How To Break A VINTAGE Blank Page, Mixed Media Collage ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

How To Break A VINTAGE Blank Page, Mixed Media Collage ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

hello hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel it's murder here and I'm super happy I can welcome you in my studio for some crafting session today I hope you will join me I really hope that you will drop what you're doing and if you feel a need for crafting that's the time because we're gonna break some blank pages I'm gonna show you and teach you how to start how to begin and how to lose the fear of an encounter that we're not gonna accomplish something don't worry we are going to break some pages easy steps really not difficult beginners but the most important is just start so grab your tools sit back relax and let's create something absolutely beautiful I'm not such a fan of brown but to be honest the vintage is something that speaks to me for sure and I gathered few things few bits and pieces that are kind of in vintagey style a little bit of old fashioned some Browns some natural kind of products yes that's what we're gonna do today break some pages with some mix of products but also mix of regular stuff for example my regular stuff would be this piece of paper do you remember we have painted not painted we dyed those with tea and baked it in the oven so I'm gonna use that today why not back to you I had to run upstairs I have for glue it's cool glue actually I love using school glue for my projects bread stick just regular school glue pretty sick and I have some left because I used to do kids parties crafts parties as well so I have some left I love using it basically and really you don't need and when you just play like that you don't need anything amazingly good quality you just need something that will do the job somehow good I think okay so I'm gonna try to work some talents Leon a few pages I think three it's a good start so I may just do that so my first page will be with just this this one will be with the music notes music notes will always and now remind me about the video where I did my book and there was a music note page with f-word on it which I have not expected I published a video and everyone saw it and start I started alarming me my mother did you see it you have to edit that part which was true I did so yeah so f-word on the music note pages that I haven't expected to be there and yeah that's the truth so oh I like that and that we may be open that because it's gonna be a little bit a little bit of a waste if we if we just not use it both sides maybe scissors would be faster than anything and also it's just if you wondering I'm using I'm just using regular cardstock that it's pretty heavy cardstock I use it before on the pages okay Hannah's asleep which is nice so we have some time together guys friends guys are friends maybe this one will be cool for a base and learn to tear your paper don't be afraid of it it's only paper what's the worst can happen nothing nothing so learn to learn to tattoo to rip the paper to enjoy actually ripping paper in parts it's fine it can be really therapeutic so as you can see what I have done I have three backgrounds well I think three is plenty I have three backgrounds where I'm gonna play around a little bit or play around a little bit and now my next step will be maybe to add some of that tea bags those are from my friend Matthew from Belgium I think those are specialty baths that she was buying and buying specialty so empty tea box I think she was buying so yes she sent them to me I absolutely adore them they still have some scent which is nice okay there's nothing better like a little bit of teabag and you see you can use exactly the same item on both of your projects both three projects I meant to say so you decide where you're gonna place your tea bag you can use tea bag you can use another piece of paper instead of tea back you can use anything you have because I hope you know that there is no such a thing as rules in mixed media and art journaling and we are out journaling great now we're putting our soul out there on those pages for it to be happy basically know what else pretty we have oh I have this gorgeous gorgeous race paper you can find it in this store as well shame too near the color but it is so stunning that why not to use it you can find it in the store there's plenty rice paper my new favorite no I always loved rice paper actually and always have been using it I know I'm gonna leave it as it is like that maybe here would be nice okay oh no or here both hmm I don't know yeah I like that I like that red stick is absolutely enough for you to use really I mean it and I don't put anything on top as you can tell as an no layer of nothing on top of my papers yet there we go maybe a little bit more glue there okay I like that super much now we have some other left over text this time text rice paper love that mm-hmm I think here could be just right or a bit maybe no all of it actually all of it goes there yes what about if we actually change our mind and squash it like this ha isn't that that just so much nicer now let's squash it there we go ha nice what if we do exactly the same thing here with the tea mug and squash that teabag beautiful and same for here what if we can can we actually I'll glue it down oh we can a little bit why not we can try even if you rip it apart that's ok that's part of the project well laughs how is that nutty like that they love that I think it's gorgeous absolutely gorgeous so now my next step would be I kind of don't know because we could play and add some more papers in elements or maybe we could play an ad Prime the project with my transparent jets or maybe we add some texture with white just so I think so that's what we're gonna do I'm gonna grab clear just so now oh wait I have this which I think I would love to add even print stick is good for your decoupage you'll see decoupage college ink it's perfectly fine there we go I love that beautiful and maybe this tag since it's a bit yellowish could go anywhere nicely no yellow is there so it's nice mmm oh there is nice super hello tak how are you upside-down that's okay that's fine that's fine we have some more tags and those are tags as well from the store from the set of envelope a little kit envelopes and tags absolutely love them cafe I think it matches nicely here I think so that's what I'm gonna do add them here why not oops maybe slightly tilt there we go there we go I don't know why it's also done we can play it like that ha why not ha so really even upside down you can play why not I love it like that I don't know I'm gonna leave this one as it is and this one upside down okay time for ours transparent Jess all right now to prime our project so that everything will be nice and prime and we can then start adding some oops some color and I have planned to actually add the color with something