He’s the Most Licensed Artist in History

He’s the Most Licensed Artist in History

these are the works of Romero Britto their joyful simple and you may start to notice they're all over the place but who is Romero Britto and how did he become so prolific that he is the most licensed artist in history let's start with the basics Romero Britto is an artist more specifically a contemporary artist who blends pop art with Cubist's like abstraction and the subject matters that I do is very simple very direct I'm very consistent on my colors and then the lines is trite little things that I put in my work that is part of my vocabulary he was born in Brazil to a big family and growing up was pretty tough my mother had like 12 kids I wanted to get out of the house because it was chaotic and little did you know art would become his ticket out since I was a kid I always liked drawing but I never knew that it would change my life at age 25 he moved to Miami where pop art was flourishing I was like they know what I love America I love Miami particular because such a dynamic city with no formal art training he would paint on newspapers and on the streets the only canvasses he could afford before I show my work in galleries I show my work on the sidewalk of Miami he was able to move into a small studio soon getting his first brand deal with Absolut Vodka and from there his career took off Disney Coca Cola Mattel Samsung luggage lamp swatches bananas if you can slap a print on it odds are there's a burrito version of it his sculptures are in train stations shopping plazas hotels corporate headquarters the guy has done the Super Bowl the World Cup and the Olympics so yeah Romero Britto is everywhere how many piece of art I've done oh my god listen you know it's pretty hard to keep track of eight left you're thousands to keep the business going he's hired dozens of employees and the scale of the operation is staggering people say that I'm the most licensed artist in history so I'm very honored for that because it means that my work is reaching out millions of people I just don't want my work to be enjoyed by the elite of the world but I wanted my art to be enjoyed by the masses as well but nevertheless Romero's art has caught the attention of celebrities and heads of state all over the world all those pieces are here are prototypes and a trillion dollars people tend to say that if you colorful and you're fun you're not serious but I do think we all searching for happiness and to help others see this happiness Romero's company has donated to over 250 charities including the Holtz Children's Hospital in Miami if we see all the time darkness when there's gonna be the moment of brightness everything about my work is things that I think is very pleasing to my eyes into my heart and make me feel good because life should be about fun

29 thoughts on “He’s the Most Licensed Artist in History

  1. He reminds me of mr.doodle. also i appreciate their art. So many people say that its not art and they can do it but then they say except for the circles. Which is most of the art. I just appreciate how they can draw lines perfectly with no trouble

  2. Here’s the comments for you

    62 percent : I never heard of him
    12 percent : 2019?!?
    24 percent : I love his art no wonder he is popular
    2 percent : I have seen his art before

  3. I like his art and all.. but to be totally honest, I’ve never seen anything of his lol. I didn’t even know he existed.

  4. I remembered his art at Miami Beach Florida Fifth & and Alton shopping complex, cute. Never knew about him until see it in Great Big Story 🙂

  5. Honestly as a floridian…. im sick of his shit. Lol…. its just lines and dots…. and a name behind it
    .. just a damn name… …… sighh.. modern art sometimes.

  6. Alright.. to the people who haven't heard of him. He's well known in Brazil, my native country. Most people have a love/hate relationship to his artwork, there's really not much in between, kinda lika Keith Haring had ("had" being the key word here) back in the day.

    Back in the 90's he did a lot of depictions of dance and that, allied with his simple dynamic style, captivated a lot of people (my sister still has a 3000 pieces jigsaw puzzle of his iconic dancing couple, and she was a kid at the time).
    "Serious" artists questioned the banalization of "art", What were his merits? It looked a lot like grafitti, street art, something that appealed to the simplest desires, intense colours drawing attention to nothing in particular.. but.. his art persevered.

    One of my idols despised him. A dear friend of mine loved him.

    As for me.. I kinda like him.. he brought.. questioning to the art world, at least 'round here. What is art really? Who gets to decide?

    You can draw a parallel with pop music if you will. I'm not a fan myself, but when it's done with care, I can marvel with it.

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