How to create colourful resin paintings with Judy Waters I Colour In Your Life

How to create colourful resin paintings with Judy Waters I Colour In Your Life

G’day viewers, my name is Graeme Stevenson and I’d like to invite you to come on a journey of creativity and learning and adventure through the series Colour In Your Life. There’s an artist in every family throughout the world, and lots of times there’s an artist deep down inside all of us as well. So grab your kids, your Brothers, your Sisters, your Aunties, Uncles and Mums and Dads, and come and see how some of the best artists in Australia do what they do. (Graeme) Well Hi viewers and welcome back to Colour In Your Life. We’re at Hampton Art Supplies today in Melbourne (Graeme) with the extraordinarily talented Judy Waters. (Judy) Thank you, Graeme. (Graeme) Thanks for being on the show. (Judy) Thanks for coming. (Graeme) It’s going to be a fantastic day, something really different because Judy actually (Graeme) uses epoxy resins to create her artwork and it’s really fantastic stuff. (Graeme) It’s like, so interesting, and you get all the boards designed for yourself. (Graeme) This is such a cool little art store. (Graeme) There’s so much stuff in here. (Judy) Thank you. (Graeme) All the stuff that you need you basically have in this store? (Judy) Absolutely everything. (Graeme) And your studio is virtually right beside where you are as well? (Judy) It’s fabulous. We just love it. (Graeme) So how long have you been doing the epoxy work? (Judy) About fifteen years. (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) And been teaching probably about the last five, yeah. Love it. (Graeme) Oh I think it’s amazing (Judy) It’s growing hugely. (Graeme) You sort of… (Graeme) there’s a whole bunch of things you’ve got to do with this stuff as well isn’t there? (Judy) Yeah. There is. (Judy) You’ve got to have the right board; you can’t do it on canvas, especially if you’re doing really large ones, which we do. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) And I’ve got a gentleman who makes our fabulous boards for us with the rounded edges and it’s great. (Judy) Then you don’t really have to have an art skill. (Judy) You just have to have a colour sense, which we can help you with as well. (Graeme) Okay. ( Judy) And then just have a go and pour colour onto your board (Judy) and then see what it does. See how it’s exciting and how (Judy) it merges and does the most amazing things. (Graeme) The texture of these pieces is just unreal isn’t it? (Judy) Yeah, it’s beautiful. (Graeme) It’s fantastic. (Judy) It really is. (Judy) And if you want a night out, just go out there and throw some colour down. (Judy) And it’s wow. (Graeme) Obviously having your own art store (Judy) and being a professional artist and workshop teacher, (Graeme) that you’ve really got everything in the one package. (Judy) It’s just a dream life. (Graeme) Yeah (Judy) Yes, we meet the best people. (Graeme) I bet. (Judy) Yeah (Judy) and I don’t want to go home. I’d have a bed out the back if I could. (Graeme) Well we’re going to go into the studio today because its a fairly sort of… (Graeme) there’s a lot of movement in the process, isn’t there? (Judy) Yeah. (Graeme) In putting it all together. (Judy) There’s a lot of things to do (Graeme) Yeah (Judy) If you’re doing layering, that sort of thing, yeah it’ll be good to come and see how ones done. (Graeme) It’s fantastic. (Judy) They’re not so hard. (Graeme) Let’s go down to the studio and make a start on it. (Judy) Graeme. I look forward to showing you. (Graeme) Fantastic. (Graeme) Okay Judy, now before we even start, these boards that you have here, (Graeme) I think they’re fantastic. The surface on this is… honestly guys it’s amazing. (Graeme) You have these especially made for Hampton’s? (Judy) We do. Yes, (Judy) they’re specially made by a gentleman and they’re beautiful. They’re fabulous for all mediums. (Graeme) Oh the surface is great. (Judy) But they’re particularly fabulous for resins (Judy) because they just flow over. And then the side of the resin, (Judy) which becomes part of the art as well… (Graeme) Oh its fantastic. (Judy) so you can do it, it’s wonderful for all sorts of mediums. (Graeme) Oh yeah, (Graeme) I’m actually going to take some of these and paint on them. (Judy) Fantastic. Yeah, no, you’ll love them. (Graeme) Now you’ve got… it looks like a science lab at the moment. (Judy) It does. (Judy) It’s really quite simple. It’s a two-part resin, which I buy from Solid Solutions. (Judy) I find they’re the best company to deal with and the best resin. Because it’s a flexible resin. