Hogwarts Castle  Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners Angelooney

Hogwarts Castle Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners Angelooney

[opening credits begin] *Cinnamon: Hey YouTube! Good afternoon! It’s Cinnamon Cooney, your art sherpa, and congratulations on the best castle day ever. Today is a collaboration day. I’m collaborating with Angela Anderson and the Frugal Crafter, Lindsay. So you know you had a good day. I’m the last leg of your castle journey. Are ya feeling like you just had every one of your castle dreams realized? I’m pretty excited. On the mic today is my husband, John. *John: Hi guys. *Cinnamon: Today I’m gonna be showing you how to paint Hogwarts Wizarding school. At night. And we even have an adventure going down in the bottom. Little questers. There’s a little story happening in our painting. I’m gonna show you every step of the process of how this is constructed so you can paint this at home. And if you check the floating iCard… That’s the little -i- that floats in the corner of your screen, and also in the description below, is links to my collaborators castle. Angela did an incredible fairytale and Lindsay did a beautiful kind of french countryside with flowers and daffodils. In watercolor. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So, pretty much whatever you’re looking for, we’re the source. The source of all the art. How you guys doing today? *John: Oh, so good! *Cinnamon: I’m gonna get my little Hedwig mug up here. *John: Ooh! You’re all- You came all kitted out today, didn’t you? *Cinnamon: I did. Yeah. No! Not a muggle! Clearly… Muggle! Please! I’m completely a member of the Weasley family. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: We all know it. We all know it! I like muggles. [Cinnamon laughs] Just not one of them. *John: Well, I’m ready for this today. *Cinnamon: Are you ready? *John: This is awesome. Yeah. *Cinnamon: So listen. Even if you don’t draw never stress on any of my lessons, cause there’s traceables. Those can be found in the links below at theartsherpa dot com. *John: Oh yeah? *Cinnamon: Yeah! We keep them up there. They’re free. You can just go get them. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Whenever you need them *John: Yep. There’s- *Cinnamon: Don’t let John be your thing. Guess what time it is! *John: What time is it? *Cinnamon: Wishing time! And since this is a magical collab, all our wishes will come true, right? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: That’s the theory. *John: I think that’s very very much the theory. *Cinnamon: We like to put wishes on our canvas and then paint over them and send that good positivity into the universe. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Like ya do. And I have one up already. Healing for Amanda’s hand. *John: Oh, yes. *Cinnamon: I saw this in one of my groups and I just thought, this isn’t one she asked for, I just felt like putting it out there, cause I was like, Ohhh!! Your poor hand!!! [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: So I did that. *John: So we had a wish from Ethel. *Cinnamon: Hi Ethel! *John: She had a wish for- For- That Cinnamon has the strength to persevere to help us draw faces. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: Because we all love doing them, and they feel like it’s a long journey, so they- *Cinnamon: Oh Ethel! *John: They want to wish you strength. *Cinnamon: I have all the strength. I’m gonna get this entire community to realism. They’re not even gonna know how it happened to them. You know. I’m gonna blow everybody’s mind. *John: We’re gonna wish Marylin to have a successful fiftieth birthday party. *Cinnamon: Oh, YES! *John: And for all the big fifty, five oh, birthday parties that are coming up out there, and for those who recently celebrated them, awesome! Art high fives! That’s a- That’s a big thing. *Cinnamon: Oh! Angela Anderson’s dad’s birthday! *John: Mm-hmm. And other birthdays that are coming up we’re gonna give- *Cinnamon: Is this weekend, so happy birthday to all that! Who else’s birthday do we have? *John: I think Chrissy’s mom’s birthday is also this weekend, and we got a bunch of other birthdays. *Cinnamon: Yeah. There’s so many birthdays. *John: I’m gonna see if I can pull up the birthday list up here. I got our wishes list up here. *Cinnamon: Ah. Well wishes is good too. I’m gessoing over this canvas with black gesso, so I can just wish it up. Let’s wish for love and peace around the world. *John: Yeah, absolutely, and we’re gonna give Hannah some love. Wish for healing powers for her. For her and her family, there. That’s great. *Cinnamon: I love it! And how about we wish that everybody who does this painting has a great painting experience. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: That you guys just have the best time. That’s my wish for you, when you do this painting. Is that you just have fun, enjoy, and enjoy every part of it. I’m gonna give some hearts there. Yeah, something for the- If you guys are wondering what I’m drawing on, this is water color pencil, and I’m gessoing over this with black gesso, so this just really goes right away. Into the- Into the paint, and into the universe and makes the world just a little brighter, in my opinion. I have an eleven by fourteen canvas. *John: Mm-hmm. Oh, I just gotta say, we have SO many wishes coming in here. SO many lightkeepers with us. I just wanted to say thank you to all of them cause they’re definitely- Our community’s there capturing those wishes and putting them on the canvases. And we thank you guys so much for that help. *Cinnamon: And you can take someone else’s wish and put them on the canvas. Absolutely. *John: Absolutely. *Cinnamon: If we have any last minute ones I gotta get them on now before I gesso over them. *John: How about, ah, we have one for…. For successful surgery. *Cinnamon: Yes. *John: There’s several for successful surgeries. *Cinnamon: Everybody gets- Gets good doctors and gets successful surgeries. *John: Mm-hmm. Oh, several of those. And wish for all of those people in England and London, who need love. *Cinnamon: Yes, tons of love still going out to London, and really the whole world. Listen world-
*John: The whole world, yeah. *Cinnamon: Stop doing that nonsense! It doesn’t help! *John: Nope. *Cinnamon: It makes no point. *John: So, thank you guys. *Cinnamon: Make some art. People will hear you better. *John: So what do we have today? What are our materials? *Cinnamon: Today I have an 11 x 14 canvas board. These are boards that are ready to paint on. You can hang them on the wall, you can frame them like usual. They’re not like better or- They’re just different than a canvas, but they’re equally good to paint on. Gessoed, ready to paint, but we’re gonna gesso over it, so. I have palette paper to mix my paint on. Today my colors are Titanium white. Prussian Blue. If you don’t have Prussian blue, you can mix a little black into your phthalo blue to get a similar effect, so don’t feel like you can’t do this project. *John: I forgot. Could you look up at the camera. I keep forgetting to tell you that I turned the camera around. So if you see over there, you can turn your paint over for everybody. I had it upside down. Sorry about that. So it’s all right side up now! There we go! [both laugh] *John: Sorry. *Cinnamon: I keep doing that. *John: I think it’s my fault. *Cinnamon: Ah, I’m sure it’s mine. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: I’m just guessing, but you’re being sweet. [both chuckling] *Cinnamon: So, Titanium White, the Prussian Blue, which you can do phthalo blue and black if you need. Dioxazine Purple, but really any purple that you have. Cad Yellow Medium. A good place to save money is hue, but you know Hansa Yellow works, a lot of other yellows will work here. So don’t feel like you’re stuck, and of course, as always, hue works. Cadmium red light. But you know, Naphthol Red Light will work here. And of course if you just really really have money, you can do Pyrrole Red. *John: Hmm. *Cinnamon: You know if you just wanna be like I’m sorry, I’m doing Ferrari red today. I’m also using Acrylic Glazing Liquid, in gloss. I love this stuff. Um, that’s why I talk about it. It slows down the drying time of my paint and allows me to tint or glaze. Very cool stuff. I have black gesso, black colored gesso. Now, I’m gonna use the gesso because it’s gonna give me enough tooth to do my transfer of my tracing. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: For the drawing. *John: What do you mean, tooth? *Cinnamon: It’s got the chalk in it so it’ll pick up the carbon. Or in this particular case, the white pastel chalk. It’s on the back f my tracing paper. And so that’s why I’m using it, and it’s nice and matte, and I’ll use it for the black in this painting. So that’s the first thing that I’m gonna put out, is my gesso. I need to get another tub of this. I’m not overall a fan of this company’s gesso necessarily all the time but I love the black gesso ok. Feeling that I have. And you can see like, I’m at the end of my gesso. *John: Yeah. Towards the end. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna have to store it upside down while we’re painting so the next time I try to squeeze it out there’s something there. I’m just saying! *John: Is that the official way you’re supposed to clean that, with your pencil there? Just kind of poking it in there and…? *Cinnamon: Um… [laughs] *John: I’m just… *Cinnamon: Did you see that? *John: Oh yeah, we all were watching! *Cinnamon: Officially, no. But, I mean, it works. I just… Stab it in there and get it open and then- [John laughing] *Cinnamon: Wipe it off because I don’t properly care for my tubes of paints. So I have to do all kinds of things. [John continues laughing] *Cinnamon: I have all kinds of hacks. I have a one inch stiff white nylon. Right? Brush, and this is nice and stiff, it’s firm and it doesn’t pull in too much water so like when I touch it you can see my hand isn’t just sopping wet. *John: Now, if you don’t have black gesso…? *Cinnamon: Black paint. *John: You just use black paint? *Cinnamon: Yeah, and they sell black canvases. Really cheap. Often on sale at the art supply store. *John: Ah. Oh, good. *Cinnamon: And that gesso, those canvases, are beautiful, even if it’s some line you may not have liked before, interestingly enough, the black gessos are generally better. *John: Cause those are a smaller run boutique. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: And they tend to be done a little more focused *Cinnamon: Yeah. Care or something. And they don’t get the weird coatings on them that say, I know I’m supposed to be for painting but today, I say no. I’m also finding I’m having less trouble with that on the canvas board. Cause the canvas boards take the paint easier. Things you learn… So, better storage. Take the paint easier. More economical. If I’m painting a lot, sometimes that’s a good choice for me. Right? *John: Canvas boards are nice cause they’re easier to store. *Cinnamon: Yes, super easy to store, and they’re really economical. You can really upgrade your canvas boards sometimes where you might not be able to upgrade your canvas. And cost. It’s an interesting thing. *John: Isn’t gesso harder on your brush? *Cinnamon: Yes! *John: Now why is that? *Cinnamon: Cause it’s got all that chalk in it. It’s got grit, and grit in general…. So, um… Watercolors, when they come into acrylic, are always traumatized. I’m saying this cause I know we have a lot of Lindsay’s viewers today. Are traumatized by the damage this medium does to their brushes. Right? Cause you know as a water-colorist you could drop four hundred dollars on a brush, and probably gift it to your great grandchild and it still would be like when it was made. *John Right. Cause it’s such a gentle media. *Cinnamon: It’s a gentle medium and it’s not damaging to the materials. Acrylic is. The tooth of the canvas, the acrylic paint itself. The gessos, all of that, wear out the brush, which is why I like to find that balance of getting a really great brush. Right? But I wouldn’t necessarily spend you know, five hundred dollars on one. You know. Just wouldn’t do it. You could do it as an oil painter. Not as an acrylic painter. You gotta find those balances in acrylic. We’re rebels. [both chuckle] So like this brush here. This is super economical. RIght? But even my very best background brush, which is my two inch bulletin cutter, it’s’ not that bad. And I mean, it’s a best dressed, fully hog interlace brush. *John: Right! *Cinnamon: Right? It’s like it comes to do the full deal. It does not play! *John: What’s that mean? It’s a Jedi brush! *Cinnamon: It’s a Jedi brush, man! And I love it. But, you know, the thing they both have in common is I recognize they’re gonna have a particular life span. In my acrylic paint. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: And, you know, I keep that in mind. I’m gonna sip my coffee. Cause you know what I need more to day is coffee! *John: Oh, it’s so nice! I have tea myself. I am having tea. Today. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna have one more sip. *John” Oh my gosh, everyone! It’s so nice to see everybody here. I just wanted to say Hello! Hello fellow artists. Madame M and Maddie and Lila. And Kellie and Denise and all of our community out here today. OH! And I see the Frugal Crafter! [Cinnamon gasps] *John: And I see- *Cinnamon: (whispers) Lindsay! Loved your painting! *John: [chuckles] I also see Angela’s here. *Cinnamon: Angela? Ok, so Angela’s like here, she’s like here remotely. She’s like so Savvy. *John: Yes, she’s here. Everyone’s here. All of our friends. *Cinnamon: — You’re painting too! *John: All of our moderators here. Hi, everybody! Thank you guys for coming and hanging out. So nice to see you guys! So. Thank you so much. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna dry my painting now. *John: Oh, Now. So now that we’re done saying hello, see now she’s gonna- See, she does this on purpose. She leaves me out here to… To, like…. Go, Hi guys! I’m all alone and I’ve already said all the things that I need to say to you. And… You know, but- Gosh, thank you for coming and hanging out. We really do appreciate it. It’s been a really nice day where it’s a nice Friday afternoon where we get together and just do some painting. And, you know… I don’t know what to say other than… There’s a smile on my face. Hope you can hear it. I enjoy having you guys here. Don’t forget to do the like, comment, subscribe share. Um… Remember we have the wishes forum that you can go out to and you can leave wishes there for future shows. Ahh…. You can find…. Our chat! Where you can find everybody else at. You can find information about Big Art Quest. And all those other things. Don’t forget to go out and check out… You know, if you just come here late today, don’t forget to go check out Lindsay’s and Angela’s shows from earlier today. Umm… You know, they broadcast before us, so if you’re coming in late, don’t forget those will be available on VOD. And of course we’ll have links in the description and iCards and all of those magical places. You know. That we do have all those things. So, uh…. Thank you guys for all coming and, you know, we really love and appreciate seeing you guys here. So. Ta da! Look! I- That was perfect timing. It was almost like we rehearsed that. *Cinnamon: It is like we rehearsed it, totally. So you might have noticed as I dried this, it went very matte. The pigment that they use in the black gesso is the pigment that you see in Mars Black. Which is….. Hopefully they have it listed on here. They don’t always on gesso’s give you the pigment number. And they have chosen not to do that. But I know it is Mars Black. So… HA! [chuckles] If you needed to know that. *John: Ok. So you’ve got some paper there. *Cinnamon: I do. This is my tracing. This is the original drawing. That I created. For this. I sketched out my design when I knew what I kinda wanted. *John: You sketcheded it out. *Cinnamon: I sketcheded out. And then when I was really happy with what I had done… This was actually really challenging for me. I’ve been asked for Hogwarts for a really long time. *John: Now, this is available as a traceable. *Cinnamon: This is available as a traceable. We take this and then I make a black line version of it. Or sometimes community members donate a traceable, which is always really lovely. You’ll see that sometimes too. And we make a black lined version of it and upload it to the internet where you can print it out yourself. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And transfer it to paper. One of the questions that I get as I’m gonna…. You see I’ve taped it on here. On the back here, do you see this kind of like- Scuffing? *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: It’s chalk. White chalk, because what’s gonna transfer onto black paper? *John: So how did you get your chalk to be sharpened like that? *Cinnamon: How did I get my chalk- I put it in the sharpener! I sharpened it in my sharpener. *John: Just as your pencil sharpening. *Cinnamon: I just put it in my pencil shar- It’s not good for your pencil sharpener but you can see I do it. *John: Oh nice. That’s how you get your nice little point. *Cinnamon: Yeah. I’m- I’ll sharpen an eraser. I’ll sharpen all kinds of things. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: So you get that transferred in there and then we’re gonna have to do some dancing. I’m just letting you know. *Cinnamon: Ok! So one of the things, umm…. What was I saying? I was saying something interesting. Oh! So, I get asked a lot about these transfers, is how do I get this transferred on my canvas? You know, obviously you do the rubbing and you follow the lines. I’ve got a hard pencil here. I wouldn’t want to use something soft cause it wouldn’t press the chalk into my canvas. Right? Tape it down. All that. If you can’t get an eleven by fourteen print out, the aspect ratio would be nine by twelve canvas, which is really easy to get. Just the painting would be a little bit smaller. So if I had a sixteen by twenty, it’s be an eight by teen. If I had an eleven by fourteen, it’s a nine by twelve. Oooh! That’s interesting. Isn’t it? *John: You’re playing maths with me and I can’t do that. *Cinnamon: Yeah. It’s art math. This is what they don’t tell you in art school, is that there’ll be math. Cause if they told you, you’d run away screaming. There’s actually quite a lot of math in art school. *John: Noooo!!! *Cinnamon: If you’re a little brush, I’m so sorry to break your heart. *John: Although there’s good chemistry stuff, too. *Cinnamon: There’s good chem- There’s fun stuff in art school. Sometimes there’s even FIRE! *John: If you like chemistry, and you like baking, then you will like pottery. *Cinnamon: Yes! Yes. Or glass blowing. *John: Or glass blowing. Which involves fire. *Cinnamon: I love my little boat down here, with my two little adventurers. It’s sailing off into some adventure they’re gonna…. *John: What are they doing? They’re like waving. *Cinnamon: No no. There’s a little cape. There’s the red cape waving off. And there’s the front, so pair of friends. From Hogwart’s Wizarding School. Maybe this is an adventure we heard about. Right? This might not be an adventure that we know about. But it’s happening. Right. We all know about the famous, you know, boy who lived, but…. There’s other wizards. Seems to me pretty much it’s always adventure for everybody all the time, otherwise why be a wizard? [John chuckles] *John: I would be all wizarding out, man. *Cinnamon: I would be too! I’d be like… I’d be so hard to contain. *John: Oh! You know, we can’t talk about…. The other show, though. *Cinnamon: What other show? *John: The Magicians, cause there’s too many spoilers to have happen there. *Cinnamon: Yeah. No. But we’re all pretty much up on Potter. *John: Yeah, we’re all up on Potter, so… *Cinnamon: So I’m excited! And it’s been a fun day watching everybody else’s collaboration. Everybody else’s castle. I love watch Angela did. It was such a beautiful fantasy fairy tale castle. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: It reminded me of gorgeous German castles. I love what Lindsay did. Also because she did watercolor, which I was really hoping she would do. Because sometimes… One of my number one questions is like, how is watercolor different then acrylic? And she covered a lot of that in this. In her thing. Which I appreciated. *John: Mmmm. I like your little castle embattlements there. *Cinnamon: Yeah, I’m adding the embattlements. Not like accurately or anything. *John: You’re just giving the emotional sense. *Cinnamon: I am not a good architect. Actually earlier today I was commenting that Lindsay was like, was a good architectural painter. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: Cause she is, and that, you know, everybody has like stuff in their art that they do well. But I rock eyes, so, you know, we all got stuff. Everyone’s gonna love the eyes from Big Art Quest. They’re gonna go bananas. *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: Bananas! Putting in these little weird spires. I had to look at SO many screen shots of the castle from so many angles. It’s a really complicated castle. And I wanted to create something that everybody could paint easily. Right? But that was an accurate silhouette. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: You know, it was quite a thing to try to figure out this particular view. *John: It’s sort of a silhouette plus plus. *Cinnamon: Plus plus! *John: It’s got, you like, get bonus layers of silhouette. *Cinnamon: Yes. Well, what it is is a night painting, which is some of my very favorite painting. Especially from the Dutch. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: It’s a weird factoid about me you might not know. So make sure that this line right here…. When you’re tracing it in, is as level as it can be. *John: Cause that’s the water line, right? *Cinnamon: You didn’t even know. Did you? That it was gonna be this cool. *John: I- Well, maybe…. *Cinnamon: You’ve been here a minute. You know. *John: I thought it would be cool. *Cinnamon: If something didn’t transfer over, whatever, I have a white chalk pencil here to sort of just sketch it in, and I can… You know, if you use a colored pencil on your tracing, sometimes it can be easier. To know. What you’ve managed to capture, and what you’ve missed. *John: So, I had warned you there that you were gonna have to do some dancing there, you know. *Cinnamon: Oh, did you? