How to become a medical illustrator – Graduate programs

How to become a medical illustrator – Graduate programs

Hi my name is Annie Campbell I’m a
medical illustrator and animator and welcome back to my channel Over the past couple of months a lot of you have taken the time to email me and say hi and I
want to say thank you so much for doing that it’s really made my day. Now many of
you have asked in your emails how can you become a medical illustrator. So
today I’m going to focus and share with you some resources to help you figure
out what steps you need to take in order to become a professional
medical illustrator Now the most common pathway of becoming
a medical illustrator is to apply for one of the Masters and medical
illustration programs. Now many of you will recently graduated and for those of
you who have CONGRATULATIONS! (yaaaay) and some of you might be considering on applying to one of these master programs So let’s take a look at where
they’re located around the world There are three programs in America one program in Canada three programs the United Kingdom one and the Netherlands one in France and one Switzerland. Links to these programs have been listed in the description below. Now I may have missed some so feel free to put them in a comment section. Now the reason that
I’ve listed these particular programs are because they’re listed in the
associations the associations that us professional medical illustrators are a part of and these
are the AMI the MAA and AEIMS. I highly recommend you take a look at what these
organizations have to offer especially in the resources section where you can
find out more into becoming a medical illustrator as well. Now many of you have
asked what is it that you need to do in order to apply to one of these programs
and that’s really easy. Check out their admissions criteria and prerequisites. You might find that you hit everything on there you can apply straight away. If
you’re like me you might not have everything that they have listed so you
might need to undertake some more courses So I’m going to use myself as an
example I graduated with a neuroscience degree so I had all the science credit
but absolutely no art credits. In fact the last thing that I said art before I
applied was in high school and it was a great so yeah… Now I was worried, and I’m
sure like many of you are, that I would need to take another three to four-year
undergraduate art course, which is so long and also really costly but luckily
that wasn’t the case. What I did was I got in touch with the admissions office
of the school I was interested in. They put me in contact with one of the
lecturers and we had a great talk. As a result it took a year out, I enrolled in
some art classes at a local Community College to fill up my art credits and
build a portfolio. At the same time I took my GRE because I was an
international student applying for one of the U.S. program and I also save some
money up in order to move to United States to study. So if you’re serious
about doing a masters in medical illustration here are a few things just
to get you started… check out all the programs that are available look at the requirements and prerequisites of
the ones that you’re interested in Get in touch with the program people to find out what gaps you need to fill and start planning on next steps
you need to take in order to apply It might seem overwhelming at first but don’t worry break it down into small steps and work
out a timeline Feel free to ask questions by commenting below or if you can offer any other advice as well. Good luck and keep in touch and let me know how you guys are doing thanks for watching

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  1. Hi Annie! My name is Amal, and I was interested in becoming a medical illustrator and actually stumbled upon your website while doing my research. Seeing what you do and how successful you are in the field actually motivated me to pursue this path, as I'd hit a bit of what felt like a dead-end. I didn't think I had the appropriate background (BA psychology and neuroscience) for the MSc in Glasgow, but I emailed them anyway and they said I should just apply, and after I applied they accepted me! I actually just had my first day today, and I just wanted to let you know that you played a role in encouraging me to do this, so I just wanted to say thank you so much. Hope you've been having a wonderful week!

  2. Hey thank you for your video! Very nicely done by the way 🙂
    Do you think it's possible to enter this field without having a diploma? I'm doing a PhD in biomedicine just right now, always love to draw on the side. After my PhD, I think it would be really cool to combine both, but I will not have the possibility to enter a graduate programs. In the same time, it seems hard to master scientific illustration without taking any classes (so much techniques and all), so I do not know what to do XD
    Thank you in advance, stay as cool as you are know 😀

  3. Hi I don't think everyone should attend these schools for the expensive programs. Just like me, I already got my medical graduate in China years ago, also an age over 35 yrs all I have to do is self-education because there's no such related programs in universities at all. Please check my portfolio: & FB:

  4. I'm actually majoring in medical illustration for an undergraduate degree in Virginia commenwealth university! so if there's anyone interested in this field and hasn't gotten a bachelors degree or even started college it's a good place to start! all the class required by graduate schools are covered! ​

  5. Hey Annie great video, I am an international medical graduate , and I was thinking about moving to the us for an eventual residency program, I love medical illustrations and I really can’t wait to take it to a professional level but due to time restrictions in our job , is there anyway to get this diploma from home

  6. Do you think having a undergraduate degree instead of a masters would prevent you from earning a good income? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford graduate school.

