Guitar of the Day: Fender Artist Series Jimmy Page Telecaster | Norman's Rare Guitars

Guitar of the Day: Fender Artist Series Jimmy Page Telecaster | Norman's Rare Guitars

hey guys welcome back to another episode of guitar today I'm your host Michael MO whoa whoo so today it is a Tele Tuesday and we will honor that we got some cool guitars that came in today but first of all I have to say happy birthday to Frank Stallone happy birthday I just you know you guys think we put up with him maybe he puts up with us cuz he comes in and he gets a lot from norm so Frank good for you for coming by still we love you and I listen to cuando cuando cuando all the time but yeah Frank we'll see you soon and hopefully I can catch your gig we love you also another big thing that's happening in the store is inventory and why I say inventory because it relates to our website our website I know it's been a little flaky here and there and some of the guitars that we have actually out on the floor but we've teamed up with reverb and they're actually helping us with our website and so you can buy the guitars not only on our website but also on reverb comm and we still advise you guys to call us before we can you know talk you through the guitar send you videos still the personal touch but you will have an opportunity to get the guitars quicker online so that's cool and it's coming very soon I know we talked about it but we've been working on it since the beginning of the year you can only imagine you see those guitars behind me while I'm doing these videos all of those have all of those had to be accounted for yeah and we want to thank Brandon and Jen for definitely working on that really hard because no one wants to do that it's really it's really hard tedious yeah yeah it's only gonna be so hard right now because we have to catch up on all the stuff we've already had now from once we get all that done and we're almost there on everything we've already own will be it'll be easy and when we look forward to helping you so look out for those guitars it'll be a lot of fun to kind of open up the online market and talk to more of you because it'll be the first time it's kind of a little scared I'll be behind might be skipping guitar the day and just I might be doing a box boxing guitars while we're doing this yeah but uh without further ado two of these guitars came in today a little different for guitar today maybe not so pricey but I think it's cool and I think it's important so come on back so this is a 2019 what what Fender Telecaster but it's the Jimmy Page model what it kind of looks like it came from arts and crafts but that's alright so does my guitar my jazz master anyway a lot of people know some don't know Jimmy Page his first guitar was that was really rockin on with Led Zeppelin and even in the yardbirds was a Telecaster so fender you know I think they were like man Jimmy's on the gibson side so long we need them over here so they reissued this Telecaster and obviously just one of the guitars that changed rock and roll so you got the top looter you got three saddles and then you got your 259 Jimmy Page single coil pickups and then a 3-way selector now the guitar originally was apparently gifted from Jeff Beck which is pretty cool because you know the relationship between the yardbirds and stuff and then they had kind of a dragon on it so this is a two piece ash body but they painted the dragon on there like like Jimmy pages it also has a rosewood neck and it's about a d-shaped neck kind of like a 60s profile on so kind of a fatter neck but no skunk stripe and then you got the cool Jimmy Page written up there I kind of like it because he didn't do it in cursive he kind of just scribbled it on there which is cool and it sits on the plaque as well but just a really cool guitar 7.2 425 radius and I've also read another interesting about this guitar I'm not sure if it's true but apparently he played the stairway to heaven solo on the tele which is interesting I know live you see it on the double cutaway but you know obviously in the studio you get access to mortgage ours with a putting them down and picking them up so but I can't say enough about Jimmy Page's influence on me let alone the guitar community my father and his brother Uncle Bob were at the Madison Square Garden Show they bought tickets in Philadelphia I think at the spectrum and it got cancelled so they went up to the ones that you see it called the song remains the same obviously he did not have this telly at this bat point he kind of backed off because it was so personal I think he's having bad luck with guitars get stolen and stuff so this is just a really cool guitar and I love that they made them more affordable too they have the Custom Shop won but this is made in Mexico and I think that's kind of what you want when you have an artist series guitar like I don't want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on somebody else's model because I want to make my own name so what's cool about this is if you're just a fan it's not hard to get this in your household and and still appreciate what Jimmy Page did without giving an arm and a leg for it so we're gonna take it up front and see what we can do in a very excited and thank you Jimmy Page for all you've done still do it let's go we're out front with the 2019 Jimmy Page Telecaster um pretty cool finish wild pit guard and a 1966 Fender Pro reverb all accusin in it a little bit of herb here we go you you cool now middle position both pickups working together [Laughter] all right now we're going into bridge wide open here we go first song we all heard from Led Zeppelin if you go by the studio records here we go [Applause] hmm glasses are falling on there you have it the 2019 Jimmy Page telecasts are really cool guitar to bring home and even just show your friends just so cool anyway you can check out these guitars in Norman's rare guitars calm and also on Instagram and Facebook we will see you for a whole new week of guitar of the day looking forward to it talk soon bye

26 thoughts on “Guitar of the Day: Fender Artist Series Jimmy Page Telecaster | Norman's Rare Guitars

  1. Love Zep, my older sister brought home Zep 1 when it came out so that's my era. Having said that and as a guitar hobbyist I ask why would anyone want this guitar?

  2. Not sure what acoustic he used, but Jimmy used a Fender XII for the majority of Stairway and improvised the solo on the dragon Tele. He had the Gibson doubleneck custom built afterwards so he could actually play it live

  3. I LOVE how that guitar looks, it’s different from everything else. But for me the sound is not that good at least this one.

  4. It would have been so funny to see Michael play Stairway to Heaven in the guitar shop he actually works in.

  5. Very cool looking guitar , I luv the dragon design , but I can't same I'm crazy about the sound , it sounded tinny and cheap to me not the same quality of an American tele. Lemmo killed the Zep licks , good time bad times is one of my favorite Page licks , but it was muddy on the bottom end , I'd like to hear the custom shop one. thanks guys.

  6. Not bad, not bad at all! I got the mirror version of the guitar it's one of my favourites! However! Gotta do a Maton!

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