Halloween Wars 2019 Face Painting I AllAroundAudrey

Halloween Wars 2019 Face Painting I AllAroundAudrey

– Hi guys! It’s Audrey and today
I’m here with my family! – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Katie] Oh yeah. – And we are gonna be
having a competition. That’s right, today we are gonna be doing the Face Paint Competition Challenge! – Competitione. – So, we’re gonna be seeing who can create the best Halloween face paint. All right let’s go! We’re gonna have a timer, too. How long should we do it for? – Set the hour! – An hour? I don’t need an hour. (dad humming)
(playful halloween music) (Audrey giggles) – And, here we go. – Oh, he’s put it on his baldy head. All I have is this way
tiny thing to work with. Hmm.
– You have to do it in time. – All right, guys, I think I have kind of, mom and I have an advantage because we do our makeup every day,
and so we kinda work with– (playful halloween music)
– [Katie] (murmurs) – You look like you put
on sunblock, like (laughs) He’s like, rubbin’ it
in like its sunblock. – [Katie] Obviously an
advantage ’cause, like, what is David even doing (laughs) – Like, for reals, David. Are you helpless?
– Are you even applying (laughs) your face paint
makeup or are you just like, goin’ ready, gettin’
ready to go to the beach? – I wanted a (laughs)
(Katie laughing) – It look so, oh no.
– This is how David gets ready to go to the beach, guys. – If you see somebody runnin’
around on the beach like this. – [Katie] (laughing) That’s David. – It’s stuck to me now! – [Katie] Uh oh, so
what’re you trying to do? – I guess (mumbles) I’m
putting on fake tattoos. – [Katie] Oh, fun, fun. – But they won’t be be off by tomorrow. – [Katie] Okay. – I don’t really know what to do. (Katie giggles) – So, the boys are clueless. So I tell the boys, “Let’s do face paint!” And they’re like, yeah, and then I’m like, “Let’s do our makeup”
and they’re like, noo. – Do I get my fingers wet or not? (light playful music) – [Katie] It’s up to you. Get your fingers dirty, sweetie. – I don’t wanna do this (laughs) So like, my whole face? Ah, it’s cold. (light playful music) – Ah, look at mine. (laughing) – “Ah, look at mine.” You’re all done? – [David] I’m done but you can’t see me until the big reveal.
– Ohh, okay. – [David] I’m all done, ye buddy. (light playful music) (dad giggling) What is goin’ on over there? – ‘Kay so my plan is to start off by looking a little like
David but not quite as crazy. So, I’m usin’ a white powder and coverin’ my face in white. But, hopefully not as crazy. – [David] Not as crazy? I’m not crazy. – “I’m not crazy!”
– Mine is subtle. I worked it in, I ru– oh,
it’s all over my fingers, ew. – Aw, it’s all over the camera now! – [David] You guys wanna see crazy? (laughing) Audrey’s workin’ diligently. – Oh yeah, Jordan’s not here
because she has a swollen face. (laughs)
– [David] Yeah. – Because she got her wisdom teeth out. – [David] She had her wisdom
teeth out so she’s resting. She’s actually downstairs, so.
– She’s showering. – [David] She’s going to bed. All right, Katie, I would say
you’re about as subtle as me. – What do you think I am? – [David] You’re dead (laughs) – Kind of, but not really. – What am I?
– Not yet? Logan, what’re you gonna be, huh? Are you gonna dress up?
– Oh my gosh, we should dress Logan up! – [David] Should we dress you up, huh? Should we get you all
dressed up, aww yeah. Let’s get you dressed up. ‘Kay, we’ll have to go find him I’m gonna go find him a
suit, and I’ll be right back. – [Katie] Okay, so, what’s goin’ on? – All right, we’re puttin’
some finishing touches on Ty. I don’t know, maybe I am, maybe I’m not. I don’t know if it’s workin’. – [Audrey] Don’t redo it
though, his is so great. – His is–
– I know, it’s the best one out of all of us.
– Pretty good. Oh wait, you see me! Ahh!
