Halloween Zombie Face Paint Tutorial | Snazaroo

Halloween Zombie Face Paint Tutorial | Snazaroo

First, take a Snazaroo paint in white and very roughly with a sponge apply this to the high points of the face. You need to cover areas like the tops of the forehead, cheekbones, nose and the chin. Also use this white to highlight the collarbone and the neck. Take Snazaroo bright yellow and very roughly apply this in a few areas over the top of the white. Follow with Snazaroo pale green and do exactly the same thing. Apply another layer this time using Snazaroo lilac. Use a small amount of this colour around the eyes to make them look really bruised and infected. Then go on to contour the rest of the face and neck. Take Snazaroo dark brown and use it to outline the eye sockets. Then, with your finger or a clean brush smudge the colour out. Add in the frown lines and then also add some brown to the temples along the forehead and underneath the cheekbones to give the face some depth. You can also add some to the fleshy part of the nose to make it look really hollow. To create the wrinkles on the forehead simply raise your eyebrows and then trace in the natural lines that form and gently smudge them out. Do exactly the same thing for the frown lines and the crow’s feet. Finally, use this brown to add some shading to the neck. Switch to a Snazaroo black and go over the eye sockets and the nose to make them look really deep and hollow. Switch to a sponge and apply some of the black over the mouth and again use your fingers to really blend the colour out. Switch to Snazaroo white and use a large round brush to gently press in the teeth. You want to make them larger on the top and smaller on the bottom. Use Snazaroo burgundy and line the lower and upper eyelids and then smudge it out to make them look really sore and infected. You can also add a couple of other sores around the face and the mouth Then using a lid of one of the paints mix the red colour in with a lot of water to make it really thin and runny. Once you have a good dribbly consistency you can apply this to the teeth and let it dribble and run down the neck. Keep applying more and more paint until you’re happy with the look. You can also use your finger to splat some of the paint around the mouth and make it look really messy. Finally, add a little bit of blood dribbling from the hairline and you are all good to go.

30 thoughts on “Halloween Zombie Face Paint Tutorial | Snazaroo

  1. Thank you! I did some horror make up in college about 25 years ago, but this is better and really has me wanting to do more! ~M xΒ 

  2. This is great! Thank you! I did a deadful job the first try, but I'll get the hang of it soon. Ashleah is excellent at explaining instructions clearly πŸ™‚

  3. Wow. Halloween makeup is my passion but i have a budget. So the other high end makeup such as wolf and diamond fx i can get right now. This is just as great! This video helped me make my mind up and i just ordered six full size colors. Thank you so much for your video! And techniques

  4. never use face paint near your eyes as it irritates the eyes because face paint is NOT designed to be used in such delicate areas just use eyeshadows which is a lot more safer than these face paints remember just because it is face safe does NOT mean its eye safe

  5. Hi, was wondering, how many 18ml snazaroo cups do i need for a full-body paint? All grenn… person is 160cm, thanx.

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