Home and Garden Drawing Challenge – The Drawfee Variety Hour

Home and Garden Drawing Challenge – The Drawfee Variety Hour

– And all you need to do
is cut off that last piece and voila, there we go! It’s all four of us, how ’bout that? All holding hands together as friends. How ’bout that? You got Nathan and Karina
and Julia and there’s me, I guess I’m last, but closest to me. Anyways, what do you guys think? (snoring) Guys, wake up, it’s… I made something, it’s really good! (snoring) Why are you snoring? I… (snoring)
(groaning) I thought this was art and it’s… (snoring)
(groaning) It’s kind of like dumber
ideas and dumber– (snoring)
(groaning) (crying) I just wanted you to see my art. – [Announcer] It’s the
Drawfee Variety Show, Hour! I know the title! I’m the announcer! That’s right, it’s got
all your favorites in it. There’s Nathan. He’s awake! He’s awake and he loves the show. There’s Julia, back from being asleep. She loves Karina! She loves being awake, too! All of our favorite awake hosts. Just the three of them together! (upbeat music) – Hey y’all, welcome to
Drawfee Variety Hour. I’m your host, Julia. And I’m joined by my
closest two best friends, no one could ever come between us or attach to us in any
way outside of this group. – Yeah, just the three of us.
– Just the three of us. – Yeah!
– Karina. – Good morning. – And Nathan.
– Hi. – [Julia] Hi. – I had the craziest dream just now. – Did you?
– What? – Yeah!
– Yeah? – Yeah, it was crazy.
– I had a nice nap, too. What was your dream about? Were you also asleep just now? – I was yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Wow. I need to do a tight power nap right before we record
every episode of this. – Yeah. – I had a dream that
there was a little gremlin trying to make me look at some stuff. – Oh!
– Oh, I had that dream, too. – Yeah? – I don’t know, I was just passed out. – [Karina] Except in my dream–. – Oh.
– Oh! – I was just–
– More demonic. – straight up passed out. I’m running on some jet lag. I’m falling asleep all over the place. – [Karina] That’s so exciting. – Yeah, it’s gonna be a good one. It’s gonna be a good variety hour. (laughing) Our theme is Home and Garden. – Home and Garden?
– Home and Garden. As you can tell–
– Home and Garden. – By our home and our gardens. – And our gardens.
– Our garden. – By our homes and our gardens. – And these tools we have. – I’m ready to improve a home. – I have a laser that can measure
things attached to my hip. – [Karina] Ooh! – I hope you’ll be giving us updates on distances throughout the episode. – Yeah, yeah, wait, lemme, hold on. I’m gonna, point at Karina.
– Okay. – I’ll close my eyes.
– Wait, yep, nope, I got your shoulder. See what is says. Four feet, two inches. – Wow!
– Four feet, two inches. – Four feet, two inches! – Pretty good.
– Good work. – Pretty good, thanks laser. You can go to sleep now. Now it’s gonna keep saying four feet. All right! – We do a series of art
challenges on the show. – We do a series of art challenges. I was really hoping I
could just measure things for the entirety of this variety hour. – You tried really hard but unfortunately we do have to do art challenges. – Yeah, we do some art
challenges on this show. – Unfortunately. (laughing) – I’m gonna go first ’cause
I’m the host and why not? I’m sittin’ in–
– Whoa! – You’re sitting there. – I’m sitting in the challenge seat. There was stuff on my desk. – Did you measure it? – Well, you gotta lay
down some sawdust first before you do any major– – That’s how home improvement
works, they’re the rules. – 31 and a half inches. – Oh.
– Wow! – The width of this desk.
– Wow! – I got you.
– Thank you. – Drawing challenge.
– Yeah! – I wanna do one.
– Yeah! – Let’s get that challenge by. – [All] Spin that wheel! (pegs clacking) – [All] Oh! – Okay, house painting. – House painting, very on the nose. – That’s just a chore. – Yeah that’s… – Okay.
– Okay. – Yeah, I mean it sounds like
I might be here for a while if I’m painting a house.
– Yeah! Painting a whole house! – Do I have to like leave the show, or– – Our house? – Yeah, this is our first
on-location challenge where we’re going to a house. – [Julia] Yeah! All right I’ll go, I’m go now. – I’m go now.
– I’m go now. My grammar has been great
this whole recording. No, I have a series of images here from a house and I’m gonna add to it. I’m gonna try to improve these homes. – We’re going to location
in our minds, using– – Yes.
– the magic of Photoshop. – Yes.
– Wow. – So, I have five images here. – Five homes? – Five homes, five wonderful homes. I’m gonna try and flip ’em
as you do, as the kids say. Kids definitely say home flipping. – [Karina] All the
youngsters flipping homes. – ‘Cause they can definitely afford homes. – We got some interested
parties coming around. They want these homes but
we gotta tszuj ’em up first. – We do gotta tszuj ’em up. All right, this is home number one, wow. – Oh, we got some exposed brick there. – Wow.
– We do have some exposed brick. There’s a little bit of
exposed wiring, as well that seems dangerous. – This is the perfect time to paint. – Yeah, that’s true.
– When everything’s just– – When everything’s just sort of– – Just when it’s half–
– A mess. – Yeah.
– Just in shambles. – Okay.
– Yeah, that’s true. Okay, number two. – [Karina] The other house, quite nice. – Oh, a blank slate!
– It’s pretty. – Lots for me to throw
in on the side here. I like that one, I like that one, oh! Some more? Okay, this looks like a children’s room. – This is a baby room, for babies. – This is a baby room for babies. – This is a baby room for babies! – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow. – Lots of stuff you could paint in here. – This seems like the kind of place that a rich person would
live in a zombie movie and then they’re like we’ll be safe ’cause our house is all concrete! Except for this one wall of glass! (laughing) – I really respect that that’s where your mind went immediately. – You always gotta zombie-proof. – [Julia] Zombie-proof your house, y’all. It’s gonna happen. – Maybe some of the painting that you do can help with the zombie-proofing. – That’s true.
– Yeah, you can paint a scene. – Yeah, okay and then the last one– – [Karina] To confuse the zombies. – Ooh, a nice city bathroom. – A city bathroom?
– Yeah, you can see the city. – Yes, from the bathroom. – [Nathan] You wanna
be able to see the city from the bathroom. – So, I think– (laughing) I think I wanna start with this one. – Okay!
– Yeah, I like this one. It speaks to me ’cause
I have all this room, I can add stuff to the right here. Let’s get into it! First of all, this–
– The crew is loving it. – The crew is lovin’. – Yeah, they are really cracking up. – I think we need a window in here. – Okay! – I know what I just said about
zombie-proofing your house and windows being a problem but– – If it’s a painted-on window, that’s harder for the
zombies to get through. – Yeah, that is true. You bring up a good point. it’s a fake window to make
you feel like you’re still– – It opens up space.
– Yeah! Opens up the space, you feel
like you’re still part of the– – Society.
– Society even though you can’t go outside because everything just
wants to kill you out there, ’cause of the zombie outbreak. – Yeah.
– Okay, we need to put some molding around this window. – [Nathan] Oh, yeah,
that’s some nice molding. – Right? – See, molding is good, but mold is bad. – Bad, yeah.
