Harlem's Own Lyric - "Becky With The Bad Story"

Harlem's Own Lyric – "Becky With The Bad Story"

I'm not looking to see if this today you Carolyn Ryan aka in the dill accuser xa8 the original Becky would be unbelievably back story about lack boys and the backwoods us insert random American city here but after 50 long years of start rose and it has to do may be spoken you finally told your story with your final suit breasted like you trendsetter but over here own justin burke of every plastic cake store the truth or that boys having the audacity to 1 return home to their mothers blast em you see i see this buddy houses acne that's what now survives to this day remains the talk of the town that's how discouraged they get to dig a kill for the son of it there's a price college i'm that lends her fault on status clothes when you ask you to take all that candy-ass conserved as long provisional becky with all the alternative that yes from new Moline Mississippi where earliest aleosis Rees one being black but I'm actually bold enough to whistles well whooping whole river right ass on right how long which only seems bitten jumpy to you and you are the president red ran all the devices our nation is varnish right through Dan's or shell cells or the actual code a glossy are not looking for Florida party Harrison okay a that you store you've been the basis for chilling unarmed black body regards long but I want its justice and you feel what I feel when I tell people I don't want children looking they're too expensive what all of your love and time over Becky's I've gotta love to illuminate radars resurrected a brings a whole families in a matter of time to write this poem for the plaques disease be plan final details for how I can get away with an action one stop traffic away from others in the room and that's a Sorby breakfast dinner and my fight even when I reckon a math textbook so your face next to that beautiful brown baby boy Becky with a sick twisted imagination your life it's all my Joy's imagination with the with my mark set up and with my mortal that are not connected or you know would collapse because that is a special type of people in different brands hey and I just can't imagine ever being able to sever lit I've got a little too much of a conscience in my momma raised me was class the Lord knows as she did I definitely finds you and the books that you flew in on and with a hesitate so look away [Applause]

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