How I Make a Frequency Painting and What Frequency Paintings Are (Teal Swan)

How I Make a Frequency Painting and What Frequency Paintings Are (Teal Swan)

For those of you who
haven’t seen it yet this is my new one. I’m painting the vibration of explore. Wiiiii…. It’s a bigger one, obviously. Graciella: So, tell me about
the process, I’ll interview you. T: Ok. Thank you. The process of doing these frequency
paintings is pretty interesting. Because it varies based on whether
I’m being commissioned or not. It used to be that in the
beginning of my career When I had more time, I would actually take
commissions for these paintings. So let’s say that
somebody wanted to… have more joy in their
life, or something, they could commission me to do a
painting of the frequency of joy. What I’m painting here, these vibrations,
are pre-manifested reality. Things are energetic,
and then patterns, before they are
physical things. So an energetic
pattern has to exist, that then becomes a
physical something. Even if that physical
something is… like a chemical, or
whatever it is in the body. So, joy has a specific frequency and it doesn’t change
based on a person, And so they work
a little but like, they are more allopathic
than homeopathic But for the sake of this conversation,
they are like homeopathic in nature. In that when you take them, and put them in your
living space, or wear them, It forces an entrainment
with your energy field and the energy field of
the frequency painting So they are actually
medicinal in nature. And that’s why my community
loves/hates when I do them, because whatever frequency I do
affects the entire community, obviously. And for some of them it’s
more intense than others Some are more
pleasant than others. I’ve had a few that I’ve had
to get out of the house within five minutes of competing them
because they were so intense. Um, they take me…
depending… Hi Alexandra They take me, anywhere, depending on
how much time I can focus on them, because sometimes what
I do is I go into meditation and I’ll just paint one
completely through. So, sometimes they’ll take me
24hrs just completely strait. Other times I’ll do them over
the course of like 3 or 4 days. And I’ve had a couple that
are so big that they take me like, a couple of weeks,
but I don’t like that. That method of creating
is not my favorit, my favorite is to just pour
myself into it like a meditation where it’s done
when it’s done. A little bit like a
buddhist sand painting. So the process of
these getting done, depending on whether
I get commissioned or not, if I don’t get them
commissioned, what happens is they
sort of come through me. It’s not like something
that I decided: “Oh I really want to
paint this frequency.” It’ll be more like something
just has to come through. And so I’ll start doing it, and what comes out is no one
vibration or another vibration. other times I’ll have guides
that want something done. And so I’ll be taken
out of body. That’s not really willing
out of body work, it’s more like forced
out of body work. I’ll be taken out of body,
exposed to a frequency, and then I have to come
back and paint them. The process of actually painting
them is the interesting part. Because, What will
happen is that… Like if you keep your eyes
open right now, for a while, and then you close them, you
can see all these light patterns. And the same thing
happens with frequencies but it’s like 100
times stronger. So, if I have somebody who’s
standing in front of me and they’re feeling the
sensation of excitement, I’m able to see what
the pattern of excitement looks like in the
human energy field. And then when I
close my eyes, the pattern is
stuck there right? But the same thing applies,
actually, to a white canvas. So, if I look at the frequency
around somebody, of excitement, and I look at a white canvas, I actually see the outlines
of the geometric shapes. So, what I can do is I can actually
just like trace what I’m seeing on the white canvas
and then fill it in. So, that’s the process of how these
frequency paintings are made. And I use really interesting things
inside the painting itself by the way, depending on which
frequency that I’m using. Like, if I’m doing a
calming grid, for example, I may use camomile
tea instead of water. I’m not gonna lie, some of these
paintings are infused with yoni blood. It makes them very very intense. And here’s another question: “Do they look exactly like
they do in real life, like they look in
your paintings?” No. Ok so Angie
that’s a good question. My frustration actually,
is that they’re moving. And I can’t capture them moving. And we’ve talked more than
a few times of collaborating me with somebody who is,
like, a graphic arts designer, so that we can actually
stimulate the same movement that you’ll see in a
frequency painting. So, for example,
even on this one… Even this one, if you
see this one in the air, like in reality I don’t know if you
can see these concentric circles? Like, this one, and this
one, and this one? They’re like these circles
that kind of radiate out. This is constantly changing. So in the frequency or in
the vibration, this is like, always changing color and
it’s moving out this way. With other ones, like,
all the aucturian grids, it’s craziness because they’ll
fold in on themselves and then like, pattern
out this way. So what I’m doing is I’m actually
capturing a moment in time. And it’s both frustrating and really
challenging to try to do that. Also there are some
colors, quit honestly, that’s exist in the
energetic spectrum, that you literally could never
find a color of paint for. And it doesn’t matter how many
times I’ve tried to mix the colors, it’s just not gonna happen. So, yeah, they don’t look
exactly the same in real life, but I’m trying to get them to
be as similar as I possibly can. Oh yeah, so this is the thing, “Have I ever painted
low frequencies?” I’ve actually thought
about it several times. Like, I’ve wanted to
paint the vibration of war specifically just so that
I could show people the difference between these
higher vibrational frequencies and the lower
vibrational frequencies, symmetry is the thing that is
lacking primarily within the more discordant frequencies
and lower frequency states. And you could definitely
see the difference visually. But then, I have an issue
with that, which is that, when I’m painting it, it’s forcing
me and everyone around it to entrain with it. So the only reason I would be doing
that is just to show the contrast. But it would be negatively
influencing everybody. Which is the opposite thing
of what I wanna do here. So, I had a little bit
of a hard time. All of a sudden all hell breaks loose
and the entire community breaks up. Yeah, but, I might
