How to draw a horse for kids

How to draw a horse for kids

How to draw a horse for kids

59 thoughts on “How to draw a horse for kids

  1. Ya like I am not trying to be mean but you should just name it (How to draw a horse for adults)
    Plz make it easier because I love horses and they are my fav animal so plz make it easier for kids.

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  3. you stole the shape of that horse from another drawer in youtube… and the horse have too long body and the head looks strange

  4. Super easy but i feel awful for the others/ one of my favorite animals is a horse so great job on the drawing!

  5. I hate rhis video its horrible NOT FOR KIDS U REPEAT NOT FOR KIS

  6. maybe, instead of the music, kids could hear you talk about drawing the circles and lines as well as draw them.

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