How ‘Satisfying Reloads | The Art in Reload Animations’ Blew Up…

How ‘Satisfying Reloads | The Art in Reload Animations’ Blew Up…

now if you haven’t heard average pixel
has recently blew up and his videos gained over a million views this guy was
a nobody he had about 1,000 subscribers and now in space of a week has a hundred
thousand subscribers now in this video you’re about to watch it contains all
the information on how the sky blow up where all the views came from and
basically how it got pushed into the algorithm because YouTube is a weird
place and it always starts from somewhere so I’ve got all the
information that you need to know about how this video actually blow up so if I
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that well said let’s get into it all right welcome back to the channel
now today we’re going to be looking at another video which is blown up but it’s
not a part that what’s viral series I just wanted to discuss how this video
actually blew up and everything about it because this guy’s channels went from
basically being an o1 a 1,000 subscriber channel to gaining a hundred thousand
subscribers within the week it’s actually insane and the only other time
I’ve seen something like this is when fainted and syrus blow up so you know
that this is going to be like that and as long as this guy keeps on uploading
then he’s just gonna get bigger and bigger until he hits one yeah
this video is gonna contain a lot of information on how he blew up what was
the steps that he did and things like that but the main things for him blowing
up was the video itself there’s a lot more that goes into it as well but I
have to say that this video that he made was super highly edited and everything
and that is probably one of the main reasons it blew up now yes we’re talking
about average pixel and he made a video named satisfying reloads the art in
reload animations now the topic itself does it sound too interesting to me
anyway and to be fair I don’t really care about reload animation so I clicked
on the video anyway cuz the thumbnail was really nice-looking and I enjoyed
the whole thing the topic may have been a bit dull and boring but to me the
editing and everything like that was really good
seen as I make videos and I edit and everything I appreciate the editing and
everything a lot more than the average viewer I can see how much time he’s put
into this and everything like that I’m pretty sure on one of his tweets he
actually said he’s been working on an office since January so that’s been a
full year of editing and making this video and it really does show it may
only be about 16 minutes long but to be working on it for that long and
everything like that you expect it to be good and I have to say here over does
that standard everything in this video he’s made so he’s designed everything
all the objects and everything there uses the animations everything like that
he has made himself so you can sell there it takes a lot of time nursing BAE
really did pay off this time and actually reached one point four million
views now in the first day it only gained about two hundred views but in
the second day went up to the thousands it’s only between about the tenth day of
this video being uploaded where it actually started to blow up and hit 1
million views now at this point his channel was blowing up and everything
like that and his subscriber count was really flying high he was gaining a
bunch of subscribers bunch of likes all of his other videos on his show getting
views and likes as well it’s channel really like skyrocketed I mean this was
the first view he had operated in about a year so it’s
really good to see they actually blew up cuz you could tell that he did really
work on it it may just be a hobby that he sometimes doesn’t everything and
maybe he could turn it into a career if he doesn’t use monetize music this in
fact in this video that he uploaded which got the 1 million views he used
monetized music which means he can’t / ads or anything like that which is kind
of sad for him to be fair because he would have made a bluff money on this
video and he could have invested that money back into more videos and things
like that and maybe upload more than he already does because I mean he’s gained
all of this audience now and it’s probably not worth leaving them for
another year until the next video if he wants to get bigger everything he’s
gonna have to do it at least once a month or something like that and if he’s
monetizing it maybe he could quit his current job if he has one or whoever
he’s doing currently he may be able to quit it and take this full-time because
if I’m honest he really does have a place in this platform and from the
editing nursing in this video I would watch all of his videos fully so I want
to see more from him and hopefully he does upload more content now yeah as I
said it only got 100 views in the first day and then on a second and third day
went up into the thousands now the reason for that is because somebody
actually put it on reddit I’m not sure if it was him or somebody else but
whoever put it on to read it as she did kind of help for this guy blowing up now
this got uploaded a bunch of times on reddit about three or four times in
space of three days and it was only until like the sixth time somebody put
it up is when it actually got skyrocketing now the reason for this was
because somebody actually put it on the high quality reloads reddit which was
where he got all the information for the topic anyway so I’m surprised nobody
actually put it on there in the first place but because of them putting on
that reddit actually got three hundred upvotes and probably about a thousand
two thousand people clicked on the link and watched it that was probably the
start of him blowing up now if you look through his whole reddit bit you can see
that none of them really blow up because they’re being put onto the wrong reddit
pages where nobody would really want to watch a video about reloads and so
