How to Draw a Tiger – Tiger Head With Marker

How to Draw a Tiger – Tiger Head With Marker

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and I am
so glad to see you again! Today we will draw a tiger. We start by sketching the head
with loose strokes. We do the ears. We place a middle line
in the face to help us and we sketch the nose
and the snout. We draw the eye,
the iris is going to be seen complete on the bottom part
and like in persons, the open part is going to be partially
covered by the eyelid. His eyes are a little bit
like an almond shape. How in the sketch, we can
start drawing with the marker we do this with short lines we fill in the pupil living a small reflection
and we do the shading of the eye. We try to follow
the natural direction of the hair. We draw the other eye. In this area he has very short hair.
Practically they are dots. The stripes of the tiger
are not going to be solid black we will also do them
with short lines but closer. I will do the ears a little bit
shorter than what I have drawn them otherwise he will look like a cross between
a tiger and a rabbit or something. [laughs] We keep advancing in this way,
doing the detail. At this point we can erase the pencil
since we don´t need it anymore, and so it´s looks cleaner. As I mentioned to you before
the black stripes are not solid black, you should be
able to see some white hairs in it, that looks more realistic. We do the last details, and it´s ready! Please let me know in the comments what do you think about it. If you enjoyed please
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and I´ll see you, on Tuesday.

100 thoughts on “How to Draw a Tiger – Tiger Head With Marker

  1. I love Tigers!! they are amazing animals!! I just love what you did on this Tiger drawing!!
    it just took my breath away!! I'm also an artist myself too! check mine out on instagram and Facebook!! 😀

  2. can you do a lion i actually find them hard to draw…yes their are other lion drawings on utube but i would really like to see how you would do it …thanks susan

  3. I just saw a few videos of yours and now I subscribed to your Channel 🙂 I love all your drawings, I love drawing myself, this just helped me a lot. Thanks;-)

  4. Amazing! Can you tell me how you drew the whiskers to be white? I saw you draw them with black ink at 3:02 but at the end they are white. I can't seem to draw white whiskers like that, so I hope you can respond. Thanks!

  5. Your tutorial is amazing . I am just learning to draw and I find your video's so helpful. I just ordered your book! Thank you for all you do! Marie

  6. Congratulations for your work!
    I like to draw animals but I wanted to develop an artistic identity but it's difficult, do you have any tips? I love watercolor and animals.
    Follow me on instagram: annadrawings241

  7. Mr Pereznieto, I love the tiger! Beautiful job! Thank you for sharing your experience with the YouTube Community.

  8. Your talent is immeasurable ! You have been given such a wonderful gift, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  9. This is great. Thank you. But could you also please show how did you bring the whiskers to life? It was drawn in black ink , and final end product it pops up white?

  10. Hi, Leonardo. My name is John. Your instruction techniques are superlative. What a friendly and inviting style! I have two questions: 1) How did you get the whiskers, and would you recommend using a white gel pen to achieve the same effect? 2) Do you have any classes on Skillshare? I'm disabled and currently on a fixed income. I have a neurological disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) which is the most painful disease known to man. Art has saved my life, though. I have so/so days and bad days. On the so/so days, I draw as much as I can. The reason I ask about Skillshare is because that is where I currently have my art instruction money. There are several artists I'd love to follow on Patreon but that can start to add up. I hate being on a fixed income but that's God's plan for me so I have to follow it. Anyways, I'd love to hear from you. I am mostly housebound due to this stupid disease so please pardon me if I have rambled on too much. I wish Patreon had a scholarship program but I guess that would hurt the individual artists because, hey I understand, you guys gotta eat too. Thank you for your time!

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