It’s so hot here, I’m burning. Hey guys,
welcome to another episode of Ross Draws And welcome back!
July is always the busiest time of year There’s a bunch of conventions
and I get to meet you guys and put a face on who you guys are. We’re gonna do something super fun today. A bunch of you on my discord and my channel have been
asking for me to do this challenge where I’m gonna consume hot red Chili Peppers
and then I’m gonna draw. And I’m kind of scared because I’ve never done something
like this before. I have no idea how it’s gonna go but we’re going
to try our best, right? Ross Draws! Spicy pepper art challenge. Oh and before I get consumed by all these Chili Peppers. A bunch of you already know my new book, Bloom, is officially out. It’s a collection of my paint sketches. I’m super
proud of it. It’s my first publication. You can check it out at Ross Draws dot com slash bloom. And before the video I didn’t know how I was going to react to
the spice in this, you know. I wanted to paint something really simple and so
here’s the sketch I did for the video. I don’t know which one we’re gonna start
with. Yeah just in case I brought my almond milk. Just in case I need it. Maybe we should try this like a little bit. Real quick. Oh my god, what am I doing?
I regret this. Okay, look at this pepper. That is insane. I’m just gonna eat
it, all right. Oh my god, I’m just gonna eat it. Oh, oh my god. I’m gonna…I’m gonna…
fill in the base I’m going for I’m gonna fill in the base of the hair. You always start with a base. I’m gonna… make sure I have a good base. I’m big on painting with feeling.
So I’m just gonna encapsulate how I feel. I’m gonna take a second. I’ll be right
back. I drank this whole thing. Luckily, I have five more milk cartons. Let’s attack this thing again. Just for the
sake of filming, and me, and I’m going to do a smaller pepper this time. Oh my god. Whoo, like you know we’re so
used to painting comfortably and so when we’re thrown to like the millionth
degree, your primal instincts kick in and you’re just like whatever, I’m just going
to paint. And so originally I have some really nice hair, but I was like whatever.
This is how I’m feeling, this is like Medusa now. It’s gonna be a very unique
expressive piece, we’ll see where it goes. All right guys, round three. Milo. I’m not gonna talk anymore. I’m just gonna paint. I’m gonna paint, okay, I’m gonna paint. All right, screw it, round four. Some water. I’m gonna add some water. To cool it off. I’m going to try to push through it and then we can do some color dodge, okay? So I’m gonna I’m just gonna try to push through it. All right, for color dodge time I’m gonna consume three peppers. Let’s do it. What time is it? It’s color dodge time! Oh man, here we go. Here we… here we go. Milo. It’s your turn. Fire mode. Freeze them. Milo I’ve missed you. You miss me? I miss you buddy. You guys want to see the best picture I’ve
ever taken of Milo. It’s my phone wallpaper. Aw he’s so cute. Look at that. Milo you’re so cute. Hey guys, welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the episode. I had to go cool off for
a second because this is an experience I will never forget. I’ve missed you guys so much. I took a quick hiatus from my channel to do
summer conventions. My book, Bloom, is officially out worldwide. I’m super happy
with how it turned out. Ross Draws dot come slash bloom. And if you want to learn more with bonus content and video demos, with a deeper insight
on how I paint these pieces, please check out my patreon. I’m gonna give away a
book this episode. This video’s question is what is the spiciest thing you’ve ever
eaten. Yeah, tell me about your experience, let me know in the comments
below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. We’re almost at 1 million subscribers. Oh
my god. Yeah, next week’s video I’m giving away a Cintiq. Yes, a Wacom Cintiq
in next week’s video so make sure you guys are here for it. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day. Milo, did you get any of those chilis? Huh?


  1. We're back!! This is probably the hardest drawing i've ever had to do LOL. Next week we're giving away a Cintiq so stay tuned! 🔥

    🌸 My new Art Book BLOOM is out!

    ps ily

  2. The spiciest thing I ever eaten was a hotdog with hot sauce. I accidentally mistaken hot sauce for ketchup 😅 Also, great job on drawing the piece! I love it so much!!