– Ah, wait, what? – (laughs) Man. – [Jake] Oh, I guess we
get the reveal of dad. – Comment down below if you know who I am. – Da da da.
– Dunna. – Hey!
(laughing) (all singing the addam’s family intro) ♪ They’re creepy and they’re cooky ♪ ♪ A little bit spooky ♪ ♪ I don’t know the words ♪ ♪ The Addam’s Family! ♪ Okay, so Audrey is still working on her face. – Yes, I am. – And Katie’s in the other room, Ty ran in the other room. – My face is–
– You already saw mine so, I’m just gonna reveal it again. So, the way you make this
magnificent look come to play is, magnificent, I heard
you laugh, but it’s true. Is you take a lot of white,
and you just rub it in like you’re goin’ to the
beach you just, rub it in. And then you take some black and you just kinda rub it in again. Didn’t want a whole real dark look but just enough to give me like, I haven’t been sleeping
for like, a century. But, not quite like, dead, so. That’s this look and then, you just throw a cool little robe on. I’m keepin’ my orange shirt because it is Halloween decoration time
and I am the decoration, so. I actually went out in
public with this shirt. Would you go out in public with a bright orange shirt like this? I mean, in the stores, under
the big bright white lights I was just glowing. (gasps) Audrey! You could be cousin Itt! (Audrey whimpers) There, perfect!
(Audrey whimpers) (laughs) You look just like
cousin Itt from this angle. – Oh, thanks. (David laughing) Logan! I would put on his outfit
but, he won’t let me, so. We gotta have somebody else do that. Okay, everybody’s ready. And, so, we’re gonna do the big reveal. But, here, real fast, there’s Logan. Logan is in his Christmas jammie. He’s got gnomes all over him. So, that’s Logan. Sit, Logan. Oh (laughs) sit! See, there he is. ‘Kay. So, vote what you think of Logan. And of course, here’s me, Uncle Fester. So, wouldn’t I just be the
coolest uncle you guys have? But, okay, enough of me, let’s look at the rest of the peeps. From the back, you wouldn’t
think anything’s goin’ on except for this one over here. All right.
– Which one? – [David] So, we’ve got
this little guy here. Tyler, slowly turn around and reveal. Here we go. Woo!
(scary music) (gasps) What is this? Okay, let me see if I can zoom in close. Just to get real close
to these pores ’cause he is really (laughs) orange. Dude, I hope that comes off, ‘kay. – I hope it does, too. – [David] What are you? – A pumpkin! – [David] A pumpkin! All right. Here is contestant number three, four, ’cause it goes Logan, me, Ty, now Jake. Go ahead and reveal.
– Three, two, one! (scary music) – [David] Ahhh! Jacob is a zombie. – It’s zombie. – [David] A zombie, let’s
get some close shots here, look at that. He’s got some scars, he’s
got some open tissues here, he’s got somethin’ goin’
on with mortage things. – (laughs) That’s supposed to be, um… – [David] Some down here, he’s drunk. Okay, Jake. Do you think that’ll come off? No? ‘Kay, now we’ve got… (scary music)
(Katie growls) Ahh (laughs) (growls softly) (Audrey giggles) We got Katie the vampire.
– Vampire! – [David] Looks like she just had dinner. She’s a messy eater. And last but not least.
– Squeak, squeak. – [David] Squeak squeak? Oh boy, here we go. In head to toe, decked out in full outfit, (scary music)
the reveal of… Oh my. Do we dare? Woooo!
(Audrey giggles) (David singing circus music) – My name is Sugar. ♪ Sugar, yes please! ♪ (giggling) – Oh my goodness.
– I’m like, the clown of your dreams, ready? – That’s scary.
– Ready? – [David] All right, here we go. (loud thumping)
(Audrey giggling) – [David] Whoa, ha ha! – Sugar’s comin’ to get ya, hello! (David laughing) – [David] Okay, all right. So, should we have everybody
vote in the comments? – Yes, comment down