– I don’t like mold. – Which is what I thought was
the problem with this house, I thought that was all mold and I was very concerned about
this house, but it’s not. – You just had some–
– I don’t know what’s going on with that house.
– I don’t know either. So, I think what this room needs. – Yeah.
– Cityscape. – Oh, okay!
– Yeah! – It’s a view to see the
city from the bathroom but also the other rooms. – You don’t need to be
going to the bathroom to see the city is what I always say. – Be able to see the city
from any part of your home. – (laughing) The crew loves it. (all laughing) – The crew is all about city bathrooms. – The crew loves the bathroom talk. (laughing) – Okay. The accent, some of this. I want it to be in Manhattan– – Oh, yeah. – So gonna put those water towers in here. – Empire city. – Yeah, yeah. – Greatest city in the world. – Certainly is.
– They say. – [Nathan] The Big Apple. – Bapple. – Gotham. (Karina laughing) Metropolis. Now I’m just saying–
– What else do they say? – All things that people
call New York City. (laughing) – Anything else? – The Big Easy. (laughing) – Is that Manhattan?
– No, I don’t think so. The Windy City, also not Manhattan. (laughing) – The City of Sisterly Love. – Unsleeping City.
– The Unsleeping City. – [Nathan] On dropout. – So, I think we need like
a person surrogate here. – Okay.
– Person surrogate? – A person surrogate like, you can picture yourself sitting here. – Oh, that’s good! Yeah, that’s often my
issue with a lot of art just in general, is it doesn’t include a drawing
or representation of myself and how I should be interacting with it. Like I wish more paintings included a painting of me looking at the painting so that I could be like,
oh, that’s how I should be. – Yeah, he’s gonna be drinking coffee. – [Nathan] Oh! Look at this friend. – [Karina] He’s nice. – Yeah, and then just some little feeties. – I could imagine this
being like at night, when you turn the lights
off and you just sort of, you forget that you have a
painting of a man on your wall that would be– – Yeah, hold on.
– startling. – And then you look at it and you’re like, why did I even get that
painting to being with? – [Nathan] Oh, the eyes
are more hollow now. – Yeah.
– Because it’s also a clown. – Oh, okay, good.
– Naturally! Who else would be enjoying
this nice city view other than a clown? – It’s a commentary on society. – Whoa.
– You know what I mean, man? – [Karina] Oh my God, are you Banksy? – You’re looking at the city
and you’re like the clown, you know what I mean? What do clown outfits look like? I just gave him wizard arms. – Keep trying to figure out
what a clown outfit looks like. I like how that’s working out. – Okay, I want just big shoes.
– Big shoes for this clown. – I want them to be even bigger Okay. – The nice thing about digital painting, digital house painting is you can erase, which is something that I’ve
found is much harder to do when painting a real house in real life. Erasers don’t work nearly as well. – Have you ever painted a room and just went up with a little
pink eraser and you’re like– – Well yeah, ’cause sometimes
you get like streaks and you’re like oh, let
me get those outta there. It just leaves that weird
sort of feathery pink dust, but it doesn’t actually erase
anything because it is paint. – Yeah, and it’s specifically house paint. – And it’s specifically house paint, yeah. – I think this house needs a animal. – I love this giant–
– Oh yeah. Those shoes are nice and big. – [Karina] This giant
left shoe, specifically. – Some asymmetrical design. This clown could be in
a Final Fantasy game. – Art clown.
– Art clown. Is that a Garf?
– Are you doing Garf? – [Nathan] Are you doing a Monday cat? Are you doing a lasagna– – No, this is non-copyright cat. – [Nathan] Okay, this is just a cat that maybe feels indifferent
about all days of the week. – Why did I draw the arm doin’ that? – [Karina] (laughing) Now
you gotta live with it. – He’s gonna fight you now. – [Karina] I didn’t think
that was gonna be the arm! Yeah, this is an aggressive cat. – [Nathan] This is clearing up! (all laughing) – [Karina] That feeling when
you’re a clown with no windows and a feral cat wonders into your house. – (laughing) It’s commentary! – What I’m getting now
from this is that like, this is sort of a grim
reflection of what could be. You look at this wall ’cause
you’ve heard of an accent wall. This is like you look at this wall and it’s like this is
like a cautionary wall. It’s like, don’t let your
life reach this point. And as long as it hasn’t, you feel pretty good about yourself. – Yeah, I think, since this is commentary, very subtle commentary on things. We need wall graffiti that
definitely just doesn’t say the thing outright that is like a thing that no one would ever
graffiti, ever in their lives. So like… – [Nathan] Oh! Oh man, I’ve got one of those! – And then it has like–
– Ya, ya! – Then it has the drippies, you know? – [Nathan] Julia, you’re making me think! (Karina laughing) – We live in a society. – I’ve never thought before, but now… – We live in a society. – This graffiti reminds me of a graffiti near my actual apartment that says it just says bones.
– Yeah? – But the E is stylized in such a way that it looks like it
maybe also says bongs. – [Julia] Oh! – That’s art.
– Intentional, or not? – I don’t think it’s intentional, but every time I pass
it, I read it as bongs and it’s very funny to imagine someone just wrote the word bongs on a wall. – [Karina] Julia, is that poo poo? – Here’s some more commentary for you. – [Nathan] (laughing) Did
you do a poo poo paint? – I put in some poo but like–
– Oh, so the cat– – to keep it high-class, you know? – [Nathan] So that it’s
going to the bathroom while looking at the city! – And it’s Stonehenge.
– You brought it back! – It’s Stonehenge. – What? – Further commentary–
– The poop is of Stonehenge! – Stonehenge! (laughing) – The poop is Stonehenge. – I can’t see from this angle. – Julia, this is galaxy brain! (Julia laughing) – Are you supposing with this art that Stonehenge was pooped
by a giant cat iIn England? – That’s– – I’m pretty sure it’s a metaphor. – It’s a metaphor, it’s commentary. It’s for like you to figure out. I’m gonna do one more room. – Okay. – Do I have time to do one more room or should I just leave it?
– Please do one more room. – Yes!
– Thanks, Tony! – All right, thank you, Tony. – [Tony] No problem! – How ’bout this one?
– You wanna do the baby one? – You wanna put some
commentary in the baby’s room? – Yeah, I wanna put some
commentary in the baby room because that’s like– – Oh, man.
– So the baby can think. – It’s edgy, it’s making the babies think. – Cell phones, you know?
– Cell phones. – Lots of babies on there. – Babies, you just see
them on the cell phones plugging away, not talking
to their parents, what? – Babies born today haven’t ever lived in a world without cell
phones, think about that! – [Julia] That’s true, though. That’s true and like
what kinda life is that? – You should make some
commentary about it. – Yeah!
– So you can tell me. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– What kinda life that is. – So, I think what I’m gonna do here is some like baby drawings. Like baby said this, you know? – [Nathan] Oh! Like it’s as if the baby
had painted their own room. – Yeah. – ‘Cause babies often don’t
paint their own rooms. – No.
– But they should, you know? Make them work!
– But imagine a world… – That’s the problem with society today, babies don’t put in the work. – Babies should do home improvement, too. – When my grandpa was a
baby, he built his own house. – [Julia] That’s true! Probably in the snow! – But kids these days
would just tweet about it. – Okay, this is like a baby
drawing, so it’s a little off. (Karina laughing) Okay, we’ve got the cameras, you know? Do phones have buttons anymore? I don’t know. That’s commentary even more.
