How Insta-Fame Can Ruin Your Career As A New Artist Ep. 7 | Rules To This Sh!t

How Insta-Fame Can Ruin Your Career As A New Artist Ep. 7 | Rules To This Sh!t

Insta-fame is insta-fade. Fame in new artists
is definitely the devil. It just happens. All that positive energy
can turn into negative energy. (bleep) having mental breakdowns
every day, B. Just because they're not
already straight in their head. The public is going to want
to connect with you. They might not even
(bleep)ing like you. Well, this was crazy.
It just happened fast. That's the world
we're living in. You know, I witnessed an artist that I know
that put out a record let's just say
in the month of February. And by November of that year, that person was making $30
or $40,000 dollars a show. And in one day, that person,
when the record did really well, had to visit a radio station. And the radio station
gave this person three or four pages
of drops to do. You know, Christmas,
Thanksgiving is coming up. "Hi, this is so and so
and on Thanksgiving on KX whatever the station call
numbers and letters are." They did the take. The record company came.
Record company said, "Hey, listen, we don't have
enough money in the budget to send you
to every radio station. But here's what we've got to do. Now we're going to give you
a paper this thick with drops from Kentucky, Nebraska, Iowa,
St Louis, Little Rock. Places that's playing
your record." That artist looked at that
person like they was crazy. "I'm not doing that." But this is what it takes
for your record to play in these stations.
We've got to this. Everybody's done this.
Jay-Z's done it, Buh Buh's done it, everybody's
done it. So you aint trying to do that. That's what it takes to make it
but you aint trying to do it. But then there's
another artist be like, "All right, cool.
Let me get a Red Bull. Roll me up something.
Let's knock this (bleep) out." Who you want to rock with?
I want to rock with that guy. Not this newfangled dude that, "Listen man, either you play
my record or you don't." What happened to that guy
who wouldn't do it? I didn't mention his name.
So that means no success. The dream comes true
and it happens quick. You're doing shows. You're getting money.
You're famous. It's a big first record
or a big second record. You're big. And that person
didn't get to experience gradual progression to fame.
It just happens. I think that those people
have a hard time maintaining how they deal
with the fame. Insta-fame is insta-fade. It's about
what you're willing to do. I mean, some of these kids expect insta-fame
with their records. They want insta-fame.
I mean, there's actually chicks who purposely go do sex tapes
for the fame because that's the world
we're living in. Somebody who gets insta-fame,
they can't handle it because it's insta-fame.
You see my point? It's like there are people
who got groomed properly who (bleep)ed up. They got the label behind them,
good management, good team. And they still (bleep)ing up. I mean, (bleep) having mental breakdowns
every day, B. You could see
what's going on. You can see artists
that's not having in there. The fame is beating them.
They can't take it. Where there's drugs,
getting in crazy relationships. You know the fame
can really turn somebody crazy. I got really popular, like really popular
in like the mid 80s. And now I'm on album covers
and they start recognizing me. The fame is a drug.
You know, just the feeling that you get from
being popular is addictive. You come on stage
and they go, "We love you." You walk in a room and everybody
goes, "Oh that's him." That right there is addiction. You needed them
to fucking say that. Don't sit in a mirror
all day going, "They love me." Because honestly
they might not love you. They might just love
what you do. If they got to know you, they might not even
(bleep) like you. I've seen a lot of rappers
get famous really fast. And all that positive energy
can turn into negative energy. Definitely seen a lot of people
go from being like a totally nice,
normal, rational person to the most egotistical
self centered (bleep) head you've ever met
in your life. And then six months later,
they're like back to just being the thirstiest
mother (bleep) on earth. A lot of young artists
get messed up because they're not already
straight in their head of like who they are. So when you become artists,
you become successful and you start to make
a lot of money, you become that person of who
you think you're supposed to be. And so when you realize, like,
oh my god, that person isn't me. Then you (bleep) up.
So now you're just confused. But you confused yourself. Fame and new artist
is definitely the devil. A lot of artists
I've seen change. And it takes a certain
type of person to be able to tell them
they've changed because their right hand man
or their best friend might not tell them that. You start to hear people say
(bleep) like when the popularity declines, they walk into a room of people
and they don't get recognized or they don't get
treated special. And they say,
"Do you know who I am?" It's like, "How dare you (bleep)
let me stand here and all you people
don't acknowledge me because you know
who the (bleep) I am." And the worst thing in the world
is to watch a person who feels like they should be
a certain level of famous, to watch them solicit themselves
to a room full of people. "I'm so and so.
I did such and such." And everybody goes,
"I don't know." Like whatever you did
was famous just forgot it. That's like.
That hurts. Where I'm at right now
is just like I've never cared
about this (bleep). I always been famous in my hood. I've always been famous
in my community. I've always been famous
in my high school. I'm famous in this studio.
I'm famous in Atlanta. Everywhere I go, I'm famous. The right people
pay attention to me. That's all that matters.
Not the wrong people. So I'm too busy
to even give a (bleep) who cares or pays attention. You as an artist and as a person
have to recognize that you chose a profession
that's part of entertainment. And if you continue to choose
to be in front of cameras, then you are opening up
and accessing yourself to fame and to be known to the public and the public is going to want
to connect with you. My approach is like communicate
with people. If you're saying, "You know what? I'm going
to own this phone conversation. I'll take this picture
after I'm finished." That's respectful. Sometimes people can forget
to give you respect but at the same token, as a person
that is in the public eye you've got to remember
to give people respect, too. We don't act
bougie or nothing and be like, nah bro.
We take picture with everybody. Yeah, we just be like,
"Yeah, okay." We know how to move, though. Like we know
how to go to the mall. Like with hoodies and stuff. The adjustment was like
reacting to everybody. We're just like,
"Whoa, this is crazy." It just happened fast. And we just like …
we loved it. I've had people here in Atlanta that people
listen to my music a lot. Like I've been to
the grocery store just literally just minding
my business and the girl literally
dropped her bags and was like, "Holy shit. I listen to your music
every day." It kind of blows you away but just that times a thousand
people like that with every … if I had to do that with
everybody that I ran across. Like I experienced
that just going around with Tip. He can't go nowhere
without people bothering him. He's tried to keep a level
of normalcy where as somebody like Kanye,
he really can't go anywhere. Like I can definitely see how
that can drive somebody crazy. If you do get famous, my advice
would be get caught more up in the business
of what makes you famous. Stick to that instead of trying
to be famous.

