Happy Birthday, Nukkye! / Drawing Žygi’s Portrait / HellRaisers, CS:GO. esports

Happy Birthday, Nukkye! / Drawing Žygi’s Portrait / HellRaisers, CS:GO. esports

Hello, Žygi. Happy Birthday. I hope you get better and stronger every day both as a player and as a person. And… I’m sure you’ve got everything it takes to become who you want to be. Happy Birthday, Žygi! We wish you all the best. We hope you learn Russian finally. We wish you well and hope you keep your emotions in check, and are always happy. And bigger cheeks! Hey, Žygi! We want to wish you a happy birthday. And we want our present to be something creative. We want to draw for you. So here it goes. I hope you’re healthy, succeed in your career, therefore in our team, and I’m sure we’ll make it, and… have a good birthday, just the way you want it. Žygi, you’re a very cool teammate, friend, person, mate, whatever, your progress with Russian is amazing, in-game, we hope you never stop. Right?
– Of course. Get lots of cool AWP kills. Useful flashbangs, calls, and never get sad. Happy Birthday. Well said. Let’s draw now. Thanks. You’ve got 5 minutes, and the clock starts now! 30 seconds will be enough, I think. You have 5 minutes. Do we need to use multiple colors? It will be more of a drawing than a portrait but that’s okay. It’s from the heart, though, which is all that matters, right? Um…. How does one draw anyway? What am I even doing? I’ve never been able to draw. How do I draw a second chin? Don’t cheat. Does it look like I did? I went to an art school. It actually kind of looks like Žygi.
– It really does, yeah. Mine doesn’t really, though. Put some sense into it. Like, what is Žygi associated with for you? You can add some secret meaning to it. I did. And here’s the most important thing. What is Žygi associated with?
– Žygi? With love. I don’t know, teamplay or something. Friend. Team. Yeah, but how would I… visually? Draw a house, like you’re waiting on him for dinner. You can draw the team here. Žygi and this is the team. By the way, if it’s really 5 minutes, I’ll make a good drawing. I already like it. Who doesn’t like it…
I’m not going to ask them. I’m sure Žygi will appreciate it. Yours looks nice. Mine is kind of budget. I want to make him look like Rambo. Can I draw a eye patch? Yeah. That’s it. Go ahead, Zhenia. Can I draw him a bristle too? Do it fast. What bristle? That’s nice. So, this is Žygi. Um… He’s got really good hair. I really like his fringe. It always looks nice. We love him so here’s a heart. Um… He’s also our AWPer. So here’s an AWP. And he’s really pretty in general. And we love him a lot. Yes. This is Dust. It’s the T spawn. It’s the arc on the T spawn, these are the doors, where people go. People try to jump through it, and nukkye kills everyone. His stats are 30-0. We’re just sitting at the T spawn while he’s killing everyone through the doors. Good job. And that’s an AWP, kind of. The AWP looks really nice. I tried my best. So yeah. Hope you go off. So, this “painting” has a very deep meaning. It’s Žygi facepalming while holding a flashbang and maybe he’s doing so not because he’s tilted but because he’s blind. That’s it. That’s really deep. My Žygi is pretty budget. He’s looking at our team. I drew our team according to our sizes. Someone’s taller, someone’s shorter. Someone’s a ninja. He’s looking and smiling. And I tried to draw an AWP. But I couldn’t. This is my friend NoZooMantas. From Lithuania. A full-time sniper at HellRaisers. I can’t draw but I really tried. Žygi, this is for you. So I just drew Žygi. The best way I could. I’m not a good artist. I tried to draw him a chain. His haircut. Made him happy. I want to see him like this always. That’s it.

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  1. Ля какие красавцы! На подбор! Евгений (менеджер) постригся, сразу на обложку Форбс! Игорь Crush вообще красава, как из Барбер Шопа, на обложку Подиума. Скубикс и Ангел крутые и мощные всегда! А Фларич и ЛК прямо как брат и отец для Нюки, красавцы тоже!

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