  7. So, medical illustration is a graduate program. What do you recommend I major in for my undergrad. I’m still very confused but interested in this profession 🙂

  8. A bit late commenting, but is it possible to get a job in medical animation with a bachelors of fine arts (animation) rather than a science degree. Not sure if grad school is for me…

  9. Hey Annie! I’m currently a first year graduate student at the Medical Illustration program at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) in NY. Just wanted to throw it out there that there’s another option for anyone looking to apply to a US school!

  10. Hi Annie. Thanks for the helpful video! I have a question though. Do you know of any udergraduate programs that offer e-learning? Is it better to have a science undergraduate degree and then a master's in medical illustration or is it good enough to go straight into medical illustrationm?

  11. I'm going to be going into nurse Practitioner but im still going to do medical illustration for extra money and hobby.

  12. Hi Annie! Thank you for sharing, this video is really informative. I'm from China and I graduated from clinical medicine. I want to become a medical illustrator too, and your video and experience really inspire me.

    I now run a personal social network account in China, aiming at introducing amazing medical artwork to Chinese viewers. May I introduce your tutorial and some of your works in my account? They won’t be used for business, and your name and site will be credited. I wish more Chinese medical illustration fans get to know your great job.

  13. Dear Annie

    As someone who is challenged at finding color harmonies, do you have any tips? You always seem to have great color palettes for your illustrations! 🙂

  14. I was curious if you still work as a neuroscientist and do medical illustration as both of your current profession☺️

  15. Hey. I'm studying animation and VFX as a bachelor's programme as of now. I want to get into medical animation. What do I need? Is this only for master's students? Do you need to study illustration? Thanks! 🙂

  16. I want to study art and have a job something to do with art but idk if it will be a safe route if it will pay well and have a guaranteed job

  17. For the portfolio do we need only drawing skills.?.because I had spend 1 yr for drawing classes..don't know computer graphics 😐also is it possible after nursing?

  18. So I'm too nervous rn to contact an actual school, but I'm currently an undergraduate majoring in clinical and diagnostic science, but medical illustration seems perfect for me. I've talked to my advisor and they recommended switching to an art major and then taking all the required prereqs for the grad program with a science minor. My question is, do you know of any medical illustrators that majored in art and had to fill their science gaps as opposed to vice versa? Thanks for your time:)

  19. cool, I'm just a med stud passing by.. however I'd like to draw medical illustration -even though I'm not a good artist yet-..

  20. Hey Annie! This is such a nice video, I have a bsc. degree in medical pharmacology, toxicology and therapeutics and I think I’m pretty good in illustration too and I feel like medical illustration is like my calling cause it’s a combo of both science and art, the two things I love. Would it be possible for me to get into this field without taking more art courses? Also my art is all over the internet by the way, IG @awele.emili would appreciate a response, you’re so talented.. thank you !

  21. WAIT so in college I have to take biology and art that's it??? Then if I graduate what next??? I'm so confused and my college apps are due in 2 days helpppp

  22. Hi Annie!,

    Would you say it's too late to start this career path at 25? I'm a graduate of the field of arts but haven't found my specialty, I like doing illustrations and want to take on this path, however, i lack the science part as the requirement.

  23. Do you think art majors can work in this field or do we need a BA? I’m absolutely willing to study science because I love it but I’m not sure how pay for that!

  24. Very helpful video 💕 thank you! I have a question: do you need to take lab for classes like chemistry? Biology and A&P i can understand but… yeah?

  25. Hello Annie! I am so struggling with my future goal in medical illustration:( I am a 3rd-year design student from an art school (used to be on pre-med track from high school lol), and I really want to apply for the graduate program in medical illustration. However, most schools require 1-2 years science course while I can't take any from my art school:/ and I am also a junior already..very confused, don't know what to do but still, want to pursue my dream T.T

  26. hi I’m a bit confused on some stuff: I am about to finish an AS degree in Music Business at community college but very recently I’ve been really considering studying medical illustration since I’ve always been into drawing/art and also been intrigued by stuff about the human body. I figured I may as well finish the AS degree since I’m so close to finishing but afterwards I’d have no idea where to start, would I even be allowed to apply for this by just having an AS? Is it bad the degree I’m finishing has nothing to do with medical illustration? any advice welcome, thanks!