– Commentary. – What happened to the buttons? We don’t even have buttons anymore! – Babies need more buttons. – Babies need more buttons! – Yeah.
– Baby rights. – It’s all screens, what
happened to buttons? (Karina laughing) – What’s wrong with the button, you know? It was good enough for me. – Yeah, I had–
– I turned out just fine! – the thing with the different
colored shaped buttons. The triangle was blue
and the square was red. – Yeah.
– And the circle was green. That’s how I learned colors and numbers, but now, you go online… – [Karina] You learn it
on YouTube on some weird– – You learn it on YouTube on some– – [Karina] Copyright
infringement animation. – Yeah!
(laughing) It’s Spider-Man and Elsa teaching me about numbers and colors,
but also they’re dating. – Yeah, they’re kissing.
– They’re kissing. (laughing) I’m too young, I’m a baby, I don’t understand what I’m seeing. – Kids these days!
– Kids these days. They don’t know how good they have it. – Home and Garden, am I right?
– Yeah! So the phone is inside the eye? – Yeah, man, it’s like–
– It’s like replaced the iris in the eye? – It’s like a God now, you know? We’re all praising the phone. – Yeah. You thought we were gonna do some light Home and Garden stuff, you didn’t know we were gonna
be getting in your mind. – Design tip!
– Commentary. – Design tip for your house,
get your kids off the phone! – The mind is like your brain home. – Yeah!
(all laughing) – Home improvement for
your brain and soul. Oh, are these praying babies? – Yeah, it’s praying babies. (Karina laughing) – This is like a shrine. This is like a religious
experience to be in this room. – I love the juxtaposition
with the actual baby room. – Yeah! (Nathan laughing) There is gonna be a
drawing of a bear here. – In the toys. – ‘Cause babies love bears, apparently. – [Karina] That one’s not
commentary, that’s just a bear! – That’s a statement, that’s just a fact. Babies love bears. – You have the toy bear and then you have the drawing representation
of the toy bear, it’s fake twice.
– If babies just went out to nature, they could
play with a real bear! – [Karina] See a real bear! – It’s a simulacrum of a simulacrum. It’s recursive bear
imagery all the way down. – Yeah! You know, that’s the other
problem with society, babies not playing with enough bears. – They’re not playing with enough bears. – Let them outside, put them in the woods, in the middle of the woods.
– My grandpa built his own house with his bear friend that he made when he was a baby. And meanwhile, we’re on Instagram. – Your grandpa did a
lot when he was a baby, he must’ve been a baby for a long time. – He was a baby for so long,
not like kids these days. – They grow up.
– They grow up. (Karina laughing) They take the easy way out and grow up. Uh-oh!
– Here comes the commentary. – [Nathan] Uh-oh! (Karina laughing) – You know, babies, they’re
not being taught how to spell by anyone except for the keyboard! – Oh, Lord.
– Auto correct! – They learn their ABCs as QWERTY. – You know, just like (imitates explosion) I’m making you think today.
– No! – Here’s another design tip!
– Yep? – Instead of words, Live
Laugh Love, that’s done! Put the keyboard on the wall. (all laughing) – Put the keyboard on the wall! Get it off my desk, put it on the wall! – Put it on the wall, I wanna see it! (Karina laughing) It’s cutting into the bear a little bit. – Thank you, Julia. I was worried that house
painting was gonna be boring, but this has been an invigorating– – Enlightening.
– Enlightening, challenging experience.
– It needs to be dripping. – A little scary.
– For my mind and my soul. – It has to be dripping a little bit. – [Nathan] You’ve given
us so much to think about. – Yeah. – Wow!
– Commentary, am I right? – Commentary.
– Commentary. – I’ve done it.
– Kids these days. – Kids these days, they don’t
know, they praise the phone. They should be going
out playing with bears. (Nathan laughing) We live in a society.
– We live in a society, we live in a home and garden.
– Society. – We live in a home and garden. Here’s everything you need to know about decorating your home. – Wonderful.
– I’ve done it. – You’ve done it!
– Wow! – The distance between
me, thank you, thank you. The distance between me and the truth. – Oh! – Right on top of each other.
– Wow! – So that’s my measuring,
right on top of each other. – You’re sitting on the truth. – Sitting on it! Now it’s out there! Exposed for everyone to see. – You’re welcome, America.
– You’re welcome! – Wake up, Sheeple! – We live in a society! – And as–
– I’m leaving. – with all societies, we need
to make money in that society. – Yeah, that being said,
give me that good good cash. Sponsors? We got ’em! Here’s a message from them. – [Announcer] That’s right,
Julia, we do have the spon-them! Brought to you by this
Drawfee Variety Hour’s Crarb! It’s the credit card
exclusively for hermit crabs! I’m seeing now that this
hermit crab has got a new shell and it’s saying that it has a new shell! How do you think hermit
crab paid for his shell? A hermit no longer! Crabby Joan has paid for
the new shell with Crarb. The credit line is as deep as the ocean that the hermit crab lives in. You will be salty water about
the deals you’re getting on this ADR! The only annual percentage rate
that you have to worry about is the sweet ocean life on the sand. (upbeat music) – Wow.
– Sometimes I wish I could see the sponsors. – Yeah, I can’t wait to
see that sponsor. (laughs) – I can’t wait to see
what that sponsor was. – [Announcer] It’s got a hermit crab! – I heard it was Crarb. – Crarb.
– I wish I was a hermit crab so I could use that credit card, but I’m not, I’m a human man. – I wish I was a hermit
crab because they like change houses so many
times and with a new house comes new ways to show people the truth. – Oh, yeah! – Oh, I thought you were gonna say, new ways to decorate your home and garden. – Nah.
– Nah. – Show people the truth!
– That’s silly, silly me. (laughing) Well, for those who do wanna
decorate their home and garden, boy oh boy, we actually have
a special homemade garden tip. (laughing) Why are you laughing? Let’s look at that tip, it’s special! – Let’s face it, let’s face it. We all love to live in houses. Let’s face it, there’s only one thing we love
more than to live in houses, to decorate the lawns of the houses with small ceramic
statuettes to commemorate and venerate the most fearsome of all the woodland creatures, gnome! But Luther! This is you, this is you now, but Luther! Why bother with the house? The gnome is here now! The gnome is here now
and I hate the house. When I get this question,
I give you the solution. The big gnome, a gnome so
big that you can live in it. Finally, the best part of
the house that we hate, but big enough for you to live in. No more in your son’s room. Okay, no more the kitchen,
where it happened. Okay, no more the attic. The attic is now a hat that
you can put all the boxes that belong to your son into the hat. Into the very tall hat of the big gnome. Okay, the neighbors all wanna know. – Is it alive?
– Not presently. – Where does it go when it dies? – That depends on your faith. The big gnome has all the (mumbles). – Where does it goes when it dies? – To the junkyard, to the graveyard, to heaven, depending on your faith. Features, the hat, the
beard, a door that’s in it so you can get inside of it to live in it. No more kitchen. No more it happening. When you live inside the
gnome and look out its eyes, you see as the gnome. Everything is so small,
the kitchen is so small, all of your problems are so small, almost as if it never happened, almost as if you can just walk away and it never, ever happened. (emotional music) Okay. (laughing) – This is the worst episode of recording when you have 13 hours of jet
lag, was that a fever dream? – Julia, are you okay? – I mean, those were some
good tips for home and garden that I think anyone could use. – I wish I could forget it happened. – It happened in the kitchen. I think we all can wish that. (laughing) – Oh God. – Well, speaking of
forgetting it happened, maybe it’s time for another challenge. – Yeah! – [Karina and Julia] Yeah! – So I guess we should… – [All] Spin that wheel! (pegs clacking) – [All] Ooh? – I’m gonna measure the distance
between me and the wheel. – Barbeq-uties. – BBQ-uties.