different I found this those elementary pigments by luminaire do you know what I'm gonna chance it I'll see because I haven't used them for quite some time for actually forever not quite something forever so yeah I think it would be nice to do that I primed this page of camera sorry I had to sneeze and I'm gonna prime this one as well now if something sticking out that's okay there's no mistakes don't worry there's no mistakes or there's no such thing as perfection here quite opposite lets perfect more uniqueness we've gotta find and just it will be just maybe nicer so yeah relax and enjoy I want to say the flight but no relax and just go with the flow okay our projects are primed so we can put the put it aside our our brush and what we can do now is get some stencils maybe and create some texture actually actually sorry I forgot I have this funny stickers and before this everything joys I thought it would be so cool to actually add them you know something different so sometimes if you have things you're not too sure where to use it how to play about it look just place it randomly maybe and just try to you know play with it a little bit why not such a cool embellishment for your page I think such a cool embellishment and it will also prime that and add some bit of some bit of transparent just on top of that to make sure it will stick even better mmm-hmm so cool isn't it now I have something else here orbit so I have loads of them actually letters and and some numbers look I'm not even bothered with what it letter or number that is but if you have it you may as well just you know do it kind of meaningful if you have some some kind there we go and two M's okay that's nice I love that upside down so be yourself be yourself walking on sunshine yes the yellow one walking on sunshine walking on sunshine creativity that matches too I think hmm hmm maybe here okay Wow I love them super cute I will grab my just so again and just slightly just saw it over the stickers just a little bit so that everything is gonna be primed and I can add some videos on top of that as well now you know that you can exchange for whatever you have if you have different kind of stickers I just found things before I started recording I just found things that are matching in the color scheme really and there maybe theme scheme so kind of kind of vintage II because I I felt that yeah why not I haven't done vintage II project for ages or for never so why not a little bit of vintage feel vintage touch to it why not go there we go I like that so that fits our textured after that builds the interest there you know extra little elements let's try that actually before it dries let's grab some let's grab some white gesso and let's just go over to a few in a few places not everywhere no just in a few places just to kind of create some some whiteness some contrast and usually it is where we we have step kind of elements meeting each other that's probably where the best is but again it's optional of course okay nice oops okay now lovely and same for here whoa that's way too much we can use it somewhere else for sure still too much I like how I highlight the texture right now with this white so our texture is nicely highlighted with it super so what do you think do you like that something else came to my mind let's do it a little bit different let's say use some distress Linux and maybe do some edging around it I'm gonna grab some backing for that with the green ones first maybe okay and let's let's see because I think this could be really really nice okay I have to learn that technique for definite that's very strange oh yes is that is that I thought it looks like metallic it's it's metallic because on the chest so is it possibly but that's okay I'm gonna green it maybe even better gently really you know and that way yeah because of gesso it is kind of all over the place but that's okay because this one has tiny touches of green so if we can just have some that will be already good and then I'm gonna grab the brown one and see if I can actually do anything with the brown one even if you leave it like that how is this I think it's nice different isn't it different okay let's take off this green one can I close this and let's take the brown one the walnut stain another very Inca person but I would love to be so slowly slowly um oh that that's kind of different that is much better I think foreign noise that's okay I don't mind see it's not really blending that well maybe that's the thing but I don't mind I think it makes this dark edges where there was no just so is it possible possibly possible but you know what it makes this even more interesting look if you think about it look it's like as if it's purple darken the edge funny that's okay it doesn't look bad to me anyway it looks like it's bleeding but why not I don't mind wow I have a lot of pigment you know and well the noise is made you see it's a lot of pigment heck worse in here but that's fine okay I think we can leave it at that doesn't have to be anything darker oh yeah the green is nice I like that and now if you don't have inks is there any chance we can do it differently for example what if we use not this one but the other one which is where my pencils I was using it only recently oh yeah another video so that's why I can't find it what if we do this so if you have no ink you can use your pencils this one is graphic pencil it's like a chalk really that chalk it's like a coil yeah like a coil fancy let's say Oh lovely Wow I like that show me show me wow wow wow that's impressive Wow I really love it Wow now what if we do it touches doesn't want to go that easily on that Jessa but we can see we have still dirty fingers so hopefully it will slightly help nice yeah it works better SC on the white chest so I guess so okay it's about practice it's about having fun not really concentrating on the techniques as such and you know it's it's more to just enjoy it guys and just to break it and start that page I'm just looking the camera if I'm still recording but I am I'm glad I am lose lost footage on the camera is nothing nice for it before it eats uber so it didn't happen to me too often which I'm glad actually actually always caught it on time when it was starting to turning off because of the battery dying so I didn't lose too much of a content sometimes a little bit but not too much I like that actually I love that what about if we do the same thing shadowing wise in here a little bit what you think on our brown on our Brown project that's nice I like that stickers because I think different isn't it they quite old as rain send it to me as far as I remember which I usually find good in remembering those things at least I'm trying so I think rain send them over so it was some time ago I like to go back to things she sent me over because I find it that I didn't just too much and I wish to use it because I don't want her to think I don't like them it's just I have so many things