HACKER GIRL UNMASK HIDE & SEEK CHALLENGE – PZ4 Will Do a Face Reveal if We Win Her Game

HACKER GIRL UNMASK HIDE & SEEK CHALLENGE – PZ4 Will Do a Face Reveal if We Win Her Game

– PZ4, we know your name is Regina, and your mask is falling apart there. Everybody wants to see your face, so I think you need to take that mask off ’cause you’re not with
Project Zorgo anymore. – You wanna see this face right here? – [Chad] Yes.
– Yes, everybody wants to see it. – Okay, okay. But first you have to complete
this hide and seek challenge. – [Chad] A hide and seek challenge? – Hide and seek challenge? – If any of you could last
for 15 minutes without me finding you, I’ll take my mask off. – Woo, that’s easy. – And for five minutes, I’ll
cut a piece of my mask off. – Woo!
– Woo! – Everyone has one minute to hide. – [Chad] Oh, nice bandana
there, oh I love it. – Thanks!
– CWC bandana, link below. – Yeah, it’s pretty nice.
– [Chad] One minute? All right go, go, go go!
– We gotta go. – [Chad] Let’s check the house. There’s lots of good
places to hide in here. You guys should get cameras
and film yourselves hiding. – I’m just gonna use my cellphone. – [Chad] Okay cool, let’s all split up. Okay guys, let’s communicate,
let’s work together I’ve got these Spy Ninja
walkie talkies right here. If we all work together,
we can see her face. All right guys wish us the best of luck. Thumbs up if you wanna see PZ4’s face. Go down and make that
thumbs up blue down there. – Let’s split up then, let’s go. – Let’s go! – This is the laundry room, right here. There might be some new
places to hide in here. Certainly I’m not gonna
hide in the washer or dryer. What if someone turned it
on while I was in there. That is not the best
way to get clean okay? – Oh I have a great hiding spot, guys. This is the bathroom right here. If I go inside and close
the door like this, PZ4’s just not gonna
barge into the bathroom when there’s somebody in here, right? She has to respect my privacy, so maybe I’ll just be
safe in here forever. Where can I hide in case she comes in? Behind the toilet? Oh gross, my hoodie strings
are getting in the toilet. – All right guys, where do
you think I should hide? You know right here in our living room, there’s some beanbags right here. And there’s actually two of them. I’m super tiny, I don’t think
anyone would actually suspect me being in there. – I got it guys, I’m gonna
hide in the bathroom. Yes this will be perfect, I’m gonna hide in the shower or something. Wait!
(Daniel screaming) what are you doing? – This is my hiding spot, get out of here. – [Chad] Oh man, I was
gonna hide in the shower. – Do you have to go to the bathroom or are you just gonna ruin my spot? – So you’re already here, all
right I’ll do somewhere else. Oh man, I thought that was
gonna be a good spot everybody. – The sink here, let’s
see if I can fit in there. You know what? I’m a lot bigger than I imagined. I thought I was a tiny Spy Ninja, but I’m actually glad I
cannot fit into this cupboard. You know what that means you guys? That my growth spurt is
finally kicking in! (gasping) – None of my hiding spots are panning out. Right there, that’s
gonna work right there. A table with a cloth on it. Hide under here. – Okay I’m under the table, I don’t fit very well. I hear PZ4 coming. (gasps) Oh, it’s Vy! Vy, oh you just ripped it! Put the sheet up, put
the sheet back on, man! Hurry, hurry up, she’s coming! Put the sheet on! Vy, this is my spot. – No!
– [Chad] Get out of here! – What do you mean? No we only have five seconds left. – Oh gosh, okay time’s almost up! I’ll just hide in the shower. I’ll just hide in the corner over here. – All right, let’s go look for them. Okay everyone, timer starts now! – We can’t both stay in here. – I fit under this table
better than you do. – But we shouldn’t both be
under here at the same time because if we get caught,
both of us are out. – I feel like one of
them’s under this beanbag. Ya! Yeah? No. – [Chad] She’s checking
underneath the bag. – [Vy] Oh gosh. – I didn’t think you’d fit under this one. – I feel that’s a good
place for me to go hide now. Now that she’s already
checked the beanbag, if I go underneath, she probably won’t look
under the beanbag again, so. – Why is there this random box right here. Hmm, I never put that there. Let’s see if someone’s in there. (gasping) hello? Okay, no one’s in there. – I’m going under these beanbags. Yes. Let’s look in the hallway. Wait, you don’t think they went
into my secret room, right? They wouldn’t do that, but I gotta check. – [Chad] Is she going
into the secret room, or? I wanna see what’s in that secret room. Zoom in. What’s in the room? – All right they’re not in there. Good Spy Ninjas. – (gasps) who’s this? – [Chad] Vy, did you
see in the secret room? – Yes, I saw her.
