High Paying Work from Home Jobs in 2019

High Paying Work from Home Jobs in 2019

it's step three Friday time and today my friends I'm talking about one of my favorite subjects and probably one of your favorite subjects too and that's money honey but first this is your first time watching me hello welcome to my channel my name is Jia and I post a lot of financial related videos on my channel I have LA whole series all about becoming debt free and the power of debt freedom but today we're gonna be talking about some high-paying work from home jobs for 2019 so if that's something that interests you stay tuned alright friends so I've made a couple of these on my channel in the past if you're interested in seeing some more about this topic you can tap this eye right here but let's jump right into it so there's two types of high-paying work from home jobs so there's one where it's more alike you're an entrepreneur working for yourself and there's one where you work for a company or someone else now both of them can be high-paying it just depends on how much work you want to put into it and plus not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur and I get you know you're not about that you know hashtag be your own boss life and there's nothing wrong with that you know I think that social media portrays like everybody needs to be your own boss and then and the reality is not everybody wants to and that is okay so I'm gonna be sharing different high-paying work from home jobs in both of those categories but first we're gonna talk about the ones where you will be your own boss you put in your own hours you put in your own grind which should and hopefully reflect what type of patient to paycheck you'll be getting with these jobs now I want to preface this by saying because I always get these comments anytime I post this type of video and they'll say stuff like well it's easier said than done and it's really hard it's hard to find clients listen I'm not telling you guys that it's easy I'm just sharing with you that it's possible and I want to motivate you to try okay try your hardest if you are talented put your talent to use and use it for what God intended you to do because it could be a huge blessing for not only you but for your entire family okay quick story time so the richest person in the world which is right now Jeff Bezos who is the CEO and creator of Amazon okay who doesn't know what Amazon is he basically said it came to a point where he had a really good job he made really good money but he really wanted to create an online business on the internet which is something that wasn't blown up at all at the time that you know he wanted to take this risk and you know his wife supported in it supported him but he said to himself you know when I'm 81 years old I don't want to look back and say man I wish I would have tried this I wonder what would have happened so he took that risk and look at him now he's the richest man in the world and just imagine if you bet on yourself and take that risk for yourself all the possibilities that can happen there is no limit on what your possible love so if you can dream it and you believe it it can happen just pray about it and ask the Lord to put it on your heart what it is that you need to do to live out your best life really hashtag living your best life then you've got to take that chance okay I just wanted to share that with you guys alright so up first on my list is a proofreader now you're probably thinking well proofreader like who needs that anybody who creates online content which is pretty much every company you can think of everybody has a website they sometimes need a proofreader they need a proofreader to read over blog posts or to read over online content you could specialize in certain areas of proofreading it can make anywhere from $2,000 a month to $50,000 a year it just depends on what you specialize in and how strong your writing is and you're perforating is you know I would definitely say that you probably need a need to have a strong background in language arts to be able to become a proofreader you definitely don't have to have a degree or anything like that to be a good proof reader but it's something that you can definitely build upon as you gain more clients and there's lots of websites online that where you can find any type of freelance work and I will leave anything that I can find in the description box but pretty much anyone who publishes any type of online content can possibly need a proof reader and if that's something that interests you you should definitely take a look got it number two freelance writing now I've talked about this before and I'm just remember seeing comments you know about how hard it is to freelance and how it's hard to find clients and again guys if you believe in yourself and your work is really good you will find clients okay so if you like writing and you enjoy the process of writing and you're creative and you're creative with your words then freelancing can be something that can be extremely profitable for you everything from brands to businesses social media influencers bloggers everybody can at some point needs a freelance writer because sometimes it's hard to come up with content all the time and it's good to get a fresh perspective and I know a lot of brands are constantly looking for freelance writers they can write blog content media contents anything online for specific websites that's what freelance writers can do you can find clients on websites like up work or Fiverr there are so many that you can use and utilize depending on your niche freelance writers can get paid anywhere from $25 to $100 for a five hundred to a thousand word post or page article I mean you could possibly make up to six figures okay freelance writing because now the way that online content is just developing more and more it's getting bigger and bigger and I'm here to tell you guys it's not going anywhere people are hiring freelance writers to write Instagram posts blog posts social media posts all those types of things a lot of people are outsourcing because you know quite frankly writing is not everyone's strong point me being one of them so if writing is your thing guys the sky is the limit and you should definitely look in trying to become a freelance writer number three and this is my absolute favorite on the list is to become a virtual assistant so I know a lot of moms watch my my content on my channel this is like the perfect job work from home job that you can do that gives you that flexibility that you need maybe if you want to spend more time with your children or spend be at home when your children are home and it's not just limited to women I mean it's limited to it's not just limited to men women men are virtual assistants too but I'm just saying like if you're a mom who wants to eventually work from home or work for yourself from home and set your own hours being becoming a virtual assistant is the perfect opportunity one of our really good YouTube friends Lydia son created a whole course on becoming a virtual assistant I will leave a link for her course in the