  3. i love spicy food but i suck at eating them so the spiciest thing for me is probably cheesy fire noodles😤😫

  4. I mean, once I touched my eye after touching chilli seeds. I tried to get ice for it but it came out as a huge block half the size of a soccer ball. :””)

  5. As a dare, I had to eat a ghost pepper, wich is the seventh hottest pepper in the world. The moment my tongue touched it it burned like hell and I had to eat it all. In the end, I ate it all and I still have the taste of it in my mouth  .

  6. This was so amazing to watch!! and Milo is SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I have a dog to!! but it is a husky I hope you get to 1 Million subscribers soon!!❤️🤗 and I am not really sure what the spiciest thing I ate🤔🤔🤔🌶 and also I heard that you are vitnameese I am to!! sorry if I spelled it wrong☹️☹️😫😖

  7. The hottest thing I ever ate was some chicken wings in Pennsylvania when I went to shop there with my family. We arrived there late in the night and were looking for a joint that was still open. We happened to find this hidden gem that offered some of the hottest wings, we were told we would need to sign a waiver just to eat the hotter ones. We all tried one wing each and let me tell you, we were all in tears and chugging down drinks to take off the heat LOL I can take habanero wings well but these were next level 😂 I hope I win your book! I am such a huge fan and hope I can be as good as you one day, showed you to my little sister and she also loves your channel

  8. Spiciest thing honestly korean noodles. Probably not even very spicy for Koreans but I drink like 2 cartons of milk with it 😭

  9. Wow hermoso trabajo yo no aguantaría comer algo picante 🌶 creo que moriría en el intento no me gusta la sensación de sentir fuego en mi boca 😂😂

  10. well as a tunisian i eat verry spicy food probable we have ths most spicy food in the world , exican food is sweet for me
    but the most spicy thing i have ever eaten is Slata méchouia
    i think the best way to eat it when you not into spicy food is cold and with bread (almost every thing in tunisian food must be eat with bread )

  11. spiciest thing I've eaten is the samyang x4. I needed a lot of time to get the pain off my lips, and that was just 1 noodle

  12. The spiciest thing ive ever eaten was these korean fore noodles, my friends and i have a competition to see who could eat them faster, i came in last sadly but the spice was so strong that my eyes watered and my nose ran. I could feel the spicy all the way through my chest it all just burned. Weirdly enough though, the noodles werent bad

  13. The spiciest thing I've ever eaten was a burger smothered in ghost peppers. Flavor was amazing! But.. pain was not worth it lol

  14. Spiciest thing I ever had was a jalapeno after a friend said it was not that bad, of course when there was no milk around the house.. turns out it was that bad, like 2-weeks-with-blisters bad, like the smell-of-hell-coming-out-of-my-mouth bad.. still crying over it😢
    Btw, loved the piece, as always 🥰

  15. The Taco Bell order I asked to not be spicy and by mistake ended up eating my boyfriend's order, that was the spiciest one!

  16. When I was 12, I can not eat spicy food, even now. One day, when my family and I were having lunch, I was going to have my favourite vegetable soup. But when I ate it, the spiciness bursted all over my mouth and I could feel the heat in my head. It turned out that my dad collected the green chili with the vegetable and accidentaly missed one. It was funny how my family all like spicy food and ate the soup before me but I'm the one ate it. I couldn't finish the soup and spent the rest of the lunch cringed and cried.

  17. My spiciest experience was when I bought a whole bag of habanero peppers to make chilli because they were so cheap. I bought a bunch. I had no idea how spicy it would be so I added about five to the pot total. In the end, the product was so spicy I couldn't finish it.