– [Chad] What was in there? – I couldn’t see, she was standing right
in front of the camera. – Back to my beanbag hiding spot. – This is the most scariest
game of hide and seek I’ve ever played, there’s
so much at stake here. For every five minutes
none of us get found out, she’ll cut a piece of her mask off; we can see her face! – How have I not checked the tables yet? They’re probably under here. No. Oh guys look, right over there. That white table cloth. – Oh no. She’s coming. Did she just say, “table cloth”? She’s coming, oh my gosh, I need to move. I’m almost positive that’s where they are. (shushing) ready? One, two, three. (shouts) Huh. This was a perfect hiding spot. No one decided to hide there? I feel like I checked everywhere. – [Chad] Good thing Vy
just moved out of there. She’s right there. – I feel like checked
everywhere in this house! Hello? Oh, you know where I haven’t checked? The bathroom. – Wait a minute, I just
heard her say “bathroom”. – I bet someone’s hiding in there. The lights, they’re on right now. Do you see that? – I think Daniel’s hiding in there. She’s standing over there, look. Look at her, she’s like
a peeping Tom right now. – So that definitely means
that someone is in there. – Oh my gosh, she’s right outside, guys. – Look, I see her feet. Her feet’s right there. – She’s pulling the handle! Oh no, oh no, oh gosh. – But, should I? What if they’re actually
using the bathroom? Should I respect their privacy? Or what if they’re hiding? – Oh this is bad, she’s
coming in the bathroom. She doesn’t have as much
respect as I thought she would. I gotta call Chad. Chad, I think my plan is back firing. I think PZ4 isn’t as
respectful as I thought she was and she’s coming in the bathroom. – I know, what if you were
going to the bathroom? She’s gonna walk in on
you sitting on the toilet. – My hiding place is horrible, you gotta find a way to
distract her or something. Don’t let her come in! – Don’t worry Daniel, I will distract her and make sure she doesn’t
go into the bathroom, okay. – Daniel was a part of
Project Zorgo back in the day, so you know what they
say about Project Zorgo? They’re always pooping. – In my CWC backpack. I’ve got a hat. I’m gonna throw this hat like a frisbee to distract her. All right, let me turn this camera around. Three, two, one. – Guys, that hat right there. That’s Chad’s hat, and it just fell. He’s definitely somewhere
around this area. – [PZ4] Chad? – I think it worked. She’s going farther away. – Oh gosh guys, she’s on
the move, we need to move. Oh gosh guys, I’m stuck
here in the kitchen though. So I’m gonna try to git
into one of these cupboards. Hopefully these cupboards are bigger than the one in the laundry room. Okay guys, I’m gonna see if
I can fit into this cupboard. I totally fit, you guys. I am a Spy Ninja afterall. – Vy, Vy, where are you Vy? – [Vy] I’m in the kitchen. – I am in the kitchen, I don’t see you. I’m in the kitchen right now. – I’m in one of the cupboards. On the side of the sink. – [Chad] You’re in one of the cupboards? Let me see. Vy! How the heck did you fit in there? – I’m a Spy Ninja! – [Chad] It’s tiny!
