History’s Deadliest Weapons – The Macuahuitl | Man At Arms: Art of War

History’s Deadliest Weapons – The Macuahuitl | Man At Arms: Art of War

I’m Chuey Martinez, movie fanatic, and this is Erich Allman, combat medic, EMT and DMT with 20 years of experience. Join us and our team of weapon experts as we analyze the demonstrations of the world’s most lethal items from El Rey’s Man at Arms: Art of War hosted by Danny Trejo Right here on… History’s Deadliest Weapons. Which weapon is the deadliest? Let’s learn a little history about The Macuahuitl The Macuahuitl or The Macuahuitl is the Aztec weapon The Aztec warrior often would not try to kill his opponent He would try to maim and hurt him to be able to take him back to the temples and sacrifice him later The Aztecs used obsidian which was volcanic glass which was ultra sharp and it was lots of different pieces so it wasn’t that big of a deal if they broke one piece they could easily replace them, it would be little teeny individual blades that could embed in, do a lot of damage you would want to do a drag cut so you would slice and rip open that flesh, it was brutal. Let’s get started on this Macuahuitl, ancient Aztec weapon, brother made out of obsidian and wood. Looks like a cricket bat with little blades on it. that’s frickin’ rad bro, I want one. Can you imagine jumping out of your house catching a burglar? “Get out of my house, I got my Macuahuitl!” (laughing) What do you think would be ideal like a hacking or chopping or maybe a mixture of both? I think going in and getting the blunt force and just ripping it. Yea You know just that rip motion is just going to tear up the skin apart leave all the exposed area for infection, its going to be painful. It’s not going to be really deep, but it’s gonna hurt. What kind of injury could we expect form something like this? From a medical perspective, you’d see abrasion and lacerations to be able to cut through the skin like that, I wonder how deep? So if that obsidian slash doesn’t kill you, just go crazy with the bat bro. Fun fact time alright That obsidian on the Macuahuitl is supposed to be 12 times sharper than surgical steel. See, now that’s impressive! Yea I think I’d rather be cut with just one big cut, done and have to worry about the pain verses a whole bunch of little ones just tearing up mmmhmm. Damn Aztecs! Alright, let’s chop it up right now with the Macuahuitl That dummy is smiling. It kinda freaks me out. that’s pretty brutal. so that gash next to his armpit, what are we talking about over there? so if you actually went under obviously the arm there and the arm didn’t block it your artery, your brachial artery is actually underneath Ok, the Brachial artery Yes, sir Erich, how hard would it be to stitch up a wound like that? Pretty hard. When you’ve got a complete avulsion where its ripped An avulsion is where you’ll have a flap of skin rip open and that ripping, you will actually lose part of it, so it’s not just a complete flap and “oh I’ll just fold it over” Final thoughts Erich on the Macuahuitl That’s a cool looking weapon, I just want one cause its cool but its not gonna kill you right away unless you hit in the right spot say the neck and everything else could you imagine all the infections that would cause you grind and cut and be all nasty Stealth killer or Shelf filler, buddy? Stealth killer. Stealth Killer. Yes definitely. Erich, thank you so much of joining us, brother. Hey guys, I’m your host Chuey Martinez and make sure you check out more videos from Man at Arms: Art of War and History’s Deadliest Weapons on the right and hit the subscribe button on the left

100 thoughts on “History’s Deadliest Weapons – The Macuahuitl | Man At Arms: Art of War

  1. Obsidian can be flaked off into ultra sharp shards, to be hit with this fast, would completely cut through all the layers of skin and the elasticity in your skin would cause the wounds to open up as far as they possibly can. To be hit with something like this, would be completely devastating to your skin, you could definitely bleed out quickly

  2. They are doing this show wrong, they should have an expert who's dedicated his life to researching the Aztecs on the show for this part of the show.

  3. The Mexican in this video is not the 'brother' of the White man in this video.
    They are from different peoples/bloodlines/races.
    Subversive programming.
    How about no?

  4. they kinda forgot the most lethal weapons of conquistadors..
    the swords made of"damascus kind stell"and CROSSBOWS..

  5. Yeah it fucking sucks… Who would've thought that a bat with a bunch of glass stuck to it wasn't goiing to be that good??

  6. deadliest conquistador Weapon,,al the Mexicas tribes who hated the aztecs…(of course you wanna hate aztecs if you see how flay the skin babies and children)….

  7. Bruh what happened to that one show where they simulated a fight between two different armies, shit was lit then one day I just never heard of it again

  8. That whole blood sacrifice thing is overplayed colonizer stories. You'd think they murdered millions, but in reality they were often voluntary sacrifices of a few hundred a year.

  9. I saw that weapon from that cartoon movie El Dorado. They use these things to behead someone during sacrifices.

  10. There is this story about a warrior with a Macuahuitl and 1 day he encounters another (enemy)warrior . And that (enemy)warrior ask * Are you going to spank me *
    And that was the last time they saw those warriors , till today around the volcano at night you can hear * Harder daddy * . Spooky isn't it

  11. Actually this weapon is from Guatemala which are the Mayans but they had different varieties throughout Central America, my family is Guatemalan but we live in the us, also Kotal khan is a Mayan god in the mk lore

  12. Sorry, I would rather have an actual Aztec make the weapon than it be engineered in a lab. That shit looked weak. Plus, the Aztecs were very skilled fighters.

  13. The Aztecans and Mexicans are Hebrew Israelites from the tribe of Yashshakar (𐤉𐤔𐤔𐤊𐤓).

  14. It is not a fair test that is plastic should be done with meat because these weapons were capable of mutilating or decapitating a horse of a single cut in the same way to a person.

  15. Impressive for a stone age culture, but no match for the bronze age Inca

  16. Sorry not much a stealth killer if youre wearing armor and using a shield but still dangerous to be hit by one at just the right spot.

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