100 thoughts on “How to Draw a Rose – Drawing Roses

  1. i love your tutorials..and certainly helping me brush up my drawing skills….your tutorials r much more intresting than others…your ascent and sense of humor is amazing..

  2. Leonardo this is great! You have helped me so much! You are so kind hearted and talented! But can you please do a full tutorial on how to draw the leaves? Thanks! See you on Tuesday!

  3. I tryed to draw your alien eye picture the other day and it sort of worked I'm just not very good at shading C:<

  4. i wish it was a little slower, maybe a recomendation for the next video,
    but other wise it was good!!
    VERY GOOD!!!

  5. Well i tthink its amazing but the flowers in the background need to have colour in pencil but not as much as the front 1

  6. This is soo amazing all your videos are so great! I really appreciate how you share with us you are such a great artist!!!

  7. u didn't taught us how to draw , it's fast drawing video , i couldn't learn alot , u must uplode it in slow mode

  8. You have creative imagination and you ARE creative then ever. I enjoy your artworks and they are just so amazing. Amazing than i thought

  9. Hi sir i admit i'm a new followers/subscribers of urs. I really like ur works it makes me inspire.,i know quite on how to draw since kinder garden and i just want to improve it

  10. I'm totally speechless, don't know how to comment, it's just too beautiful..thank you very much for your time sharing the videos 🙂

  11. You made it look way too easy to do. So much so , that I had the audacity to try and follow along with you, looking for the same outcome…… Hee hee. My rose looked like a one-eyed crab with the leaves as the legs. Your work is gorgeous!

  12. oooh amazing,
    many thanks,
    but the camira is far away from the sketch, only in the final part i could see the details

  13. Oh my God that was extraordinary!!! The only thing I am disappointed about is that it was fast-forwarded, This is a very good show of skill but very far from showing "how to draw". But you are very good either way!!! 

  14. You are an amazing artist.  Every time I watch your video's I am just in awe of your work.  Thank you  so much for sharing your time and talent with us 🙂

  15. OMG, It looks as if you took a rose bud and draped it out on the paper!!!!!! How do you do this so perfectly?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  16. Drawing a rose, much less painting a rose, has been the most challenging thing I've experienced for years. I've had a rose before my eyes, attempting to capture the simple beauty of its form until it started to shrivel and then I'd give up for a while, a long while. But you make it look so easy…with your explaination that I shall give it another try. I don't understand my problem, I've been drawing for years but this one hurtle seems immense. Thank you for sharing your skill, techniques and advice, not to mention your talent. You've given this old hippie chick hope!

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