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) And it, as you can see, it has almost no odor at all. (Graeme) It’s great, yeah. (Judy) So you can run a class and it’s fabulous. (Judy) So today I’m going to, this is going to take probably 3 litres of resin and I’m going to mix it up. (Judy) I can keep these resins A and B, part A and part B, (Judy) I can keep them separate for as long as I like. (Judy) But once I combine them together I’ve got about twenty minutes working time. (Judy) Twenty, twenty-five minutes depending on the heat of the day. Today’s a fabulous day to be resining. (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) So we’re going to mix them. I’m going to pour a few out, (Judy) mix them. Make sure you only do it once. Part A and part B are separate. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) And we’ll get on with it. (Judy) It’s going to be great. (Graeme) You’re using Golden inks to be able… (Judy) I am. (Graeme) …to colour what you’re doing? (Judy) Now what I do is I’ve also got a lot of inks as well but I use the pastes made from Solid Solutions. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) Ah, they’re gorgeous colours, (Judy) absolutely gorgeous, and they give you a whole different effect than some of the others. (Judy) I use acrylic colours from Golden. (Judy) I use any of the liquid acrylics. I find any brand. (Judy) These are transparent dyes as well. (Graeme) They even make… that’s metallic is it? (Judy) Yeah, it’s metallic. (Graeme) Wow. (Judy) I’ve also got powders, (Judy) which I’ll be putting in as well. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) So you’re going to see a whole lot of things happening today. (Judy) First thing you have to do is put gloves on. (Graeme) Oh you want me to be part of this do you? (Judy) Yes. (Judy) And as soon as they get dirty you just take them off and throw them out, (Judy) because if you put resin in, it’s a filthy business. (Judy) But it’s very exciting. I love it. (Graeme) I can’t get them on my hands. (Judy) Oh sorry about that. (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) Try, okay. (Graeme) That’s because I’ve got it on the wrong one… (Judy) Now I’m going to start pouring some resin out because it’s the start of my procedure and I will do this. (Judy) I’m going to pour… As long as you get the measurements exact (Judy) it doesn’t matter what your measurements are, but as long as they’re exact. (Judy) So I’m going to do 600mls of each one. (Judy) Okay, that one. (Judy) So that was part B. (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) Part A is a lighter one. (Judy) So you will know if you’ve got the wrong one in your hand. (Judy) Now the next important thing is once you’ve got part A and part B going, (Judy) they have to be mixed. (Graeme) And so how long do these things go before they start to go off? (Judy) Those two separately could be for a week. (Graeme) Once you’ve mixed… (Judy) Once they’re mixed together… (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) I’ve probably got about twenty minutes depending on the temperature of the day. (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) It’s the most amazing way to put some artwork on the wall quickly. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) This’ll be ready to hang tomorrow. (Graeme) Wow. (Judy) And you’ll have a fabulous completed artwork. (Judy) The most important part is to mix and to mix well. (Judy) It’s still a bit cloudy, you can’t over mix it. You just keep mixing until its clear until all the little lines have gone. (Judy) And then, (Judy) whilst you’re doing that you get your cups ready for the next part of it. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) So you can see that that’s quite clear. (Judy) No strings. So we’re going to pour that into here. (Graeme) Oh (Judy) If you’d like to pour that into cups you could. (Graeme) Sure, sure. (Judy)If you like. (Judy) I’m thinking today I’ll do a flower. I don’t usually do florals. (Judy) But the first one I’ll do is a flower. And I’m going to do some yellow, (Judy) mix them and you don’t have to mix them thoroughly, (Judy) you can have a lovely like marbling effect if you like. (Judy) But I’m going to have a fairly solid colour there. (Judy) So I’ve got some yellow. I’m going to have some magenta. (Graeme) it’s like a cooking show. (Judy) It is like a cooking show. (Judy) It’s good to have a buddy to work with. (Judy) It’s great to have somebody else to help you, especially if you’re doing a big board. (Judy) Its great to have somebody else mixing so that you can flow the colour out and you’re not wasting time. (Judy) Because you don’t have a lot of curing time. (Judy) Isn’t that a gorgeous colour? (Graeme) And do you mix it really thoroughly in, or? (Judy) No I don’t have to. This one is a transparent colour, it’s quite soft. (Judy) That is two of my colours mixed. (Judy) I’m going to do a white. (Graeme) There’s no odour at all. (Judy) That’s great isn’t it. (Graeme) It’s incredible, yeah. (Judy) I’ve got those there ready to go. I’m going to pour another lot of resin (Judy) and Graeme’s going to stir it. (Graeme) A professional mixer. (Graeme) I’ve actually heard from my friends before that I’m a real stirrer. I don’t know if that… (Judy) Oh that’s exactly what you’ll be. A stirrer. (Graeme) This is great, (Graeme) it’s really, really hands on. And you sort of really don’t know where this is going to take you do you? (Judy) No. (Graeme) That’s the best part about it. It’s fascinating. (Judy) You can have the best intentions as you like to do a resin painting but it still rules the roost. (Graeme) Oh, wow, it’s just, (Graeme) the colours are dynamic aren’t they? (Judy) It’s pretty cool. (Graeme) Visual explosion. (Judy) This is why it’s so exciting. (Graeme) It’s a visual explosion. Oh it’s fantastic. (Judy) Now as you can see we run out of colour very quickly. (Judy) So I’m going to pour some more colours in and (Judy) clear is also fabulous to put into the mix. (Judy) Now I’m just going to take these off here for the moment… (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) …and work my board around. (Graeme) Oh, so you’re actually going to manipulate the board? (Judy) Yes. (Judy) I’m going to move that around. (Graeme) Wow. (Graeme) It’s like Crab Nebulas and galaxies isn’t it? (Judy) Yes. (Graeme) Amazing. (Judy) This is the exciting part. (Graeme) You sort of don’t know where it’s taking you. (Judy) I’m going to mix some more colour, a little bit of magenta. (Judy) And I’ve got a bit of white here. (Graeme) Yeah (Judy) Now if I pour the white over the existing colour, it’s going to lace. (Graeme) What do you mean by lace? (Judy) Gorgeous little holes will appear. (Graeme) Alright. (Judy) And it’s quite yummy. (Judy) You’ll see that develop and the holes will appear. (Graeme) You really need a board because if you had a canvas everything could… (Judy) Everything dips into the center. (Graeme) …pool in the middle. (Judy) And it has to be a level field, (Judy) definitely. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) Definitely. (Graeme) That’s fantastic. (Graeme) It’s like the stem of a flower. (Judy) Now this one, I’m going to put a little bit of bronze in. (Graeme) Yes. (Judy) Would you like to stir that for me Graeme (Judy) please? (Graeme) Oh, absolutely. (Judy) That would be fabulous. Thank you. (Graeme) It’s very more- ish isn’t it (Judy) Beautiful colours, I love the crisp clear colours. (Graeme) Now do you really mix it in or do… (Judy) Yeah, no you can, that should be fine, (Judy) good… (Graeme) Just like that. (Judy) Yes. (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) Now I’m going to put a deeper Quinacridone Violet. (Graeme) Yes. (Judy) Gorgeous colour. (Graeme) It’s always one of those violets that’s hard to say. (Judy) Yes. (Graeme) It’s like, why did you name it that? (Judy) This is going to give me a little bit of depth. It might look like I’m just throwing paint on the board but I do want a balanced painting at the end of it. (Graeme) It’s so rich. I’m not sure if you can see it on the screen but the colours are so rich and vibrant. But the amazing part about this is it just doesn’t stay the same does it? It continues to morph. (Judy) It moves for the next probably four