somebody actually put it on the high quality reloads read it again and this
time it really did blow up it got one point six thousand of votes and that
probably gained him about 10,000 views as well which then you see probably
picked up and saw that people watching it fully and basically just pushed his
channel out there giving more views and things like that it’s really insane to
see the reddit has a big part in YouTube if you per video and read it and people
enjoy it then you’re probably going to make that video
blow up or get bigger than usual and that’s why I read it it’s probably a
powerful tool for youtubers anyway now I know a lot of you small youtubers may
see this and think to spam your videos on every single Reddit that’s possible
but really that’s not the way of doing it if you have a video about a certain
topic then put that video in the reddit which is about that topic because nobody
really wants to watch a video about satisfying reloads in some random like
YouTube boosting read or something like that you get what I mean you have to put
the video in the right read it now yes even though he gained views off of
Reddit it was mainly because of his video being so good and long the fact
that he it blew up with YouTube in fact because it’s about 17 minutes long and
people from reddit while watching it say he got 12,000 views and people watched
it fully then YouTube would have seen this and really thought that this view
is good and more people want to view it and this is also because of the
click-through rate with the thumbnail if you’ve seen a thumbnail it looks really
good it’s high-quality and just really nice-looking so people would have
clicked on it I’d probably say it has about 20 percent
click-through rate and then of course they’re watching it about 10 minutes
long to the full thing so that’s a high watch retention and a high click-through
and he’s just gone and blown up now his social blade is looking really insane in
fact you can see there was only on 1,000 subscribers before all of this started
so the point he uploaded the video he was at 1k subscribers and then a few
days later he’s at 125 thousand subscribers so it just shows that some
small channels actually make really high quality videos because it’s not like
this guy already had the audience and worked this hard for his audience he had
like basically no one in a way and he’s made this high quality video didn’t
expect it to blow up I don’t think but it did and it’s works really well for
him now yeah it didn’t blow up straight away and and videos never do it normally
takes about 2 to 3 days before a video actually gets picked up and thrown
everywhere on YouTube and you can really see where it starts from going from 80
subscribers a day to 102 then 800 to multiple thousands it’s a slow like
process for his video to be put out everywhere and he kept on going out and
out to everyone and yeah it really helped his channel out now also on
Twitter a lot of people are tweeting out his video and saying how good it is and
all the editing is really good everything like that so these little
things from lil accounts going one to two views each and it’s being posted
like constantly daily and yeah it’s just putting this video out so everyone
putting on social media is probably the most powerful way of getting a video to
blow up in the first place that’s why a lot of people ask you to share videos
around and things like that because if there’s other people who are interested
in that topic they’re gonna watch it fully and then it’s gonna help your
channel blow up that’s why I may ask for you to share my videos around on Twitter
when I upload a video I asked you to retweet it because maybe somebody bigger
might see the video and retweet as well and so and so on and that could blow up
my channel or blow up anyone else’s who’s asking for things like that now
yeah I do have to say that this video that average pixel is made is probably
one of my favorite videos on the platform it was so well edited and
everything like that and because I make youtube videos I highly respect the
amount of time that he’s put into it just to make a video for his fans cuz
again he wasn’t doing it for the money cuz he used copyright music which
literally took away all of his monetization features and for all I know
maybe he wasn’t monetized at the time so he didn’t really care but now he is so
maybe he might stop using copyright music and actually gain some money off
of it and make this his full-time thing and I hope he does because then we could
expect more content and you can enjoy more content and things like that so
yeah this guy literally went from no.1 1000 subscribers made a really good
edited video for the whole year basically and uploaded it not expecting
maybe the amount it got but I’m glad it did get this many views because I have a
lot of people I’ve seen on YouTube he definitely does deserve it the amount of
editing and time this talk it’s really obvious that he deserves it now yeah if
you did enjoy today’s video make sure you do leave a like and if you want me
to make more videos like these then subscribe notifications on to never miss
a video I really do enjoy looking at people who go viral and just things like
that but it’s interesting to me to see it where they actually started and what
actually pushed this video to go viral also as I said social media is a
powerful platform so you go and share my videos on social media then that would
mean the world to me more people are probably interested in how this video
actually blow up and how he blew up to be like fainted and Cyrus levels so you
sharing this could actually get another audience member to come and watch and
just enjoy this video and yeah that’s all I’ve got
save a she leave a comment telling me what you thought about his video about
satisfying reloads and I’ll see in the next one thank you and goodbye

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