– BBQ-uties. – [Karina] Oh no. – Guys, the distance between
me and the wheel is 19 feet. – Oh, that’s exciting! I see there’s a tablecloth happening. – [Nathan] We’re having a BBQ-utie. – It’s just appearing out of nowhere. – Wow. – We’re already decorating
so much on this show. – I’m scared of what this mean. I’m being handed some paper. – The pad of paper is out. – I can see you again.
– We’re putting things into a box and, oh! I’ll just hold this for you. – Oh, it’s condiments! – Oh no. All right, ooh. – You got a paper towel,
you got a bib, you got– – Are those pickles? – Oh, we’re having a stanky challenge. – Are those actual pickles?
– Yeah that’s– – A little champagne glass. – Well, champagne glass pickles. – Mug o’ chips and some– – [Nathan] And some craft or
some, not some brandless– – Oh my God, it smells really bad. – [Karina] Yeah, it’s a stanky challenge, I’m doing today’s stanky challenge again. Yay!
– Is this like a hangover cure that I don’t know about? It’s just a martini glass
of, is this a martini glass? – That’s a champagne flute. – A champagne flute of pickles. – Martini glass is more
of a triangle than a– – Yeah, it’s the worst one to hold, right? – [Julia] It’s very inconvenient to hold. – The stuff falls out. You can’t walk and hold a martini glass, you have to be very– – Am I able to eat one of these cheeses? – [Karina] Are you going
to, if you open it? – Can I actually eat them? I’m getting a thumbs up
so I’m gonna eat one. – Yes, yes please eat it. So, I guess I’m making– – How long have those been sitting. (Karina laughing) – They’re pretty cold. – Okay.
– Ah, that’s good. – And I got a thumbs up
from our producer, so. – Julia, are you okay? – I put it on our producer.
– Julia needs energy. – Clearly.
– Julia’s fading. – [Karina] All right,
am I making a picture with this stinky nonsense? – [Nathan] You’re making a stinky picture. The food-based challenges get smellier and smellier
with every one that we do. – Guys, American cheese
isn’t really cheese. It tastes like something else. – It tastes like America! (Karina laughing) It’s a melting pot. – What’re you makin’? – I don’t know! I guess I’ll… Should I go with the theme of commentary? (all laughing) – I think our theme is
home and garden, but– – Our theme is home and garden with a sub-theme of commentary. – Here, I’ll make a home, then. – And the challenge is
Barbe-cutie so it should be cute. – [Karina] Oh okay, I’ll make a cute home. I’ll make the cutest home
you’ve ever darn seen. – [Julia] Out of something that
looks very much like blood? – [Karina] Oh, you know… – We’re just doing as we do. – All my least favorite condiments. I’m so honored to be here. – [Nathan] What’s your
most favorite condiment? – [Karina] I like nothing. (all laughing) – I like a nice dry burger. – The favorite spice of life, nothing. – So here’s our home.
– Yeah! – I’m gonna give it some big cute eyes, just the cutest eyes.
– Aww! – [Julia] I hate that you’re so accurate with these condiment bottles. Like the quality is very good. – [Karina] Here, let’s do some eyelashes. It’s the cutest home. Welcome to my home. Let’s make this nice and– – [Julia] Do you need to
me to open that for you? – No! (laughs) – [Julia] Do you need me
to prep a cheese for you? – Nathan, you look a little uncomfortable. – [Julia] Nathan, do you want a cheese? – People were mad about Meat Man and like if that made
people as uncomfortable as I feel right now, I
completely understand. – Karina, do you want
another slice of cheese? Are you set? – [Karina] You might as well just prep it and if I don’t use it– – [Nathan] Oh, the cheese
is like the eye highlight. – [Karina] Yeah, and if I
don’t use it, you can eat it. – I’ll give you the next one.
– I can’t wait for my fingers to just smell like cheese. – [Nathan] The smell has
reached me over here. – [Julia] It’s real bad! – [Nathan] It’s a lot of vinegar-based– – Here’s fun Karina law, I
have a very sensitive nose, so I’m just kind of like– – I’m sitting by the pickle flute. – I’m trying to talk really
loud so that I don’t smell. – [Nathan] You’re doing better than me. I really wish we wouldn’t hold that. – [Karina] This could have
been you, but… (laughs) – The pickle flute really
is a curse upon us all. – I don’t like that. (laughs) – I can’t believe that after
Cheese Whiz and Meat Man, this is somehow the
worst smelling challenge. – [Nathan] Tony just
came over to check on me to make sure it’s doing okay. – [Karina] What about Karina, huh? (all laughing) What about Karina in the thick of it? – [Nathan] Karina, you have a
better poker face than I do. – [Karina] Thank you. – [Nathan] What a cute home
this is with just eyes! – [Karina] I actually really hate pickles, so I don’t wanna touch
these, so we’re just– – [Julia] Oh God. (all laughing) I need the challenge to be over. It’s so bad! – [Nathan] Does the house have a mouth– – [Julia] I’ll get you
a paper towel ready. – [Nathan] Is it just eyes? – [Julia] Here you go,
here’s a paper towel. – [Karina] The eyes are the cutest part. – [Nathan] The eyes are the cutest part. – The windows to the soul, they say. – Oh, I forgot I had chips.
– Oh yeah, you got some chips. – The house is crying. (laughing) It’s going directly across his face. Let’s just put more sparkly shit in there. – Aw!
– This is a very cute house. – [Julia] I prepped another
paper towel for you. – The cutest house in the neighborhood. This could be you if
you just follow our tips and maybe don’t do this exact thing ’cause I’m not having a fun time. (all laughing) – [Nathan] We have to have
at least one challenge that is physically–
– Absolutely revolting? – Yeah.
– I mean, this is– – [Nathan] It’s variety! This is what a Variety Show is. – I haven’t done a gross
challenge yet, so you know what? This is just, here’s his little mouth. – [Julia] My measuring
tape says the distance between me and this house is just– – It’s too small.
– It’s too small. – Yeah, I wish it were longer.
– It needs to be more. – Oh, it’s a little cat mouth? – Yeah.
– That’s nice. – [Karina] Here, here’s its leg. – I thought I had to sneeze but I didn’t. (all laughing) – You were actually just gagging. – It’s honestly the worst smelling day. – The crew love that. – I can’t believe–
– Thank you for this honor. I’m so glad.
– I can’t believe we talked and experienced–
– I came in to work today. – Oh, has it got little legs?
– Yeah. – [Nathan] Is this like,
in case of a flood? – Yeah.
– It can walk away? – It can run away. – It can run away?
– Yeah. – [Nathan] Oh, it’s got little arms. – Fold the cheese on it. (Julia laughing) – [Nathan] It’s foldable. Aww! I never saw this particular sequel to The Brave Little Toaster. – Yeah, the brave little house. – The stinky little house.