description box I believe enrollment is open now and it's so affordable I mean with virtual assistants I kid you not they get paid anywhere from 10 to $75 an hour it just depends on what your expertise is I mean you can be a Pinterest of RIT virtual assistant you can be you know if you'd like to organize and you have an administrative assistant background you'd be a perfect virtual assistant just organizing digital files any kind of work responding to emails organizing someone's email inbox organizing blog posts I mean there are so many things a virtual assistant can do I mean the sky's the limit you can even edit videos edit thumbnails edit pictures posts you can be you can be do some things for them on social media I mean there are so many things you can do as a virtual assistant and when I sell you there are some people making six figures to being a virtual assistant it's it's the sky's the limit because you choose your hours you choose how many clients you want to take on you can take on as many or as little as you want and it gives you the freedom to do what it is that you need to do like whenever you need to do it you know it's not like you have set hours where you're in a cubicle from 9:00 to 5:00 and you have to do it during this time you just communicate with whoever you're working with and you have expectations set out early or you guys are both communicating really well and that's like the perfect position so that's definitely one of my favorites on the list I will leave a link to Lydia's school in the description box because I think that's a great affordable way to get into learning how to become a virtual assistant because she walks you through how how to be a virtual assistant how to get clients how to get clients to pay you and pay schedules all of that she goes into detail on the course she's not paying me to do this video at all though I really do believe that her course is worth it for such a cheap amount of money I will definitely link for her course in the description box so now we're gonna talk about working from home for someone else not being your own boss and not like kind of setting your own hours I mean you have the flexibility of working from home but you'll still be working for a traditional company so the first one is online tutoring according to glassdoor.com online toured with online tutoring you can make anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars an hour for tutoring online and you can make on the higher end if you specialize in something like math or anything like that if you have a background in teaching it's perfect or in the education system at all it would be perfect for you to do online tutoring there are lots of websites where you can become an online tutor like the VIP kid I think I will leave like I said links in the description box for all of those but there are lots that you can sign up with where they find the people that you would need a tutor you it's not like you'd have to go out and find your own but you'd be like working for this companies companies and they will bring the people to you that you need to do for online tutoring and something to make you know some extra money for maybe you don't want to have make that your full career but if it's if you're looking to like get a side hustle or something like that that would be excellent for you to do number two is tech support so if you have a technical background or a customer service background customer service and tech support is huge with working from home you can work for companies like Apple Amazon Dell all those types of companies employ people to work from home to do customer service or technical support I mean it's it's amazing and you can make a pretty good amount of money doing that as well you can make anywhere from like thirty to fifty thousand dollars a year doing this and now you would it would be more traditional where you'd have to be available to work for a certain set of hours but again you'd be working from home so it's it's definitely convenient and worth it you don't have to sit in traffic or buy work clothes or anything like that you'd be doing it from the comfort of your own home again you could look on those websites for online opportunities you can look directly at the company's website now the last thing I wanted to share with you is this if you have a programming background like you know how to write code like in sequel or Python or Ruby rails you can work for home and make a lot of money I mean a lots like in the upwards of six figures and even if you don't have a background in that there are so many like coding boot camps that you can take or you can learn how to code yourself if that's something that interests you because the sky is the limit with that type in that industry and IT and software development and there's so many different sectors of that even in analytics it's just something that I do you can work from home like it is huge and it is the pay is really good so if you have an interest in IT and you want to learn more about coding definitely look into learning one of those programming languages because it is very very good on the resume it's easier to market yourself once you have one of those programming languages on your resume and you can easily make a lot of money there are lots of job seeking websites now that are dedicated only to working from home positions so if you are into content marketing or programming or IT like I talked about they will have all these jobs where it's strictly working from home and I will leave links for those in the description box where you can look for opportunities where you're working from home now the majority of these jobs are either in digital marketing which is huge right now huge my sister went from working in customer service for 15 years to to being a huge digital marketing strategist and I'm so proud of her and she did it all within a year and she educated herself and she was able to completely change her career so most of them are in digital marketing or IT coding like I said and I mentioned some of those programs before listen guys the sky's the limit so if you're unhappy with your life y'all I encourage you to do something about it especially as we're approaching 2019 it's a new year if you are not the person that you want to be become a new you become a better you I encourage you to step out on faith and live your best life live life live the dream life that you want to live because I'm here to tell you you guys that it's possible it is possible so stay encouraged leave a comment down below and let me know if any of these jobs interests you if you're gonna try it if you try it make sure you see keep in contact with me I would love to know how it works out for you thank you guys so much for watching if you haven't hit that subscribe button yet you can tap my picture up above that was an epic camera fail hit the subscribe button now but up above and you can also check out my previous video right over here in all my social media platforms I'll sit down below thanks for watching guys I'll see you in the next video bye

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