How to attach the head?|Common Drawing Questions!

How to attach the head?|Common Drawing Questions!

When you decide the collar bones first…well they run like this on the body The trapezius comes up here as well so If you have this in mind, it’s easier to draw Thank you for coming
-Hello This is from the viewers – a common trouble are Hinoe-san, you often recommends drawing the hip area first and draw the body later Legs, arms This area is troublesome How do we attach the neck and the head naturally? In the rough sketch I did right now, it looks like there is no neck so please me advice as I draw Should I draw a standing or sitting character Japanese seiza style?
– seiza? I’ll have a go I will set this as the position of the floor The waist will be around here So hard Are the legs here I wonder… Anyhow, drawing the waist first today’s point Can I attach a head to this properly, that’s the hard part And now, the hard part This is a basic body shape If it were me I would set the starting of the neck around here And draw it like this The way I would draw is like this I don’t know if this is correct or not The overall shape is like this Ok, like this! Folded legs. Deciding roughly where the neck begins and having the line go up from there Roughly decide the position of the head Could you draw one as well The waist position I decided is in the same position Now adding in some guide lines Oh I see. When the legs are folded, the legs curl inward Usually it would become like that The position of the neck is already decided? You have drawn the body flat so the neck is drawn in the middle and the position of the head is decided How’s this? Drew the character sitting. In comparison, is the head I drew too big? The size of the head isn’t related but this one looks like it’s leaning forward It’s tilting forward All it needs is to sit naturally but shoulders are up quite high That’s true Since there is perspective on this, it would be something like this When I start from the waist and I want to decide the position of the neck that circle I drew will be important right? Well it’s going to be something like this The circle I drew was tilting too far forward so automatically the neck and the head will became slanted Maybe it can be slanted a bit more As seen on the last video, when you decide the collar bones the position of the head and the neck will be easier to decide How about this? I see I see When you look from the side The heel will be touching the buttocks Oh really. Now I see it Good to keep that in mind when drawing You don’t have to force an angle like this It will be easier to sit like this For the base of the neck will be Oh, doing a bow or full-on dogeza
– Dogeza! (apology bow) This is becoming more difficult Now, how would you decide the position of the neck in this case? Your turn!
– ehhhh? It’s only the neck! So that’s what this is about Draw it while imagining the movement What I had mistaken from the start was I drew it too big like this It actually should go up I should’ve drawn it less tilted This time I will think of the advice from earlier I should decide the position of the collar bones From here towards the shoulders Something like this And the neck. Maybe you can’t see much The muscle of the neck will be like this And maybe the neck will be like this Even if I decide it, whether the head goes here or draw it here. Which is better? Drawing it higher upV is easier Yes, it’s more easier but So hard It will totally hide the neck Got a problem.. I would draw it here Please show us the correct answer The way I drew it the neck was completely hidden Drew it like that but… Ok tracing the upper body first I think the neck goes in a position higher than I thought Well, the neck is quite flexible
-That’s right Thinking, how would it look if I move it naturally? Ah, the body was facing left so the head was better to be on the left as well It’s facing downward a lot I see The + mark here refers to the very top of the head?
– yes The top part is like this This becomes this So the face I drew wasn’t completely off but… If it was from a leg folded position to bowing the head for apology… This was more correct If I bring it even more If it comes down to here, you can’t tell the expression Well, on a normal character you can’t tell the expression due to the hair When you decide the position of the collar bones The collar bone is running through the body like this The trapezius comes up here as well so This will be an indication to balance the drawing This line The inner side has a lump for people who has bit of a muscle When you know more about he muscle on those parts the position of the head is easier to find Well, that’s how you can find the waist and neck position Just have to get used to it When looking from the side In the drawing I had drawn before It is coming from here but in reality it’s probably connected more like this and here is the collar bone and the muscle The position is easier to find now The folded leg pose which I drew first and the drawing which Hinoe-san did From this shape, to the apology position It’s not impossible but but this is not a very natural movement It looks like he’s checking out other people’s faces Please try this at home It’s quite a good lesson to learn Don’t let ur feet go numb Drawing practice, not the practice of folding your legs It’s important actually to try it and know the feeling
– indeed Thank you very much
-You’re welcome Many more videos like this so please check out the playlist Please subscribe to the channel as well So bye bye

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  1. When Hinoe-san gave the surprise challenge, I paused the video and immediately sketched the pose in my computer so that I could also try to solve it. I replayed the video only after I was done locating the head so that Hinoe-san's advice would then feel kind of like a critique. That was fun!!

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