HACKER UNMASKED at Mysterious Obstacle Course Park while Exploring for PZ9 Project Zorgo Face Reveal

HACKER UNMASKED at Mysterious Obstacle Course Park while Exploring for PZ9 Project Zorgo Face Reveal

– Wait, what’s going on? What are you guys doing on the floor? – Yeah, we’re doing great. We’re just chatting, you know, hanging out.
– Everything’s okay. – Mm-hmm, yup.
– How are you? – Guys, have you seen
Project Zorgo’s newest video? PZ9 has my phone and they’re heading to PZ9’s training facility. We gotta go there and get my phone back! We need to go, come on! – [Regina] Okay, guys, guys, guys. – Okay, Spy Ninjas, if
you don’t know by now, we just learned that Vy
Qwaint has been working with Project Zorgo for
the past three months. Look, the proof is right there. – Do we confront her? – Yeah, should we tell
her what we found out? – It’s gonna be really
awkward if we do that. – Well, Vy says that
Project Zorgo is going after her phone at PZ9’s training facility. Why don’t we just trail along with her and then we’ll confront her afterwards? It’s really important that
she gets her phone back. – That’s a good idea.
– Let’s pretend we don’t know. – Yeah, we’ll just play it cool for now. – Okay. – So Vy, yeah, let’s
go get that phone back. What do you say? – Yeah, let’s do it! – [Chad] Okay, let’s go. – All right.
– All right. – We’re here, guys. Supposedly, this is where PZ9 train. – Wait, this looks more like a strip mall than a training facility. – He’s not a real professional, you know. He’s PZ9.
– True. – The ninth member. – Whoa, check this out. – [Chad] Ooh, castle. – Okay, but I don’t see any
hackers or PZ9 around here. It’s kinda weird. – Gosh, he is a big baby, isn’t he? – It’s kinda cool, look at this guy. – Roar! Careful, Daniel, he’ll bite you. And look, there’s even a
huge arcade, my favorite! (gasps) Whoa, Terminator, Cruisin’ U.S.A., The Walking Dead. – Is this where Justin trains? – [Chad] Terminator! – Guys, I think I found PZ9! – What?
– He might be in here! – [Chad] Whoa! – PZ9, are you in there? – [Daniel] Let’s unmask him. – [Vy] Daniel, don’t touch! – Why? – [Vy] It says, do not touch. – Well, I just– – [PZ9] Hello, Spy Ninjas. Looking to get swole? Or get better at better at battle royales? You’ve come to the right place. – Where are you PZ9, show yourself. – [PZ9] (laughs) No way. Project Zorgo’s already on its way here. And I’m already outnumbered as it stands. – Project Zorgo’s coming here? Ah, PZ9, you’re so annoying right now. Just give me back my phone already. – [PZ9] You know what? Sure, but it’s hidden somewhere
in this building. (laughs) – C’mon, PZ9, show yourself. You’re scared, you’re hiding too, man. – Yeah. – [PZ9] (laughs) Funny. But I’m not gonna be the only one hiding when Project Zorgo arrives. Good luck, and let the hunt begin. – They’re coming.
– We gotta split up. This park is pretty big so
we need to cover more space. – We gotta find Vy’s phone
before Project Zorgo shows up. All right, guys, let’s split up, let’s go. – Okay, let’s go! – Man, PZ9 thinks he’s so clever. Hiding Vy’s phone somewhere. It’s gotta be in these balls or something. – I’m in the arcade section right now looking for Vy’s phone. Honestly, I don’t even
know why we’re helping her because she’s a part of Project Zorgo. We just found out that Vy has betrayed us. But you know what, PZ9 could be lying, so I gotta help out my fellow Spy Ninja. We gotta find her phone. – Laser tag place. If I know PZ9, he probably
would’ve hid Vy’s phone inside of this laser tag room. Here we go. – This place is insane. I can’t believe this is where PZ9 trains. There’s a princess right there. What is PZ9 training for? To become a knight in shining armor? Psh. Look, there’s a prince. Doesn’t that look like Chad? And that’s me, aw. Speaking of Chad, doesn’t it seem like Chad, Dan, and Regina
are being kind of weird? I’ve been noticing the three of them kind of sneaking off on their own and not including me in the
Spy Ninja huddles and stuff. I didn’t wanna say anything
because I kinda respect their privacy, but it’s kind of a bummer, you know, being on the outside. – Vy Qwaint, our Spy Ninja
friend, has been working with Project Zorgo for
the past three months. And Project Zorgo is
on their way right now. So is the reason why they’re coming, does that involve Vy Qwaint? Is Vy’s phone in here? Or is PZ9 hiding in here? You know what, why do I even care? Vy Qwaint isn’t on our team anymore. I mean, I guess, technically
she still is a Spy Ninja, but she’s been working with Project Zorgo. I trusted her, you know? – I didn’t see Vy’s phone in the arcade. Whoa, they have slides here. You see PZ9 or Vy’s phone anywhere? That looks kinda fun, I
actually hope Vy’s phone is up there so I can, you
know, take a little slide. I might as well try it out, you know? Just for funsies, and maybe
Vy’s phone’s up there too. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – Whoa, this is the laser tag room, guys. Gotta be careful if PZ9
might be in here hiding out. There’s lots of barriers and obstacles he could be hiding behind. Guys, keep your eyes out
for PZ9 or for Vy’s phone. Either might be in here. PZ9 might be behind these boxes. Two, three, ha! Nothing, okay, this place is
