How to Draw a Fun Fab Face in JUST 5 MINUTES!

How to Draw a Fun Fab Face in JUST 5 MINUTES!

– Have you always wanted to draw a whimsical face, but you didn’t know how? Well, all you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, a Q-tip, and five
minutes, and I got you. My name is Karen Campbell,
and I love to teach drawing, especially to those
who’ve never drawn before. We’re gonna start out
by just drawing an oval, and I want to show you just
how locked tight my wrist is. So when you’re drawing your oval, draw as many as you need
to to get the right shape and really move your
pencil from your shoulder and not your wrist to
get nice sweeping lines. The next thing we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna divide the face down the center and across the middle. Then we’re gonna take that
space and divide that in half, and then we’re gonna
divide that in half again. Now, in order to place the
eyes in the correct proportion, we’re gonna do three
squished ovals in a row, a circle at the middle crosshairs, and then a wide oval for the
mouth at the bottom there. And then once we have the eyes in place, we can go ahead and push down a little bit harder on our pencil, and this is just a
number two school pencil. It’s actually a jumbo
fat one for little kids. I just wanted to show you how easy it is even with just the most
minimal of supplies. And we’re just gonna push
down a little bit harder and shore up those
ovals just a little bit, like you see there, and
then we’re gonna make big, beautiful eyelids that are just sweeping curved lines that
come out of the corners of those newly drawn diagonal lines. And then for the eyeballs,
we’re gonna do full circles, one big one for the iris, and
a small one for the pupil. The nose is very easy. We do these two curved lines
on either side of the circle and then parentheses on either side. And then follow along with me as I make the next series of lines for the mouth. Remember, you can always pause and rewind as many times as you need to. So I’m still using that guideline to make a super cute mouth, and in the
right place, as you notice. So yeah, take your minute
and just pause the video so you can get that shape down correctly. We’re gonna in-sweep at
either side of the eyes at the temples, and
that gives our character an older, more sophisticated age. Otherwise, if the shape is really round, the character you’re drawing will become younger and younger. So that gives her a little bit of an age, a little bit more sophistication. The eyebrows, as you see,
start right at the same place as the corner of the eyes and go up. And to draw hair, it’s very simple. You start with a place along the oval. You go down across the forehead, and then up and over to
get the volume of the hair. And again, just pause the
video as much as you need to to get that correct placement. And I just wanted to slow it down here to show you the little tear
ducts we’re gonna add in are just little lines at the corner of the diagonal of the eye
lines that we had drawn before. And I’m just erasing
all my extraneous lines and redrawing the hairline
just by pushing down a little bit harder on my pencil. Now, in order to get
ready for the shading, because yes, we’re gonna do that, too, I’m just scribble-scrabbling
some of these areas a little bit darker, so
that’s in the pupils, the corners of the
eyelids, around the irises. Under the nose. I’m gonna redraw the circle of the nose, that’s the ball of the nose, up on top so I don’t lose track of where that is. And then, when I put the lines in for the shading for the mouth, I’m gonna follow it in
the direction of the lips. So you see there. Darkening the corners. Putting some shading underneath, and I really am just scribble-scrabbling. There’s no skill involved here. I’m just making some really messy and really loose scribbles. And then, again, you don’t
need any fancy supplies. Even if you just use your finger if you don’t even have a
Q-tip, I’m just taking my Q-tip and I’m just squishing
the graphite all around and just follow me if you
want to have accurate shading. I’m leaving the middle
of the eyelid unshaded, and then that creates the perception that the eyelid is like, bulging, right? Or really rounded in the center so it creates accurate depth. We’re gonna do shading around the eyes. You can even put shading in the pupils, in the irises themselves to make it look as if they’re colored, this
is a black and white version. And then when you have the
shading where you want it to be, you can take your pencil
again and just draw over and darken up any lines that you wish. And it just gives her that
whimsical, super cute face. And then we’re gonna get ready
to do the eyelashes next, so I’m gonna slow it down here so you can really pay attention to the directionality of the eyelashes. So they always sweep towards the edges, but then when you get up
to the middle of the eye, they’re gonna go straight up and down. So let’s watch that again. Straight up. And then we reverse direction. Same thing along the bottom,
they’re gonna swing out, and then when they get to the middle, they go straight and then
they reverse directions again. So once you see it like that, it becomes pretty clear on what to do. If you enjoyed drawing this face and you wanna maybe explore
drawing some different emotions, just click the playlist
that’s featured here and you get can drawing on these short, quick, fun videos right away. Have a blast, you guys! Thanks for drawing with me.

51 thoughts on “How to Draw a Fun Fab Face in JUST 5 MINUTES!

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