– I know. – [Chad] Nobody could fit in there. I don’t think PZ4’s
gonna find you in there. – I don’t think so either. – [Chad] All right, see you later. – Oh my gosh you guys,
there’s only 10 seconds left. We’re gonna win this, we’re
gonna totally win this. – All right, where’s Chad? It’s the last 10 seconds? Oh no! If I don’t find anyone, I have to cut a piece of my mask off. Hurry let’s just go, I don’t know how much
more time I have left. – [Chad] She’s getting worried,
she’s looking everywhere. – Vy!? – [Chad] Vy’s not in there. You’re close though, oh shoot. She’s gonna find Vy. All right don’t look in
that cupboard over there, Vy’s in there! – She’s at the cubboards, oh no, oh no. Oh gosh, she’s getting close. Oh no, she’s right next to me. She’s by the sink. – All right, clock is ticking. (alarm sounding) shoot! Times out. I lost. I guess they really are Spy Ninja’s, they are good at hiding. All right well I guess, I made a promise to take
off a piece of my mask. So I guess it’s time to do that. – Yes, yes! Guys, we did it, we did it! – [Chad] Oh my gosh,
she took her mask off. I can’t see her face though. Vy, Vy! Right now, PZ4 has her mask off. She’s cutting a piece off. I can’t see her face. You should open up your cupboard and take a peak and you should
be able to see her face. – She has her mask completely off? – Okay, here we go. Goodbye mustache. All right well here’s
a piece of my ‘stache. Don’t need this anymore. – Okay, all right, I’m
gonna try to slowly, sneakily open the cupboard. – How do I look? Oh I think this might look worse. Hi, you can see my full mouth now. Mouth reveal, hello everyone. All right, let’s do round two. – Okay guys, round two is starting. Another five minutes and
we get to see PZ4’s face a little bit more. This is a pretty good
hiding spot, I feel like. I feel like I was gonna
stay through the whole, oh, oh! Oh no! – [PZ4] Wait, I think I heard
a sound from the bathroom. – Oh my gosh! I just accidentally bumped into this. And the shower went on. Do you think she heard me? That shower made so much noise. I just accidentally
bumped into the shower, and the shower went on and made this loud noise, and now I’m all wet. Did PZ4 hear me? – PZ4 is about the open the bathroom door. – Wait she’s coming? Oh my gosh, guys! – Okay, I think I can distract her. I’m just gonna run for it, and then I’ll just run
outside or something. – No Vy, then she’ll see you. And then you’re caught, and then we lose! – Oh no, in hide and seek, you have to actually tag the person. She has to actually catch me. So I don’t think she’s
actually gonna be able to catch up to me. Okay guys, I can help getting you out. Okay, so I’m out. – There’s definitely someone in here. I heard the shower, let’s go. – She’s right there. PZ4! You have to come get me! – There’s Vy! (Vy screaming) Let’s get Vy! – [Vy] Oh no! (screams) (both screaming) – (screaming) oh gosh,
she tripped, I knew it. – [PZ4] Okay let’s go get here still. (screaming) – It worked, okay, I have
to get the heck out of here. My hiding spot is compromised. – [Chad] Daniel, Daniel,
Vy’s getting chased. – She is?
– Yeah Vy’s getting chased by PZ4 outside, right now. All right, I gotta find
a new hiding space, Chad. Don’t go in the bathroom,
she knows about it. – [Chad] Okay. – Oh here’s a box, that’s
a good hiding spot. – [Chad] Perfect, yeah
hide in there, for sure. Very nice, very nice. I hope Vy didn’t get caught. – Oh yeah, she’s very
fast, I don’t think so. – [Chad] Yeah okay,
I’m gonna go over here. – Oh my gosh, you guys, here. This door, I’m gonna get in. What’s going on here,
this door’s never locked. Oh no she’s coming. Oh no, oh no. She’s there! – [PZ4] Okay! – No, no! – [Chad] Okay, I’m gonna
not hide under that beanbag ’cause I’ve already been hiding. I’m gonna hide underneath this one. I’m gonna go underneath it. I’m gonna roll it up and
roll it on top of me. There we go. (Vy screaming) – [PZ4] Ha, you lost! – Dang it. – [PZ4] Thought you could get away. – Oh gosh, that door
it’s never locked, PZ4! – All right guys, PZ4 tagged me. – VY Qwaint got caught! – She locked the door on me,
I couldn’t get back inside. Yeah but there’s like
less than 10 minutes left, so I don’t think you’re gonna be able to find Chad or Daniel, PZ4. – You know what? No, move aside. – Daniel, Vy got caught
by PZ4, did you see that? – Yeah, yeah Vy got
caught, I can’t believe it. – But okay, so you and
I, we have to survive and then she’s gonna unmask herself. – Yeah okay. Even though Vy’s out, as long as me and you don’t get caught, she’ll reveal her whole mask. – Exactly, I wanna see
what she looks like. I know a bunch of you Spy Ninjas do too, so I’m hiding underneath
the beanbag right now. – [Daniel] Let’s see. What the heck, I don’t
see you at all Chad. Where are you? Oh! Oh my gosh, that’s a really
good hiding place, Chad. Yeah good job. – All right I’m gonna check the bathroom! – PZ4, why are you
going into the bathroom? – Why are you blocking the door? – I’m not!