huge, he could be anywhere. PZ9, where are you? Vy’s phone, where are you? (door closes) Did you guys hear that? I heard a noise. PZ9’s gotta be in here somewhere. – Guys, look at this place right here. Look at this, this is crazy. Maybe Vy’s phone is somewhere around here. Or this could be a great
place for PZ9 to be hiding. Check out all these cannons right here. Look at this, check this out. (air blowing) What kinda magic is this? Okay, well I don’t know where PZ9 is. The Project Zorgo members
might be here any second. Maybe I can set a trap for when the Project Zorgo members do show up. If I put a bunch of balls
in this shoot right here, and I push this button. (machine whirring)
They get all sucked up. And then they go up there. Then all I gotta do is push this button. (alarm blares) And they come falling. Okay, I gotta find a hiding space. – Spy Ninjas, what do you
think’s going on with Vy? She’s been so suspicious. It sure seems like she really
is working with Project Zorgo. I don’t know what to believe. Why would she do that? She’s my wife, we’re married. Why would she betray me like that? Is this all just one big trick
that PZ9’s putting on us? Comment down below, let
me know what you think is going on with Vy and Project Zorgo. – I’m way up here on top of the slide. From up here I have a pretty good view of everything down below me. Do you see Vy’s phone anywhere? I don’t know, I don’t see it. (gasps) Guys, the hackers are coming, the hackers are coming, ah! – [PZ9] Well, well, if it isn’t the Project Zorgo losers (laughs). Looking for Vy’s phone? You’re not the only ones. Say hi to the Spy Ninjas for me. (laughs maniacally) Losers! – Chad, Vy, Daniel, the hackers are here! Everyone, hide! – Okay. All right, thanks for the heads up. – Shoot, Project Zorgo’s here? Spy Ninjas, let’s go. – Okay, okay, Project
Zorgo hackers are coming, so I think I have to put my phone on hold and just take care of the hackers first. Let’s go, let’s go. Part of the Spy Ninja training is that when there are hackers that are coming, we get to high ground, so let’s get there. Woo! That was easy-peasy lemon squeezy. – Vy’s friends are on
their way, Project Zorgo. They’re probably gonna pick her up for a nice dinner or something. – I’m posted up in the top
of the slide right now. I think my plan is when the
hackers come down there, I’m gonna run them over
like a human bowling ball! Let’s go! – Oh, shoot, did you hear that? I just heard the door slam. Oh my gosh, Project Zorgo
hackers are here, look. – [Hacker] I’m pretty sure that’s Chad. – Man, let me go around this other way. Oh, no.
– I think he went over there. – [Chad] There’s more hackers. Okay, okay. – [Hacker] I didn’t see him. – [Chad] How am I gonna get out of here? – [Hacker] Where did he go? – I gotta back up. Okay, guys, there’s a
hacker in front of me, right over here. I’m keeping my eye on him. I can’t let him see me. All right, he doesn’t
see me, this is perfect. Oh! Hey! Project Zorgo! Ah! Oh, shoot, ah! Oh, shoot, there’s more! Ah! – [Hacker] Get over here! You can’t run from us! – [Chad] Ah! Come and get me, hackers! (Chad laughs)
– He’s so fast. – [Chad] You guys will never catch me. Whoa! – I’m pretty high up right now. So let’s keep an eye out for hackers. Let me know if you guys see any. (gasps) Oh my gosh. There’s a hacker right there. That’s where we were at the dragon place. Oh my gosh, they’re coming. I need to find a place to hide in this little tunnel
here, that’s pretty cool. Look at this mesh, it’s crazy. (gasps) Oh my gosh, look at those gloves. Gotta hide, gotta hide back here. – Hackers are down there. They don’t know I’m up here and they don’t know what’s coming. It’s my time to shine, guys. Let’s go! (screams) Look, he’s down, he’s down. Go, go, go! – [Chad] They don’t see me. No! (fast paced action music) The door to the exit is
right through that way. There’s a couple more
hackers I gotta get by. Let’s see if we can do this, Spy Ninjas. Whoa! Yeah, hacker! Gonna lock the door behind me. Lock them in, yes. Oh, yes, I trapped a
ton of hackers in there. Now I gotta go meet up with the rest of the Spy Ninjas, let’s go! – I think I lost the hacker, guys. I’m in this area right now. Oh, there’s a hacker, hide! (suspenseful music) (Regina grunts) (Regina screams) Yeah, take that, hacker! Let’s go. Okay, two hackers down. I gotta meet up with the rest of the gang. – Left or right, this
way, this way, this way! Oh, they’re right there,
they’re right behind me! Ah, they’re coming, they’re coming! Down, down, down, down. (Vy screams) I’m going through here. Ah! Where are they? I can’t tell. Oh, oh no, they found me, ah! (Vy screams) Oh no, he got my leg! (screams) Oh my gosh! (screams) Oh my gosh, he’s getting up, oh my gosh! (screams) Let’s go, let’s go, guys. Okay, guys, we gotta get
down the slide. (screams) Oh my gosh, let’s go, guys. Ah, oh my gosh, what is this? Where’s the way out? (screams) Through here, through here, guys. Under, go under. Over and under. Before the hackers come in. Oh my gosh, he’s right there. He’s coming under, he’s going under. (gasps) He can’t fit through! It’s our chance to get
away, let’s go, guys. The hacker couldn’t get
through that tiny place because they’re not a stealthy,
tiny Spy Ninja like me. Yes, woo-hoo! I hope Chad, Daniel, and Regina are okay. I’m gonna try and meet up with them. – Daniel!