to be used that I it's amazin to what to use you know when when I'm asked I'll do this video to that video and I'm asking you what video would you like to see and you know there's so much I wish to record so little time I guess that's the most difficult part for me I have at least I don't know 200 150 loads of ideas I mean loads but plenty ideas are the one that you really need to get ready for it so I don't record those videos too often because I have to make notes and all and to make it you know how positive and to make sense so yeah I love it I love you look at them super gorgeous okay and so it would be nice to kind of probably interpret it the same way here but maybe more gently I guess just a little bit off back just a little bit just a little bit I love that I think maybe my green is just maybe it is just dry more than I thought it is because it was open when I looked in it oh that's better now slightly more maybe I love that oh okay they not fill it they're not finished no no no no no I meant to do those pigments oh well next time next time I guess now another thing that we could do in here is maybe use some stamping I have the whole bunch of a visible image stamps that I use them recently because I teamed up with them and got you some discount code so it's still available actually till the end of June we use code marry me 25 and you get 25% discount from the prices and it's a really 25% it's a lot to be honest and they ship under five dollars from three and a half dollars four dollars believe or not so and they have gorgeous stances as well I'm thinking I'm thinking that I think I loved it I made project with this stamp if you didn't see it I love this one I think this some so I may just grab it grab this one maybe all wait maybe two seconds it's not this one what else is beauty goes so I think as well that I wish to maybe make maybe make something class let me show you what what I'm thinking like a border but we're not border but with words so this could be is let me just put them back they have gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous stamps so as you can tell by the way I put them I set them back and what else is here for you always I love that – I love that – so I may just take this out for you always just smile a beautiful smile I love that sentence sentences are winning today I think okay no that's it what else you have those few what else I'm thinking I just think create your own come ah that's so awesome how about a butterfly at all transform oh this is nice metamorphose is baking raw I love that okay I'm gonna put everything aside cuz it's a bit too messy now so so so so that's cool by the way if you don't know how to draw faces okay what I was thinking is let me grab my black what I was thinking is to for example go around with the text stamp somehow upside down as well to not be too precise and to just stamp it kind of a kind of randomly oh there we go okay yeah I think that's it yeah I don't want this to be like too much oh I like that so same thing for here maybe with this this just smile with their written written kind of one and I'm not concentrating on getting the whole impression image you know maybe maybe this one I will try a little bit but I would have to grab this and our stamping platform would make sense if my surface is not so even but oh well that's okay maybe want to be too bad yay pretty pretty pretty pretty okay and this one is here for you nice as well nice as well our other so we're doing kind of like a border but not really concentrating on having this properly stamped in all perfect perfect perfect and I also love to see this just butterfly I would love that maybe somewhere let's see I've never you see use them and stopped with them so oh that's so cute maybe here actually would be nice I wonder which is your favorite project actually I'm gonna leave that white pink untouched yeah super super I was thinking to maybe add the weight before I forget to this letters numbers there we go and let's start to think here as well I did it upside down that's okay oops oopsie that's perfectly fine maybe that's better actually you know maybe that's better that's so cute that is so cute Wow Wow I had one more thing which I forgot because I have this away before something is gonna get black and this this away as well the stamps and look at them I wanted to use them since there since they were very much vintage kind of colors I wonder if any of that matches I think that maybe this one enjoy oh it's a sticker like that's nice Oh instead of this cafe being upside down maybe enjoy in here oh that's cute mmm magic where can I add the magic here that's nice relax every day is your new adventure hmm thank you maybe maybe maybe oh that's nice Wow they are cute I have them for so long again rain send it to me and I love them they super cute be a dreamer why not you know what why not to add it somewhere here tag – tag Oh something like that Wow now that's fantastic okay I think this love can actually match is here hmm no goes there nicely or here maybe nowhere maybe nowhere oh it does call it's nice here okay I think we can definitely call them done and dust it yay or a little bit of splashes let's do this so let's do some splashes splashes I never bad super okay guys I can call them finished another session of how to break a blank page done let me show you the one that we didn't before if you haven't seen them these are quite recent one this one as well is quite recent one and this one as well and here and here very flat and these are my very first when I started the whole journey with how to break a blank page I really really loved them each of them on its own so beautiful so different so unique fantastic isn't it Wow I had to choose which is nicer the book is well I made there is a video on it so be sure to check it out and another three to collection so thank you so much guys I hope I hope you missed how to break a blank page series and I hope the vintage the vintage journey today was a joyful for you I hope you craft it with me so yes as always I'm gonna repeat as always thank you for watching for being here with me and for your huge support because I feel it every day every single time I speak to the camera I know I talk to you and I know you have been waiting for the video so it's a pleasure for me that I could actually record and make your day so thank you so much for being around for sticking around for so long with me yes I really enjoyed that really really really enjoyed that so let me know what you think what's your thoughts about that yeah let me know which is your favorite cuz I'm looking at them and I think my favorite is the one be a dreamer the dear one I really think so even though my butterfly is upside down that's okay and so yes thank you so much for watching as always pleasure to be in your home I love you but I have to go be happy be healthy and be positive and creative and I hope I will talk to you very very very soon bye bye

