Hero Arts + Gina K. Designs Collaboration: Friendship Blooms

Hero Arts + Gina K. Designs Collaboration: Friendship Blooms

hi everyone its Cheney K from Gina K designs and I'm so excited to be here on the hero arts YouTube channel today we're celebrating Hiro's 45th year with a collaboration stamp set called friendship blooms this beautiful stamp set can be used for all kinds of coloring and other stamping techniques and today I'm going to show you a fun way to color the large floral image I named this stamp set friendship blooms because it's amazing what can happen when two companies get together and extend a hand of friendship our friendship with hero arts is something I'll treasure forever and our friendship certainly is bloomed into something wonderful this large 6 by 8 stamp set has a beautiful floral image that's actually longer than a card front and these huge flowers and leaves are perfect for all of your favorite coloring techniques this set is also packed with friendship greetings that you can use for so many different kinds of cards and now it's time to make a card so to begin I'm going to use some of the Gina Kay designs faded brick cardstock and I'm going to use an embossing magic pad all over the surface I just want to remove any static and any oil or anything that might have touched the cardstock from my hands then I'm going to use this large image the large floral image and I'm going to place this down onto the card stock now this image is much larger than the piece of cardstock and it can be used in several different ways you can bring it in from an angle on the side or you can use it straight up and down like I'm using it for this card now I'm using it with my Misti stamping tool but you can also put the stamp on its back ink it up and lay the card stock on on top with a little scrap paper and that will do the trick as well now I'm going to ink up this stamp with some of our watermark and embossing ink and this is great for all of your embossing powder techniques and other powder techniques so I'm inking it up really well and then I'm going to stamp it using the Misti stamping tool and I'm just putting some nice pressure all over that because that is one huge image now once that's done I'm going to use some embossing powder and I'm going to sprinkle it all over my image I keep my embossing powder in this little container I have about three jars jars in there I only do that with my white because I seem to use the white all the time I'm using my wagner heat gun I got that at hero arts and they have a wide variety of beautiful embossing powders and that fantastic Wagner heat tool now I have a little ceramic dish and some Clorox household bleach I do recommend making sure your bleach is newer for this technique if it's been sitting in your cabinet for a couple of years it's time to get a new bottle it doesn't work as well unless it's fresh I'm just going to use a regular water brush that doesn't have any water in it and I'm gonna dip the brush into the bleach then I'm going to use the bleach like a coloring medium so I'm just coloring this bleach all over the flowers and because I embossed the flowers first the lines of the flowers are not going to go away if I had just stamped this with ink even an ink like stays on the the bleach would just change the color and bleach it out completely with most inks so you really need to use embossing powder for this technique it's also good to use embossing powder because the bleach is wet and when you color it on the lines of the embossing powder help to keep the bleach contained inside the design and it doesn't run outside of the design at all so you can already see that the card stock is starting to change from that faded brick color up to a very pretty buttery yellow one thing that I did was I took all of my cardstock and I stamped and embossed an image on it and then I bleached all the different colors to see what they would come up most of them come up really nicely there's a few stubborn ones but most of them come up and what's really interesting is the different colors that they come up to this one came up to a buttery yellow so now I'm using a prism of color pencil and I am just going to draw some lines coming from where the petal would be attached to the flower and going out toward the edge of the petal so you can see I'm just using these real kind of light stroking lines and just a little bit of shading down near the bottom of each petal so some of the petals come out toward the top of the flower and some flip down toward the bottom just make sure that you're pulling your lines from wherever that petal appears to be attached to the flower and you can see I'm going to keep going and adding that color now you can use any colors you want for this technique I tried to pick one that was very close to the faded brick cardstock so it would pull it all together but I could also see using peach or a brighter red other different colors would look beautiful on this design so I'm going to continue to pull that color just in very light handed strokes from the base of each petal toward the edge of the petal and you can see now that some of the flowers are colored you can see all of that beautiful depth that we're getting just by adding these lines it doesn't take any colored pencil skill at all to do this I'm just basically pulling the pencil down from one edge toward the other so now that I have all of the red pencil done I'm going to add some green pencil to the leaves and for this technique I'm not going to pull color or do anything like that I'm just gonna actually color it in just like I was coloring in a coloring book this just gives that little pop of green these leaves are so tiny that it's real not that easy to do shading on them with colored pencil I guess you can do a little bit but this look is really fun and it's quick and easy and it really looks great so that's what my finished color design looks like now for this part of my card I assembled it using a piece of white cardstock and then some honey mustard for the card base and I use two of the hero arts infinity dies and this is a die set that I reach for over and over again for greetings and all kinds of elements it's perfect for the greetings in this stamp set so I stamped the greeting embossed it and then added a little bit of the leaves just to fill that in so there's my finished card project and I hope you'll give this technique a try the new friendship blooms stamp set is now available at hero arts calm and soon it will be available at retailers near you thanks so much for watching and I'll see you again soon

34 thoughts on “Hero Arts + Gina K. Designs Collaboration: Friendship Blooms

  1. Beautiful card! I love the use of the bleach technique and then to use colored pencils! Great video!💕

  2. Classy and beautiful, just like you, Gina K! I love the supportive and collaborative relationships in this industry. It’s an example to be headed by all businesses. Much love to both you and Hero Arts. 💗

  3. Wow! I had wondered how that card had been done – I haven’t seen the bleach technique in a long time! Awesome card – can hardly wait to try it! Thanks!

  4. I was so happy to see Hero Arts and Gina Kay joining together. And this stamp is perfect for saying staying together. Loving this Clorox technique, just will have to get the stamp set and try it.

  5. Stunning card, loved the depth your colouring gave the image.
    It's so lovely to see two card companies working so well together.

  6. When I first saw your, I would have never guessed you used the bleach technique! You fooled me,🤭 Your card is absolutely gorgeous, so rich. Thank you also for designing this gorgeous stamp set and I have ordered it! Thanks Gina!💜💞💞💞

  7. This is such a gorgeous stamp. I had to order it before I even went through the blog hop. This is a technique I hadn't seen before. Very pretty.

  8. I have not tried the bleaching technique, but you made this look so easy and interesting, that I must try it. Absolutely loved the beautiful card when you were finished!

  9. You’ve outdone yourself with this stamp set, it is just beautiful! I’ve never seen this technique before & really enjoyed watching. I’m definitely going to give this a try.

  10. I would be shocked if I ever listened to one of your videos and you sounded any other way than the way you do. So soothing. You have the calmest voice and the best instructions. I did see and listen to your video where you husband was talking and videoing what it is like to work with you. So much fun!

  11. This collaboration is absolutely AWESOME SAUCE! What a stamp set! So gorgeous and your card is magnificent, Gina!! Great to bring back an "old" technique….gotta remember to use it more often. Hero Arts and GKD…who could ask for anything more???

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