– Chad! Did you the news, the
hackers are the on the way. – Yeah, I just evaded a ton
inside the laser tag room. – You seen some already? – There’s a ton of them here. – There’s a bunch of balls over there. And if you feel this crate
up, you can push a button and all the balls will fall on you. – Sweet, okay, let’s go over there. I’ll go fill it up and then
you press the button, cool? Let’s do it, yeah, yeah.
– Let’s go, let’s go. – It’s over here, Chad, come on. – [Chad] Okay, all right, here we go. – Through these obstacles. – [Chad] You lead the way,
I’ve never been here before. – It’s through this tunnel right here. – Okay, all right.
– Here we go. The hackers are right there. They’re standing right underneath that cage full of the balls. Okay, I gotta sneak my way up there and push that button, and have
all the balls fall on them. The button’s right there. – [Chad] There’s Daniel. Go, Daniel, go, go, go! (suspenseful music) (alarm blares) (balls clattering) Oh, ho, ho, great work
pushing that button, Daniel. – They just fell on the ground, they didn’t even see it coming. Okay, I think the hackers are getting up. I gotta get higher ground. All right, let’s go up here. They can’t see me from up here. Oh, uh-oh, oh, he’s looking at me! Hey, hey, there’s a net here, smart one. Those balls aren’t gonna get me. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s get out of here! – Speaking of being a tiny Spy Ninja, I need to find a place to hide because these hackers
are everywhere right now. Oh, a ball pit! This is the perfect place to hide. Let’s get in there, Spy Ninjas. Oh, wait, there’s Daniel, hi, Daniel! – Vy, Vy!
– Daniel, Daniel! I’m gonna hide in here. – [Daniel] Okay, awesome. – Woo! (hacker growls) – Oh my gosh, Vy!
(Vy screams) (Vy screams) – [Daniel] Vy! Let’s go between these. Ah, ah, get out of here. Vy! Vy, Vy, where are you? Vy, Vy, I’m here! Where are you, Vy? What, she was just here. Vy! Oh my gosh! She’s not in here, she’s not anywhere. Where are you? Oh no, the hacker must’ve took her. She’s gone. I think I lost them. Oh, no, definitely not. Yeah, you can’t get me
with the net, ha ha! Ah, he’s got my hood, ah, hey! Oh my gosh, these hackers, man. I think I found a safe spot. Wait a minute, what is this thing? It’s moving all by itself but there’s nobody over there. It’s just a bunch of mirrors. What the heck? Oh! (screams) Oh no, hacker! Hey, hey! (grunts) – Gotta meet with the
rest of the Spy Ninjas. Oh, Regina! – Hi, yeah, I took down two hackers. – [Chad] Okay, so many
hackers here, what’s the plan? We’ll just use blasters right here and we can shoot balls into hackers. – Nice!
– Yeah! – Daniel!
(Regina yells) – Hey!
– All right, Daniel. – What?
– There’s blasters right here. Let’s blast these hackers down here. – Yeah, let’s do it! – [Chad] Here’s some ammo. – Thank you. – [Chad] Regina! There’s a button right here to shoot. Whoa! (fast paced techno music) Load up, and fire! Woo! I’m gonna hit the big one! Ah, there’s a hacker climbing up, ah! Hey, you, take this! Oh, yeah! Woo, yes, we got ’em all down!
– We did it! – Let’s get out of here. – Go!
– Go, go, go, go! Get outta here, hackers. – [Daniel] You’ll never get Vy’s phone. – Yeah, yeah, you get outta here. Wait, there’s another hacker right there. – Give up, hacker, you’re outnumbered. It’s three against one. Get him, Regina! – I got him, I got him! – Yeah, yeah, yeah!
– Daniel. – Yes, that’s right. – [Chad] You’re outnumbered. – You saw what we did
to your friends, right? You want that to happen to you? – Guys, I can’t control him! – We can finally unmask a hacker! Unmask him, Regina. – Okay, are you ready? Here it comes! – [Chad] Vy! It’s Vy! – Vy?
– Vy, what? (group screams) (static crackles)

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