How To Draw A Locket Necklace

How To Draw A Locket Necklace

hey art friends today we're gonna draw a locket necklace yeah it's a really cute necklace usually shaped in a heart down at the bottom and you can open it up and put Q ttle pictures in it of your best friend or maybe somebody you really like or yeah somebody you love and your family we hope you're gonna follow along with us you need a marker or something to draw with some paper and something to cut with alright let's get started okay we're first gonna draw the heart down here at the bottom of our paper so we're just gonna draw a simple shape like this we're gonna draw a curve and then we're gonna come down like this so it almost looks like we're drawing a question mark then we're going to draw the other side and it's gonna match so we're gonna curve up like this around and then back down now it's okay that our two hearts look a little different right yeah because the most important thing is fun have fun and to practice practice alright let's draw another heart inside of this one we're gonna start right here the top and we're just gonna follow around the outside shape right next to it alright and then let's do the same thing on the other side just follow it around so we have a smaller heart shape inside of the first one okay sadly now let's draw two lines coming out of the top of our heart okay and then let's connect it at the top now let's draw the necklace part we're gonna draw a really fun shape we'll start down here at the bottom and we're gonna draw a curve comes around and this doesn't have to look exactly the same as mine yeah you can't just try different squiggly line you're gonna have a lot of fun with that shape now we're gonna draw we need to draw two little shapes up here at the top this is where our necklace connects two little circles at the top now on the left side we're gonna follow along on the outside shape kind of like we did on the heart shape to give thickness to the chain that goes around our neck so just follow it around and then connect down at the bottom where it goes into the heart then we're going to do the same thing on the other side I'm going to turn my paper upside down to make it a little easier and I'm going to start at the heart go all the way around and then connect to the little circles at the top you can even turn your paper if you need to there we go we did it all right now we could leave it just like this it looks like the locket part of our necklace is closed and then you could write I love you on it but let's draw the locket open so we're first going to draw another heart shape right next to it so we're going to start here we're gonna draw that little question mark chick but we're gonna touch the heart and then come back down just join another heart shape and we'll do the same thing over here on this side oh the outside okay and then let's repeat that same step let's go around the inside and draw another heart shape inside of that first one okay good now let's draw the hinge right here that keeps the two hurts connected we'll draw a little rectangle shape on the left and then also on the right all right having to do that we finished drawing our locket necklace it looks really cute except we still need to do one more thing what is it yeah we need a color a necklace now this part we're gonna fast forward but at the end you guys composite to match the same color in really fast four sadly great job on coloring your locket I love how it turned out I especially love the two little photos you added who's this well speak yeah and who's this I liked it so much I did it to my nose now you guys could draw any photos that you wanted inside of your locket what else could you drawn there oh yeah your favorite pet maybe you have a pet bird yeah just your favorite animal maybe it's a cheetah a dog thank you remember also that you don't have to add this extra heart you could leave that off so that your locket is closed we hope you had a lot of fun John your locket yeah we do we hope you have a lot of fun and we'll see you later our friends goodbye hey parents and teachers join our monthly membership and download our app you can watch all of our art lessons and a safe distraction-free environment in the app you can also download lessons to watch without any Wi-Fi connection just visit our frigates hub TV to join

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  2. This channel always has cool ideas that no one can easily think of and always so inspiring! What a cute necklace 🙂

  3. One of my friends introduced me to this channel about three months ago. I have a little pile of artwork that I've drawn from Art for Kids hub! You guys are so talented.

  4. Hi Art for Kids Hub! I have watched some of you videos and you guys are very very talented! You have inspired me to make my own drawing channel! JustThatGuy! I really love your drawings! Keep up the amazing drawings and tutorials!!! 😁👍👍👍👍

  5. can you pls draw a lamborghini aventador or any other lamborghini and can pls draw harder drawings like realistic animals
    you guys r awesome people keep up the art work

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