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: What dancing? I don’t know about no dancing! *John: We just got like a whole group here. We got over 430 people here with us. They’re all with us celebrating. *Cinnamon: Oh my gosh, so many wizards! Let’s dance, wizards! *John: They just wanted to come in. *Cinnamon: Let’s get our robes on and give it a go! [music playing] *John: So all of you guys at home, whenever we break 300, we like to say, “We are Sherpa!” And we’re way over that today! So thank you guys all for coming and joining us. You know…. It’s always just so much fun. You know, having you all together. *Cinnamon: Everytime you play this, I think you’re Rick Rollin’ everyone. [John laughs] *John: No. No, not today. *Cinnamon: You need that clip. *John: I do, I do. But you know, if you’re at home and you can get up, wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes. Celebrate with us that you’re alive. Remember to dance. And we’re just happy to be here with you. Happy to celebrate today with you. Happy to paint with you. So, thank you guys for joining us. We’ll get on to some painting fun. *Cinnamon: What’s that? *John: Painting! You’re gonna do- *Cinnamon: No, I’m not gonna do no painting. *John: No?!?! *Cinnamon: So this is Prussian Blue. This is hue. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: That’s be- Sometimes you can get the real pigment in a paint in acrylic, and sometimes you can’t. It depends on expense of the materials. If the process is still, you know, achievable. Like Indian Yellow. There’s not really enough buffalo. To collect enough buffalo pee. [John laughs] *Cinnamon: To work that out. So that’s pretty much always hue. They don’t even say hue anymore. It’s just assumed. *John: Dude! What are you doing?!? I’m making paint, man… [Cinnamon laughs] *John: Leave me alone… [laughs] *Cinnamon: That’s some real right there. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: That’s some- I gotta get some white. Look at me! Squeezin’ out the last of the tube of titanium white. *John: So how many hoots is this painting? *Cinnamon: This is like a hoot! *John: A hoot? *Cinnamon: This is a hoot. *John: A hoot. *Cinnamon: The other thing you may want to make sure you have is fluid paint, and… A toothbrush. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: Cause for stars. That’ll make your starwork easier. Make your stars easier. That’s part of my galactic set that’s coming up. *John: So you’re putting some- What is that, out? You’re putting out right there- *Cinnamon: My acrylic glazing liquid gloss. This just got a rebrand so the bottling looks a little different. *John: Now if…. *Cinnamon: I love it! Look at it! Yes! *John: Now, your hoot scale, is a one to three hoot scale. *Cinnamon: Yep. *John: Right, and one hoot is really if you’ve never painted before. Right? You just try it out, man. You can do it. *Cinnamon: You’re just not really sure how to get that stuff on this thing to that thing. [chuckles] But that’s where you are if you’re like, this thing…. Brush! *John: Brush! *Cinnamon: This stuff- Paint! Maybe that thing! *John: Yup. Canvas. *Cinnamon: Canvas. *John: Good place to start. *Cinnamon: Good place to start. So, that’s really what the hoot scale’s about. And if you’re there, like, man it’s been a long time since I’ve done any of this. This is a really good painting. This’ll be fun! *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So, I’m gonna pull out a little of my pure prussian. It’s a pure prussian, man! *John: Pure prussian… *Cinnamon: And I’m gonna come here and lay this right on my black canvas. *John: Now if you don’t have pure prussian, what could you substitute that with? *Cinnamon: Uh, dio- Phthalo Blue. And a little black. *John: Oh! Ok. Phthalo blue and a little black. *Cinnamon: Indigo might be interesting too. Yeah. *John: Look what I got there! Got picture in picture! *Cinnamon: So, it’s really about- Because this is a limited color palette, and it’s a nighttime painting, so really, essentially, this is what we call in art, a tonal painting. It’s more about values. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And where the light is. So not as important on the colors. *John: That’s good to know. *Cinnamon: Not as important. I don’t know that I would do a cerulean blue. That seems like that would be a little bit chipper. [John chuckles] *John: A little intense in the sky? *Cinnamon: A little intense in the sky! So as I’m painting, my chalk lines will naturally go away. They’ll naturally go away. I’m not even gonna worry about taking this color all the way up. Necessarily. I’m gonna paint very carefully around my castle. [hums to herself] And I’m using the edge of my brush. This is a number eight bright. You can always tell. There’s the number. That’s the type. It’s a bright. This one is by Bristlon. This brush has a tremendous amount of what we call authority. Right. Think of Cartman. Just trust, this brush tells the canvas, “Respect my authoritay!” And basically what that means is it pushes the heavy body paint around like it’s nothing! *John: Ohhh, yeah. *Cinnamon: Doesn’t make me work for it. Doesn’t make me beg. Just treats me well. *John: It just puts the paint on the canvas. *Cinnamon: Just gets it on there! *John: And for acrylic, you kinda need that. *Cinnamon: You need a synthetic bristle. That’s firm. You want a seated- This part should be firm, right? You want a nice coating on here that doesn’t pop if you accidentally leave it in water. *John: Mm-hmmm. *Cinnamon: You want a firm filament and I like brights because they’re a short length out from the ferrule, and square, which gives me a lot of control over what I’m doing. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Now on the canvas, I’m kind of a controlling person. Not really in life, but here I like to be in charge. I have children already, so… I have about as many humbling experiences in a day as I need. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: Covered there! So, you know, when you’re first looking at this, it feels like, oh my gosh! I just didn’t do anything. But what’s gonna start to happen is I’m gonna get a smidge of my white out and I’m gonna take it over to my prussian blue. And when I paint it, it’s gonna just pop. Look at that. And I’m brushing that back. Look at this brush stroke. So I’m flicking this back in this sort of fluffy way. The blue paint is underneath it, so where this brush stroke tapers out, right? In the dry brush. It blends right into the blue paint that’s already there. Ahhhhh. [sings] I laid the best laid plans… [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: [sings] Mice and men. Because this is gonna be stars up here, I want this area to be blended. But it’s still gotta go quite deep. Quite deep. So see how I’m flicking this out here? This is the cloud that the moon is peeking through. Isn’t that nice? *John: Now, Vicki was asking, you know, if… You had been using your brush and you had knocked the- You got the ferrule loose a little bit, is there a way you can tighten that back up? *Cinnamon: Yes, you can tighten your ferrule back up. If you have a really good paint- I mean brush company. Chances are they’ll take it back, too. *John: Hmm. But yeah, you can- I have re-glued a ferrule down. It’s happened. Like if it’s a brush I can’t get again or, you know, sometimes it’s a company that’s like, ah! I don’t really feel like…. Replacing your brush. You’re like sitting there going, “HEY!” Right, real quick. Real quick. I’m going to rinse out my brush and come over and get some dioxazine purple and take it over to my prussian. Prussian blue. Little glazing liquid. And I’m gonna come here and I’m gonna add some of this sort of galactic sky. It’s subtle but it’s stunning. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And you wanna- I don’t know if our camera can see it today. Can it see it, guys? *John: Yeah. I think we can see it pretty good. I’ve been trying to keep things pretty adjusted here. *Cinnamon: Yeah. I warn John, cause whenever I do these dark paintings… Another thing that you can do is you can scumble with your brush a little bit. Kinda take this around and… *John: Oh yeah! *Cinnamon: Make this a little uneven. The trick with…. Any sort of clouds, and that’s why actually I had you guys trace this in, is create these uneven lines. That’s what you’re looking to do. Now I’m gonna take this purple up into my black. *John: Now they want to know where you got your black canvases from. And two, if you are in a country where they don’t have them, what would you suggest they do? *Cinnamon: Well, I didn’t get a black canvas. I had gessoed my canvas black. *John: Oh, well that’s true. *Cinnamon: And you can paint this with black paint. You can just paint your canvas black. *John: So it’s not strictly necessary? *Cinnamon: No! They just happen to have black canvases if you don’t feel like painting them. Some places. Toned canvases are- Are trending right now. I expect to see them. See more and more of them around. So, see I’m just continuing this? Cause I gotta have something for the stars to hang into. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You want to let the stars hang in. Get some just pure purple here. Little interesting when I put it over the black. And I’m painting around my building. Painting around- The edge of this brush helps me work these crazy corners. Shape of the brush is my friend. And the black canvas underneath creates the depth I need for this to feel like a night painting. And any place it gets away from you, you can always go back, interestingly enough, with your black. See? *John: Oh yeah! You just kinda darken it back up a little bit. *Cinnamon: Yeah! Cause gesso does paint into paint, if you need it. *John: Oh nice! *Cinnamon: It is. It’s kinda cool. Now about here, is when I try to flick in my stars. You can get these in in a couple of ways. If you’re very relaxed about things being a little bit out of control. Right, like that doesn’t bug you, my toothbrush technique is fantastic. And then I’m gonna show you a “I’m not relaxed” method. Right? Because sometimes we don’t feel- I’m still like, just purpling up my sky. *John: Ok, cool. *Cinnamon: Is what I’m doing. I’m getting ready to s- Do it, but I want to make sure I have all this as much in there as I want to, so it feels like… You know, like, there’s so few modern city lights out here. We’re really seeing stars. Is what we’re trying to…. Imply. *John: Mmmm. *Cinnamon: Right, so the- And also so that this sky feels a little bit magical, with this purple and blue. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So it’s believable. Now I’m gonna take my toothbrush. And this is my fluid paint. This is the easy method. *John: The easy method. *Cinnamon: You know I like the easy method. By the way…. So I love this stuff. This is Golden Fluid Paint. It’s a soft body paint. You can see it’s kind of like a smooshy plop, like my glazing. Versus my heavy bodied, which holds it’s shape. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: If you didn’t have that… Guess what else is fluid paint? *John: What? *Cinnamon: Craft paint. I love this because the pigment load is high, and when it dries, the white doesn’t fade out on me, and stays very bright. *John: And it doesn’t lift. *Cinnamon: And it doesn’t lift. But craft paint is still acrylic paint. So, you know, respect the budget. I’ve even seen, um… An Artist Loft version of this. So I have this here. I do tend to run my little finger around the brush. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: This is not if you have a beautiful manicure. And I very carefully flick. And I do it at this stage cause I know I’m gonna be painting the rest of the canvas. And any little errant guys that get away, I’ll be painting out. *John: Now, can I comment why I, as a amatuer backyard astronomer love this particular technique? *Cinnamon: I am so interested to know why. *John: Ok. So you know how like naturally there are less stars closer to the horizon than there are farther out, with that technique of spraying, that’s totally the way it works in the sky. Because there’s more ambient light towards the horizon, your eyes can’t see as many stars. So it sees more stars the farther away it is, so I always like this technique done the way you do that cause it looks good. *Cinnamon: I also have here a nail dotting tool. And I’ll dot in my three most prominent stars to say they’ll be here and the kind of gives you an dea. The other way you could do this is you could take a dotting tool. Very easily, and dot in your own stars. You would just have to make sure that you did some of them bigger and smaller. *John: Gotcha. *Cinnamon: Right, and that’s what you would be doing. So either dot them in or spray them in. I’ve seen people do a nice flick on a fan. Wish y’all had my fan brush cause then you could really flick. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: Just saying. *John: Next time. *Cinnamon: Next time! Soon. Soon! Soon, soon, soon. So now I’m going to…. Bring a little of this dark blue here, and I’m going to kind of create another little line. Of secondary little clouds. In the sky. *John: To give some depth to it? *Cinnamon: To give some depth and to enforce them, I’ll pick up a little bit of white. And I’ll just be like, [hums] Ooh do do do do do. See that? *John: Oh, that looks so- *Cinnamon: Second little barrely…. *John: So cloudy. *Cinnamon: So cloudy and magical! It feels like all kinds of things could be popping out of this. *John: It does. *Cinnamon: Have fun with this. *John: You can see a dementor just- BICHOOO! *Cinnamon: Yep. You could! Oh my gosh. You totally know! *John: Or it could be uh…. A…. Oh. What are they called? Patronus! *Cinnamon: Patronuses. I thought about putting a Patronus in. *John: Yeah! I knew the word was gonna come there. *Cinnamon: So I’ve taken a little of my white paint into my prussian blue and I am dusting up a highlight along these clouds. There’s a moon beam that’s gonna be peeking out here. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: And it will illuminate the edges of these clouds. And then the rest of these will be in shadow, so to create that effect, I have to create this shadowing. Then the shading. Now I need the highlights. Isn’t that lovely? *John: They’re illuminated by magic! *Cinnamon: They might be! I’m trying to make this sky feel like this was definitely some undiscovered adventure. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: That, you know, we weren’t aware of, happening. So I’m coming here. Along this edge, with this dark blue. It has a little bit of white in it so you can see it. I’m gonna paint the little edge along here that I… Traced in very carefully. New painters can have a really hard time. See, I’m gonna press my brush in on the corner and push it out. On a lot of brights, on many many brights, this will absolutely, in acrylic, destroy your bright. But these brights won’t. So, it’s that balance. *John: Ruth says she thinks it’s funny that I’m excited about the sky. Her husband loves the skies too. *Cinnamon: Oh, does her? *John: Yeah. You know, and I think that’s- You know, I think there’s a lot of amateur astronomers out there who enjoy paintings of the sky. And, you know…. So I think that these have a nice appeal for…. *Cinnamon: You know, and I think… Yeah. For all of us imaginative people. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Right? Those people who look up and wonder. *John: Yeah. This is a fun and easy way of doing it too, so I like this. *Cinnamon: Super easy, easy way,. It doesn’t mean it’s not a sophisticated technique. It doesn’t even mean it’s that’s not how we would do it. No matter what. It’s just that explaining these steps allows you even if you’re new, to understand how a painting is built. And I’m just taking my darkest prussian blue here, and I’m shadowing in towards the horizon. See how I pulled my darkest color? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Creating an absolute value. Grab some more deep prussian blue to this cloud bank right here, doesn’t it? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And this is- You know, our cameras really can’t do this justice. It’s an interesting thing. *John: That’s because it’s glossy when it’s being laid down. And then it dries matte, so literally it’s like you guys can see is that there’s certain parts of the canvas that are super shiny, and kind of… They get that highlight. But as that goes away, then the camera can see it a little better. *Cinnamon: An interesting thing just happened to me here. A little of my white right there picked into my brush. *John: Oh yeah? *Cinnamon: So how I handled that was I was like, ok, I need white up here on the edge anyways. *John: Oh, ok. Cool. *Cinnamon: So I just went with it. That is maybe probably the biggest difference between having painted a while, and being new. Is whereas if you’re really new, that might give you panic. And me i’m like, ah. I don’t have to go get new white paint. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: It appeals to my…. My need to just not have to be worried about it. So I’m gonna take a little of the white and pull it in here so I can… Put in that little highlight we know we’re gonna have. Right? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: We know we’re gonna have it. So you can see that the shadow’s there. And now it feels like there’s a bank that’s closer to us. And one that’s further away. And I’m gonna come right here and say, “Ooh!” This is a whole nother bank, maybe. And then come along the top of this one. Just making the shapes of these cloud banks is super fun. I’m just using the white paint I have on my canvas and taking advantage of what’s there. And I’m softening my brush stroke, as you can kinda see. Pulling it back, it feathers. You guys remember feathering. Feathering it. So many ways to blend acrylic. Dry brushing, glazing, wet into wet, feathering. All these things. Get the job done. Pulling it back softly. See? The other thing, you can kind of see what’s happening with my glazing medium is it keeps the paint behind it wet enough. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: That I’ve got the time to come in and do a blend because when acrylic paint is dry, you will not be doing any more wet into wet blending. That will not likely be happening. *John: Then you have to do glazes? *Cinnamon: Then you are really down to dry brushing and glazing. I’m gonna make sure that there’s a dark value between this cloud bank. This corner, is what I’m…. Insuring. Just for shape. You know. Like ya do. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Whoop! Hey! *John: Hey! [both laugh] *Cinnamon: There’ll be none of that! None of it! Now, if this were a Hogwarts painting, in my mind, birds would be flying through as I painted it. And as I created it, it would become alive. I’m not saying J.K. Rowling is gonna watch this paint along, I’m just saying if she did, that would be really cool. [Cinnamon chuckles] In my wizarding world, when I paint, what I paint becomes real, like those newspaper articles. But not like a Lovecraft story. That one is not as fun. I am adding a nice little white highlight here. Now I’m gonna do something interesting. All in the center here, and I’m gonna switch to a smaller brush so I have more control over what I’ve got going on. I’m now taking it down to a number six bright. And I’m gonna take a little of my prussian blue. Over to my white. And I’m gonna make a much lighter color. Getting my glazing. And this in here is going to be painted this much lighter color. *John: It’s almost like there’s some daybreak happening in there. *Cinnamon: Well, that’s because I need it to be a little bluer than it is. It’s just what’s happening is is that the moonlight is gonna be shining through. *John: Oh yeah! *Cinnamon: And so this will appear brighter, and so the interior of this has to be kind of a bright color. And then we’re gonna come through and highlight these clouds with a very bright white. Not pure white, but just a much brighter color. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And so when I put the moon light through here it’s gonna pop the whole experience. *John: Magic! *Cinnamon: [sings] It’s magic. And it’s important to, you know, know that you’re doing a trade in magic. *John: I think that everybody who paints does. *Cinnamon: Yeah, I agree. *John: That’s just, like…. I don’t paint, but it’s magic to watch you guys do what you do. And I get to do it every day! So I’m so happy about it. *Cinnamon: In here. That’s happening. When I have that all kind of worked out Right? *John: Uh huh. *Cinnamon: I can come through with a smaller brush. You know me, I love to go through my brush sizes. This is a number two. *John: And, you know, speaking of wizards and sharing and all that I would like for everyone- What are you doing? *Cinnamon: Misting my- My stuff is drying on my really fast. *John: Ok. So I want everyone to share their paintings. I want to see their wizardly painting works. And so, share those up on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and our website. theartsherpa.com You can upload all your pictures there for free. We’d love to see them. Love to share them. Just don’t forget to do that, cause I wanna see them. *Cinnamon: So I’m just coming here with this lovely brush and defining my edge. With the moonlight that is lighting up. Cause I mean this is, you know, mist in the air. And night. So I’m lighting up the mist. As it would if a bright light were illuminating through the edges here. Where the cloud line… Thing would be….. The thinnest. I’m offloading. And reloading a bead on my brush. I think this bank needs a nice little line. Come give this…. Bank a nice little line. Isn’t that fun? That just feels like… I think we’ve all seen this sky, haven’t we? *John: Hi. This is pretty awesome. *Cinnamon: I have seen it. *John: Oh yes. *Cinnamon: In the sky. *John: And it’s alway- You know, I…. You know, I grew up a scout, so I love laying out at night looking up at the…. Evening skies as they change, sort of, when all the clouds would roll by and transform in front of you. So it was never quite the same view, moment to moment. *Cinnamon: There we go. Look at that. So now we have a lovely, lovely, lovely…. Maybe