How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand – 3 hacks and techniques

How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand – 3 hacks and techniques

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today I will show you tree ways to draw a perfect circle. Actually, two of them are hacks
but they are very effective. And the third one it is a true
artistic technique to draw a circle free hand. This is the first trick:
If you want a small circle, place your middle finger by the lead,
and then firmly on the paper. Then smoothly turn the paper around. It will be turning around your finger
which is the axis. And hold your hand and the pencil very still. And we have a small circle. If you want a slighter bigger circle,
use too fingers, like this. Good! For a still larger one, use tree fingers, and place the pinky down [laughter]. Like so… Good! And for a bigger one, use this bone of the wrist. Put it down firmly,
but not with a lot of pressure because otherwise it is hard
to turn the paper. The whole hand and the wrist
are locked, not moving, And apply a constant pressure
with the pencil. Taraaaan [laughter]. Let´s do this again, but
this time using a fine marker. We place the hand very firmly,
standing on the bone. And I begin moving the paper
before putting the tip down, so that it smooth and I don´t get
a mark. There you go! Let´s do another version of this,
with two pencils. They can be of different sizes. We arrange the tips so they
are level, place one firmly on the paper, and draw with the other one. This is very precise! Ok, these tricks can be very useful,
but now let´s go to a real artistic technique. We hold the pencil more perpendicular
to the paper than usual, and smoothly start making circles. Move the whole arm from
the shoulder. Good! And now if you want to, you can go over a single line, in this fashion. I rotate the paper
to keep this position, because the other side of the circle
is more complicated. This side is more natural; if you
are left-handed, it would be the opposite, of course. Very good! Ok! Let´s do one more. Hold the pencil perpendicular
to the paper… and I usually make a couple
of circle movements without touching the paper. Then I start lightly
and at even pace. Remember, practically all
the movement will come from your shoulder, and whole arm,
and the elbow will move just a little bit. I made so many lines that
one must be correct! [laughter]. So we go over it. Visualize the circle you want
to make, and go over it. Like so. You could leave it like that
depending on what do you need it for, or how you want it
to look… or you can clean it up. In this case erase all the lines
that shouldn´t be there both outside and inside the circle. All right! We have a circle! This of course requires some practice. One good exercise that you can do,
is to trace a circle, using an object, with a marker, and then go over the line
with your pencil. Over and over and over and over. I usually go over it without touching
the paper, for two or three circles and once I feel I have the hang of it
more or less, then I start pressing lightly. Do this with circles of different sizes and you will become profession at it. If you enjoyed it pleas give it a
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100 thoughts on “How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand – 3 hacks and techniques

  1. How to draw a perfect circle:

    First i draw this head, then erase some of the detailed features, and one, two, three.

  2. How to draw a perfect circle IT'S EASY!
    1. First you draw a head
    2. And then erase some of the detailed features
    3. And 1 2 3
    4. A circle a-thingy

  3. どんなに練習してもフリーハンドコンパスは出来る気がしない。

  4. Uhmmm I have a different technique. First, I draw a head, then I erase some of it's features, and 1,2,3 a *CIRCLE*! It's a long process but it really works. I guess we all have different artistic hands.

  5. Stop fucking talk about his voice!!! Not his voice is important, but the whole video because its FAKE, I tried it right fucking now and it didn t work, and I tried like 5 times, I watched 3 times the same scene trying to see if I do something wrong, but no, he is a liar

  6. I did the small circle but I just got a dot…. So I put the pencil on the paper, with my middle finger on the led and then just turn the paper around? I did that but it still didn't work

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