20 thoughts on “How Insta-Fame Can Ruin Your Career As A New Artist Ep. 7 | Rules To This Sh!t

  1. As a former radio DJ what D-Dot said is true! Some artists don't want to record drops or do the promo interviews. Not realizing this how you personally connect to your fans but you are insulated on radio. Now social media….sigh….some of us share too much. Also be careful of the image you protray on social media. It's ok to be "normal" and humble. You don't have to practice to really be you. Try it sometimes

  2. I just want a house and a secure job and be married ion give a fuck about being famous or making 1 Mill Dollar a month ..$5000 is far good enough a month

  3. I'm not even a hip hop artist and this inspires me. Thank you for making this content! Please keep going!

  4. Social Media is the matrix you can pretend to be someone you not!
    it's simple the faster you get here the quicker your gone

  5. If you eat when you are hungary, you might eat anything.If you wait until the hunger passes,you can choose your meal and savor it.

  6. I think this is the reason why Logic is so humble. He didn't become big over night. He grinded for years before he became big. I have a lot of respect for that.

  7. Everybody over here hating on ayo & teo but teo is 17 and ayo is 19 that has to be a HUGE adjustment to make. Cuz they blew up over night

  8. besides common and too short, do the others really think they are famous? Come on. Now they're lying to themselves.

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