How I Overcome the Fear of Making ‘Bad’ Art · Make it anyway. Make it with VSCO · ad

How I Overcome the Fear of Making ‘Bad’ Art · Make it anyway. Make it with VSCO · ad

This video is sponsored by VSCO, the app that
allows you to create, discover and connect. Sometimes, having the best idea that you just
fall in love with can be a curse, because with that overwhelming sense of ‘This is so
right.’ and ‘This is what I’m supposed to be doing.’ inevitably comes fear and doubt. ‘Am I capable of executing this? Should I wait until I know how? And will anyone be interested? If not, is this worth my time? My effort? My supplies?’ For today’s video, I’m partnering with
VSCO to share how I let the pull to create overcome that fear of failing, and make it
anyway. Fear=Procrastination. And for me, it’s as much a step in my creative
process as looking for references or making thumbnail sketches. And as such, I embrace it- it’s probably
the only reason my house stays as tidy as it does- and I let procrastination work for
me. There’s a point in the creative process
called the incubation stage, where you let an idea ruminate without directly focusing
on it, and that’s what my procrastination time allows me to do. This feels like a natural next step to ease
myself out of the procrastination phase. I’m still not taking any risks, not committing,
not making any thing, but I’m allowing the idea some time and thought. And with research, I can really start to flesh
things out. The more solid that idea becomes, the harder
it is to ignore. And the more I know about what I want to do,
the less I have to doubt. Research comes in a few forms. Believe it or not, I am the kind of person
that will have a million browser tabs open, only to open a new window when it gets overwhelming. I love to follow one train of thought to another,
while also not leaving anything behind. I love flipping through books to look at the
images or read about something that fascinates me or learn from someone I admire. There’s huge value in researching within
the community. I love to scroll. To discover something new, see what others
are doing. On VSCO, I’m inspired by colours, style,
composition and the interpretation of a theme. I’ve been using VSCO for 4-5 years. I’ve built a kind of personal catalogue
here, the highlights of the art that I feel represents me and what I want to be making. This is somewhere I’ve been able to consistently
express myself in a genuine way. With no likes, or follower counts, or comments,
I feel more incognito, kind of shielded from any social pressure. And I have room to remind myself of what I’m
capable of. Confidence starting to build, it’s time to
cut out distractions. Music has a special power for me, one that
I use in other areas of my life as well, but as far as using it to dampen the fear of beginning
a new painting, it has a way of grounding me in the moment. Making me focus on the only thing that needs
focusing on, which is what I’m doing here and now. The right playlist can take something I’ve
been dreading and turn it into a task that I don’t want to end until the last song
is over. This is kind of a weird one, but I also like
only being able to make out the tops of trees from my fogged up windows. My mum’s always telling me to get the landlord
in to fix it, but for me, it’s the same as when I added a filter to the windows in
my old studio. I’m content with the world out there still
existing, but I like limiting how much of it I need to take in, especially when I’m
busy building a world of my own in here. Maybe because in the bubble it’s just me,
there’s no outside pressure, and it’s just here and now. I don’t have to think about the finished piece-
how it’ll look or what I’ll do with it- I can think about brush strokes and that’s it. And that’s how it happens. I make it about myself- not what anyone else
wants, I make it about the process, the here and now. I make it fun. I make mistakes. I allow myself to feel the fear of making,
and then, I make it anyway. Huge thanks to VSCO for supporting the channel
and sponsoring this video, for encouraging creators like myself to make what feels right
for them. You can download the app for free and join
as a member to access all of VSCO’s presets, latest creative tools, and educational content. And thank YOU for watching.

25 thoughts on “How I Overcome the Fear of Making ‘Bad’ Art · Make it anyway. Make it with VSCO · ad

  1. Timely. Thanks so much. I am older and retireded from my corporate job.I am creating art everyday even if I do the mini projects you have previously suggested. Its fun and creates confidence.

  2. Yep yep yep, I can 200% agree with the incubation stage concept. I need some time before I start a new idea to stare into nothing and do little somethings that have nothing to do with anything. I used to feel so guilty about that stage, but I'm definitely learning to accept it as an essential part of the creative process. Wonderful video Minnie, as always. 🙂

  3. Blessed with 2 videos in 1 week? 😊
    This is exactly what I’m needing to hear today as I’m looking for any excuse to not start the painting I’ve been working up to with drawing and references. Sometimes just getting out the paint/palette is the hardest thing.

  4. I am trying to break out of a decades worth of creative block thanks to trauma, now I'm trying to get my creativity back to feel alive again, only I am dealing with doubt and a lack of confidence so appreciate this video thank you.✌

  5. I know people say this a lot, but honestly, I have not ever clicked on a video this fast — and with that deep, guilty feeling in my stomach knowing it's going to hit home hard. The title alone is why I haven't been watching ANY videos from artists I follow on YouTube, yours included, in the past year or so- Guilt about not creating anything myself, because I am so very afraid of starting again, and 'failing.'

  6. LOVE THIS! Whenever i feel intimidated by an art piece or i don't know how/where to start i give myself a small challenge to first paint the "ugliest" painting i can imagine.
    I make sure the proportions are completely weird. i spill stuff and just go in with a bunch of uncoordinated colours.the messier the better.
    Creating that little "abomination" gives me a sense of accomplishment and takes out the pressure of having to create something GOOD.
    just thought i'd share 😉 Lovely Video Minnie!

  7. A second 'paint with me' with oils video would be amazing. I really enjoyed watching your oil painting video, and I've been waiting ever since for a second one!🎨

  8. Your voice is therapeutic. Cherish it. You, your art and your voice are amazing. You deserve so many more subscribers, views and likes. Keep it up. You’re an amazing human. Thank you.

  9. But how do you make it as an artist? Is it not only for a few lucky one? So the rest of all artists must have a not creative job to live? how can art become ones life? I like your recent videos a lot:)

  10. Love this so much! Your way of filming and editing makes your videos to little Art pieces on there owl! ♥️ sooo inspiring!!

  11. Thanks …this post has inspired me restart some projects i was too afraid to finish. Its nice to find fellowship in another artist.

  12. you have no idea what a blessing this video was for my current state. I'm doing a uni illustration project right now that I really need to start but I'm in the incubation phase of it and I'm scared to get out because the idea is so cool and the fear is equally huge. so thank you thank you thank you. I'm starting first thing in the morning 🙂

  13. Please can you do a video on how to draw buildings / faces / bodies 😭 these are the things I really struggle with day to day 😩❤️❤️

  14. Minnie you truly should give a masterclass on how to make adverts. You are exceptional at it. I’m off to look up VSCO.

  15. Omg sponsorship with VSCO!!! Such a dream!!!! 🤩😍😭🙏🏼❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 you’re content is top-quality Minnie!!!! You’re my inspiration 😌🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️

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