34 thoughts on “Gulzar on Urdu Poets and Poetry I Jashn-e-Rekhta 2017

  1. मीर सत्रहवीं सदी के शायर नहीं थे दोस्त । अठाहरवीं के शुरू में पैदा हुए और उनीसवी में उन की वफ़ात हुई

  2. Sorry to say, but Mr Javed is causing a sheer disturbance, he is not a good communicator. Perhaps, It is the weight of Gulzar Saab aura that throws him berserk. Disappointed with Anchor. Surprisingly Javed have written books on Urdu and do not have manners (Adab).

  3. Javeed siddiqui bhi bara writer hay… Haan yeh zaroor hay log un e kam waqfiyat rakhtey hayn…. Jaaveed bhi apney aap mein ek anjuman hay.

  4. Javed Sahab is analyzing Ghalib in front of Gulzaar..! What did he want to prove? I think Gulzar knows about Ghalib more than anyone else in entire universe. Only Ghalib himself could have known more about Ghalib than Gulzar.

  5. वसीम साहब को भी बोलने के लिए बुलाया जाना चाहिए

  6. Javed Siddiqui is the most irritating person in this video. Neither he is letting Gulzar speak nor is he himself interesting. Continuously interrupting. Ruined the session.

  7. Gulzar saab se Urdu me poetry, gazal, conversation.. sunke bahut achha Sukun mil raha hai..medition kar rahe hai. Aisa anubhav .👏👏👏👏👏

  8. India ki budqismati hay ke javed akhtar ko urdu ka aik great poet samjhtay hein…song writer r poet may farq nahi samjhtay….gulzar much better then javed akhtar

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