How To Begin Painting With Soft Pastels?

How To Begin Painting With Soft Pastels?

hello artists welcome to the Sennelier Atelier. Today let’s try our first pastel paint The pastel Sennelier is an extra-soft pastel due to the pure pigment colors are amazing. They are
available in a full stick or half stick we’re going to use half stick today and it
is a very famous range They were created by Gustave
Sennelier in 1904, so it is a very old range very interesting to work with and we
will do our first paint on Pastel Card this is a famous paper “La Carte Pastel” or Pastel Card, however you name it specific paper for soft pastel we will
need a pen for the first sketch we will need the “Pastellist” it is a pastel
brush, Sennelier pastel brush, we need a close because we will work with the hands
and we will need a pastel fixative specific Sennelier pastel fixative made
especially for the soft pastel I suggest to try with something very
simple we will do an apple a red apple, okay we are ready.
let’s go we’re ready. Firstly let’s go to make the first sketch. The first sketch of the apple Pastel Card is very pleasant to work
with. There’s a grain but it’s sweet That’s strange because there is a grain but the grain is sweet There is no other paper like that, that’s why pastellists like it a very simple sketch and the first thing
we’re going to dofor the red apple is to create a first coat of for example
yellow color on see how the color gets applied on the pastel card is very present very
pleasant, very handy Now we can do the background.
It could be brown with different shades so I will use a different colors.
This is an half stick but if you prefer you can also use full sticks, they are
available as well. So you see the first time I’m applying only colors on the paper
without touching anything else. I choose the color for the background because
there is no background on my picture but I decide to create one so when it’s done, oh sorry I forget the
leaf. I firstly start with the clearest color so when it’s done I will apply the
color onto the paper with a finger like this you see. See how this yellow color is
very bright. No details at this time it’s unnecessary. This is the first coat of
the paint We are going to do something very simple
just to show you how easy it is to work with extra soft pastels Then, the apple is red, it’s not a
yellow one, but we will add the red color Very luminous, very, very bright… So this side is darker, and
as you know into the shade there’s always the complementary color, so it’s
red, complementary color is green So I will add a bit of green here in the dark side
The dark side of the apple and on the floor, in the
background and on the table. I will add more here For the first step, we work
a lot with the fingers. after we will fine tune details
with the brushes color the leaf the goal is to play with colors. Try
different colors, add some few. Paint as if it is a brush. We work in the same way Then the background of the table It’s fantastic colors. You see you
can add…(light) With the pastellist brushes I will fine-tune details for example
for the leaf and it’s pleasant as well to work with I decided the light comes from this side so I add some light coming from the left And there is as well a touch of color here just for the reflection, light reflection and light reflections here okay so here it is our first pastel. So
you see, very easy, you work with hands you work with colors. This paper is
fantastic to work with. you work with the pastellist brushes. It’s
very easy to create. Now it’s your turn, create your own. Let’s try! Make your
first pastel. You see how easy it is and if you have liked this video, thank you for liking, and why not, sharing it! thank you, bye

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  1. very nice… thank u so much for the tutorial… tomorrow i will start a very short course on pastel portrait. i have the pastelist 3 brush set and sennelier irredescent set among other non sennelier pastel painting items. i wish u showed us how to use the brushes. but thanks anyway and looking forward to mire tutorials and i hope to buy more sennelier items…

  2. I love everything Senelier! I have Senelier half pastels, oil pastels and oil paints although I am just beginner in every type of media. Yes, they are expensive… and if I go for everything Senelier, I will be broke soon. So I have to resort to cheaper options for practice.

    The simple Apple drawing is great. I followed the video and produced a quite nice result… not as good as you. But I'm happy with it 🙂

  3. I watched this video because I didn't get why my art looked shity
    Now I KNOW: I worked on normal paper (notebook paper)

  4. Thank you! I have done many paintings not knowing if my technique was good. I never thought to use brushes, only sponge applicators. How heavy do you apply the fixative?

  5. I loved this video. Sennelier does such a good job of presenting demos of its products. I didn't know they made pastel papers (I want some), or brushes. One question: what do you do to get rid of pastel dust on your painting? I tap mine off, but wondered if that is what you do too?

  6. I’m so glad I’ve found a left handed artist like you monsieur. I’m a leftie artist too! It’s not easy to find left handed artists actually. Merci beaucoup! ☺️

  7. I was glued to this demonstration like a kid watching a magic show. A lovely sketch in 10 minutes without speeding up the footage. So many tips and techniques. Many thanks

  8. Do you use a specific kind of towel to wipe your hands on? I am having trouble with smudging unwanted color from my hands onto my work!

  9. are these pastels & this type of painting as good as oil painting – can you do finely detailed pictures with these and working with your fingers?

  10. Are these brushes special and different from the normal ones we uae for water colors and other such medium based paints?

  11. Hi, I would like to know which side of the paper you used? from the smoothest or the most porous or textured?

    Thank you

  12. I have a set of the pastels on my wish list and will be watching your videos until they arrive. Beautiful work, and I appreciate you teaching us to play with colors and experiment, which gives confidence. Thank you!

  13. I'm a art student so it's really important for me to know everything about colour. It's really good and I want to make painting like him.

  14. OK, ok for basic instruction – but – the VALUES are so wrong – the leaf and apple should be so much darker – that's what's so hard about pastels, I think, getting good color matches – you need a thousand sticks!

  15. Try this wonderful app to draw amazing patters 😊😊😊

  16. I'm not a big fan of such painting styles, but I really like this brand and this particular set: the colors are perfect!
    Other brands can put up to 60-80 colors and I would never use 1/3 or even a half of them, but here every color is really cool )

  17. Thank you for the instructions. Here's a free video as payment in kind:



  20. Where can I get this brand of pastels? Please tell me where and what is the name again? Do i order it online? They look so easy to use! Thank you!

  21. Honestly this is the first time I've ever even seen someone work with pastels, very interesting. Thank you for doing this.

  22. I recently purchased the King Box set of 225 Sennelier soft pastels, and I'm thrilled with them.

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