How to Draw a Female Face: Dr Who

How to Draw a Female Face: Dr Who

Hi, Tom here welcome to this video, in
this video I’ll show you one way to a face step by step, for this drawing a use
of 4B pencil, the first step is to draw an oval shape, this is just the basic
shape for the head, we can prove upon this later on, next draw a horizontal line in the middle
of your oval shape, this is the guideline for the eyes, now draw a vertical line
down the middle of the head, making a sort of cross, because this figure, this
person is going be looking straight at us, on each side of the vertical line we can
draw the eyes, on the horizontal line, draw a line for the base of the nose,
where the noise stops and then another line for the middle line of the mouth,
next draw the neck, the neck can just be two vertical lines, roughly vertical
lines, they need to be wider apart than the full width of the eyes, now draw two
curves for the ears, on each side of the head, next, we can draw the eyebrows again, just a simple shape, just a simple curve above
each eye, now we can erase some of the guidelines
that we’ve drawn as we’ve got the basic features of the face in proportion for
the head, now draw a large circle for each eye, for
the iris, the bottom of the circle sort of normally rests on the bottom of the
eyelid, but the top of the circle is normally a bit cut off, behind the top of
the eyelid, we can now draw two small curves for the nostrils, with a sort of
“C” like shape either side, we can redraw the jawline, at this stage
as well you might want to just make it darker or to actually redraw it, next draw the top and bottom
line of the mouth, I think it’s a good idea to think about the expression
of the person as you draw the mouth, we can now draw some extra lines for the
eyelids and a smallish circle in each eye, in the center of each eye, for the
pupils, next we can shade in these pupils really
dark, and then the iris can be shaded in a
mid-tone, something not too dark, not too light… we can darken the line for the top of
the eyelid too, I will darken the iris even more so, but I’m going to leave a tiny area of the iris, to the right of the pupil, unshaded, just the tone of the
paper and this can act as a highlight for each eye, from this stage we can make the face
look like a particular person, now that we’ve got the proportions of the
features of the face on to a head! so all these lines are just for guidance
and we can change any of them at any stage, next we can darken the middle line of the mouth, now each person’s mouth is obviously very different, we all
look very different to each other, so when we draw the line try and make it
more than just a simple straight line, it doesn’t have to be very busy, but just
not a perfectly straight line, something that shows some character,
now using the side of a pencil we can add some shading to the left-hand side
of the face, under the nose and around the side of the chin, so the light in
this drawing will be coming from the right hand side, so everything on the
left and then also some areas on the right, will have some tone, we can darken
the eyebrows too, the next stage, we can smudge some of
this shading with our fingers or maybe the side of an eraser and this will make
the shading more subtle and so the shading doesn’t suddenly stop, it sort of
blends into the tone of the paper, we can now work back into the
eyebrows, perhaps and build up a range of tones within the whole face… I would darken the top lip of the mouth
normally, the top lip of mouth is more in shadow next, we could draw some lines for the hair, now I’ll just start by drawing a
few individual lines of hair, showing the general direction of the hair style,
drawing hair style always make the shape of the head bigger, however short the
hair style is and I would try and keep the lines free-flowing, try not to just
fix them too much, so that they’re sort of sweeping lines, we can darken the
jawline of the face too… next, we can add some more hair and some
dark lines… and for dark lines just apply more pressure with the pencil and then
the line should be darker, particularly if you’re using a soft pencil like I am,
a 4B pencil, now we can add some shading to left and
also some more shading into the hair, we can keep building up the tone on the
left and the right of the face using the side of the pencil and an eraser to
smudge the tones, we could add a few more dark lines in the hair,
along here… I think we could add the curves for a
collar for a coat or something either side of the neck, we can now add small
details to the hair, showing, indicating, some of the hair is behind other parts,
and showing the tone of the hair, it’s a sort of slow
process, drawing individual areas, but trying to look at the whole face at the
same time, so is sort of drawing details but we’re seeing how those details fit
into the overall image, the overall picture… we can darken her coat here, I’ll make it
as dark as my 4B pencil will go, really really dark, just by pressing down really
firmly, I hope you find this video useful for
your own drawings! Please make sure that you subscribe to my youtube channel Circle Line Art School, to keep up to date with all the videos I post, thank you so
much for watching, keep drawing! and see you next time…

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  1. You know you have something else you aren't like the others painter because besides your awesome talent you also calm person (gentleman)💖☝👏😍👍

  2. Awesome, I'm having trouble with the far eye in three-quarter view, could you please make a video on the 3/4 view?

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