Horns Painting Tutorial – Malifaux

Horns Painting Tutorial – Malifaux

What’s up guys, welcome back, This is the third and final video for the
Daydream from the Malifaux Hide and Seek crew. In this video I’ll show how to do the horns
and and the simple colour change on the mohawk. we’ll start off with a bit of wet blending,
so we’ll need two colours, Hastur Purple and then the same colour with a bit of black added. So we’ll paint the hastur purple onto the
end of the horns, just so it covers about half of the length. Then we’ll take our darker colour and apply
it to the lower half. And then while the two are still wet we’ll
just draw the brush up into the other colour and work the bristles back and forth to let
them mix, forming a rough blend. I’ll show that again on the other side here. You might need to do this in a couple of layers
to get it opaque. Alright so for our highlight we’ll mix some
of the red beige into the hastur purple and we’ll use the to highlight along the edges
of the horn secments. and we’ll just paint the tops of the horns
where more light would be hitting them. And the same on the other side. I’ll hit the rest of the segments now so those
edges start to stand out. Mix in a bit more red beige and we’ll build
up our highlights. I’ll sketch in some texture lines along the
sides here just to add a bit more detail on those flat sections. For the last few highlights we’ll just use
red beige, so again I’m just hitting along the edges of these little ridges, but I’m
not painting the whole width, I’m just trying to create little points of interest where
I think the light would be hitting it. The last part is his little mohawk, we’ll
start off by basing with our initial base colour but we’ll mix in some Ivory to lighten
it. So just go ahead and block that in. Then we’ll use some of our ivory to paint
a few of the individual hairs. And then finally we’ll use a light glaze of
Hastur purple, drawing it over the hair to the front of the head so create a little colour
transition. And here he is in all his sinister glory. Alright guys so hopefully you found a few
useful tips and tricks here that you can apply in your own work. A big thank you to my very generous patreon
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5 thoughts on “Horns Painting Tutorial – Malifaux

  1. Awesome stuff fella. I am wondering if you could give us some tips on choosing the colours to highlight with? Not sure if that is worthy of a video, but I would be interesting to hear if you have any tips/theory on it πŸ˜€

  2. I think I need new brush. your holds much better point. I got some fancy stuff for 15 yoyos but it doesnt work. OW. If interested my insta is trollz_und_panzer:)

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