below who won this game. I’m gonna post it on my Instagram and see what you guys think right now. So, if you haven’t
followed me on Instagram, make sure you follow me. Everyone line up once again
– Wait. – so they can all see, they can all vote. – [David] What’s your Instagram handle? – AllAroundAudrey! – Okay, that makes sense.
– Okay (laughs) – Okay, everybody line up.
– Everyone line up. – We’ll start with the best.
– No. – No? Yeah, we’ll start with the best, okay. ‘Cause see, I had such a large canvas. I had way up here on the top. See, that’s awesome. Okay, here we go. Ready? You’ve got, oh, I kinda
look like the dark lord sith when I have this on
– You do (laughs) – [Tyler] Yeah, (murmurs) – Maybe I’m the dark lord.
– Where’s your lightsaber? (Jake laughs) – [David] We’ve got… – A zombie. – Zombie action.
– Zombie. – [David] That looks really cool on camera with the stitches. Perhaps it could be real. We got Suga.
– Sugar! (Katie laughs) – [David] I don’t know if she’s a happy clown or a scary–
– Sugar! (light halloween music)
(Katie growls softly) – [David] We’ve got the vampiress. (growling lightly) – Aka, auntie des–
– We’ve got, hey, where’d the pumpkin go? I don’t see it. Where’s the pumpkin? Oh, I gotta go way down here (laughs) All right, you got the
extremely neon orange pumpkin that, if you see Tyler
in a couple other videos and he’s got an orange face, this is why. And then we’ve got Logey the gnome dog! Logey!
– Logey the gnome dog! (laughing) – Logey the gnome dog,
Logey the gnome dog. My face is really itchy
and very very very sticky. So, vote for me down
below in the comments. Thank you! All right guys, so that’s
it for today’s video. If you guys liked it, wow. We, I think we’re ready for Halloween. (light halloween music) This is like a new look. Maybe this should be my everyday look. What do you think? – This is my everyday look. – Okay, that’s really creepy. – I just spit it out. Please. Do not buy these.
(laughing) They taste so gross, like, I’m gaggin’. This, (dry heaves) no.
(Audrey laughing) Do not get these. – Okay so, comment down below who won. If you guys liked this video,
give it a big thumps up especially if you’re
excited for Halloween! Oh yeah, I know we’re excited. (laughing) And, we’ll see you guys later. Bye! All right guys, update time. So, the results have come
in from my Instagram poll to see who had the best makeup. And, so far, I’m thinking a
lot of you guys have chose Ty. But, there’s also been a lot of votes for me and Katie and David but (giggles) like, none for Jake. So, sorry, Jake! But we did get a vote for Jordan and Jordan wasn’t even in it, so… (light halloween music) ‘Scuse me. But, yeah, so. Shout out to all of you peeps
who follow me on Instagram and who have voted, thank you so much! It’s kinda funny. Someone voted Logan but Logan
wasn’t even in the picture but, he was in the video so, you is smart. But yeah, a lot of David, a lot of Audrey and a lot of Ty, so. I guess those are the
winners, I don’t know. You guys tell us in the
comments down below. (upbeat music)

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  1. you did NOT audry ty did. and I oop and I skk skk skk can you do so,e shout outs new because I really want one. on Halloween I went to beamish.i love 8n England. love you jake and ty, jordie Logie David and kaitie

  2. Your family is a wonderful family. I love that you do things as a family. You should keep that bond. I hope you keep Chanel

  3. David Uncle fester/Ty pumpkin/Aurdry clown/jakeZombie/Katie drankular.


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    Jake up is a ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™‚๏ธ
    Your mom is a ๐Ÿง›โ€โ™‚๏ธ
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    Logan is a NOME
    David is a very tired zombie.?

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