draw a smile so got right here I'll start draw curve comes up cap this part off and then but right here I'm going to draw tongue so I'm gonna come a curve tongue down here and get a little line right there in the center then let's come up right here above the eye and about right here I'm going to draw a little curve and here it's awesome as well so that's pretty much it for the face now let's draw the watermelon seeds so we know that it's hotter melon popsicle right so I'm just gonna randomly put three seeds so about right here I'll start with one just kind of like drawing a teardrop maybe another one here and one more here and I'll just go ahead and shade this in and so you're gonna give it a little highlight there have the seeds in now I'm going to come to the bottom if you want you can use your Sharpie or you can just do it when you're coloring it but I'm going to give it two layers so right here so I can add some the green so I'm going to come right across I know where I'm going I'm gonna see a little bit better it's like curve all the way across and then another layer there so that is pretty much it for this popsicle drawing so now let's go ahead and color it says I hope you love this sweet watermelon popsicle that I drew for you and inspires you to give it a try thanks so much for watching and if you loved it please subscribe and turn on your notification bells so you won't miss any new draw so cute videos see you later

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  1. I love your drawing idea, I hope to see more ideas from you❀️❀️😍 I have also a drawing channel ❀️❀️, check it so that we can exchange ideas❀️❀️😍. ❀️❀️❀️I subscribe ❀️❀️❀️😍

  2. please can you draw Eleven from stranger things to your favorite outfit in season 3 … after summer series πŸ™πŸ»

  3. hii wennie i sent you some fan mail and i hope you have your vids and also when are you doing your next fan art video because i love you wennie :]

  4. Omg I love this video! I just turned year 5 and I'm soon 10 years old can you make a 10 year old draw so cute with kit kat surroundings please if you could it'll be great <3!! Love Wennnieeee Draw so cute! I hope you get 5m subs

  5. Can you please draw the POKÉMON SYLVEON? Pleeeeeeeeeease
    Your drawings are really the best!!!!!!!!
    Love Your channel so much!

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