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  2. Yay!! I love your 'break a blank page' series, so glad to see more!😍 Thanks! 😊 Awesome to see you using the distress ink, it has reminded me to get mine out again. I love doing projects with distress ink, it's fun splashing drops of water on them and then dabbing it off with a paper towel, gives a really cool look to the project. 😊

  3. Fabulous video you show us there is no way to make a mistake, just an original work of art. Love how we are working on more than one. You transport us back in time and bring it all into the NOW!! MORE VIDEOS PLEASE THANK YOU ❤❤❤🤗

  4. now what will you do to the back of them? leave as is for journaling, adding lined paper for journaling? turning over to collage as the front or gluing them back to back?

  5. My favourite is ALL of them. I really love the way you try to use anything and everything, often in unusual ways (such as upside-down butterflies 😊). I kept hearing kitchen noises so I paused the video to go downstairs to our kitchen to see what was happening. Nothing! It turns out they were your kitchen noises! 😁 Thanks Marta! 💗 💗 🤗

  6. Interesting. Very beautiful. I also like the one, be a dreamer. Happy Crafting 😀💜🙏

  7. I am always so amazed at how adding the depth with the charcoal pencils just makes everything come together. Same as adding white when you think it is done and then you add some white gesso or paint and it just makes everything look better. Thank you for sharing another wonderful project.

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    If I fell in love with stickers tonight,, it's your fault. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️🔥💜
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  9. Hi Marta, I am new here and also new to mixed media art. I've spent the past week or so catching up with the blank page series and I totally love it. Your lovely spirit, artistic generosity and nurturing manner are just the perfect combination! Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your family, and your talent with us.

  10. Hi Marta love ur videos. U were having trouble with the ink on the gesso. Tim's inks will be resisting the gesso, that is how he makes them

  11. 💕 I had to wait until I had a block of time so I could have my coffee and crafting time with you. I made 2 vintage pages, and I'm actually happy with them, lol. 😂
    I love love love, the break a blank page videos. Have a wonderful weekend, Marta. 💕

  12. I love your message. You’re always saying, just play.. have fun.. use what you have. You are very inspiring & a happy soul. I truly appreciate everything you do for your YouTube friends Marta. I am sending you love & hugs! 😁💜👍🏻🌈

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