dry brush here. And like right here. I’m gonna focus a little more of this lightness. And a little more here. Cause that’s where the light’s gonna be focused. Focusing a little bit of light here cause we know this moonlight’s coming through here. And this is now a dry brush. See I’m scumbling a dry brush? Scumbling is that my brush is dry and I’m just depositing pigment over a dry canvas, letting the… texture of the canvas catch it. That’s all that’s happening there. Isn’t that lovely? *John: That is! *Cinnamon: I’m enjoying it, and so few colors on this painting and yet it worketh out SOOOO well. Alright. Purple. *John: Purple! Now is this dioxazine? *Cinnamon: This is dioxazine. Now I’m adding a little prussian blue into it. Because I want a continuity through my painting. And I’m gonna come along this little mountain here. I’m gonna paint this distant little hill. *John: The little purple mountain majesty? *Cinnamon: Yeah, I’m gonna give it some purple. My far aways are purple today. They’re purple. Purple, purple. And I’m just roughly painting it down. See I’m letting it…. Hopefully with the wet you can kind of see it. *John: Deep purple. *Cinnamon: I’m letting it just blend into the black. Dry brush into the black. *John: Like smoke on the water deep. *Cinnamon: Smoke on the water. I’m gonna add a little white now. And I’m gonna come along the edge of my mountain. *John: Now how light a pressure? *Cinnamon: And pull this down. *John: When you’re doing that dry brushing, how light a pressure are you using to get…? *Cinnamon: Very light. We used to talk about it in terms of like how lightly would you pet a wet and angry cat? [John laughs] *Cinnamon: Little paint joke. *John: That’s right, I remember. *Cinnamon: How angry is your cat today? [Cinnamon laughs] *John: Wet cat pressure. *Cinnamon: We used to say sunburn but then a whole bunch of the world does not experience sunburns so they were like, I don’t really get your reference. Red head. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: And freckles. [both laughing] *Cinnamon: I’m like, Oh yeah. Maybe you never had a terrible sunburn that just made you think you were gonna die. [Both chuckle] *Cinnamon: So, see I’m just…. Implying that there’s some moonlight coming down here. *John: Lighting that mountain. *Cinnamon: Lighting them up. Lighting that little distant mountain, right? *John: Magic mountain. *Cinnamon: It’s like magic! Maybe I’ll get a little blue and a little white and… *John: Some dwarfs live there. *Cinnamon: And like here. Look at that! Put that back there. I really love this. This is fun for me. *John: That definitely looks like a dwarven mountain. *Cinnamon: Also you guys are gonna love this color combo. Prussian blue and dioxazine purple make the prettiest combo. *John: It really is. *Cinnamon: It’s so cool! *John: I like how it’s like a built in highlight. *Cinnamon: It is. It just makes me all happy inside. We all need to be happy inside, right? *John: Yes. *Cinnamon: My paint is drying out today. *John: If you left all your happy on the outside, that would be like, “MAN!” Can you just pick it up and put it back in? *Cinnamon: A little bit of this here, along the top. And it’ll be the lightest up here. Right? And then let’s say that there’s another slightly lighter… Little hill down here. Maybe. Catching some moonlight. Just brush that down. Let that blend into the black. Look at that. And then I can grab some deep purple. Come along here. And deepen up…. This hill. Could be… Contrast here, right. Isn’t that nice? Now you really feel the shape of it. [sings] I feel the shape of it. Paint out my little chalk line. And if your hill gets too bright, you can come back. With your black gesso. *John: Oh yeah, just add some more layers. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Totally. Totally totally totally. Now, the fun thing here, and I gotta be careful going around my, um… I’m gonna get a little of my blue and a little of my purple and some white. And I’m gonna make… The water. And so I come on the edge of my brush. Following my very horizontal level line. Like ya do. And I’m just gonna go back and forth. Brush is quite dry. *John: Could you….? *Cinnamon: Flicking some highlights. *John: Could you flip the bill on your hat? [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: There we go! *John: Yay!!!! *Cinnamon: I may look really silly now. Nobody make fun of me. *John: Except me. *Cinnamon: Except John. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: It may be a thing. *John: But you’re saying the important part here is level. *Cinnamon: Level is the biggest deal right here. As we’re pulling this little bit of light reflection, and we’ll come back and put it back a bit, and then come- I come at this generally a couple of times. Is what I like to do. Right, I’m just pulling that. I’ll pull some out. Pull some straight out to the left. And blend it back in. It’s super fun. Now I’m gonna get some of my blue, and some of my purple, and maybe some of my glaze. And I’m gonna come here and…. Start… See that? Pulling that in. *John: Oh yeah. Now you’re keeping it darker as it gets closer to the mountain. *Cinnamon: Yes. The mountain would be casting, this one especially is casting a shadow probably, in this water. *John: Oh yeah. That does make sense. So… Yeah. *Cinnamon: And this water would be very dark except where the light would be catching it. I could’ve just left it black, and if we were…. You know…. Just trying to, you know, speed things up. Like… Skip steps, we could do that, but I feel like you will be happier looking at it at home… Making a little… Corridor here. *John: Now, we have a traceable for this up, right? *Cinnamon: Yes! There is a traceable because, you know, here’s the thing. You know, I think anyone can learn to draw. But you may not know how to draw today. And you don’t have to draw to paint. These are just different skills. It’s nice when they go together. They make good buddies. *John: Yes. And you’ll likely develop them…. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: You know, very similar time frames. *Cinnamon: Yeah. But don’t, like, skip a creative moment. Every one of my favorite art teachers has some way of transferring the method on. To paper. *John: Yeah. Lots of painters. *Cinnamon: Or canvas. *John: Lots of painters use projectors or tracing or… Or- Or- Or printing things. All of the above. There’s all different ways of helping that out. *Cinnamon: So I’m just along the water’s edge here. Now I know I’m gonna have a lot of light cast from the castle. Right. So one thing I can do is I can come get a little bit of white. Maybe not with purple. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: I have just enough of my boat here to know where the heck it was. And I’m gonna come along this little edge here. On the edge, edge, edge of my brush. And just lighten my water’s edge a little bit. Because there would be a little light… From the castle. Does that make sense? *John: It does. *Cinnamon: I’m just adding that little bit there. Get a little more white, maybe. Like ya do. Come along here. I zig it. I come back out and zig back. Look at that. That’s how I get a little ripple. [sings] Ripples are lovely. And I know… Off the edge of the boat, I’m gonna tell a ripple story. And I’m doing this now cause the paint’s still wet. And so it’ll pick up a little of what’s there. See? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Now we can kind of see the ripples of the boat. In the water. Like you might want to. And I got a little high with my blue, but that’s no problem because I come back with my…. *John: Oh, your black? *Cinnamon: Yeah. Look at that. It’s like it didn’t even happen. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: Now I get the fun of painting in my castle. So, on the mountains, I’m gonna do this with a bigger number six. I’m gonna take, interestingly enough, a little of my black gesso into my prussian blue, and gray it a bit. Just a bit. It was already grayed but I’m gonna gray it a little bit more. I’m gonna grab some white. Make this sort of rocky, blue highlight. I’m gonna come along the front here. Very lightly. And I’m going to dry brush…. Look at this. My brush is dry. I’m just sort of scratching…. The highlights that the moonlight would pick up. For my tower, I’m gonna come out a little bit. And I zig and zag back. A little of this rocky slope. That’s getting picked up by the moonlight. And then I feel like there’d be another one just coming off here. See? *John: Hmm, yeah. *Cinnamon: These are just the… Highlight bits that are getting picked up. I’m going to get some more white on my brush. And I want a little contrast on the painting, so I’m gonna come along the front. So maybe the moonlight is a little bit starker. On the outer edges. *John: Mmm… *Cinnamon: Just a little bit. See? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: And so even though I have this sort of silhouette, it feels… Not as much, doesn’t it? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Pull a little more blue, but it’s got a hint of white on there. And just make sure… That I’ve scumbled… Into this, because that creates the different little rock surfaces. Weirdly. It does. Right? Look at that! This says, “Oh! I’m a rough cliff!” Look at me go! Isn’t that lovely? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: My castle. Similar deal. Little of my black. Little of my blue. Little white. I’m gonna come here. Now I’ll pull back… This first sort of shadow. This I wanna keep kind of level. Right? I’m gonna pull this back into my castle. And that is like my stonework that you can kind of roughly… See…. On this castle. *John: That makes sense. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna get a little white. Bring it over here so I can lighten stuff up as I need to. But here on this forward facing edge, what’s reflecting on this? *John: Oh yeah. A little bit of light. *Cinnamon: Little bit of light. So I gotta pull that back, don’t I? Where the moonlight would be catching it. *John:Just glinting off the stone. *Cinnamon: Glinting off the stone. And I might come back and… Pull back a little bit there. Look at that. That’s fun stuff. I like it. I like it. Hopefully you like it too. I’m gonna come along this back mountain too. I’m gonna make a nice little line. See this is the- Just imagine this is the building pad. That the wizards created with their wands. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: I’m gonna get some just prussian. Right, cause this side would be a little bit darker, but there’s lighting from above. And from the walkway down. To the boats, which is off, over here. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Yeah, I thought about that a lot. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: You’re like, it seems like she might have thought about this some. Yeah. Yeah, I did. I’m gonna need to put out… *John: What are you doing there? *Cinnamon: Scumbling! *John: You’re just getting some paint off your brush? *Cinnamon: I’m getting some paint off my brush and taking advantage of a moment. *John: You just gotta tell everybody what your doing cause you’re- *Cinnamon: I know. I just had this, like, tic. So what’s going on here. What I’m doing, is I have this paint I gotta get off my brush and I think to myself, why waste this pigment? I need to scumble these rocks anyway. *John: Yeah, you just, like…. *Cinnamon: Scumble, scumble, scumble… *John: Tell the one hooters what we’re doing here. *Cinnamon: I agree, Mr. Cooney. *John: Gotta, gotta like… *Cinnamon: See, John keeps me, like, on point. He’s like, you gotta explain that. That’s crazy! What are you doing?!? I don’t know. Scumbling! *John: There’s some stuff! So I’ve got my brush. I’ll show you again. And I’m just… See, I’m just… Creating a rough brush stroke here. If you don’t like it, if you do it and you don’t like it, guess what you can do? *John: Do it again? *Cinnamon: You can come back with your black. Paint it out. *John: Uh huh. Just add a little black to make it disappear. *Cinnamon: Look at that. And it just suddenly starts to make sense. Maybe I’ll make a little dark shadow here. Getting all Bob up in this place. What we’re doing. Look at that! *John: I like it! *Cinnamon: It feels rocky, doesn’t it? *John: It does. *Cinnamon: It does. And I don’t really have to even rinse my brush off because I was gonna go get black anyways. Like ya do. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna come back here. This can be a little bit darker. But I’m gonna put some blue here cause I know I’ve got some lights that are gonna be shining. Right. Do do do do do……. Little bit happening here. It’s not bright, though. This is still night time. The nice thing about doing, um, complicated architecture at night, is that you don’t have to kill yourself with every element of it. And if you’re new to painting, it can really save you some anxiety. I just added some more prussian blue to sort of darken that. Isn’t that nice? *John: Yeah. I’m gonna get a little of my white. Get a little glop of white right here. And I’m gonna come here. And as vertical as I can be because probably wizards don’t make crooked towers. *John: Well, here they intentionally do. *Cinnamon: I’m pulling back… A little bit of highlight. And then I’ll come up the… *John: If I could make a crooked tower, I would. *Cinnamon: Would you? *John: Yeah. Be all wobbly and crookedy and I would even make it so that it would be… *Cinnamon: I’m gonna wipe off my brush and get some just prussian blue. *John: It would be all teeter-y as you came up it. *Cinnamon: It would? *John: Yeah. As if it were held together by one rope. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna paint the tower behind it this dark color. So they’re both definitively there. *John: I like it. *Cinnamon: But also dark enough to feel like they’re blended in. These guys too. So they’re there. But also painted. See how that’s now… Now it’s in shadow? *John: Hmmm… Yeah. *Cinnamon: That’s gonna be really nice when we blue it up. So I’m gonna come here and I’m gonna do this whole tower right here initially in this blue. There’s a little white on my brush. So it’s not the pure pigment. And I’m going to use the edge of my brush. If ever you’re painting something and you’re like, man! This is really hard to do…. Switch to a smaller brush. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna take that blue in. Down. Down the highlight. Look at that. Comes down the highlight. I’ve still got that highlight there and now I’ve got this, like, blue rock. Isn’t that nice? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch. You also have to go [scrah-scrah-scrrrr-scrrrr….] Whatever. [both laugh] *Cinnamon: You wanna do is ok. [both continue laughing] *Cinnamon: I’ve got some pure blue and I’m just dry brushing this darker darker blue. But interestingly enough, I know later I’m gonna light, um, a light. *John: Uh-huh. *Cinnamon: So it’s ok if you want to, right around the front of this tower, to create a little bit of a highlight coming up in the castle for when we put this spotlight right there. *John: Now, Joe was saying he’s just amazed at how much we’re doing with just these four colors. *Cinnamon: Isn’t that fun? *John: You’re getting a lot of… *Cinnamon: Oh yeah. *John: A lot of painting here. *Cinnamon: Yeah! Super fun stuff. Now I’m gonna get to a smaller brush because frankly I know I’m gonna start having some trouble. So I’m gonna switch down to a number two. But I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing. I’m not, essentially, changing this. So I’m gonna paint in my little tower here with my blue and…. Black and white. Catching the front of it. Right? Let’s get some more…. Blue. Maybe a little black. A little bit. but we still want it to be blue. And grab some white. My white’s gotta be skinning so bad by now. Skinning in acrylic paint is when the paint is starting to cure, cause you’re- It’s hot and dry. *John: And exposed to air. *Cinnamon: Yeah. Exposed to dry air. I’m gonna come here and I’m gonna use the shape of this brush to help make my embattlements. *John: It’s got a real sharp edge. *Cinnamon: It has a very sharp edge. And so this little guys is doing the work for me. One of the things artists like to do is they like to make their tools do all of the work. Like house elves. [John chuckles] There’s my daughter in the background. *John: Home from school. *Cinnamon: Home from school. She gets early release on Friday’s. It’s a little privilege of her AP life. There’s gotta be a benefit for some of it. It certainly comes with a lot of work. And I’m gonna… See? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Trim up to my original line and it creates a nice embattlement, doesn’t it? I’m not an architectural person, but I can fake it. [both chuckle] *Cinnamon: And somebody who’s an architect is like, no you’re not. You’re not faking it! [Cinnamon giggles] *John: You just wanna tell your eye enough of the story so it does the rest, right? *Cinnamon: Yes. That is really my whole jam in painting is I try not to take the privilege of finishing the painting away from the viewer. You’re like, the privilege? I’m gonna grab some black right here. Come around the back here. Around the back side of this front battal- Like, what is that called? You know these… *John: Embattlement. Well, that’s a tower there. Yeah. *Cinnamon: Yeah. And I’m going to just make sure that there’s this shadow. Right there. I wanna make sure that it pops out. *John: Well, I like how…. You know, impressionistic work, like, you know, some dance music makes you wanna dance. Some impressionistic work makes you wanna look at it. *Cinnamon: Yeah. *John: Cause your eye, you wanna finish it. You wanna figure out how those shapes finish things. *Cinnamon: Exactly. And your eye starts to tell you- Your brain is set up to make patterns, so impressionism is based on the idea that the viewers mind is going to finish it anyway. And what I don’t take away from you, you don’t have to correct. That actually creates a more relaxing viewing state for your mind. There you go. See, that one’s distant and far off. Like it is! *John: Like it is.. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna get some more white on this one. Up here I’m gonna do this little wing. *John: Ooh, you have lots of hellos from the Netherlands. *Cinnamon: Hello from the Netherlands! *John: Hello, Netherlands! *Cinnamon: And I’m gonna add another little wing. *John: All of our Dutch friends. *Cinnamon: See? Cause there’s a wing on that castle. *John: It has a wing in it! *Cinnamon: It does! Has a wing! *John: It must be the… That’s so funny, there’s a wing on the castle. *Cinnamon: There’s a wing on the castle! So to create this, I look at a ton of screenshots and then I also looked at the theme park. Cause I was like how did the people at the theme park resolve… Right? What they had to do when they were building what is obviously not gonna be as big as Hogwarts. But still have it feel like Hogwarts to the millions of visitors who come to their theme park. Every year. *John: Adele was saying she feels like she’s gonna have to watch this a thousand times before she can even start doing it. *Cinnamon: Really? *John: Now, do- I don’t think so, though. *Cinnamon: I think it’s actually much more relaxed than you think. I have a darker color. So I’ve got the highlight right here. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: I’m painting a darker color, the darker blue right here, And I’m gonna paint out the stars cause that would confuse you if there were stars in your castle. *John: Oh yeah, you gotta get all that black out. *Cinnamon: Otherwise they’re like wait! What’s happening? *John: You can still see them a little bit in there. *Cinnamon: So I just gotta get them out. See it? Taking them out, and the blue is popping and I’m… Blending the round shape. Like ya do. *John: Like ya do. *Cinnamon: Then I’m gonna get some white. Like ya do! I’m gonna come paint his little fun friend. That’s just sort of there. Leave that in shadow. I’m gonna get some more white. Come along the front edge. And then on this wing, on this outer tip, and down the front edge. Pull that back a bit. Just that highlight. That’s the moonlight, isn’t it? *John: Yeah! *Cinnamon: You gotta get enough contrast so people can see your castle. I’m gonna come along the front edge of this one. Front edge. Fun stuff. *John: And this really is… Anyone who’s just starting can try this out. *Cinnamon: Anyone who’s just starting could try this out. *John: So Adele, don’t be afraid to jump in and try it. *Cinnamon: No. Don’t. I’m taking a high highlight and I’m just pulling it out about an eighth of an inch. *John: You know what the fastest way to get to your second painting is? *Cinnamon: Do your first one! *John: Yep! *Cinnamon: I’m gonna put a little bit right here. And pull it in. I’m gonna make sure that my embattlements are still here. Like ya do. Maybe add a little highlight here so you can kind of see this guy. And then definitely the front of this guy needs a highlight, doesn’t it? *John: Mmm… *Cinnamon: So I’m not gonna rely on just the part where I light the windows to create the shape of the structure. I’m going to create a value study first. Before I light it, and that’s gonna make it feel really together. I have just a little more highlighting to do. I’m loading up my brush. And… The distant towers. Front edge. Pull it back a little bit. Front edge. Pull it back a little bit. Top. Same here. These things are seeing moonlight, right? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: A little bit of moonlight. A little bit of moonlight. That’s very fun stuff. Now. I’m gonna take a little bit of white while it’s- I’m gonna probably put out more. Make sure that behind my boat… I’ve got my little wake, cause that’s gonna be important. And while I’ve got these colors out, cause everything- I’ve got a moonlight to do while I’m still in this color palette. The boat base to do. So I’m gonna take my little… Prussian blue. Purple and… Get some white. I’m gonna come right here. Paint in the side of the boat. Little round side here. Top. I’m gonna get some just deep blue. The back of the boat. Is in shadow. So see how we create that value? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Now I’m gonna get my detail out. It is a really good idea to have a detail brush. This is a three over zero round. It gives me a nice little detail. So I’m gonna get my fluid white paint here and load it up on my brush. Make sure that I paint up… The pole. That’s the boat light pole. I do that really on all my- See how I’m resting my hand? If you’re new at painting. I know my painting’s dry. And this is acrylic, so I’m gonna rest my hand right on it. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: If I was doing anything delicate, I would use a bridge. Just to shout out Lindsay, she’s got a really good video on how to make a bridge. Just saying. So, see? And look at that. That’s a boat! That just happened! Now the front person…. Right? I’m gonna make in a gray. A light, light gray. They’re just a little ball. A little human shape. That’s all they are. The girl or guy in the cloak. I don’t wanna be- I don’t wanna be gender biased. Is coming in a second. I’m gonna take just a little bit of white paint, though. And create a highlight around this silhouette. So you can see the person. Now. Last thing we have to do in this color set… Is pull down… The, uh… One I got that’s clean. Ummm…. Nir nir nir nir nir nir nir. I gotta make some moonlight. Like ya do. And that just means that I need to make some…. Light coming out here. So I’m gonna pull my white paint on my dry brush. And I’m going to make some moon beams. That fan out. From the clouds. See I’m making the moon beams? Making moon beams! *John: Mmm…. *Cinnamon: [sings] Making moon beams, making moon beams. *John: I like- Ooh! So you just went [shwiooh] So you just sort of- You’re using the edge of the brush to create those. *Cinnamon: And I’m using a fan. I’m fanning out the light. *John: From a point source. *Cinnamon: From a point source. *John: Ahhh. *Cinnamon: And then right here…. I might come in here and be like [sings] dir nir nir nir nir no no no no no. So that’s quite bright. Just making sure it’s… Distinctly a bright light that it’s fanning out from. *John: Yes… *Cinnamon: That’s all I gotta do there. Isn’t that nice? *John: That is nice. *Cinnamon: Feels magical, doesn’t it? Alright. So. Those are fanned out. This is laid in. Now it’s fun time. I’m gonna switch out my water. I wanna switch out my water but I made my other water black. Can I get fresh water? *John: Yes, absolutely. Hold on. I will go grab some. *Cinnamon: I’m so sorry! I’m going to enjoy my hot coffee. We’ll make sure- Before I go, I’ll out on some little, you know, stuff, you can *Cinnamon: How are you guys doing? So what I’m hoping is that you’re seeing here that all we’ve really done is do kind of a value study. We found a light source. We’ve highlighted the edges that were nearest the light source. And put in shadow at the edges that were blocked from the light source. That’s all we did. On a “pretend” three dimensional space. Cause we’re just We’re just illusionists. So in this sense I think we are kind of Harry Potter style magicians. In my opinion. That we’re all just a little bit of magic. You know. It is a good time to take your painting and maybe get a photograph of it and look at it on your phone and be like, how is that going? Do I see anything that’s bothering me? Sometimes when your… I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing this and teaching, that when you’re right up on the canvas it can be really challenging to see what’s working and what isn’t working. Because you’re too close to it. You gotta either step back, or hold it up in a mirror, or take a picture on your phone. Mmm. [hums] Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm…. Can’t talk and drink at the same time. And the water got too warm. Yes! Have you ever had that happen when you paint with… Temper- Paint with hot water and you’re like, That can’t be good! For anything going on here. So the rest of the painting I’m gonna be doing in my white. My fluid white. I may put out some fresh cause this is even skinning. You probably won’t need to put out paint as often as I do. Simply because you won’t be working underneath a bank of lights that are cooking you. Just different challenges. *John: Different challenges. *Cinnamon: Now one little thing I’m gonna do here while I can, is I’ve got my chalk pencil. And I’m going to help myself make some straight lines. I’ve got an inexpensive T-square I got at Michael’s. But you’re just looking for any of these little T-squares. Sometimes you can find them in the office supply. They’re just plastic. They’re not… Just to make sure that my lines are verticle. So I’m gonna… Try to bisect my dot in half. And make vertical lines. *John: Ah. *Cinnamon: For my stars. I can get a little, uh…. Sideways. In my practice. [Cinnamon chuckles] So I like my T-square. It gives me a hand. And then it does this cool thing. It’ll give me my cross beam. So I’m trying to do a twinkle star. Twinkle, twinkle little star… I like doing twinkle stars. *John: I like the twinkle stars, too. *Cinnamon: They just make me happy. And I want them to be, like, yellow. They have that yellow color to them. And these guidelines really help me keep my kit together so my twinkles look decent. Otherwise they get like all off kilter. And I’m gonna put in a shooting star. *John: Ooh. They say the owlry is where the wing is. *Cinnamon: I told you there was a wing. *John: Yeah. That makes sense. Yep. *Cinnamon: Thank you. Thank you. *John: And Silvy says that she just discovered you a week ago and has LOVED painting along with you. Just wanted to say thanks so much for putting up all of the art and we want to thank you guys for being here with us, so… *Cinnamon: I appreciate it greatly. And I can’t wait to see everybody’s castle. I wanna see Angela’s castle. I wanna see Lindsay’s castle. I wanna see Hogwarts. We’re gonna just castle up, man. Let’s- *John: What are you doing? *Cinnamon: Huh? *John: What are you doing over there? *Cinnamon: I have taken a little bit of my yellow…. *John: You just went rogue! You- *Cinnamon: I did. I took a little bit of- I’ve got my three over zero detail brush. *John: Uh-huh *Cinnamon: I’m getting a little yellow. And a little white on the tip there. Can you see how it’s just on the tip? *John: I do. *Cinnamon: And I’m gonna make a little dot. *John: Why are we doing a dot over here though? *Cinnamon: Shooting star. *John: Ooh! *Cinnamon: And I’m going to plant my wrist and I’m going to use the arch of my wrist to get that curve. *John: Oh yeah. *Cinnamon: If I were to try to do a curve, I’d be shaking. All the way over here. *John: I totally see how that would- Yeah. *Cinnamon: But I’m just using my physiology. [Cinnamon laughs] *Cinnamon: To make up for my, like, nobody’s going to ask me to be a surgeon. [John chuckles] *Cinnamon: So… You know, I gotta come up with methodology. So by resting and anchoring my wrist…. I’m able to get these curves. *John: Look at that tail going on there. *Cinnamon: In a steady fashion. *John: Looking really cool. *Cinnamon: Right? That’s how I do it. *John: Oh, yeah, I’m with you Kathy. Lots of people are saying they just love this painting. *Cinnamon: I’m so glad. *John: I’m really loving it too. *Cinnamon: I was like hoping everyone would love it. It was an interesting journey to get here. I’m going to… *John: Now you’re back over there to those lines. What are you doing though? *Cinnamon: So I’ve got my lines to help guide me. I’m anchoring my hand off the side of the canvas. *John: Yep. *Cinnamon: And I’m pulling down. *John: This is a…. Really easy there with those little lines. *Cinnamon: It’s super easy. Especially with the help of the lines. These ones I’m gonna make a little bit shorter than the top. The vertical. The horizontal I’m gonna make shorter. And then I’m gonna have little cross lines coming out. Look at that. Little cross lines. *John: Ooh! I like it! *Cinnamon: Twinkle, twinkle little star…. How I wonder what you are… *John: What I really like about this painting- *Cinnamon: Can I get content IDed for that? *John: I don’t know. We’ll find out. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: But what I really like about this painting is it’s such an easy one for a beginner to do both, like, a cool space scene and a castle and really some introduction to some sky stuff. *Cinnamon: Yeah. This is a good beginning galaxy introduction. *John: Yeah! *Cinnamon: Now I’m gonna do the same here. I’m anchoring off the side. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Pulling up. When I do this stroke I lighten my stroke, so that just the tip of the brush is touching the canvas. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: The fluidity of my paint. The fine tip of the brush. And my pressure is how I get lines. There is… Just a process. Some people have such steady hands, and arms and shoulders, they don’t need to anchor. But I am not one of those. It would be like wiggle if I didn’t do that. Pulling down. And I’m gonna give myself some cross beams. Little twinkle out. Twinkle, twinkle. So you know this is a magical night. *John: Oh yes. *Cinnamon: Which is why these adventurers are clearly out. Wait til I put the red cape on. *John: Now you put little circles in the other picture. *Cinnamon: I’m going to. I do that after I get all my hard parts in. *John: Ahh. Ok. *Cinnamon: So now I’m holding this side of my canvas. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: And I am… Still using the edge of the canvas… To steady myself. *John: Ooh. It’s your little brace. *Cinnamon: Yeah. I need it. And I have to tell you, in art… One thing to not buy into is just because one person doesn’t… Need it… Don’t then take it away from yourself. *John: Yeah! Absolutely. That definitely includes like all of the tools to help drawing, and all of the tools to help you, like bridges, and… Any of those painting assistant things. *Cinnamon: Do it! *John: Use them, man. *Cinnamon: Use it! And if anyone ever says to you, “Real artists,” and then they finish the sentence… They go like this, [with a snooty tone] “Real artists…” You have my permission to go….. And leave. *John: Yeah. [Cinnamon laughs] *John: Probably- Well, it’s like… Anything after that pretty much can be written off. *Cinnamon: I have… There have been very few artists that were highly skilled that began a sentence. Not that I’m not saying that it never happens. I’m just saying it’s not common with real artists. *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: So I’ve got my yellow here. *John: Why’d you pick up some yellow there? *Cinnamon: Because I want these stars to be, like, have that, you know, stars have colors. *John: They have some…. That light… *Cinnamon: They do. *John: That glitters to them. *Cinnamon: They have- Well, there’s blue sisters and, you know, sometimes they’re yellow and the light has a cast to it, doesn’t it? *John: Sometimes they’re red. *Cinnamon: Mm-hmm. So these are yellow. The three sisters that are out today are a little bit yellow. And this is their fourth sister. I’m gonna add a little yellow cast. I’m just actually dry brushing over the white. Now I’m gonna grab just a little white on the tip. And add that to the spires going out. *John: Oh wow. *Cinnamon: See that? *John: So there’s a lot of great ideas coming in here. Some people are thinking they might add a flying car. *Cinnamon: Oh yes! Add a- YES! *John: Or maybe like a whomping willow up on the hill. *Cinnamon: Oh, that would be really good. *John: Oh yeah. There’s lots of good ideas. Maybe, you know, some dragons or… *Cinnamon: John, you gave me like two inches of water. [both laugh] *John: You get NO water!!! *Cinnamon: [laughing] What’s going on here? *John: I missed water. *Cinnamon: I just looked over and you- [both laughing] *Cinnamon: You’re rationing me. [both laughing] *John: No water for you! *Cinnamon: This is a number two studio bright. So it’s still a bright. It’s a number two. This is short handle. Short handles will often be smaller even though they say two. So if you were to compare it to a number two in a long handle… Significantly differently sized, aren’t they? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Just something to know. *John: Good to know. *Cinnamon: Good to know! I’m gonna take out a little of my yellow. I’m gonna tint it, tone it, with a little of my red, so it’s just… A bit orange. A little bit warmer. *John: Ooh! Buckbeak. Yeah, that would be good. *Cinnamon: And I’m gonna come under here. And I’m going to…. Pull down… Little… Strokes… At even intervals…. Til the castle would end. *John: Mmm. That’s the lights where they’re inside having a big dinner party. *Cinnamon: They’re feast lights, yeah. *Both: Yeah. *Cinnamon: Now, I could sit there and work out little arches and stuff like that. If I felt like aggravating myself to death. But I don’t! *John: No. *Cinnamon: So I’m not gonna! Now I’m gonna grab a little yellow, and maybe a little red together. I’m gonna come here. In the front, and make a little window right there. *John: Just a little window. *Cinnamon: Yeah. And maybe right here…. I’m gonna add a little window. *John: More little windows. *Cinnamon: Little window. Definitely gonna take a little of my yellow and red and this is interesting what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna come right here. I’m gonna draw a vertical line, and then a horizontal line. To pull out my window. I’m not gonna paint the whole window though. Notice that. Not doing it. Little red. Maybe a little one right here. I’m gonna go… One, two, three on the back tower. Maybe one right there. *John: This castle has lights! *Cinnamon: It does. People are in it. *John: They’re having parties! *Cinnamon: They’re doing stuff. *John: That’s why we have the adventurers on the outside coming in. They’re like, we wanna party! *Cinnamon: That’s right. Well, they’re going out. *John: Oh, they’re going out. *Cinnamon: They’ve snuck out. *John: Ah ha! *Cinnamon: This is their time. They don’t have another time that they can do it. They have to do it now. *John: They have to go! *Cinnamon: They have to go now. I’m gonna get my number two out, long handle. Now I’m gonna take a little of my yellow and some white. Like the heavier body. And in the water here- I need more yellow. I’m gonna add just a little… Light reflection from what is happening above. *John: Oh, just a little touch of… *Cinnamon: Yeah. And then I’m going to also… Little more white. See the skin on that? *John: Oh yeah. That’s from all the… *Cinnamon: The hot lights. So I’m gonna pull out some right here. I’m gonna get my yellow. *John: Get to the good underneath there. *Cinnamon: And I’m going to… Cast out… Some light from a source. That’s gonna be- We’re gonna do here. See how I’m radiating that out? *John: There’s some stuff happening down there. *Cinnamon: There’s some stuff. Maybe there’s something right here that I’m gonna work out. That can come down the hill a little bit. But I’m doing it! *John: Some lights over there. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna get a little red on my brush with a little of my yellow. So I want it to be quite orange. I’m gonna come up here. And I’m going to go around my ramparts. Carefully as I can. It’s a little yellow. I want it to be redder. So that’ll happen to you. You’ll be like, “Oh, I want it to be redder!” Go back and get red. *John: Oh yeah. You’re just, like, I wanted party lights! So you’re adding some light. *Cinnamon: Yeah. We’re having a thing. Now, right here…. I’m gonna throw out some light. Behind this bit, in the red. *John: Ooohh. *Cinnamon: I’m gonna grab some yellow. And right off here I’m gonna throw a little light, and then… Along here. And then off this back side, coming down. Scumbling it out. See the light. *John: Actually your hair is just touching- There it goes. For whatever reason I think I moved the canvas to the wrong place today. Sorry. *Cinnamon: Oh, no. It’s probably me. John always says it’s him, but really it’s me. *John: No! [Cinnamon chuckles] *John: Robots- *Cinnamon: So I’ve got that there, right? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: You got a nice little amount of light. Get some more yellow. Right, maybe… Cast that out a little bit. Down the hill. We’re just saying stuff is afoot. Castle’s got a party going on. *John: That looks like a partying castle to me. It does. *Cinnamon: Partying castle, but somebody snuck out. *John: They snuck out the side door. *Cinnamon: They snuck out the side door. I’m gonna add a little more enforced orange right here. Cause I like it. I’m having fun. I’m gonna get back into my little brush. Two little brushes. Because now we need to do little lights. *John: Oh! Cool. *Cinnamon: So I’m gonna get a little bit of my yellow. On my… Brush. Just my yellow. Bright yellow. I’m gonna come make a dot. And then make some… Rounded circles like I did in the sky. *John: Oh yeah. To show that the lights… *Cinnamon: Yep. Maybe one here. Isn’t that fun? *John: Yeah… *Cinnamon: I don’t know if it’s fun. It’s fun for me. *John: I like it! *Cinnamon: So one right here. That’s just how I like to talk about light. There’s one little friend that came off here. This little torch went off over that way. They’re lighting the way down. *John: Oh yeah. That is cool. *Cinnamon: Right down to the…. Down to the water. I gotta show that that’s happened. And then when I know these are in then I can sit there- I really liked putting one right here. And then that would definitely…. Have a little… Just a little bit of this would definitely impact your water. I’m gonna trim that back a bit. Now I’m gonna come to…. Interestingly enough, the boat. I’m gonna make a little dot. They’re sneaking out, but I mean they- They brought a light with them, so they’re…. They’re pretty sure everybody’s too busy at the party. *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I am lighting the top of the boat with a titch of yellow. And then I might go around our little friend here with a little bit of yellow. See that? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: When that’s done, I’m gonna pick up some of my fluid white. Come back. Add a dot. *John: Hold on, hold on. *Cinnamon: Sorry. I’m gonna be all back up at the castle again. *John: Ok. *Cinnamon: Being a pain Being a pain! *John: Just gotta get over there. *Cinnamon: Just…. Lighten it up. Isn’t that nice? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: I love it! Makes me happy. [sings] Do you love it? I love it… Painting Hogwarts with my friends today. So weird. Ok. So- *John: I’m loving this! *Cinnamon: Because- John loves to hang these things on the wall. *John: I do. It’s my thing! I love seeing- I love all the paint- And you know what I really love, seeing our communities paintings, too. *Cinnamon: I know you do. *John: I know. It’s like you guys, you hear me say it all the time. But I really do. They’re one of my favorite things. I get up in the morning with my tea, and I come in here and I look at all the paintings that I see on you guys from social media. *Cinnamon: Oh, that castle’s so lit up!. *John: That’s looking so good! *Cinnamon: You know, I might just think about just this edge here. To define it. Clean up some of that right there. Sometimes it’s nice to just come in with a light. Right? *John: Yeah. *Cinnamon: It just gives it a little definition. Come down the front of the hill if you want with this. Just a little bit. You can say, Oohhhh! This might have cast a little light right here, huh? *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Coming by, so that’s a nice touch. Her cloak. Best part of this whole story. *John: Yes! The cloak. *Cinnamon: To me, is the cloaked figure. And to do the cloaked figure, I take a little bit of my red over to my my dioxazine purple. And I make like this deep, deep…. Kind of wine color with the two of them. See how that’s kind of like a wine color? *John: Uh-huh. *Cinnamon: And I’m going to make a little dot. This person’s standing so they’ll be taller than the person sitting. Come off with a little shoulder that swoops down. And a little cape. If you’ve painted with me for a while, you know me, I love me a red cape! [chuckles] *John: Mm-hmm. *Cinnamon: Tapering, blowing off into the wind. Look at that. Something has happened. They have to go into the night. *John: Into the night! *Cinnamon: To save the world. Can you imagine being little and looking at this painting? I used to do that, to look at paintings and try to see all the stuff in them. And wonder what the story was. I’m going to come around with pure cad red. Around the cape. There you go. *John: Wow! That’s great! *Cinnamon: And all you gotta do yet is sign it. *John: Just to sign it. *Cinnamon: Just to sign it! Cause you have…. Visited Hogwarts today. So let’s. This is also a good signature brush. I’m gonna load up my, um…. White and put it into that purple mixture I have. Cause I don’t want my signature to be a little bright and overwhelming, but I’m gonna put it over here, under this light. *John: While you’re signing, I want to say thank you to everybody who’s come out with us today. We’ve had so many of our community come out here and join us. It’s been great. I’ve seen Daisy, and Daisy’s sister, she’s here today with us, celebrating her birthday. She’s forty seven. Hi Tracy. Love all you guys from the community who’s been out here with us today. I appreciate all of our moderators. Love you guys so much. *Cinnamon: I love that everybody came out. I saw a lot of people at all the castle collabs. *John: Yes, oh yes. It’s been great. Angela’s been here, and I seen, uh… All of our moderators here. And I mean, gosh, it’s just been so wonderful for… For, you know, this whole thing. So, thank you guys. This is pretty fantastic. You know. Lindsay wanted to say thank you for coming and being part of this, and joining Angela, too. I see you guys all out there in chat. Thank you guys so much for joining us. *Cinnamon: Thank you, and remember, you can find Lindsay’s castle, which is in watercolor. You guys ask about that all the time. How do I do this in watercolor? She’s got like a bazillion! That’s a correct technical term. Of watercolor lessons that you can go do right now. And Angela did the beautiful fairy tale castle, so like, really, I think one of us hit whatever your castle was. This was voted on by the Angelooney Community. We just appreciated your contribution in helping us decide what to create and what to share. And I want to thank my collaborators. And I wanna see you guys at the easel really soon. Buh-bye! [ending credits begin]

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