– Little stinky house. (laughing) – Oh my God, wow.
– Fold some more cheese. I don’t know why this leg
is skinnier, but whatever. – [Julia] Karina, feel free
to be done with this challenge whenever you want, because
it’s really an experience over on the camera side.
– What about over here, huh? What about Karina who’s
touching the cheese, folding the cheese? – I admit that you’re right.
– Not touching the pickles. That’s gross, I will never touch a pickle. – You’re at the epicenter of it all but… – I will touch a pickle if it is to remove it from my sandwich. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Agreed. – Or a box of fries because they didn’t say it was
gonna come with the pickle. – [Julia] Fries come with pickles? – Well, sometimes if you
order like a sandwich that comes with fries, they just put a pickle in the box with it. – Oh no, I hate that. – And it’s just like, okay cool, a third of my
fries now taste like pickle. – It’s awful. I hate that pickle juice just go on fries. – It’s a little pee-pee eyes. – How ’bout airplane food?
– Do I have to lick this up? – No, you absolutely don’t.
– You can try. – Thumbs up.
– You could certainly try. – I’m gonna not watch. (Julia and Karina laughing) – I’ll watch.
– I’m gonna do it deadly. – [Julia] Oh, cheese
just got smeared across! – Here, I’m gonna put some
buffer cheese at the bottom so if the pee-pee eyes leak. (laughing) – [Julia] Do it slow. (laughing) (whining) Oh my god. Oh my god. – This is our penance for Meat Man. Jacob isn’t even here.
– Can you stop now, please? (all laughing) Oh my God. – This is like… This is pop art. You know when you take something cute and you make it like commentary? – Oh my gosh.
– This is commentary. – This is the state of the housing market. – [Nathan] Oh, okay! – Can I stop now?
– Commentary! We live in a society! – Can I put it away? – [Nathan] Throw the
sponsor, throw the sponsor. – Throw the sponsor!
– Sponsor! – [Announcer] That’s right! It’s the sponsor that is
coming up in a minute. Boy oh boy, you know some people think that it’s the condiments that smell bad, but they don’t know how
good their life could smell if they had the Crarb. One two three four five
six seven nine million, that is the number that all
Crarb cards get to probably, somebody should open a door to let the condiment thing outta here because our producer
Cassie can not figure out how to get it through the door without an extra set of hands. I’ll just keep talking
about how good the Crarb is while somebody figures out
how to get rid of that thing. You know, my favorite thing
about it is the cash bonus. You get a cash bonus, did I tell you that? Well, you get the Crarb points, yeah! You get 400 Crarb points, which
is equal to one human cent. That’s about four dollars! You can spend that on anything you want. Crab meat, food for you
crab, meat for you crab and now Nathan’s telling me to stop or he’s maybe waving away
the smell, I can’t tell. Oh, he’s waving away the smell and just like you’ll be
waving away all of your debt with Crarb’s great features. – I don’t know if it was
a combination of the smell of the pickles or maybe just
everything that was involved. I was laughing so hard, I
thought I was going to vomit. (Karina laughing) – I wasn’t laughing, but I
also thought I was gonna vomit. – [Julia] It was awful! – Can I have my emotional
support hammer back? – Yeah, here it is.
– Thank you. – Here you go.
– I wish I could forget it. – Both of you are braver than I. – That was truly a travesty. – Yeah, that was hard. But in the spirit of… forgetting about what just
happened, forgetting about it. – It.
– It. – You wanna forget about it. We got another drawing
challenge and it’s me and it’s me time so, let’s– – Nathan, please fix this episode. (all laughing) – Let’s!
– Let’s! – [All] Spin that wheel! (pegs clacking) Ooh? – [Julia and Karina] Oh! – [Nathan] Scrapbook Monster. – That’s fun.
– Scrapbook Monster. – That has nothing to do with food. – Oh, thank God. – That’s great!
– What a relief! – Oh, it’s a scrapbook!
– Oh, how fun! – I shouldn’t have eaten
those two slices of cheese. – Oh my God, oh! – [Katrina] Julia. (laughing) – [Nathan] Wow. Drawfee Variety Hour scrapbook. – It smells so bad over here. – It’s better now, a little bit. – It’ll go away with time.
– It’s getting better! – Yeah. – Oh, I’m being handed scissors. You want a pair of scissors?
– Oh, look, it’s got all of the pictures of all of us in here. – Thank you.
– We got all of us in here. – [Julia] I got less
industrial scissors, but– – You prefer industrial ones?
– No! I’m good, thank you!
– I just wanna be sure. – Our dear that died. And now we got a new page that
we can add our own scraps to. – Nice!
– Ooh! – And I’m gonna need your help,
you guys all got scissors. So, we’re gonna make a
monster to go in the scrapbook because what scrapbook is
complete without a monster? I’m just gonna give you guys some pictures and just cut out interesting bits for me. – Do you have more pictures?
– We can share. – I can hand the stash for ‘rina. – These pictures. – Oh, some of them are of us. – Oh, I wanna see those. – Yeah, here’s some pics of us. That’s a pretty good one.
– Wow. – Oh, this is the drawing I did for us. Oh, we definitely wanna
include this in the scrapbook. – [Julia] I look about twice
my actual weight in this photo. It’s very funny. That’s how big that shirt was. – Yeah, can I get individual
just the heads cut out? – Just the heads?
– Yeah, let’s get some– – Or us, what about the rest of it? Do you have a preference? – No, I want you guys to help me. I want you guys to help me. – Okay, I also need assistance but really, I think the only thing that can assist me is like a fragrance spray. – These scissors–
– Maybe death. – Just like the act of
cutting through paper, it is reminding me of
that dream I had earlier. – [Julia] Yeah? – I don’t know what was
going on in that but– – Yeah.
– Yeah. Honestly, like I think
just some scrap booking is exactly the sort of
pallette cleanser we need. – Yes.
– I have to agree. – Some wholesome scrap booking. – Yeah, I think we just. Let’s make a lovely monster
that smells like nothing and– – Maybe just a little bit of toner. – And just a little bit of
toner and some glue stick smell, which that just smells like art class. – Yeah, it just smells
like childhood, okay. I got a good Nathan head happening here. – Yeah, let’s get some heads and we’ll make those into
a beautiful monster of us. – Can we show this to camera?
– Yeah, let’s get some… – Aww, itty bitty Nathan. – I just really like this woman
construction worker is so… She’s so like determined. This looks like a anime face
someone would have on like– – Yeah, it really does, like an intro. – Here’s a Nathan head.
– Here’s a me head, great. – Here’s crying man, who’s
just bigger than any of us. – Yeah. If I like hold this up very specifically, it’ll look like he’s on my body. – [Katrina] Oh yeah, that’s you at you! Oh no, it smells like pickles. (laughs) Help. – I think for this one, I’m
gonna not have the head. I think we should just salvage the body. – Okay.
– Salvage the body. – This bath man. – Any sort of creative decisions you guys wanna make while
cutting stuff out, feel free. – Okay, I’ll absolutely. – To make such decisions
and I will use the pieces. This is sort of a two-part challenge. One of it is it’s sort of
a harvesting of materials and then an aggregation of said materials and I think I’m up for it. I think the last challenge I did– – You saw what could’ve
been with my challenge and you should appreciate having this one. – Oh yeah, absolutely. (Karina laughing) No, I’m excited for this challenge. I’m ready for this challenge and I’m excited for this challenge. – Yes.
