How I spray paint a motorcycle helmet || octopus painting

How I spray paint a motorcycle helmet || octopus painting

they’re weird what’s going on everyone
you’re watching the iron Gordon Channel thank you for being here today
I got a custom painted helmet I’m gonna show you how I did it let’s get in the
project okay so I had a client drop ship me helmet from and he chose
an HJC helmet both of which companies did not sponsor this video and AJC’s
website specifically states not to customize their helmet in any way so
with that being said let’s prepare this thing for paint so first things first I
got to remove the patient what you do on this particular helmet is you align
these two arrows and pull on this reticulan and that release situation
from the helmet after that I’m going to use a flathead screwdriver to remove any
remaining hardware once that’s all done I’m gonna remove the stickers and then
give the entire helmet a wipe down with some alcohol and next up I went ahead
and put masking tape all over the parts of the helmet I didn’t want to get paint
on including the face shield gaskets and these vents that are all over the helmet
and also there’s a rubber edging all along the bottom of it you know in my
opinion you can’t assemble the helmet as good as the factory did so I’d rather
tape off these areas instead of trying to take apart the helmet and now I’m
gonna start sanding the helmet using a red scotch brite pad and the objective
here is to remove all the shine from the helmet but not burn through the factory
paint though and that’s gonna give the new paint something to stick to
and wilt all the shrines gone I blow it off this compressed air and then give it
another wipe down with some alcohol to remove any remaining grease or dust that
may be on the helmet so here’s the basic sketch of what’s coming along the helmet
I want the bulk of the octopus to land on the back right snagging the helmet
with the tentacles wrapped around the face we really just come in from all
over the place so that consumes most of the helmet but before I do that I got to
get background color on this I made this stencil using a vinyl cutter
I think I’ll add a nice texture back down to the water and just add a little
bit more overall depth after I got the basic outline of the
octopus drawn on with a white Stabilo I use pinstripers masking tape and blue
painters tape to mask off the rest of the helmet so that I get to use multiple
layers of spray paint to create the texture of the skin of the octopus and
if you’ve never seen octopus skin up close now that all the oranges light down and
the masking tape is peeled back off I use magenta one shot to paint the
underside of the tentacles once the magenta is laid down I switch
over to a peach colored one shot and I start laying down a preliminary layer of
highlights on the opposite side then diving in with a darker red I’m
going to use a super high brow artisan technique of swishing the paint with my
finger to create some low-light areas okay now this is my favorite part of any
one of my paintings and that’s why I do the outline
it’s where the painting really starts to come alive and what I’m doing here is
I’m using black one topped with a kappa strip liner brush and I’m intentionally
using thick and thin lines it gives the painting more movement and just takes a
little bit more interesting to look at and with the same brush I can go in and
do really fine line details and do the thicker thin lines all the way around it
this brush was actually starting to give out on me and it started to fork in some
situations but actually use that to my advantage to create more detailed line
work using the same brush I went in with
different shades of white and pink at highlights also put some green spots on
them just to kind of add to the overall grimy skin texture right before leading
into the eyeball okay so eyeball coloring in general is complicated let
alone an octopus eyeball if you’ve never seen octopus eye up close they’re
slightly terrifying so going back in with his pinstripers masking tape I lay
down the area of the eyeball then continue to mask off the entire helmet
and I’m going to hit it with two different shades the yellow and I’m
going to lay it down a little bit heavy so that the paint’s actually start to
blend together so I’m doing a really wet on wet coat here and once that’s doing
what I wanted to do I’m going to speculate with some teal and then hit
the edges of it with black to create a little bit of shading you can see here that some of my paint
bled through the tape but that’s okay because my outlines are gonna plow right
over all that and you won’t even notice that it’s there however once I got that
one laid down I thought the eyeball was a little too dark so what I did was I
grabbed a heavy piece of paper cut a hole right in the middle of it I’m gonna
blast it with a little bit of yellow spray paint just to kind of brighten up
the eye right there in that center portion and you can see that some of the
overspray caught on to my black outline but that’s no big deal because I’ll just
go back over it with some black and you’ll never see it and then I’m gonna
finish up by painting this pupil or at least I think it’s a pupil this
elongated pupil II thing I don’t know I’m not an octopus expert okto expert ox
Burt moving on okay so the painting is done I’ve given this a couple days to
dry now I’m gonna clearcoat it with this frame x2k clear the only downside is
that it’s really bad for you so I highly recommend wearing some gloves wearing a
respirator and spraying it in a well-ventilated area
to activate your stuff use the red button that’s included on the lid to
point for the canister from the bottom up and give it a good shake I’m gonna do about four coats of clear
on this giving it about ten minutes between each coat flash off and give it
a couple days so they can fully and the client also dropship me some
different colored shields he sent me a gold one and a blue one I personally
think the blue one looks the best I don’t know tell me what you think I’m
telling us below because you know what I think it’s one thing that I did want to point out
that is with my style of painting where I do so many layers of spray paint and
splattering and one shot you didn’t wanna shoot clear coat on top of all
that no matter how much I cut and buff it’s always gonna have a little bit of
texture left into it and the client was made fully aware this before we even
started the project so big thanks to him for trusting me with this project I had
a lot of fun knockin this one out let me know what you think in the comments
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11 thoughts on “How I spray paint a motorcycle helmet || octopus painting

  1. Team Kafka!!!
    That is totally awesome!!!
    Labor of love, lucky client, amazing process video!
    Do not modify this helmet in any way. 😂

  2. Impressive motorcycle helmet design! Talented and skillful job! I enjoyed the detailed presentation the illustration process! Big like! Joseph😎👍

  3. no way it s so amazing!!! I been waiting for your video for a long time man and it’s toootally worth it. The eye gold effect gives that real effect on the whole artistic painting. I love it.
    “You did your best this time!” 🙂

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