How I Got Into MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

How I Got Into MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

hey guys if you are looking to get into college and you want to go to MIT welcome because this is the video for you today Gabe who's working with us this summer at super tutor TV is going to share with you how he got into at my feet a little bit of stats all that good stuff and before we get going remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't already all you have to do is click Subscribe and go to super tutor community comm slash subscribe to subscribe to our mailing list and check out all the awesome things we have going on super tutor jvcom including our ACP video prep series so go there and without further ado MIP was my first choice since junior year of high school once I got there I decided to start studying electro engineering at computer science so I went to Loyola high school's Los Angeles for my 4 years of high school I got the Peter J's Police SJ awards for having the highest GPA I think my weighted GPA was 4 point 7 1 and my unweighted was a little above 4 because of a pluses that soiler would give out I think in my time there I got single a – and the rest raise and a pluses I'm not a genius I couldn't get through my classes about studying I'd say I'm a hard-working student I was in high school least I would not mess around during the week I would not bring new games or watch that much TV during the week I would get long-term assignments done the night they were assigned and this really helped me to stay on top of my work I took 10 AP classes at my time at Loyola as well as countless other honors classes taking as many AP and honors classes as possible was I think very important and very key my getting into them at MIT because they like to see that you're able to handle a tough course load and that you'll be able to thrive at MIT is very challenging environment so I took the SAT near the end of my junior year I scored 23 10 on it which I was very happy with I got an 800 I'm reading 770 on math and a 740 on writing I think was really important about my really key for my success during this SAT was that I went in thinking that I was going to take it again I went in knowing that I had numerous other opportunities to take it because I was taking it so early and that helped me relax during it and I was able to really focus on the problems without rushing through and making small mistakes like I usually do on Elder tips so I went online to the MIT website and found out that I needed at least two SAT Subject Tests scores one needed to be math math one in math – and the other need to be a science other chemistry biology or physics and I took the mat – and the chemistry test and I got a 801 both of those the tip for these I really made use of the leaving questions blank and getting partial credit on those so I left like three or four blank on the math – I think so really make use of that for AP scores I took ten AP tests I got a five on nine of them and a four on ap Literature people really think that MIT students need amazing numbers to get in and I don't think that's really the case my roommate got barely above a 2,000 on the SAT and had average grades and AP scores and he still got in early action with me actually I think he was able to do the essays in part upon the admissions people that he's really passionate about math and sciences and he definitely was he's a nerdy guy he was excited about math and I really think they helped him get in even though the scores were not excellent later on I talked to my MIT swim coach about some recruits that were coming in and she made it seem like above a 2,000 a lot of the SAT scores are treated the same and that really after that point they look at the whole person through the interviews the essays and two extracurricular activities I did club swimming throughout my entire four years at Loyola I also did high school swimming during season of four years old and this took up a lot of time that I was still able to join a few clubs I was a member of the Cubs against cancer Club the true gentlemen's club and a junior classical league which I highly recommend for you Latin scholars out there there's a lot of fun for me and again it was able with extra curricular activity that again showed my interest in different subject matters which MIT I think definitely appreciated because of swimming which ate up a lot of my time I was not able to get involved as much I was I would like to in outside activities and with my school and I was kind of fumbling for things to put under that section but I put swimming of course ultra serving which I did at my home parish and a bunch of community service events that I did with the Boy Scouts with my school and with my swim team so I was recruited by a few colleges for swimming when I decided that MIT was the top choice for me I told the coach at MIT and she was able to write a piece of paper and rank me one through about 20 of all the recruits that year and that showed up in my admissions folder and I think it did help me get in it's only slightly I say only slightly because my MIT swim coach a lot of times would say you have to get in first so really it's the academics that get to at MIT and the recommendation from the coach is a little push that I can get you in here on the edge mit has five essays for application that vary slightly each year I wrote about how my parents are divorced and my dad lives in Washington and I only was able to see him throughout my childhood in the summer and I talked about how there are almost two different worlds that I would live in one with my mom which was very much school focus and I was always working hard during that time and one with my dad which was during the summer I was able to you know I was able to have a lot more fun and relax with him I stressed how one world and not surpassed the other and that together they shaped who I was as a person another prompt asking you about your desired major and about how MIT would foster that that love I researched a specific instructor there at MIT and talked about how his program was very interesting for me and how I would like to continue my love for Chemical Engineering at MIT another topic asked me about something that you do touch for the fun of it I described how sometimes I like to design my own card games and a play on board games with pencil and paper and how it would play them with my friends and it was kind of a nerdy prompt but I thought it showed them how passionate I was about something other than academics to the most important things about that's a topics in my mind that you need to show personal growth you need to have some challenge that you're able to overcome either by learning something new or with the help of friends that you are able to grow from as an individual college is really like that stuff so here are my final thoughts I recommend taking as many AP and honors classes as you can even though your GPA might not be as high because of it it really shows the college's you're applying to that you could like to challenge yourself when they are able to handle a tough course load make sure to take your time during testing and when you're writing applications as you're much less prone to make stupid small mistakes that you wouldn't otherwise have made don't get intimidated by a school's reputation or don't look up the scores of other accepted students you'll just freak you out colleges really care about the entire person not just your grades they really care about what you'll be bringing to the to their campus and how you'll change that school for the better over your four they're also I have not invented anything nor do I think I'm a genius and I am NOT I hope I showed how a hard-working student can also get accepted into MIT I hope my story was helpful in some way and that it could help you get into the College of your dreams to make sure to enjoy college and weather where you end up don't spend all your time studying make new relationships try new things and make decisions that will mold you into the person that you want to be make sure to check out our other videos here at cb2 and have a great rest of you did