– And I’m ready for it. Yeah, ’cause I think the
last time I did a challenge on Variety Hour, I panicked
and I didn’t do maybe my best. So, I really wanna do my best this time. – [Karina] Make your redemption ark. – This is my redemption ark right now and I think it’s good and proper that that’s what’s happening. – Here’s a Jacob head. – Julia, your cutout jobs
are so good and it’s gonna be very funny to see them–
– I’m very precise. – combined with the ones
I am doing which are not as good but, you know,
sometimes you just gotta rush it. I don’t know how to use this gentleman but I love him very much. – Ooh, little steampunk–
– What’s this? – Little steampunker.
– Ah, look at that fella! – Maybe just the hat I
will take from this man. – I feel like that’s good, I’m cutting you out a prop right now. – Here’s a little bath body. – Here’s a bath body and some ducklings. – Yeah, gotta keep the ducklings. – A bath body and some ducklings. Oh, good, okay, that’s very good. That’s just a very
fleshy pink, shiny time. – I’m gonna harvest you some tentacles. – What? – I’m gonna harvest you some tentacles. – [Nathan] Oh thank you, yes! – Here’s a very important prop. It’s the return of canned cheese. – [Karina] Oh no. – It’s the return of canned cheese. – That’s so small. – It’s a tiny canned cheese for you. – It’s a tiny canned cheese.
– Yeah, it’s fun size. – That’s a little Easter egg for us. – That’s a little Easter egg.
– Okay. – For all you in the know. (Karina laughing) – Okay. All right, yeah, I think
once I have the tentacles, I’ll be able to get going
on this scrapbook monster. – Okay, and if you want anything else cut out while you’re adding, you know. – How ’bout I only get you the tentacles? Forget this head.
– I ruined the hat. I did a bad job cutting out the hat but I’m still gonna use it. – I just cut off all of my hair. – Wow. – So now I look like Draco Malfoy. – Wow. (laughing) – Hey you, Harry Potter Drawfee, hey you. – You kinda do! (laughs)
– Yep! – That’s Draco Malfoy. – I’m Draco Malfoy in this, hold on. – Julia without hair is Draco Malfoy, so. – Here we go, are you ready? – This is what we’ve determined. – Potter! (Karina laughing) – This is more us, this all pictures– – I work for the bad man
because of familial pressures. My daddy says I must. – Stuff to draw with as
well and googly eyes! Okay, great, great, great, great, great. – Okay, perfect. – This is a great–
– Forget everything else. – set of things. – Oh, there’s stickers in there? – This is the glue stick,
yeah, there’s some stickers. Okay, great, okay. – Here’s me.
– Here’s you. – Very importantly.
– Potter, Potter! – Wow. (laughs) Okay, cool. Okay, so I think we definitely
wanna start with this… I don’t know, should I
do some ideating here? I think that’s pretty good.
– You do you. – [Nathan] Maybe, something
along these lines. Then we can just sort of put faces on. – [Karina] This is so fun. We’re just three friends hanging out, only three, hanging out. Spending time together
just the three of us. – Just the three of us. Doing crafts, okay. – Cutting paper.
– Yep. I got you a Karina. Here’s a Karina to add, here you go. – Hello Karina.
– Hello Karina! – Here’s one tentacle.
– Here’s a tentacle. – Gimme a tent. Thank you, perfect. – I’ll keep harvesting you a few more until they get too annoying. – [Nathan] I’m gonna start gluing. I think we’ve got a good base going here. This is good. Let’s get this giant sad man face. – [Julia] May I steal
this old woman from you? – Absolutely.
– Thank you. – I couldn’t decide what I
wanted to take from the old one. – I think I know what I wanna
take and it’s the handle of this thing. – You guys are giving me
solid gold to work with and I appreciate it so thank you. So thank you! Yeah, I think the tentacles
are gonna be very important for making this a scrapbook monster. – I’ll harvest you as many as I can get. There’s some weird clipping
going on with this octopus. – [Nathan] That’s okay! – It’s like emerging from behind a wall, but only like a couple
tentacles are behind the wall, even though the whole body
is in front of the wall. – That’s cool.
– Is it? (laughs) – [Nathan] That’s art, that’s commentary. – Nathan, I’ve cut this out for you. You make of this as you will. – What is this? What is this?
– Use your imagination. – What is this? What is this?
– Oh, just the handle? – Just the handle.
– Julia, what an odd choice, I like this, now it looks
like she’s holding like– – It could be anything, yeah! She’s gonna club ya! – [Karina] It’s like
a big old bread stick. – What else do I want from this old woman? Old women speak to me. – [Nathan] What else do I
want from this old woman? – Oh, I think I know what I want. I know what I want. – What do any of us want
from this old woman? Welcome to this old woman.
– Welcome to paper cutting ASMR while Karina and Julia discuss what they wanna take from this old woman. – Yeah!
– Here’s another tenty. – Here’s another tenty. I threw it in your general vicinity. (Karina laughing) Okay. Okay.
– Okay. – I’m almost, almost there. (Karina laughing) This is what I’ve decided
from this old woman. (Nathan and Karina laughing) – [Nathan] This is what I’ve
decided from this old woman. – This old woman coming soon to theaters. – [Karina] Julia, she’s bald! (laughing) – What are you talking about? Okay, first of all, this is
what I did to this old lady. – What’d you do? Oh! Okay! Oh, that was the rolling
pin she was holding that you gave me.
– Yes, yeah. I wanted you to interpret
it however you wanted. – I’ll find a use for it for sure. – Tenty.
– Here’s another tenty. – Thank you. I think this is gonna
be the most commentary of any of the pieces we’ve
done on the show today! – Yeah?
– Really? – You know, because it’s
commentary on ourselves. – Oh my god.
– Yeah, that’s scary. – Nathan? – [Nathan] Yeah? – [Julia and Nathan] We live in a society. – It’s true. Oh, that’s a nice straight tenty. Maybe this will go here
and that’ll be for Adam. (Karina laughing) – [Julia] Adam can have
the nice straight one. – Adam I see as sort of
a nice straight tentacle. – Tentacle? (laughing) Okay. – I haven’t seen Adam all day today. – [Karina] I feel like I’ve
never met Adam in my life. – It’s like, I see Adam but
I don’t see him, you know? – [Karina] (laughs) I’ve
never made direct eye contact. – [Nathan] It’s like I look at him but I’m like looking through him. – How’s this look? How’s that? Should I go higher or lower? Closer?
– Let me see, can I see? – I’m trying to put it on my own head. – But I wanna see, oh,
you made the lady hair. – I made the lady hair. How’s that?
– It’s lady hair. – Is that anywhere close?
(Karina laughing) I’m getting a if, getting an iffy. Oh wait. – [Karina] Oh, no. Julia it’s the other way. There we go. – I gotta curl my mustache. Here you go! – [Karina] Gotta put in my
little tiny mustache curlers. – Oh perfect, okay, great, that’s perfect. This is like…
(Karina laughing) – Sorry, I made a creation. – Wow, that’s scrapbooking.
– Oh! That’s fun!