to five hours. (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) And so you may get it to a stage where you think, my God that’s fabulous, (Judy) but unfortunately it’s not going to stay that way. (Graeme) It just keeps going. (Judy) It just keeps moving. (Graeme) If you want it to stop it won’t. (Judy) So you’ve got to take it to the stage (Judy) where you hope its moving in the right direction. (Judy) I don’t want to loose that part so I’ll manipulate my board… (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) …to do that. (Judy) So I’m going to bring my painting to here. (Graeme) Your hands are going in now are they? (Judy) Yes. (Graeme) Ah. (Judy) That little bit of movement there (Judy) and a little bit of movement through here. (Graeme) You can see that it’s almost three-dimensional when you look at it from here too because there’s a layering effect on it. (Judy) It’s quite lovely. So I’m now going to mix myself up another brew. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) Graeme, I hate throwing out colour, so if you’ve got any colours you don’t think you’re going to use. (Judy) Pop them into little silicon moulds. I’ve got six grandchildren (Judy) they love them. So if you like you can pour them into the moulds. (Graeme) I’m getting all the best jobs today. (Judy) Yes. (Judy) That would be good. Whilst I mix up some resin. (Graeme) And you could probably use these as a three dimensional thing in your work as well… (Judy) Yes. (Graeme) …if you wanted too. (Judy) You can. (Graeme) That’s really cool. (Graeme) I’m liking this a lot. (Judy) They recommend that you only use 6% colour to your resin so it doesn’t alter the validity of the resin. (Judy) I do have people ringing me and saying why didn’t it set and it’s usually because they’ve used too much colour. This has been on, how long have we been on about twenty, twenty-five minutes? (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) It’s starting to cure a little bit. So this is quite solid now while it’s getting more solid (Judy) I should say now than this. (Judy) So I can at various stages in the painting, (Judy) I can adjust the resin because I know there’s going to be various parts that will be more solid than my new fresh resin, (Judy) so this is starting to pool off here now. (Judy) I will go around all the edges and collect that. (Judy) But it’s a good time to start adding a light edges (Judy) because I can cut in because this isn’t going to move forever. (Judy) So I’m going to cut in my edges to get outline of my flower. (Graeme) These are also fantastic workshops as well. I mean obviously you have a strong following. (Judy) I love the workshops. (Judy) I love to show people this art because it just, (Judy) people say I can’t do it because I’m not artistic or I’ve never done art before. (Judy) Anyone can do a resin. (Judy) As long as you have somebody directing you and somebody to help you with your colours. (Judy) Because abstract art is about colour and shape (Judy) and you just need balance and all that sort of thing. (Graeme) So if somebody wanted to do this they could just go to your website? (Judy) Yeah, they can. (Graeme) What’s the Hampton art’s website? (Judy) (Graeme) And it’s just fantastic if you want to put some paintings in your own home. I mean these are really décor pieces (Graeme) and you work really closely with Kate Matherson as well from Blank Canvas Studio’s. (Judy) Kate runs Blank Canvas Studio’s and has for a couple of years. (Judy) And we run workshops through Kate as well. (Graeme) Yeah? (Judy) She’s got children’s classes as well, we have workshops there. (Judy) The mosaic artists are desperate for our resin off cuts. (Graeme) Yes I bet. (Judy) And… (Graeme) They just dry and you pick them off and… (Judy) They… you just peel them off the plastic (Judy) and you can use them in your art work. (Graeme) Yeah. That’s fantastic. (Judy) They’re fabulous. (Graeme) I’m getting more and more inspired all the time. (Graeme) Oh, see I like that. Oh look, that’s fantastic. Makes it look sort of like a tulip. (Graeme) Now you actually work with Solid Solutions. (Judy) We do, they’re our supplier (Graeme) Yeah. I mean… (Graeme) Peter and Lorraine Burns (Judy) Yes. (Graeme) Is that correct? They own the company? (Judy) They own Solid Solutions and they’re