25 thoughts on “How I Got Into MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  1. People seem to be confusing genius with being knowledgeable or smart.
    Most people can be smart and knowledgable in something if they apply themselves. And put forth the effort to learn and master it.

    But a genius? These are the people who are just flat out gifted with an extremely high ability to learn, retain information, and most important think in ways majority of people can't, which allows them to introduce new concepts, ideas and ways of thinking to the world and make them reality.

    Smart people are able to emulate the work of geniuses. Geniuses are the innovators and pioneers that get the ball rolling. No instructions. no guidance. Their minds are able to somehow figure it out, then they give the world a blueprint to follow.

  2. What are the courses offered, I listened that it is an aerospace engineering institute.🙏🙏

  3. My husband is an officer in the MIT alumni club of our state. Every year the club invites the accepted students to a dinner with an MIT professor to encourage them to attend MIT. MIT tends to give less financial aid than other schools, but given the special nature of MIT, the problem-solving university, many accepted students choose MIT even though it means some financial sacrifice. One young woman turned down a full scholarship to Yale for MIT with no regrets.

  4. How it become possible to me learning about technology really I like especially Massachusetts institute of technology thanks

  5. I heard you need to show interest in helping humanity. I am not very good at that, i made a tinnitus aid which instead of improving your hearing it makes it worse, i made a hand that flips you off, i was scaring people with a fake bomb i made and i have a few more things

  6. I'm already playing too many video games in middle school, so don't think I have a chance

  7. I only got a 1450 and got into MIT and Harvard as an international. At think it's the extra curriculars are really important.

  8. I really want to go to MIT. I’m only a sophomore in high school so I’ve got a little time and I’m trying, but I’m scared it’s not good enough. It’s my dream to work at in at NASA and help design rockets so it would be amazing if I could get into MIT in the aerospace program.

  9. man 🙁 i just wanna join mit for engineering and hit im excellent in math but i just have metal issues that make me act dif… ik javascript, html, and css (those last 2 are not really important), but you know its alright 🙂 ill just go to some other college if im not accepted

    my gpa is also bad cause im retarded cause i hate doing work and was just having fun (im still a freshmen

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