– She’s gonna get you. – [Nathan] She’s coming
for all of our souls. – She’s coming, she’s coming. – The old lady, the
nightmare matron herself. – Oh my God. If ever we lived in a society!
– This is commentary. Commentary! – Oh, that’s really something. We’re gonna need that.
– It’s a little on the nose. – [Julia] We live in a society Karina, I can’t help if that’s it. What do I want from this?
– I just wanna live in this scrapbooking world
with you my friends forever. I wanna forget anything else
happened in this episode and just live here
gluing things onto paper like I’m back in kindergarten. (Karina laughing) – I think I’m gonna give you the bod. This good bod, but I’m gonna
cut out like further arm. You know, replace with it what you want. – I’m sure there’s a better way I could be gluing these things on without getting glue stains all over it. – [Julia] It’s an improvement from syrup? – [Karina] Here’s the last tenty. (laughs) – Here’s the last tentacle.
– The last tentacle. – Karina was doing the
Lord’s work over here. – Oh, that’s a double! – That’s a double.
– That’s a double bubble. – [Karina] There is one more
but I’m not gonna bother salvaging it, that’s weird. – [Julia] It’s weird, even
in terms of tentacles? – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Karina] It’s cut
off in too many places. – [Julia] Cut off in too many places. ♪ Too many places ♪ ♪ Too many places ♪ ♪ For tentacles on my friend ♪ – This is very soothing. – Just cutting.
– It’s very relaxing. – This is nice.
– Cutting some paper. – This is like one of my favorite ones that we’ve done, I think. – It’s peaceful.
– It’s peaceful. – It doesn’t involve food.
– It’s not stanky. – I think we need the stinky ones, so that we can appreciate the not stinky. Like, the one I did with Missing
No. on the Pokemon episode. That wasn’t a stinky one at all and I was so ungrateful
for that challenge. I really was sort of a
petulant child in that one, in that instance I was like I’ll do this and that’ll be funny but you know, it wasn’t
respectful to the challenge and I think I deserve the punishment that was having the smell of
the pickles for that long. (Karina laughing) – I really liked seeing our producer try to come over to help with the cleanup, just made a face and
went like this, and left. (laughing) Completely abandoned ship. – God, I wish that were me. – It was across the room. Okay. – I’m just gonna cut this out, too. It can be in two parts.
– Fair enough. – I just think it’s so much commentary that the little robot is having thoughts. – We’re giving Nathan
some options to work with. – I should get Caldwell in here too, ’cause we do have a picture– – [Julia] Oh, do we have
a picture of Caldwell? Do you wanna give it to me? I can cut it out.
– You can cut out. – Here, here’s a robot.
– If you can cut out Caldwell and Carolyn. This is a robot, I don’t
know what to do with that but we’ll figure it out. – [Julia] You don’t even have
to use it, I just, you know. That could be commentary. – These are just some
fuck yeah, here we go. – You have the robot,
you don’t use the robot. – If you can give me
Caldwell and Carolyn’s faces. – This is clearly the best photo
of Caldwell we’ve ever had. – Yeah, and Carolyn. – Do you just want the Caldwell
face or the whole thing? – You decide. I’ll take whatever you give me. – I think we deserve to have
the full Caldwell experience. – But we do want the googly eyes to come into play at this
point, at this juncture. – That’s like our eyes
when we look at phones. – Do these have a peel-off
back or do I just glue them? – [Julia] That’s for you to
decide because you can glue ’em. – Yes, I’ll just glue ’em. – [Julia] You can glue them either way. They’re like the escalators of crafts. – Okay. – [Julia] Yep. – Yeah!
– Here’s the rest of the robot in case you wanna make some commentary. – Oh, okay, okay. Like, we’re all… I just don’t know. Maybe the robot’s like looking at us and sort of judging us from above. But the robot is the audience. ‘Cause I think this
monster is a representation of Drawfee Variety Hour. – [Julia] Oh, well, so
it’s scary and stanky? – It’s scary, it’s stinky,
it’s full of mixed emotions but yeah, and then like
the robot is the internet viewing us and sort of judging us. (laughing) And I think yeah, I’ve got some– – Yo, that’s deep. – I can do like, maybe
it’s doing like a… – Whoops, there goes Caldwell, right in between the cushions
of the couch, Caldwell. – Wow. – Let’s see.
– Here you go, Nathan. I’m smelling that sharpie now and it’s really not mixing
well with the pickle. – Oh, you gave me all of
Caldwell, that’s fine. – I would much rather smell the sharpie. – Yeah, but it’s mixing with
pickle and that combination– – It’d be bad if I just
took a big whiff on camera. – He’s sort of peeking out. – Okay, I’m gonna get you Carolyn. – I’m just gonna snip
’em a little bit more. Here we go. Yeah, perfect. – I just decapitated Nathan.
– That’s where he goes. – [Karina] Rip. – [Julia] Decapitated this Nathan here. – You decapitated me? That’s okay, I’m already in there. – [Karina] (laughs) That’s
part of the challenge. – I like this monster that I’ve made. – [Karina] I can’t wait
to see the scary monster. – It’s Drawfee Variety
Hour the Monster, the Show. Adam? – [Adam] I was thinking
maybe we could include this in the scrapbook. – Aww! (laughing) – [Julia] Do you want me
to cut that up for you? (all laughing) – Like, I know in character we’re supposed to be
mean to Adam but like, it would be so devastating
I feel like right now if I were to do anything.
– Just snip one off. – Yeah. Just like, oh, this is good but it’s got one too many people and
then I just snip it off. No. – Wow.
– This can be over here. – This is the real commentary.
– Let’s put this in. Let’s put this in the scrapbook. You know what? I think we’ve all grown as people from earlier in the episode. I think we’ve all been through some stuff. We’ve gone on a real hero’s journey and we’re not the same people that we were at the start of the episode and maybe, maybe earlier
on if Adam had given me something like this, I would
have tried to destroy it or harm him in some way. But now, I want it to be part of things. – [Karina] That’s beautiful, Nathan. – Okay, first of all, here’s Carolyn. – Okay, thank you.
– There you go. Also, I just love this
little cutout of Nathan that I just had to make because he was in front
of Carolyn in the image. – [Karina] (laughing)
He’s just peeking out! – He’s just so excited to be peeking out. Nathan, do you like this?
– I love it. – He didn’t even look.
– You didn’t even look! – [Nathan] Oh what, that looks great, that’s great, sweetie, yeah, yeah. – I’m gonna put him in here.
– Yeah, hide him in the plant. – [Nathan] I’m going blah! (Karina laughing) Anyone who does like actual craft stuff, please don’t tweet at me. – Don’t at us. – [Nathan] About my glue stick
technique, I know it’s bad. – How about here?
– I know it’s sloppy and bad. – I need a piece of tape. – It’s okay, all right,
so let’s get these guys. They’re gonna be on this page. Is that visible? Yeah, it’s kinda visible.
– Hell yeah! – Wow!
– Thank you. – Adam’s being like extra nice
’cause we’re including him. (all laughing) – He feels included. – I think I just want
Carolyn’s head, though, if that’s okay.
– That’s fine. – [Nathan] I know you did such a good job doing her whole body, but I just– – There’s a little Nathan just
popping out of that plant. – [Nathan] I just really wanted her head. – Let me show camera here.
