How to Draw a Road With Trees – Light and Shadow Path With Pencil

How to Draw a Road With Trees – Light and Shadow Path With Pencil

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we will draw a path with trees. To begin I take some graphite powder
and I spread it on the paper with a chamois. This to give a light tone so that
the paper is not totally white. And with a mechanical pencil,
we begin sketching the trees and the road, it will be a pathway in the center with rows of trees on both sides. More or less like this. An interesting thing on this
view is that it will have beams of light, across this drawing
coming from right to left. So I sketched very lightly were
the rays will be and I begin to shadow the tree trunks and the branches, but for now only on the areas that will be in shadow. Good! I love drawing trees and nature
in general. I could do this all day long! When you draw the branches
remember that rarely they have curved lines. They are more likely made
with straight lines that cut in change directions. If for
this drawing you are using the same technique as I,
where at the beginning you gave a layer of graphite powder,
make sure that you don´t touch the paper with your hand. As it will smudge and make a mess. That is why I am using a piece
of paper under mine. To protect the drawing. Therefore if I have
to rest or support of my hand, I have a piece of paper underneath. And if I don´t have a piece
of paper, then I have my hand up in thin air [laughs]. Good! Now I begin giving
a tone to the road, and this road of course, also has
the shadows of the branches on it. But it will not be all in shadow,
it will have lights which are beams of light which somehow
got through the branches and landed here. And here I will draw the silhouette
of a horse, a horse that is coming slowly on the path. To do it I use a slightly harder
lead an H, while I had been using in an HB which is a medium, and now for the dark shadows
of the trees that are closer to us I switched to a B which is softer. The shadows that fall on the trunks
curve, because of the rounded shape of course. As I want to give a sort of foggy
atmosphere, I do the trees closer to us a lot darker than the ones
that are far away. In order to make the beams
of light more visible and more luminous, we should darken
all the areas that are in shadow, including those in between branches. To do this we can slightly use the
pencil or a soft brush. But be careful because this can easily
make it look dirty, and you can also use it to smudge, and with a
kneaded eraser or with a regular eraser if you don´t have one of those,
we pull the lights. The beams of light can fall
on the road or on the trunks or on the branches. Therefore we make some of
these highlights, on all of them. If a light didn´t end up with
the exact shape we wanted, we can always refine it,
with the pencil. And here, at the end of the road
by the horse I also want a highlight. We do the last details
… and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

100 thoughts on “How to Draw a Road With Trees – Light and Shadow Path With Pencil

  1. Wow. This is just stunning. It looks so real! I'm definitely going to try this, and the addition of the horse was amazing! Love you're videos, please continue making more!

  2. This is so helpful. I want to incorporate sun rays into my art, but I have been struggling to do so. Your tutorial reveals what I have been missing. Thank you, Sir! 😀

  3. LOVE this one! I, too, love to draw trees. I sit beside them often. They make me feel happiness. This tutorial will help me "up my game". Thank you!

  4. when i was 13 i cant draw a forest even repeatedly looking at your video and now i can draw it even not watching your vid 🙂
    thank you for your videos
    it teaches me and inspire me 😃


  5. Your voice is so hypnotizing as well as your art, makes me believe that i can actually draw like this

  6. Got your book, it's great and well explained, I actually was able to draw the Metallic Sphere with the city landscape reflection, and it looks pretty realistic. Thank you!

  7. I can't draw trees like you do, YOUR AMAZING AT DRAWING and also you could use some eye-shadow for the shadows

  8. Leonardo, I have seen quite a lot of artists, sketching on the internet. However you are the best I have seen yet. You make it look so easy, but of course it is much harder to get it looking as good as you do.

  9. damn that's a really really good drawing. I was wondering if you could give some advice on something I'm working on? I'm trying to draw a tarot deck and I'm starting with the Strength card. I have a sketch of a lovely woman sitting atop a lion but I want intense rays of light mostly in he background but also across her body. How would I go about shading her body if there's light coming across her? Should the shadows be marginally lighter so that I don't diminish the intensity of the ray of light?

  10. this should be re titled because it's NOT a how too but a WATCH me speed draw this. you don't explain anything!!!!

  11. Great but why can't you do step by step and telling us how to draw the trees? It would be very helpful. Like if you agree!

  12. Wow I am either looking at art differently today or just so shocked to imagine those marks on the trees the light color from the distance is just absolutely amazing! I loved it. The best way I've ever imagine light on a paper you done a wonderful job on this.

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