HOLIDAY CARD #2: EASY Watercolor Christmas Cards Tutorial for BEGINNERS (Painting Snowflakes)

HOLIDAY CARD #2: EASY Watercolor Christmas Cards Tutorial for BEGINNERS (Painting Snowflakes)

Hello my lovelies! It’s Oana here.
Welcome back to my channel! Today I’m going to show you how to paint
this snowflake Christmas card using watercolor and masking fluid. That’s all
you need. If this is your first time on my channel, Hi, How are you? I hope you’re having a great day! If you could please hit the SUBSCRIBE button down below I
would greatly appreciate it, and if you’re someone who joined me and my watercolor journey for a while now, Welcome Back, and please make sure that you have your notifications turned on by clicking the bell icon. So, as you can see after I did the sketch I started to apply the masking fluid, and for this I
am using my Pebeo drawing gum pen, which is my favorite way to apply masking fluid. You can also use your masking fluid from a bottle but try to use a
small and thin brush when you apply it on your snowflakes. And if you’re
wondering how I’ve drawn the snowflakes… Well, I used pictures that I found on
Pinterest and just drew them. Oh and I used a ruller so I can have straight lines. That helped a lot. Now let’s apply the color. I mixed my
Prussian blue with just a little bit of water because I wanted a darker blue
color, and I wanted to mix up the color right on the paper. I’ll be adding more
water in some areas just to light up the color and in other areas I’ll add more
blue to make it even darker. I’m adding the darker blue in areas where the
snowflakes are because I want a greater contrast when I’ll be peeling off the
masking fluid. And for an even better effect I’m adding
a dark paine’s gray, almost black, on the margins of the painting. And here comes the best effect ever.
Sprinkling salt over my wet painting. This will give the painting a great
effect, almost like foggy little snowflakes floating around the bigger
ones. After you will put the salt over your wet painting, let it dry. I just let
it dry a little bit and then I used my hairdryer to fasten up the drying
process. And then remove the salt from your watercolor paper, from your painting.
And here comes one of the most amazing things to watch on an ART Channel! Yes
the peeling of the tape. Now let’s not forget about the
snowflakes. I’m peeling off the masking fluid using my hands and sometimes my
eraser. Isn’t this so satisfying? It’s like magic!
L ook how the snowflakes just appear out of nowhere! Also if you want to see
more of the behind the scenes of my art journey please follow me on Instagram. I
share more of my life as an artist on my Insta stories. So keep an eye open there. And don’t forget to like this video. I
would really appreciate it. Now because I want an even bigger
contrast to my snowflakes, I decided to add a shadow to them. For that I’m using
my son’s blue sharpie, because I don’t have one. And don’t worry. I gave it back
to him after I finished my painting. With this final touch, the Christmas card will be finished now. If you liked my watercolour snowflakes Christmas cards
tutorial and are interested in learning more about my watercolor
journey, make sure to hit the notification bell, because I’m going to
plan my December bullet journal spread using my watercolors. So if you want to
see that, make sure to hit the notification bell so you don’t miss that
video. In the meantime, while you wait for my
December Plan With Me video, make sure to also check these two videos that I have
right here as well. I promise they won’t disappoint. As always guys, I appreciate
you so much. Thank you for watching. I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see
you in the next one.Byeee!

15 thoughts on “HOLIDAY CARD #2: EASY Watercolor Christmas Cards Tutorial for BEGINNERS (Painting Snowflakes)

  1. Welcome to another watercolor Christmas video. This the second holiday / festive diy card tutorial in my watercolor Christmas cards series.

    I really hope you like it. And please tell me what other designs you want me to do on the next Christmas card designs.

  2. I have always had a hit and miss experiences with masking fluids. I have found that the better quality the paper the better my results. I still have never had 100% success. I do so enjoy watching your videos, your such a talented artist! You have such a lovely manner and wonderful ideas too! Thank You Oana! Wonderful winter cards/paintings!!!

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