How to: Adhere mosaic art to wood – tutorial video

How to: Adhere mosaic art to wood – tutorial video

so this is the so what’s up our people today is the big day big stuff I will make it at the terrorists because they will too much dust have in mind that they have a different kind of the stuff here approximately 5 millimeters it’s better to move around stuff keep in mind that to work always safe I don’t really care sometimes but it’s important so the next step will be gluing these ties and this wolf on us but I realized that I haven’t I don’t have any glue material so I should go and buy some chemicals so odd people I feel a little sad today in fact I came from the airport and I had some beautiful relatives in Istanbul and they came from London and I didn’t actually work the last two days because we spent a lot of time and we had too much fun but so sad that they go back to London today so I came as I told you from the airport directly to the office to finish the process and this is kind of liquid and we will take we will use this first on his root surface it will give it will provide a better addition to the mosaic and this was the main glue material but first we should take this on the surface you

4 thoughts on “How to: Adhere mosaic art to wood – tutorial video

  1. What is the thickness of the wood panel you use and how do you finish the sides? Do you use the grout? Thank you so much for all your tutorials.

  2. Hello, Thanks for your tutorials. I am still in the process of learning. Wanted some help. I have stuck my tile pieces on a fiberglass mesh. Now I need to stock it on wood. In another video you spoke about sealants to be applied on wood. My question was which sealant to be applied on wood ?
    And which glue should be used to stick the mesh on the wood ?

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