– Is someone in there? – No wait, you’re not a
Project Zorgo member anymore why are you going in the bathroom? Are you pooping right now? Do you need to go poop? What’s going on? – Maybe someone else is pooping in there, – No!
– let’s go check! Okay. – So what’s the deal. How come you’re not revealing your face? If you’re not a Project
Zorgo member anymore? – Vy, you’re just distracting
me, leave me alone. Stay out there, Vy! You’re slowing me down, that’s not fair. – Fine, fine. – All right let’s do a
thorough investigation of this bathroom. All right, cupboards. I think Chad’s a little
too big to fit in this, but maybe he can squeeze, maybe
he’s like a contortionist. Let’s see. Just toilet paper, dang it. (gasping) do you guys see that? Socks. Dirty, probably stinky socks. You know who has dirty, stinky socks? Daniel. Daniel’s shoes! Daniel has definitely been in here. He probably just left his
shoes there to buy time. So that I’d get distracted. Let’s go look. Oh wait, wait do you guys see that? Barefoot, wet foot prints. That’s Daniel, let’s follow them. – Daniel, PZ4 is following
your wet footprints, you left a trail of wet
footprints all over. – What? I left footprints? – She’s following your footprints. – Oh no, oh shoot. Guys, I guess when I turned
the shower on by mistake I got all wet, and my feet are all wet and I left a trail right to this box. – All right, another footprint. Daniel thinks he so smart. But he left a whole trail
to lead me to where he is. (gasps) okay. This is exactly where it leads to. He’s definitely in this box. – I think she’s gonna catch you man. – Three, two, one (alarm
sounding) dang it! Again? The buzzer went off. Gosh, I can’t believe the buzzer went off! – Yes, yes, yes, yes! Now you have to take off
a piece of your mask, PZ4! – All right. – We’re getting close Spy Ninjas. We’re gonna slowly chip
away at that mask, here. – I guess I’ll just sit on this beanbag while I cut my mask off. – (groaning) she’s sitting on me. – [Daniel] She’s sitting
right on Chad, oh no. Chad are you okay? – She’s sitting on me, Daniel. – [Daniel] You gotta be
quiet Chad, don’t scream. Don’t do anything. – Scissors, Vy. Chop, chop! – PZ4,
– Yes? you gotta stop with that PZ tendencies. Spy Ninjas do not boss people around. – Okay fine, I’m sorry. – Can you just step aside
while I remove my mask? Respect my privacy. All right, I’m gonna put you
guys down while I cut my mask. Here I go, so which part
of my mask should I cut that won’t reveal too
much more of my face? Maybe this upper corner right here. That won’t give away my
eyeballs or my nostrils. Just a little piece of my skin. All right, one more piece down. All right, let’s find them! I have less than five minutes
to find Chad and Daniel. – Daniel, there’s a Nerf Little over here underneath this other beanbag, I’m gonna grab it and try to distract her. – Okay yeah, that’s a great idea. – It’s right here. Come on, all right. I’m gonna distract her with this. – They’re really good hiders, so I remember the footprints
were definitely leading to this box right here. We gotta go find the person in here. – Oh Chad, do something,
do something Chad. – This way, I’m gonna shoot over here. (toy gun shot) – (gaps) do you guys hear that? The microwave just turned on! The heck, no ones there! Someone definitely might
have hit the microwave while they were running. – [Chad] Get out of there, Daniel. – Do you see anyone? I don’t see anyone here. I don’t know, there’s no one around here. – Oh my gosh, the Nerf must have turn on the microwave somehow, I must have hit the start button, that is so awesome. – All right let’s check this box. What? No ones in here? Maybe they’re behind the box, perhaps? Maybe the microwave was
another distraction. (shouts) – Oh my gosh, guys I gotta
find a new hiding space. Oh look, here’s a little closet. Definitely better than the cardboard box. – [PZ4] (mumbling) reveal my entire face! (screaming) the closet! I haven’t checked this closet yet. Who do you think could fit in there? Again, I think Chad’s too big. Sorry, he’s just tall. But maybe Daniel. (PZ4 talking) – I have no where to go. There is a little, it looks
like the attic up there. Maybe I could just jump up there somehow. (both screaming) – [PZ4] Gotcha!