  18. The hottest thing that I've ever eaten was a ghost pepper. It caught me so off guard;-;. i had to down a gallon of milk

  19. The spiciest thing i ever ate was some kind of korean dish oof it was so hot! Lol poor ross :(( almost there to 1m keep up the good work 💓🔥

  20. Man…I was on vacation with my family and stopped by a restaurant.I ordered a some fried crispy chiken wings.(pay attention) they didn't said anything unusual about them . After a long of waiting like my school days , they arrived. They were beautifule like a raindrop on the grass. I bite into it and nothing happened . Two seconds later I felt like a vulcano was about to errupt as I was chewing on it. But my wallet was too hurt so I pushed through this madness. Eventchualy my Paps helpee to finish it once and for all.
    So yeah the spiciest thing that I ate was those chiken wings.

  21. I've missed these ross draws video and when I got the notif i was soo happy! Welcome back!!

    For Qotd: What was the spiciest thing I've eaten?
    That would have to be Sirracha sauce (I'm tolerant of spicy food and stuff but, that one was probrably the spiciest. lmao)

  22. The spiciest thing i ever eaten was when it was my sister turn to order pizza and she ordered a mexican pizza and when i ate it i felt like my teeth were melting

  23. I like to repeat things from films in real life. Once I watched the movie "Wasabi". It seems to repeat Jean Reno's trick was a mistake: D

  24. The spiciest thing I've ever eaten was a California Reaper pepper. I was a dumb high schooler with a group of guys who were also dumb and adventurous lol. We did it inside of a California Tortilla restaurant and it ended with us sticking our heads under their soda fountain machines and drinking straight from the tap..

  25. The spiciest thing I've ever eaten was a super spicy chilli peper that was even burning on my hands while eating (you shouldnt touch them without gloves but I did). xD

  26. HAHAH OK SO FOR THE QUESTION I GOT A WHOLE STORY,, ok so this was like a month ago right and i was staying at my friends house for the first time and her older brother was there and we were watching people doing stupid things and we saw this guy eating as many hot peppers as he could so her brother gets up and runs to the fridge and whips out like 2 habaneros so he ate a whole one as was LITERALLY PERFECTLY FINE and my friend and i split one and it was horrible, my eyes were watering and i was sweating so was she, she got up and ran to the kitchen and threw up and i had my mouth under the running water but it literally wasn’t helping and her brother was just sitting there perfectly fine it was like the top ten anime betrayals, i thought i’d be ok since i can normally handle spicy food but god i was wrong like my mouth hurts just thinking about it

  27. My boyfriend cooked me something with red and green peppers, he told me not to eat the red ones so I thought the green peppers were eatable. But….. I was lucky I had milk in the fridge.

  28. Honestly, the spiciest thing that I have ever eaten is Spicy Thai Ketchup. It felt like if I was in hell. I am being serious, I avoid eating spicey food because my taste buds are very sensitive and I can't imagine myself eating an hot pepper (my mouth would probably explode).

  29. The spiciest thing I've ever eaten was spicy cup noodles. And I had to drink milk in every sip of the soup and noodles >~<

    Edit: Also.. I feel sorry for you. Cuz I don't even have the guts to eat one whole chilly pepper. I love your videos so much and this is my first time commenting in your videos! ^-^

  30. Once I was gonna cook some eggs and usually I put olive oil on the pan, but that time I accidentally put pepper sauce, a lot of it, because it was on a similar bottle that my neighbor got me and I forgot about it. It turned out to be hella fire but good at the same time! 🙂

  31. I had wasabi and I sooo regretted it….it was when my family and I was at a Chinese restaurant and I just wanted to try some and wow I just lost it!!!

  32. Ross: I wanted to paint something really simple
    Me: Looks at drawing. *dies of shame*– I haven't drawn anything like that in my life, and that's supposedly simple… ;-;

  33. I don't like hot pepper i think i may lose this challange XD if i was doing that i love your drawings and do you hate math i hate .

  34. Ghost chilli burger at my local pub it was actually nice for the first two bites then I couldn’t eat the rest of it 😭😭 it probably was edible but I didn’t read what I brought so I just put loads of sauce in it and yeah instant regret after that

  35. i just realised something ~~ why doesnt he draw boys? other than the incredibles or the teen titans one etc.

  36. " I am gonna comsume hot red chilli peppers"

    * Later *

    " before i get consumed by all these chilli peppers"

    so who's eating who??

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