How to Do a Pencil Drawing | Drawing Tutorials

How to Do a Pencil Drawing | Drawing Tutorials

Now let’s talk about doing a pencil drawing. You need pencils, of course,
something to draw on, perhaps paper, and something to look at would be
terrific. I have this beautiful bottle of wine, no wine
inside. I’m going
to take a few of my drawing pencils. Drawing pencils come in different numbers
and letters. You have H pencils
and you have B pencils. Your B pencils are going to be darker, and
as the numbers increase, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; 6 will be
the darkest. Then your H pencils
are your lightest, and as those numbers increase, the higher the number
with H, the lighter the color is. I tend to really enjoy using a mix of
pencils. I have, right now, a 4H, which is going to
be quite light, a 2B and a 6B. 6B being the darkest. I’m going to take a look at my wine bottle,
and I’m really just going to simply sketch it out. The top of the wine bottle is a slight ellipse;
it’s the opening of the bottle. You then basically have just two straight
lines coming down. It’s a mirror image on both sides. You have a very simple
curve heading outward. Then the curve comes right back in, and then
it goes all the way down, just straight. It’s going to tuck right in, a little
curve, and then a bigger curve right on the table. I’m going to draw just a
little bit of a straight line behind, just to show that it’s sitting on
something. My next step would be bringing in more detail. This is the most simplistic
form, what I drew. If I wanted to, I would continue looking much
closer at that which I’m drawing; in this case it’s
a wine bottle. I could bring in
some shading. I could bring in with my pencil a little more
detail. Again,
breaking it down, looking at each individual shape. I can get as expressive
as I want with my lines. The whole goal of drawing is to look at things
or to feel things, and to have a way of very
uniquely expressing yourself. I’m
going to make my lines on the outside a little darker and more expressive. Since its glass, you can see a little bit
of the back coming through. Perhaps I draw just a teeny bit of reflection
in here. Here you have a very
basic line drawing with pencil. If I were going to continue, basically, I
would just continue exactly what I’m doing. I can always use my eraser if I want to make
a change, and I would probably bring in more shading. I’d look at where the darkest areas
of the bottle, and with my darkest pencil, just sketch those, or color
those, right in. I would find my medium tones and I’d use my
medium shaded pencils. Then for the lightest areas of reflection,
I would use either with the white of the paper or I would erase right
into the pencil, to allow that light color shine through. Sketching with pencils is limitless. You literally could draw anything you
want; whether from your imagination or something you’re looking at. You
could bring pencils with you anywhere you go, and it’s a terrific way to
express yourself with drawing.

54 thoughts on “How to Do a Pencil Drawing | Drawing Tutorials

  1. A bit better than the sketching video. In this one she seems to be a little bit more comfortable with the pencil. Like I said before, if you really want to be satisfied with your work you have to play around with it and find your technique.

  2. Drawing cant be taught by tutorials, its something you are born with and will master over time if you are dedicated to the art.

  3. you sir need a medal that's the idea 🙂
    art teachers like mine that are Awesome
    give you tips on how to draw they never say "this is the only way you can draw"

  4. I finally found out what erasers are for. Up to today I chewed on them, but you can use them to erase stuff. Who would have guessed.

  5. These videos are meant to help the very basic beginner. If you have never picked up a pencil or you are totally new to drawing, they can be very, very helpful. Good luck with your creative journey!

  6. There is definitely not only one way to draw. There are endless ways to express oneself. Best of luck in your art classes, may you continue to be inspired in your creative journey!
    The Art Studio NY

  7. Actually, drawing can definitely be taught. I have had hundreds of students for drawing classes in NYC and around the world who never practiced any drawing. They felt they had "no talent". With practice, every single student now draws so beautifully. Like anything else, much is possible with practice. Best of luck on your artistic journey!
    The Art Studio NY

  8. Thank you, Sonya. I am so happy to hear that you are learning and enjoying these drawing class tutorials. Everyone has creativity within. Keep enjoying the experience of drawing and art, and best of luck on your artistic journey.
    The Art Studio NY

  9. yes, some people need a tutorial. I am looking for our students that dont attend tradional classes. they are on their own.

  10. Her face is brown and the rest of her body is fair white, then she started talking about how a wine bottle is empty….hmmm

  11. Conselhinho: – Só faça tutorial daquilo que você conhece e domina.

    . Todas as formas observáveis, partem das cinco figuras geométricas básicas em sua estrutura. No caso desta garrafa, você poderia ter iniciado com dois retângulos verticais (corpo e gargalo) e três elipses (base, meio e boca), finalizando com algumas curvas de ligação para depois começar a trabalhar volumes. Ou poderia começar com dois cilindros para já obter a volumetria e partir em seguida, para o acabamento.

    – Os comentários desnecessários que aparecem aqui embaixo, poderiam ser substituídos por troca de idéias, mas parece que as pessoas andam mais preocupadas em ridicularizar do que interagir positivamente.

    Grande abraço, valeu pelo seu esforço.

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