– Oh no! Dang it. – What kind of hiding spot is this? – It’s the closet, it’s the
best hiding spot there is. – I literally just opened
it and you’re right there. – [Chad] Shoot, Daniel got caught. I’m gonna hide right behind here. – All right, you’re distracting
me, I gotta find Chad. Get out the way. I gotta find Chad. How is he the best hider,
and the tallest person? You’d think he’d be the
easiest one to find. Wait guys, I haven’t checked
this ginormous box right here. He could definitely fit
in this ginormous box. Check inside… (shouts) Chad? Chad? No. He’s probably hiding right behind the box. Three, two, one. (both screaming) – Chad, I got you! Come back here! (all shouting) Chad I’m gonna get you! You’ll never catch me PZ4. I only have one person left and it’s Chad. You’ll never catch me. – The doors locked Chad! – Oh shoot, okay, I’ll go this way. Yeah yeah, come get me
PZ4, (laughing) Sike! – Come back! – Climb up these stairs. (Chad laughing) (PZ4 screaming) whoa, she jumped right off. What you gonna do?
– [PZ4] Huh? – Which was you gonna go? (shouting) (PZ4 screaming) (laughing) – [Daniel] Go go go! – Guys, where’d she go, where’d she go? Did you see where she went? – [Daniel] I don’t know!
– I don’t know where she went. – [Daniel] She’s gone. – [Vy] What is going on? – How does she keep
disappearing like this? – I don’t know. – Doesn’t make any sense. – That’s good though, keep
running the timer down, Chad. – Yeah yeah. – We’re a couple seconds away from finding out what her face looks like. – [Vy] Right.
– Yeah, yeah okay. – Maybe we should spread out, me and Daniel can distract her somehow. And then you just stay away. – You guys go this way a little bit, – [Both] Okay. – And I’ll just keep an eye out for her, time is almost out, then
she has to reveal herself. I don’t see her anywhere, – All right guys, (shushing)
– Do you guys see her? – You guys see her yet?
– He’s right there. (shushing) – Vy’s not even looking. – Let’s do this. – I think we’re good, I
think time’s just about up. Let me see, five- – Gotcha! – (screaming) Where’d you come from PZ4! – I win, I win! – Where’d you come from? – I win, I win, I win! – [Daniel] No! – Wait, where did she go? Where did you go? – Where did you come from? – You popped out of nowhere. – You keep doing this disappearing thing, it doesn’t make any sense.
– Yeah! – We were like three seconds away. – Secret! – What are you? Are you like the hide
and seek master or what? – We can’t do that.
– why? – We wanna see your face PZ4! You gotta give up another
chance to see your face, okay? I guess, I’ll give you two more chances. – Oh okay.
– Okay, I like that. – If you guys get enough
followers on Instagram, then I’ll remove my mask. – Instagram, okay that’s easy, I already have a lot of followers, Vy’s got a lot of followers already. – Yeah how many followers do we need? – One million. – Okay, Austin Powers. One million, that should be easy actually because I already have
like 300-some-thousand, you have 200-some-thousand.
– [Vy] Yeah! – Combined it’s almost a million, right? – Spy Ninjas, make sure to
click the link down below in the description underneath this video, I’m putting a link to both
Vy’s and my Instagram. We need all of you to go follow it and PZ4 will take her mask off. Even if like 10 percent
of you go follow us, she’ll take her mask off
– yeah! So help up out, go do that! – But I’ll also give you one more chance. – Oh okay. – If you complete my challenge. – Okay what’s the challenge?
– What’s that? – That one over there! (Chad and Daniel shouting) (static)

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