How I became a youtuber ▶ Draw My Life | My Life Sucks

How I became a youtuber ▶ Draw My Life | My Life Sucks

My name is Juan (JotaGamer for my followers). I’m 17 years old, and for a while one of my
biggest dreams has been becoming a YouTuber. But don’t think this is just the dumb whim
of a teenager. No, this was a very premeditated decision. It became clear to me that I wanted to devote
myself to this after I started watching JuegaGermán. I loved his gameplays, and his humor most
of all! When I got home from school I would spend
hours watching him, and dreaming about one day being me the one behind the camera. Moreover, he had a lot of followers who always
supported him, and who doesn’t like that? I started practicing two years ago. At first I would record myself in my room
using my phone. That was a very simple setup… although I
didn’t upload anything to the Internet yet. Shortly after I invented a greeting for my
future followers, and I fantasized with becoming a huge celebrity doing what I loved doing
the most: Playing videogames! My parents didn’t like the idea very much
when I told them about it. In fact, they wanted to forbid me from doing
YouTube, but I convinced them to let me do it by promising them that my grades would
still be good, and that I would be helping more with the house chores. That was a small but very worth it sacrifice,
of course. I took advantage of my birthday to ask for
all the equipment I was missing: A good camera, lights and a microphone. With everything ready I started to practice
for my great debut on YouTube. I tried different background setups all week. My background had to have personality, it
had to say things about me. I put books, action figures, a couple of cool
posters… and was already thinking about where to put my silver button after getting
my first 100K subs!! After weeks of hard work the day finally came. I told all my friends at school and on my
social networks that in that very afternoon I would come forward as the next big Youtuber
of the country. And I thought that the best option would be
to do a stream in which I would introduce myself, talk about what my channel would be about, and talk with my followers in real time. When I got home I mentally reviewed the script
of everything I wanted to say, although without memorizing phrases. It was important for me to talk naturally
because the public likes to listen to people who are spontaneous and talk in a natural
way. I turned on my computer, adjusted the camera
until it had the perfect framing, and scheduled the stream to start at 6:00 pm. I had an hour left to get everything ready. When I pressed the record button I started
to get nervous and sweat. “It’s ok, it will all turn out alright”, I
told myself mentally. Also, it was not a bad idea to change clothes
and wear something more suitable for the occasion. I took off my shirt and pants and went to
my closet. I opened it and started to take out a bunch
of clothes until I found my favorite shirt and some old but clean jeans. The most important thing was to be comfortable. I put back in the closet the clothes I took
out and went to my computer to check the time. It was 5:45 pm! I had lost a lot of time and I still had to
give the final touches to the lighting… but soon enough something caught my attention. I looked at the Youtube home screen, and I
frowned. I saw myself on the screen, but noticed that
something weird was going on. On the right I saw the chat where users were
already starting to post messages… but what made my blood run cold was seeing a small
flashing blue point which was warning me that in that very moment the stream was already
on. I scrolled up the chat and started to read
the hundreds of comments that were there already: “Now that’s some sexy underwear!” “Man, I thought this channel was about videogames
and turns out it just has some dude stripping…” Indeed, I had pressed the “Start Stream” button
by mistake, and hundreds of people (which were increasing in number) had seen in detail
how I stripped down to my underwear. My face turned red in shame, and because of
how I rushed to turn off the camera I ended up knocking over my monitor. The worst thing of all is that someone stole
my video and uploaded it to his channel. And guess what? It seems that people love seeing a boy ashamed
after accidentally stripping in front of half the world. They seem to enjoy it so much that the video
kept spreading and even appeared on the Trending tab. My Life Sucks. Does your life suck as well and you wanna
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16 thoughts on “How I became a youtuber ▶ Draw My Life | My Life Sucks

  1. Ok, completely unrelated funny story:
    So I was in school one day with my friend near the feild where some guys in my grade play soccer. We were walking on part of the concrete between the feild and a fence that's about four feet high. Anyway, keep in mind these guys don't like me at all, so, they end up kicking the ball over the fence and me, being the nice person I am, went to go get the ball for them. So I try to hop the fence to get the ball for them, but my pants got caught on the fence and…

    And that the story of how 12 year old me managed to ruin a nice pair of jeans and embarrass myself in front of a bunch of guys and my best friend (We're still really good friends and she reminds me from time to time)

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