do it one day, I haven’t really worked out the
courage or the desire to do it yet. Ok, “How long does it take for a
frequency have effect on a person?” It is instantaneous. The fact that they have effect
on a person is instantaneous. If you wanna amplify it, what
I suggest people doing is, I mean, wearing it
will do the same thing, but, sitting in front of one of
these painting in meditation, is another good way
to have it affect you. I notice that a full entrainment
usually takes 11 minutes. For whatever reason. I don’t have like, a full
on explanation for you as to why that seems
to be the period of time that it takes for somebody to
fully entrain with the frequency, but, you’ll notice that
for people that literally can’t share the same
space with this, They often have to
leave the room. So, like I’ll have some people
that get near it and they’re just like… uhhhhggg… And then they back off. So, that full 11 minutes
never takes place. Alexandra asks: “Are some of
these on your website for sale?” All of them are on my
website for sale yes. Because obviously I wanted
this to get out to people so that they can
engage with them. So if you go to
I have this section called ‘Store’ I should know my own
website better than I do. I have a section called
store and then I’ve got an entire array of products
around the frequency paintings. And we’re gonna
be doing more. So I’ve got an entire
clothing line. You’ll see a lot of the people that are
around me wearing that clothing line. So, I’ve created
all over prints so, they’re incredibly
bright pieces of art. It’s fun to walk down
the streets with them. Because people are like:
“What the hell is that?” Of course, like,
when you wear it, you’re affecting everyone
around you too, so, if I’m sitting on an airplane,
wearing a frequency of human self awareness, I will
notice that the people around start asking questions about
themselves every time. So, I really like to see the way
that they affect people that way. We’ve got jewelry, we’ve got
just the prints for sale, as well, in whatever
size you want. So, yes, they’re available. Oh yeah, for people who are
interested, what medium I use, I’m using a mix actually, of… I hate working with oil paints, I’m
just gonna be honest with you. Oil paints and pastels
drive me absolutely crazy. But I’m using a
mix of watercolor, obviously the other
stuff that I told you I put in the paint
sometimes, and acrylics. I find that the mix of them actually
makes for the greatest effects. Because what I’m looking
for is to create sort of a perception of
movement and texture, which is inherent in the
vibrations themselves. Watercolor looks a lot more
like energy does in the air. Which is why I like
using it so much. “Do you have a
painting for success?” I have multiple
paintings for success. I have lots that would
actually go into that. So this is another
fun little fact; for those of us that are obsessed
with frequency paintings, than what we will do actually,
is that we’ll get a room, or like even in our own bedroom, we’ll
decide what type of a subject we want. Let’s say we want abundance
or we want financial success. We’ll get a bunch of paintings. Like maybe 10 or 11,
that are only about that. So what we can do is be
inundated in the vibration of whatever specific thing we
want to be inundated with. So, I highly suggest that. But it can get really intense,
I’m gonna warn you. Like, I actually warned a guy once,
he commissioned me for a painting, and what I was shown to paint
him actually surprised me. Because it like a forced
awakening type of a painting. And I told him:
“Don’t put this in the bedroom.” “You cannot put this in the bedroom.” But of course people aren’t used to
paintings affecting them so intensely, so he was like:
” Whatever.” So, he actually put it
up in the bedroom. And at 30 something years old, this
guy peed the bed two nights in a row. And then he got the point
and took it out of his bedroom. But there are some of these, I mean,
these are very strong frequencies, so, obviously, inundating
yourself with multiple frequencies can be a little bit intense. OK, “I would love to get a painting
so I can keep it in the bedroom.” “Which one would
you recommend?” Let me think about
that for a minute. I don’t even know. I haven’t really decided which ones
should be kept in which rooms. Have I? Maybe not. Oh the out of body grids. Oh my god you guys! Ok, any of the out of
body grids that I did or anything related
to out of body work is definitely something that
you should use in the bedroom. That will make for some
awesome time with dream time. ~ Celebrates ~ What frequency is
good to pass a test? You know, productivity
actually and time wheelder. My favorit for people to use
with work and with school, is the time wheelder frequency. Because what it does is it bends
the space time continuum. So you can actually use it to manipulate
time, based on your intentions. So, what you would normally
do in like two hours can be done in 20 minutes. And obviously if you’re
really focussing on a test, that can assist you immensely. “If someone buys a
painting and has it up, when do you know
to take it down?” Well obviously, you
know to take it down if you don’t wanna be working
on that particular frequency. Sometimes also, you’ve
experienced this with crystals, a crystal will not wanna
be with you anymore, and it’s just a feeling. It’s like an intuition that,
that thing should pass from one person to another. Obviously if you’re a collector
of these paintings because, to be
honest with you, they’re gonna be worth
a lot in the future, even past my death, then obviously
getting rid of them wouldn’t work, but, I’ve had a few
people where it’s like, it doesn’t matter whether
they love the painting, they just know it’s supposed
to be with somebody else. And that would be
when to take it down. But other than that
you can keep it. Imean, there are some frequencies
that really you’ll vibe with permanently and you’re never gonna
have that type of a feeling so they just go well in
the house no matter what. Because it’s like an
overall vibration. For example, you’ve got like,
you know, loving ones oriented around community
or connection, will stay up in a community and
never have to be taken down. You will never feel the
incentive to take them down. Which you don’t, so basically,
you don’t have to take them down but you can whenever you
feel like you don’t want to be having that
influence around you. Decoracao Para O Lar Acessorias Joalharia Compre produtos de frequencias Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “How I Make a Frequency Painting and What Frequency Paintings Are (Teal Swan)

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