How to Draw a Female Face Using a Photograph: Square by Square

How to Draw a Female Face Using a Photograph: Square by Square

How to Draw a Female Face using a Photograph: Fast Step 1: Draw a grid over your photograph Choose if you want to draw half or all the face! Step 2: Draw the same size grid over your paper Step 3: Make a line drawing by copying each square, one by one Just draw the shapes you see, best not to think what they are, so you just are looking for shapes… Step 4: Erase the grid so you can only just see it! Step 5: Use a soft pencil and shade in each square, one by one, looking at the square on your photograph Step 6: Use a blending stump or a finger to smudge and blend your tonal drawing Please click on the playlist in the description below to see my video on how to draw a realistic eye and please subscribe to my YouTube channel for a new drawing every week!

48 thoughts on “How to Draw a Female Face Using a Photograph: Square by Square

  1. This is purely amazing. I really love your job.
    And I need better teachers, because if I would draw this my teacher from school would say it wasn't worth the effort because I haven't used tones of pencils like 3B, 4B etc.
    Good job. I really enjoy watching your videos.

  2. Very useful and thanks for sharing. In your opinion what paper would you recommend for portrait drawings. Cheers โœ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  3. Thank you for the awesome drawing. I have a question , when speaking about white pencils, are they a white colored pencil or are they charcoal? Just wondering what the white pencils that I see used a lot are made of.

  4. Love the vids man, also love how you diversify from structural drawings to characters and stuff like this

  5. Best video using this method! I found it much easier to add the other half of a face, versus starting out with a blank paper with a grid drawn on it! It was easier to match up the shapes to complete the other half of each feature –eyes,nose,lips. I could see how the portrait could be completed by removing the right half of the photo, then completing the portrait by repeating the process. Very nice! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent. Your videos are very clearly explained.

  6. Really enjoy your videos, great and of courseย as well as a blues man I'm also an old jazz man so nice taste in music, all the bestย .

  7. I am 68 years old and just stared to draw. You are an inspiration. And learning to draw with you has changed my life.

  8. Is there any value in practicing technique in terms of improving as an artist Or is it just sort of a fun art trick?

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