How to Draw a Simple Optical Illusion: The Impossible Oval: Narrated

How to Draw a Simple Optical Illusion: The Impossible Oval: Narrated

Hi, Tom here with this week’s Circle Line Art School video: How to Draw a Simple Optical Illusion; a shape impossible to
make in 3d, but we can draw it in 2d! Start by drawing the shape of an eye, a
sort of armond like shape, and next to this we can draw a dot a small
distance away from each of the points of this almond shaped eye, now draw a short line coming down from the left dot and then another short line but this time
going up on the right dot, next, and for this this stage you might need to sort of visualize and think about it before you do it, we need to draw a line that continues this
top curve here to the right and then continues to curve down and then up to
the left of the top of the left line and then up higher than that, while also
going to the top of the right line! if you draw this and it’s a bit wobbly or wrong I would suggest just draw it again, and you’ll get into the flow of
make it more of a smoother curve, so for the last, line we need to start redrawing the bottom curve, this time going left then we curve it around to touch the
bottom of the right line and then continue to curve it around to the left until we reach the bottom of the left line, so now we’ve
done it! it just took six lines and two dots! but it probably takes a bit of
practice too – next we need to erase any areas of the curve that are not smooth
and then we can redraw those bits to make the drawing smoother, if you’re
drawing basically works, just erase the bits that you need to improve, don’t
erase too much, to get the smooth curves that we need without any bumps, the last
step to make this look more 3d is to add some shading, graded shading from the
dark to the light and again on the left here we can go
from the dark to the right too, and then on the inside right we can go
dark to light and on the inside left we can also go
dark to light, so to do this sort of shaded grading you just press the pencil
quite firmly and then as you move the pencil away from where you started you
apply less pressure to the pencil and the mark should get not so dark, I hope
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thank you very much for watching this drawing, I hope you keep drawing and see
you next time, bye bye!

68 thoughts on “How to Draw a Simple Optical Illusion: The Impossible Oval: Narrated

  1. :)…You make it look easy but; thanks for the lesson…I love your channel and your selfless acts of teaching…Thanks again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love these kinds of things you can practice on your โ€œdoodlingโ€ moments. Please keep more like this, short exercises that give you an cool finished product

  3. Sir, u can draw on ACTION PERSPECTIVE describing many series of action interconnected. Like to say "a circus comedy, jocker jumping to ground hole like on this previous action effecting 2 fighting dogs in street, effecting a man carring goods falling something upon him his series action in perspective 1final action a moral.

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