How to Draw a Person Step by Step for Beginners

How to Draw a Person Step by Step for Beginners

How to Draw a Person Step by Step for Beginners How to Draw a Person Step by Step for Beginners How to Draw a Person Step by Step for Beginners How to Draw a Person Step by Step for Beginners How to Draw a Person Step by Step for Beginners

100 thoughts on “How to Draw a Person Step by Step for Beginners

  1. I wanted to draw a person for school we are reading a book called sleeping freshmen never lie and yea i had to make like a drawing so i chose when vernon is bullying scott for what he wrote about him and welsey stands up for him so ya

  2. Why do you want to draw a person? Check out my newest drawing video next to learn more:

  3. I wanted to draw a person because I feel that it's the basics for getting into drawings. Btw is it too late to start now that im 21?

  4. I want draw a person/people bc I want to get into fan art 😅 drawing my favorite characters and stuff would be so cool

  5. reason for drawing a human. got high with my friend and got challenged to draw my friend ripping a bong XD thanks btw it looks pretty good

  6. This is very useful thank you! I want to draw humans w/ my friend but I'm very bad a people, I'm only good at animals… and I want to get into illustration. Thank you again!

  7. I want to become better at drawing and I want to finally draw a whole body without feeling anxious of messing up.

  8. i am trying to draw two people baptizing, half submerged in water standing apart at closed arm's length. my problem is the body proportion to each segment from the neck on down. i know each individual doesn't have the same body proportion due to their birth. i saw you used circle larger than the head. my drawing on legs and arm's length also not in proportion looks awkward. you drew fast but missed some hint on those two areas i mention. other than that it gave me some idea. thanks. bob

  9. The only reason I dont draw like that is that I always think that it isn't like perfect and try to make it perfect like I swear I just basically erase any one I make whoever I think I made a mistake

    Like if u agree

  10. I have this comic book idea in my brain that includes, spies, androids, cyborgs, and where the good guys die and the bad guys win. I really feel bad that it’s just stuck in my brain so I want to bring it to life.

  11. Why I want to draw? I've always wanted to and sketched some stuff here and there, but never made it a commitment. However, I just recently got back into Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I want to make my own comics and stuff. I'd also like to be able to take commissions for my art one day. Thanks for the video! Awesome tutorial. 🙂

  12. ive always loved art but i kinds stink at it XD but i guess im only 14, for my age i can draw well, just not from memory really, but htis actually helped alot thanks.

  13. My reason for wanting to draw is because I have an anime based story and I need to draw a cover that involves a person, I also think it would be useful

  14. Even though I haven't started yet, I already know that I'm gonna fail at this.
    Edit: Yes, I did in fact fail.

  15. I actually have my A-Level exam in Art tomorrow and I search for inspiration and your videos are helping a lot😂😬

  16. Hmm… I’m not sure, honestly I want to design my own humanoid organisms and I’m not good at drawing humanoid forms without many errors.
    I’ve gotten really good at drawing what can be considered aliens, dinosaurs, dragons, monsters, animals, just I am really bad a humans and apes with humanoid/anthropomorphic design.

  17. I'm actually making a book cover for a co-worker. I don't usually do humanoids, I do more abnormal characters xD"

  18. I want to become better at drawing the human body because when I draw them, they look stiff and boring.

  19. I know this was made along time ago, but thanks! The first sketch you did was exactly what I was looking for!

  20. I wanted to draw a person 'cause I wanted to draw my best friend and her fav anime character and give it to her.

  21. i want to draw a person because i am inspired to learn diffrent things so thats why i want to draw a person

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