  27. hello i am a medical student and i am also a web developer and an amateur 3d graphics designer , i really like what you do and i learn many things from you , you make medecine more intersting , keep going

  28. Hey I was wondering if you got involved in any internships? I am in a nursing undergraduate program and feel that I still lack the skills to apply for internships within medical illustration. I would love to hear about your experiences with internships throughout your undergraduate and graduate academic career! thank you :))

  29. Hi Annie! I'm a high school student and I was looking for a future career that suited my interests. I like science and art, but wasn't very interested in architecture so I had given up. A year later I found out about medical illustration and it continues to fascinate me 🙂 keep up the good stuff! Love your videos!!

  30. I'm currently a first year dual majoring in Animation and Motion Picture Science at RIT and recently found out about the Medical Illustration program they have here!! I've always been torn between art and science, particularly biology. In the future, I'd love to work with animals, but continue to pursue a field with art/illustration. I've been considering transferring into the Medical Illustration major with a minor in Biology: Ecology and Evolution. Hopefully this could lead to some opportunities in the future!

  31. I have a bachelors in mortuary science and I’m an excellent artist. I have produced a few medical illustrations but I am interested about taking it to a professional level. Now I have zero money for classes, is this a field where I can do self study to become proficient in medical illustration? Do I truly need a degree to do this.

  32. Hi Annie. Great video, very helpful. I´d like to get into medical visualization and I´ve been learning some 3D graphics, actually I´m just about to start with Emily's 3D animation course on LinkedIn. I'm a biologist but I have no illustration background. I wonder if drawing skills are necessary since I´d really like to focus on 3D modeling and animation.

  33. What are the alternative paths to becoming a medical illustrator? I just graduated with a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology with lots of art experience. Can I go right into being a freelance medical illustrator?

  34. I know this video is a few years old so I don’t know if you will see my question or not…but I graduated with a bachelors of science in Biology with a concentration of pre professional studies and a minor in art studio. There are one or two science classes that I see on some schools websites that I need as a prerequisite even after earning a BS in biology…which is kind of odd. And many digital are classes that I haven’t taken. Do you think I should email the admissions to see what they can do or if my science prereqs are satisfied if I’m missing one or two classes since I have a BS in biology?
    Thank you 🙏🏽

  35. Hello annie, nice job. I have a question for you, well two questions. 1 do you know if are courses about Medical ilustration online? 2 wich are The best animation software to begginers? Im interesting in projectile traumatism… sorry if i had some mistakes in my english im not a Native speaker

  36. HI Annie! I'm currently a 4th yr Bio Major and I completely regret not taking any art classes now :(( So i'm like you in that I only have a science background and the only classes I took in college related to art was Art History. I'm super interested in your profession and am looking into taking a gap year to take classes at a CC. Are the schools putting more value on the amount of art UNITS taken or your actual portfolio? Thank you!!

  37. Hi Annie! I've been interested in Medical Illustration since junior year of high school, planning on transferring to Iowa State for their undergrad program. I was wondering if medical Illustrators also branch to other scientific illustrations like botanicals or animals?

    Do medical Illustrators do both animation and illustration? Is it mostly digital?

  38. I have a BFA in illustration and recently getting into medical illustration. Is it possible to get into the field without a masters or certification? I can't afford to go to grad school.

  39. I wanna go to my community college and then transferring to the John Hopkins program for medical illustration. I'm also interested in studying graphic design most likely at the community college. Any tips on how I can transfer?

  40. Hi Annie! Admire your work! I was wondering what kind of courses I should be taking to fill the gaps. I have a degree in Biomedical Engineering, but it was why heavy on art and bio. I am looking at online courses Udemy and Coursera. But are they enough for university application?

  41. Hi Annie! I was wondering if I could ask you a list of question about the medical illustration profession. I was hoping to get a view into this career from someone who is just getting started. If you are too busy to answer my questions, do you know of anyone who would be available to give some guidance to me? I am really hoping to do this as a career for myself, but I want to see if this is something I would want to 100% pursue. Thanks!

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