both artists. (Graeme) But it’s a fantastic product isn’t it? (Judy) It’s great. It’s beautiful and as I say it’s so beautiful to work with. (Judy) When I run the torch over it, it’s going to look different again. (Judy) All these little bubbles will start bursting and it’ll start lacing more (Graeme) But those bubbles just pop out straight away don’t they? (Judy) They’ll just pop out. Yep. (Graeme) And you can just buy these from Bunnings or somewhere can you? (Judy) You can buy these from Bunnings. (Judy) Okay, now I think this needs a bit of excitement. (Judy) So, how about we do a bit of irredentist powder? (Graeme) Oh you’ve got powders in there. (Judy) Yep. (Judy) Got some pigment paste, pigment powder I should say. (Judy) So you only need a small amount. Say that much. (Graeme) Yeah. Oh look at that. (Judy) It’s pretty cool. (Graeme) That’s amazing. (Judy) So we’re going to run that along our base of our flower of sauce. (Graeme) Look. (Judy) whoops it didn’t go (Graeme) God it’s just so powerful isn’t it? And you can see all the flecks. (Judy) Yeah. I like that. (Graeme) It’s fantabulous. (Judy) So now I’m going to fire it… (Graeme) Yeah? (Judy) …and… (Graeme) You get all the fun jobs. (Judy) Would you like to fire it? (Graeme) Yes I would. (Judy) Alright you can fire it. (Graeme) So what do you do? You just turn this around? (Judy) That’s it. Okay off you go. (Graeme) And all the bubbles start to pop out. And it actually makes the… (Judy) It makes the… (Graeme) …metal explode as well. (Judy) Yes dynamic. (Graeme) Yeah, its amazing. God, look at it. It just explodes everywhere. (Graeme) That’s fantastic. This is what you call a hands-on workshop. (Graeme) I’ll let you Judy the rest. (Graeme) There you go. (Judy) Thank you. (Graeme) Handing over, taking over. (Judy) Thank you very much, Graeme. (Graeme) I love, this is fantastic. Look at that in there. (Judy) Oh it’s beautiful isn’t it. (Graeme) Oh my goodness. (Judy) I’m just going to break up these lines. (Judy) I don’t like anything to look too deliberate. (Judy) We’re going to let this rest for a couple of hours but we have to be watchful that it doesn’t tip in the wrong direction. (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) I don’t want to lose too much of say the base, or I don’t want to lose too much of an edge. (Judy) I just want to keep it fairly central. (Graeme) Okay. (Judy) So (Judy) you can leave it and let it rest, and then have a cup of coffee. (Judy) And then come back and just keep watching it. (Graeme) Sounds fantastic. (Judy) Good on you, Thank you (Graeme) Alright now for the second part of our show today, (Graeme) you’re going to show us how to double layer? (Judy) Yes, we are. This is something I prepared earlier. (Judy) It’s only been down for about four hours so (Judy) its a little bit tacky but it’s still fine to put another layer on. Why we are doing this is, (Judy) the previous resin is still curing. And that has to be flat for maybe a good another nine hours or so, (Judy) depending on the temperature. (Judy) But that’ll be ready to put on your wall tomorrow. But this little guys going to have another layer, (Judy) and you can see how it flows on quite separately, (Judy) differently for the next time around. (Graeme) This is the seascape that you’re doing for a gallery isn’t it? (Judy) This is a seascape (Judy) for a gallery, yes. So seeing as I love my nautical themes, (Judy) I’m just going to put a bit of colour in. (Judy) Now the transparent dyes are really intense (Judy) so they only need a touch, literally a drop… (Graeme) Really? (Judy) …of colour. That’s it. (Graeme) That’s it. (Graeme) Oh isn’t it strong. Yeah. (Judy) It’s quite strong. