How to Draw a Horse in 3D – Drawing With Imagination

How to Draw a Horse in 3D – Drawing With Imagination

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we will draw in 3D. With a sort of a triangular shape
we sketch the head of our horse. The neck and we start giving some form
to the details, like the characteristic rounded jaw. The body… trying to do all this
with lose strokes. For the legs I do up to the knee on a single movement and then the lower part We correct the shapes as we go,
I think the eye goes a little bit higher and the snout a little shorter and thinner. Good! I will take a lot of the body off
because I think I have made a very large horse. That´s better! I sharpen some details
before starting the shade. Good! And now we a black pencil
let´s do the darkest spots. The graphite pencil doesn´t deliver
a black black, that is why I use the color pencil for this. And now with the white of the same set
let´s do the lighter tones. Of course for the white to show
you need to draw on toned paper like the gray I am using,
because white on white I think only for a secret drawing
[Laughs] I was joking. Now let´s do a note pad or a book
from where the horse is going to be coming out. This is really fun! I love to draw so much! The shadow. With graphite powder an a chamois,
we can darken the background. I use the white paper to test
and also as a mask. By the way the list of materials
is in the information bellow the video. Ok. I think this line should be a little bit more
over here. Let´s change it. With the pencil,
let´s refine the edges. With the eraser and the pencil,
do the central part. Great! There are some muscles
which I want to highlight more. That looks good. Excellent! Let´s draw a cloud of dust. And this should even get
off the book. Awesome! The shadow is very important
to deliver the 3D effect. Let´s give the last details to our
white horse… and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it please give it
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you know where to follow me the links are bellow… And I will see you
on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

100 thoughts on “How to Draw a Horse in 3D – Drawing With Imagination

  1. This is exactly what I've been looking for, thank you so much:-)
    I know just what I'll be doing this afternoon while the snow falls.
    Can't shovel, because I have a broken wrist!

  2. very informative I'm just starting 3D art and that showed me quite a bit I've only had one successful Piece so far so thank you so much

  3. Nice video my friend and Nice imagination 😉 i am an artist too that can also draw and paint from my imagination i was born with it, right now im doing some archangels from my imagination i already finished 2 drawings i still need to make another 3, after that i need to paint them on the canvas!

  4. Can u plz tell me which white pincer u use I use but there is no effect like urs and which paint I use on canvas for this drawing

  5. Видео не соответствует названию .
    Это показательный рисунок для профессионалов , и никак не учит рисовать лошадь. Похвастаться любой может . А научить – не каждому дано . Поэтому В ЭТОМ ВИДЕО НЕТ СМЫСЛА

  6. I love this, just recently found you on YouTube. I use your instructions for 3D when I airbrush. It has immediately improved how I look at doing my art. Thank you.

  7. Hello..too My Friend 🙋
    Ty for share Mr.Kampreto , totoloso kana kejo,beak saboboko ,keur zaman bareto,ngalukisto dino kamar to…👍👍😉😄

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