Ho-Oh (Pokemon) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Ho-Oh (Pokemon) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we are going to create the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh! Ho-oh-ho! Ho-Oh! I am so sorry for the mistake. It is Ho-Oh, of course. Let’s start with the aluminum wire. We will need that to get a stable structure right at the beginning. This will be the left leg and here we go, this will be the right leg. Well Ho-Oh was the winner of the last poll and I was looking forward to create this bird, this legendary Pokemon And I did some legendary Pokemons before. I will link them at the end of this tutorial. Okay this will be the neck and well all you have to do is just coat it with red clay. Here we go. Try to get a very smooth transition on the neck and this will be the green part of the neck. Try to get a very sharp edge. Here we go. This is the bright green. Just make a hole inside, so you can put it onto the aluminum wire. Here we go. Let’s go on. I am getting a lot of great ideas and requests from you guys in the comments. And well I always feel very sorry that I’m not able to create all of your great ideas. And this is why I came up with this solution for October. In October I want to create a new series each week. So, we will pause on the current series I’m creating on this channel and I will create a new series each week in October. So please let me know what you think I should create. It could either be from a mobile game, it could be from television series, it could be from a movie. Surprise me! As you’re always doing. So let me know what I should create. Okay now let’s focus on Ho-Oh. We’ve just created the eyes and here we go for the iris. Just take a very tiny piece of black clay and put it right into the eyes. Here we go. The head is quite complicated on this creation. We will go on, we will create the beak. The bird beak. Just chopping away some clay to get a great… …attaching point for this yellow clay, which will be the beak in a minute. Here we go. Well you have to be very careful because this is very thin. This is… …some dark red for the inside of the beak and we will also attach the tongue, of course. So this is a bright red, some kind of pink. And now we can go on and we will create these feathers on top of the head and they are rolled in at the top. So if you want to create some nice details. Here we go. This is a great way to create the head of Ho-Oh. Now we will go on. We will create the white body part and after that we will create the feet. But let’s focus on this very thin slice of white clay. Just place it onto the body and now we also need some more slices for the legs. For the upper parts of the legs. And after that we will mix this bright and dark blue to get this nice colour for the claws. So, here we go! I was asked if YouTube is my profession, so if this is all I’m doing for a living. No, it is not. This channel is, you wouldn’t believe it, it’s still some kind of a hobby for me. So I really hope to increase my videos and the work I’m doing on this channel a lot and maybe even publishing two or even three videos a week, but currently I’m doing this by the side as it is only a hobby. I have thought about Patreon, to get some support and also to create more videos. And have you heard about that platform? What do you think, could this work? To get some extra bucks and to focus on the channel only So maybe some of you have some experience with that with Patreon. Let me know. Okay here we go with the wings. This is the lower part of the wing. Well you have this upper red part of each wing of the two. And also the red part for the lower part, so that the wings are also red from the backside. Maybe I should just call them back and front part of the wings, not to confuse you. And this is some kind of a green outline for the inner part, the white part of the feathers of the wings and this is the easiest and the most secret way to create these wings so that they look pretty nice. So here we go with the front red part. Just place it on top of the back part. Cleaning of the plate for some yellow clay. So this will be for the tail feathers and if you have seen some images of Ho-Oh it looks like a mess. The back part, the feathers, point in each direction so you don’t have to be that detailed and focused on these tail feathers. I just created this nice effect. It really should look like as Ho-Oh just got out of fight and some of these tail feathers are broken and I think we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Ho-Oh! And now we can start gluing and assembling all the parts. All we need for that… …is just some super glue. So here we go just place it onto the torso and of course also the other chicken wing. Well I hope you Ho-Oh fans are not angry but Ho-Oh reminds me of a turkey. And also my creation looks a bit like turkey. But I guess that’s it. Finally Ho- Oh! Guys, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial a lot. Let me know what you think what you would have done differently. Write it down in the comments. Well legendary Pokemon. I created a few. For example Lugia and also Mewtwo, so check out these tutorials if you haven’t. OK I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for watching and hope to see you next week on Friday. Take care. Bye! Yeah the circle of the legendary! Yeah, we’re so cool!

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  2. Loved this video. Does anyone know what brand/type of super glue he uses because other brands that I use don’t seem to be very strong and weaken over time. If anyone knows please let me know.

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  4. This is the first video I've seen of yours. It looks great.I'm not sure if you've done this but you can open up a website and sell the clay models, maybe as individual pieces so they don't break while shipping. You can either sell them once so they're unique or make more as orders come in

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