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) I want a little bit of turquoise as well… (Graeme) Into the same mixture? (Judy) Yes. (Judy) Would you like to mix that for me please Mr. Graeme? (Graeme) Do you mix it a lot or… (Judy) Yes. Just whatever. (Graeme) Okay this is the most hands on I’ve ever been in on one of our shows yet. (Judy) And this is a resin paste I’m going to mix that as well to get a different blue. Judy Now because this is tacky, (Judy) it’s right at the tacky stage. (Graeme) Generally it’s got to be dry? (Judy) Quite dry. But it’s okay to use it at this stage. (Graeme) Ah (Judy) I want to get the drift of the sea (Judy) and I still want a lot of my underneath to show through. (Judy) So you’ll see this will move beautifully. (Graeme) It’s like the waves coming in. (Graeme) It looks great doesn’t it? Goodness. (Judy) And we will come up here (Judy) and give me some… (Graeme) Just a line. (Judy) gorgeous things happening. (Judy) I’m just going to put in some green and… (Graeme) This is sort of like streak effects starting to come out here for some reason. (Judy) Okay so I’m just going to fire this off. And this white should all lace. (Graeme) It actually looks like a crashing wave doesn’t it? (Judy) Love this little bit that’s happening here. (Judy) Can I get you to turn that off for me please Graeme. (Judy) Okay, (Judy) That’s pretty much all I’ll do to that. (Graeme) It looks amazing. (Graeme) It’s like a wave crashing on the shore. It’s amazing. Well how about that, guys, that was pretty amazing today. (Graeme) I just think it was just so thrilling to see you work. (Judy) Thank you. (Graeme) Fantastic. (Judy) I hope you had some fun. (Graeme) Judy it was really, really amazing. (Judy) I hope I’ve converted you. (Graeme) But you’ve got everything really put together, you’ve got your workshops, (Graeme) you’ve got your studio, you’ve got your art store. Now the website for the art store? (Judy) Is (Graeme) Don’t forget that. Also you wanted to thank Peter and Lorraine Burns. (Judy) Yes, for supplying us with the Solid Solution resin for today, which is all we use. (Graeme) That stuff’s fantastic isn’t it? (Judy) It’s really cool. Very addictive, (Judy) it’s very good. (Graeme) It’s amazing the effects you can get. It really is quite extraordinary. (Graeme) But also come to (Graeme) Some fantastic things going on in there as well. And I definitely want some of your work in our website because I think it’s amazing. (Judy) Thank you very much. I’ve had a ball. (Graeme) It was a lot of fun it really was. (Judy) It’s been great. (Graeme) And workshops as well, (Graeme) I mean really come along and get in touch with you because this is a lot of fun. I mean it’s a little sticky (Judy) Very dirty. (Graeme) Admittedly. (Judy) But we try and keep clean. (Graeme) But the fact you can come out with a really fantastic result. (Judy) In an afternoon. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) And we do lots of ladies birthdays… (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy)…and things like that. If they want to get together (Judy) four or five or six ladies come together, or gentleman, and they can do a gorgeous piece, they can do a piece for a wedding present. (Graeme) Yeah. (Judy) …or something like that, it’s cool.(Graeme) It’s fantastic. It really is. (Graeme) But we’re going to head off. Once again guys, it’s been a great day and as I always say, (Graeme) remember, make sure you Put Some Colour In Your Life. Or some epoxy. (Graeme) We’ll see you again guys (Judy) Thank you very much. (Graeme) Bye. (Judy) That’s fabulous. Thank you

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  20. As a teacher of art myself, I echo the comments of others here…BEST tutorial I have seen on this subject! Someone can always use what you have taught them and create their own voice. Thank you for sharing!

  21. The best tute I've seen on this thanks. Can you do multiple layers or does it have to be finished in one go? I am interested in the techniques of Dale Frank but have found nothing thus far. Cheers.

  22. hey Graeme, love what you're doing. You are bringing in the best from the art world to all the art seekers. Thanks greatly 🙂

  23. bonjour, comment avoir toutes ces magnifiques vidéos en FRANCAIS? je suis passionée par la couleur et les résines; merci de votre aide; marie

  24. Graeme, could you please post a pic of the final product for the big pink/orange/magenta flower she did?

  25. Very nice demo on the art resin! Do you know how the Solid Solutions Resin compares to Art Resin in quality and cost? What do you mean when you say that the SS Resin is a 'flexible' resin? How long is the working time before it sets? Thank you!

  26. Graeme do you know what brand of metal powder she used? Do all mica powders give that exploding effect? Love your channel! Cheers from Canada 🙂

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