– This is home decorating. – Here he is, but I don’t
know if you can see him, but he’s there and there he will live. – [Karina] Forever. – I think let’s do like a little– – Do you want the Drawfee mug? – Oh, sure! – ‘Cause there’s one in here, kind of. – It’s a little chipped but–
– It’s a little chipped. (mumbles)
(Karina laughing) Okay. – I think this is pretty good.
– Yeah? – [Nathan] I think this
is a pretty good monster. – [Karina] I hear subdued
laughter in the distance. – Here’s a mug.
– Here’s a mug? – Here’s a Drawfee mug. – A little Drawgee mug,
that will be right here– – Put that in there.
– over the nose of that man. Yeah, I think like this is a
pretty good representation. Like, if no one has every
seen Drawfee Variety Hour, you should show them this image and I think it’s a pretty
good representation of what the show is about,
like sort of the ethos– – Oh!
– of the show. (Karina laughing) – Oh! I love the inclusion of the mouth. You drew a mouth in there. I like the commentary at the bottom. And the top.
– I love this pose. – Okay, so like the sad man’s face. That represent sort of how
we’re all feeling just in this liminal space that is the
Drawfee Variety Hour Studio. Like sort of the fears that we
all hold but we’re repressing and then that contorts
and becomes our creativity that manifests in different ways. I gave myself a cool hat.
– Yeah. – And then–
– I love, love, love the arm coming out of the neck. It’s so good.
– Thank you. – [Julia] It’s so good, this is wonderful. – As I mentioned before,
this is the audience. – [Karina] I love the tentacle
holding the cheese spray. – Our robotic overlords
viewing us, consuming us. – [Julia] I also just love
that, much like a parent, you don’t wanna damage the
artwork that Adam gave you. So you just put it on a different page. – I didn’t know how to incorporate it, but I wanted it to be– – [Julia] Nah, I think that’s good of you. – This is duality of Drawfee.
– Yeah. (laughs) – Adam’s sort of bridging the gap here between his contribution
and the mess that we all, but Adam’s the straight tentacle, Adam’s the one that’s
keeping the ship afloat, making it work.
– Yep. – Yeah, and that’s going in the scrapbook. – I love it!
– So now we’ll always be able to remember the times we shared here on Drawfee Variety Hour and that concludes the
challenges portion of the show. – Oh, my relief. (laughing) – And now we have some
fan art to highlight and this one comes to us from
Ivy from Pacific Northwest and oh my gosh! – Gamers can be anything.
– It’s again another wonderful Adam contribution to the show. – The Gamer Gater.
– Maybe Adam is good. – [Nathan] It’s the
Gamesaurus, the Gamesaur. – Gater.
– No. (Karina and Julia laughing) – No, no, no.
– I do have a question. – Gamers can be anything.
– I do have a question. – Yes?
– Is lady gay? (laughing) – His favorite gater.
– If anybody wants to watch me fully not have any control over what sounds come out of
my mouth, watch that episode. That was the Mascot’s episode. That was the Mascot’s episode. – Yeah, I laughed out loud re-watching it, because of the things that you said. – Yeah. My brain is broken and this is, if it could result in something as beautiful as this being
made, then it was worth it. – Yep, absolutely.
– It will have been worth it. Gamers can be anything, that’s true. And now, it’s time for our mail bag. – Yeah! – We’ve got the mail
bag, let’s dump that out. Oh, let’s get it on the table maybe. – Yeah, you’re right.
– Let’s get it on my lap. Here we go.
– Get it everywhere. – All right, yeah, that’s pretty good. – [Karina] Wow. – No, I don’t think the letter’s in here. These are some letters but there’s not… Hold on, hold on. Let me see. Ah ha! – Oh there it is, yeah, no, good. – Wow. – Yeah. – I knew it was hidden,
so let me get that. Oh, okay. (Karina laughing) – You just ripped that apart, you really wanna get into
that, you’re so excited. – I’m not good at opening things. – [Julia] That’s fine,
we all have out skills. – We all wear masks. (Karina and Julia laughing) Let me just– – We live in a society.
– We live in a society. Let me just open this letter real quick. Here it is, okay. This question comes to us from
Danny from Phoenix who says, “Any tips for a young artist “who’s nervous about
applying to art schools?” You guys both went to art schools, right? – Yeah!
– Oh boy, oh boy, we sure did! – [Nathan] Which mean’s you both applied to art schools at some point. – Yeah!
– Right? – Yeah! (laughing) Destroy the set, Nathan. – Yeah, that’s the final
– Home decorating. – Yeah, we’re flipping the
studio after we’re done with this episode, so
we’re gonna have to– – [Julia] Yeah, it’ll
be a completely new– – take that wall out, keep that down. – absolutely renovated. Yeah, it’s gonna look
completely different. Next episode, completely new. – Yeah, any tips, yeah!
– Art school! If you’re applying to art school, they’re not gonna look at your GPA, which is something that
I learned way too late. (Nathan laughing) Busted my butt for nothing. They’re gonna look at your portfolio. Have a good port folio,
which is all life drawings, have life drawings. – But also, I mean, mostly life drawings. – Mostly life drawings, yeah.
– But also, show the work that you like and want to do. – Yep, should be like, I don’t know, 70% life drawings and then just like stuff that you enjoy that you made. – Yeah. – Yeah and art school
is what you put into it, so if you do no work when
you’re in art school, you’re gonna get nothing out of it. If you put a lot of work into art school, you’ll get something. Also, try not to go to
at very expensive one. – Please.
– I went to a cheapish one and it was the best
decision I’ve ever made. – Great!
– Those are all my tips. I don’t know if Karina has any other. – Yeah, I have very similar tips. I mean, if you’re nervous
about just the act of doing it, by god just do it.
– By gosh. – By gosh!
– Yeah, it’ll be fun! And who knows?
– I haven’t measured anything in a while. – Yeah, measure something,
maybe you’ll get a scholarship. Apply for scholarships,
apply for grants, please! – Please, don’t go into
crippling debt for your art. – For art, especially not for art. – The distance between me and
the Drawfee logo is two feet. – Good luck! – Yes, good luck. – Make some friends. – I didn’t go to art school, so I don’t know how helpful my
advice would be but I guess, my tip would be is if you’re nervous, I didn’t even go to art school and I still get to do art for a living, so you don’t need to be so nervous. You can even do art if you
don’t go to art school. But definitely, if that’s what
you’re interested in already, apply, do your stuff, but
don’t be too hard on yourself. That’s my tip to you. – The distance between me and Porfo is seven feet and seven inches. – The distance between Julia and Porfo is seven feet seven inches. Guys, we’ve made a beautiful
home and garden for ourselves. – [Announcer] We sure
have, and before we go, an important announcement from production. The Drawfee Variety Hour
is exactly one hour! (cheering) – We did it! – [Announcer] Whosever said otherwise, clearly needs to go back and see that we’ve always been
exactly one hour long, just like this one is. – I can’t believe we’ve actually done it! – Wow! – Wow. – We always can do it.
– Shut down the show! – We gotta end it right now.
– That’s it. – We gotta end it right now.
– We gotta go! – We’re sorry! – Sorry! – We are – [All] Sorry! (upbeat music) – 11 feet (mumbles). It’s 13 feet now. – I did it. (woman laughing)

100 thoughts on “Home and Garden Drawing Challenge – The Drawfee Variety Hour

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