How to Draw a Lion’s Head

How to Draw a Lion’s Head

Hello my friends and welcome to the 2013!
This will be a year full of art and creations. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today I will
show you how to draw a lion. We may start in many places, let’s do it
with the eye. Why not. Let’s give it some shape, and then sketch where
the nose and the other eye will be. Let’s draw the muzzle and the general shapes. It is a good thing to start light because I am
sure we will have some corrections to do. And as we feel more certain,
we can darken the lines. To create the effect of some white hairs, we
can use the technique of the old-empty-pen, indenting the paper with it. And after that we can start shading. Let’s give some detail to the eye. The areas around the iris, and also
the pupil, will go very dark. On the pupil we will leave a small
reflection to give it some life. Let’s shade the iris with small
lines going toward the center. And on the upper part we will
have the shadow from the eyelid. I am using a lead holder with a 3B lead. The full list of materials is in the
information below the video. As we shade, the little white
hairs will become visible. Try to do the shading in the direction in
which you want the hairs to flow. The chin will be light and it will have a
darker shadow under it so that it pops forward. The hair does not go one by one, but it forms
into little bunches. So I’ll try to do this effect. Let’s do more detail and contrast. If you want to lighten some tufts, you
can do so with the kneaded eraser. I think the main looks a little bit stiff.
Let’s soften it with a brush. And also we can give some shades with it. Ok! It is ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE
and subscribe. I wish you a year full of love, art, inspiration,
passion, creations, travelings and adventure, in which your greatest dreams will come true. And I’ll see you on Tuesday.

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  2. wow… molto bello.. interessante come hai tenuto la matita .. quasi mai perpendicolare ma molto inclinata, quasi per parallelo alla carta… ..

  3. i never saw you to draw with pencil just with grafit why pls answar me and by the way i wish if i learn to draw like you

  4. How to Draw a Lion's Head
    Como Desenhar um Leão
    Как Нарисовать Льва
    Wie man einen Löwen zeichnet
    Jak narysować głowę Lwa
    Comment Dessiner un Lion / une Tête de Lion
    Come disegnare un Leone
    Bagaimana Melukis Kepala Singa
    كيف ترسم أسد
    Cum sa desenezi un leu
    Hvordan tegne en løve
    Як Намалювати Лева

  5. Amazing my schools mascot is the lions and they know I draw good (I'm a 8th grader) and now I know what lion to draw thanks

  6. yeah it  is hard to draw.but i am still learning how to draw REALISTIC .i really dont know how a you not famous

  7. Greetings, I am a homechooler who makes drawing tutorials. Please welcome yourself to my channel, and let me know how I might improve.


  8. hellow I'm adi will you please tech me how to paint with poster colours
    I also want to learn sketch,painting and drawings your one are awesome.

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