22 thoughts on “Hobo Johnson- Dear Labels

  1. Thank you for the art! I enjoy your talent and I make sure to tell everyone about the new gernerations shakespeare. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.<3

  2. I want fame and fortune but unfortunately that's not my fate my but my greatest days arent over, for now its torture, its mortifying to know as I'm growing older I'm slowly dying and not really trying, what's 100 %, is it worth the effort if the next day you got none left in you, I'm accepting my death wish, my presence is a present if you didnt get the gift that means I never sent it, like nelk I might need help

  3. I somehow forgot about this guy, now I'm watching all my favourite videos again and honestly, I haven't felt this at ease these last few months. Especially this song gets me :')

  4. I'm a piece of shit but let me be
    Set me free I'm sick of second guessing, im hesitant on every, decision, sitting on a penny and the levy bout to break, reggie should we wait and ride the wake or drive away from our fate, our day, too late, it's hard to see the shine when its midnight, it's hard to dim the lights when it can get any dimmer, no dinner tonight, no delight, I want to be nice, I wanna be mean at the same time please God what's the price to pay to be twice the me I can be, I dont care if I'm in debt it would be nice to see, I used to dream past the skies now I believe in lies like skies the limit I wanna refrain from the pain until the day I die, but that would be lie, even if I tried, it's a sorry fact that most our dreams just die

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