Home Invasion Horror Story Animated by Llama Arts | Animation Reaction

Home Invasion Horror Story Animated by Llama Arts | Animation Reaction

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50 thoughts on “Home Invasion Horror Story Animated by Llama Arts | Animation Reaction

  1. If they called the hour phone it would’ve taken to long and it was too loud and they couldn’t take it with them cuz back then ty were wired and phones didn’t come out till 1989 and that was in 1983

  2. Does anyone else hear the baby in the back. I Immediately started to Awwwwwwwww! So cute!!!
    Congratulations ayChristine😁

  3. Wait a minute.. something isn’t right here. How would anyone know what the guy looked like? (The guy with the mask that grabbed Alex?) If Alex was found dead and the other kid is missing.

  4. Alex was so loyalty and he sacrifice his life to save his best friend and who ever is that person behind that mask will be punish and caught 😢

    Rest in peace 😇

  5. This story was so creepy I feel bad for them because the kids were home alone and couldn't do much since the year when they were alive they probably couldn't contact anyone i wonder what the gunshot was and I can't believe that guy hung a kid and probably did something to the kid who went missing people who do things like these must have their minds at a pretty messed up place to even hang at kid it scares the crap out of me

  6. I was eating ice cream then I remember crawling through my vents and finding a secret room filled with documents and demonic stuff

  7. If his closest friend remains missing then how did he post it? I feel like this is probably either exaggerated or fake

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